Penn Delco Falling For Marxist Con Job?

Penn Delco Falling For Marxist Con Job? — The Penn Delco School Board will vote on a resolution, Feb. 24, to created a “Diversity, Equity and Inclusion” steering committee which is obviously a gateway to propagandize your children to hate themselves, their country and you.

“The greatest threat to American society today . . .is coming from the diversity, equity, inclusion industry,” warns retired Princeton University and Vanderbilt University Professor and author Carol Swain. “It is steeped in critical race theory which is Marxist. It divides people. When you think about what is taking place on college campuses and also now in K-12, children are being bullied, they’re being shamed. Teachers are being encouraged to teach nonsense, and they may justify it by saying it is fighting racism, it’s helping racial and ethnic minorities; it’s really harming everyone’s child.”

Why would a school district need to a committee to study “diversity, equity and inclusion” anyway? If it was doing its job of creating literate, numerate citizens who knew what their rights and obligations were under the law the words would be moot.

On the other hand, if it wasn’t doing its job maybe they would have to insincerely mouth politically fashionable phrases to signal virtue and cover up its failure. The salaries and pensions can be a nice racket after all.

You make the call. Here’s the resolution.

Penn Delco Falling For Marxist Con Job?

This video of school director Lisa Esler is being circulated in attempt to shame her for her opposition to this twisted resolution.

Bad news for them. She is not shamed. And we are proud of her.

Don’t buy the claim that this is “just a committee”. If the resolution passes the goals will be realized.

Penn Delco Falling For Marxist Con Job?

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  1. That Americans have let this insidious Marxist ideology infiltrate all levels of life in this country is truly shocking. We can only hope that more people will stand up and fight this crap. That’s what it is: Crap. A big pile of doo!

  2. Back in the 60s I was a judge in the Miss Delaware County USA contest. All the judges were overwhelmed by one girl and decided to vote for her in secret ballot. Surprisingly, a girl who looked like she was rich, but ugly, won. Corruption is not new in DELCO.

  3. The 5th grade class in Penn Delco has a poster that reads:
    1. Respect one another
    2. Respect other peoples opinions
    3. Let one another speak without interruption
    4. Treat others the way you want to be treated
    5. Respect gender identity and pronouns of others
    6. What is said in here, stays in here
    This is during a classroom discussion and life skills, not a private setting. These rules are read at the beginning of each class, from what I understand. I was told the children made the rules? The superintendent told us during our board study session that he saw nothing wrong with them. Why was #5 needed if respect was already included in the first 4. How is # 6 ok?

  4. How do you think a student would respond in this situation?
    8th grade ELA Mrs. Porter has a poster about herself which includes:
    In this house we believe:
    Love is Love, Black Lives Matter, Science is Real, Women’s Rights are Human Rights, No Human is Illegal, Water is Life, Kindness is Everything

    The principal said, “The activity was part of a 10 day social and emotional learning approach across the district. Mrs Porter shared many parts of her interest in a way of making connections with her students. It was not a political statement, nor was it a focal part of her lesson. The material is appropriate for middle school students to learn about their instructors. It is one small way of creating a learning environment that is inclusive for all students”.
    Wouldn’t say All Lives Matter and All People have Human Rights? How is that inclusive?

    Then she had then read an article, I believe in class, on BLM and the protest and they were to ask the following questions:
    1. Why were millions of Americans protesting this past summer? (key ideas, cause and effect) Because…….
    2. The author writes that the protest in Nashville held up signs that said “No Justice, No Peace!” What do you think this means? ( interpreting text)
    3. According to the article, in what ways are recent protest affecting Americans? (Cause and effect)

  5. Reading this is so wild – was your intent to fear monger? That’s how it’s coming across to me. It’s so confusing.

    Do you have kids in PDSD Bill? What are you afraid of?

    Also – I’m so confused by your statement about being proud. What, specifically, are you proud about regarding Ms. Esler? I’d love to work with her on this to find common ground so she feels like she’s part of a solution, rather than offer no recommendations and run away from the problem. She seems unwilling to participate. What a shame.

    1. Unfortunately, most parents don’t realize or truly care about what their children learn in school. That sounds like a harsh indictment, but 20 years ago, when North Penn School Dist brought in the “new Math,” I saw for myself how inept the teachers were at teaching and how the students were only confused and frustrated. When I called other parents of the students in my daughter’s 2nd grade class, only 3 out of 26 even new what I was talking about. The rest hadn’t even looked in their children’s back-packs to see what they were bringing home. And this was on a Sunday evening!

      I did take my daughter out of school and home-schooled her. It is not easy and I have only one child. If the parents were so lackadaisical back then, what should make us think they would home-school?

