Pauline Braccio Trial Wednesday

Pauline Braccio Trial Wednesday — Pauline Braccio’s disorderly conduct trial is 10 a.m., Wednesday, March 4, in District Court 38-1-16 at 601 Dekalb St., Norristown. She is asking all who can to attend.

Pauline Braccio Trial Wednesday
Gale has bailed it seems

She says she has talked to three lawyers regarding the incident at the Oct. 3 meeting of the Montgomery County Commissioners meeting that led to her arrest. All watched the video of her being manhandled from the room. All said she was not disorderly. All said she will be found guilty.

Who needs justice when you have the power.

Further, Pauline tells us, she has become aware of a “blue threat file” being complied on her by the Montco District Attorney’s office.

Pauline has become an inconvenient woman, not because of any “threats” but because for a year-and-a-half she has been declaring in public venues that Montco Commissioner Ken Lawrence raped her in 1990.

If Lawrence is innocent and wants to shut her up, he should do so in civil court. To get his fellow Democrats to use the power of the state to quell her is insidiously troubling to say it politely.

We are also disappointed — again we are being polite — in the actions of Republican minority commissioner Joe Gale. Gale, who entered the scene as a opponent of the establishment and the powerful, has not uttered one peep in defense of Pauline or publicly questioned Lawrence about the allegations. Why rock the boat when life is soft with a well-paid do-nothing job, right Joe?

Pauline Braccio Trial Wednesday

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