Nice Stories About Nice People

Nice Stories About Nice People

Old friend Mary Hickey who writes under the name Lorna B. Marlowe has compiled from short stories she has written over the years a great and uplifting book called Nice Stories About Nice People.

One of the stories, the Christmas-themed The Littles Angels, will be popping up here within the next couple of days.

The book makes a great Christmas present and can be purchased at the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore.

Worried about it being a little late? Remember the 12 Days of Christmas starts Dec. 25. It doesn’t end then.

One thought on “Nice Stories About Nice People”

  1. A Message from the Author, Lorna B. Marlowe:

    Nice Stories about Nice People presents the adventures of ordinary Christians in their own churches, workplaces and neighborhoods, among the people they see every day. It provides healing balm for those who suffer from anxiety because of a discordant, nagging voices in their heads accusing them of not doing enough, no matter what they do or don’t do. These “nice people” don’t leave their jobs and go on mission to places where large, deadly snakes jump down at them from the trees. Instead, they respond in faith, hope and love to the needs of the people they encounter in their everyday lives.

    Nice Stories can also provide some healing of emotional scars and repair of fault lines created in childhood by adults who use the threat of God’s wrath as a club to beat down any resistance they get to their own agendas from their frightened children or pupils. It provides positivity and reassurance to counter these negative messages and memories.

    Why this title? A neighbor complained her son was watching questionable movies and playing violent video games. I handed her a pack of Sunday school papers and told her they contained “nice stories about nice people”. I don’t know if that description stayed with her, but it did with me, so there we are with these Nice Stories.

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