      Look at what has happened during COVID? All the crying and complaining from both parents and kids shows us how little they give a damn.

      Why haven’t the teachers unions been demolished yet? If these lazy teachers don’t want to go back to school, stop their pay completely. They are getting at least half pay for staying out of the school, not staying home to be “safe,” just out of school.

      I worked for the NPSD while my daughter attended school. I saw first-hand how MOST of the teachers didn’t know how to teach or keep order in the classroom. I am tired of teachers being called heroes. Most of them are whiny babies who want money for nothing.

      With parents and teachers behaving this way, there is not much hope for our children’s education, unless they can teach themselves completely with an online program.

  6. This sounds a lot like you’re calling for cancel culture Bill, which is pretty Marxist itself. Maybe you need to ask yourself why the idea of diversity bothers you so much.

    1. This is not diversity. This is bringing some groups to the fore and pushing others behind. When you figure out what the words diversity and inclusiveness means, then you might be able to post a meaningful comment.

        1. “This is bringing some groups to the fore and pushing others behind.”

          I didn’t understand this part. Who do you think are being brought to the fore in this case and who are being pushed back?

  7. 1st of all, look up Marxism and then check back in. 2nd of all, why are you afraid of inclusion and diversity? Will you keep your children away from a 4 year college? Will you discourage young people from careers that are historically diverse?
    While you are at it, look up Socialism, too.

  8. You’re all nuts. You’re all in a cult. So afraid the world is leaving you behind, which it is. The racism in this area is appalling. Your kids are lucky to get a respite from such sick, backwards parents for the day. All the good people are moving away and leaving you all in your cesspool. Thank God for Chester County.

    1. Oh goody. The “everyone a wascist but me” gambit. Nice.

      You are seriously saying that Penn Delco does not now have the tools to deal with racism — if it existed — and needs a new committee.

      This garbage isn’t working anymore.

      If racism is a problem it is an indelible black mark that the Penn Delco administration has not fixed it with existing means. A new committee is not needed.

  9. We force our teachers to learn how to differentiate learning styles because each child deserves to learn the best way he can. The learning environment is also diversified and this needs to be recognized. Self awareness is so important for children to feel comfortable and be accepted. I don’t see a problem!!

    1. Which is why teaching is an art and not a science, and for a committee to be created with the purpose to mandate a particular style — and make no mistake, that’s what the goal is — is an obscenity.

      If you want to mandate something, mandate that children be taught that skin color is irrelevant to reciting the times table or learning why the elements are listed in a particular order on the periodic table.

      Actually, they should be taught, specifically and unambiguously, that skin color is irrelevant to anything.

      There is no such thing as “white” children. There is no such thing as “black” children. There is only children.

      That the school district is claiming this is not the case 57 years after the passage of the Civil Rights Act is a searing indictment of the administration.

  10. Teaching IS a science. Teachers receive a bachelor of science degree in education, not a bachelor of arts. And the states have always mandated what the curriculum is and the methods to teach it. Teachers are used to that. They tend to be creative in how to get the message across. That’s the beauty of it.
    I think the purpose of this committee is to enable children to become comfortable with themselves. Once they accomplish that, they will become more open to seeing everyone as equals, as you say, seeing “black” children and “white” children as just children.

    1. You are saying that if the words are on a paper it is so. That so many accept this is this country’s biggest problem.

      That consistencies measurable by the scientific method occur in education is undeniable. What is also undeniable is that inconsistencies occur and that’s what makes it an art. Only bad teachers think the recipe book always works. It almost seems as though the educational establishment is purposely creating bad teachers.

      The existing paradigm is more than capable of helping children be more comfortable with themselves. That it isn’t being applied is the fault of those tasked with using it, not the model.

      The entire Penn Delco administration should be replaced along with much of the faculty.

      I understand the administration has made a rather whiny statement regarding opposition to this proposed committee implying those against it are somehow dishonest and/or ignorant.

      That’s a cheap debate technique and a sign of desperation.

      If the facts were on their side they would simply recognize the concerns in this public controversy, and address them seriously.

  11. Those inconsistencies are the exact reason this committee is needed. After all, it is just a committee. Nothing has been written in stone. I’m sure, as in other educational programs, the committee would make suggestions to tailor it to the needs of the school population and it would then have to be approved.
    “The existing paradigm” is not capable of helping children be more comfortable with themselves. Teachers have to provide a safe environment for children who come from broken homes (not implying they are not safe), abusive situations and drug dens! They only have them for 7-8 hours a day. The other 16 is out of their hands. These situations play into the classroom environment. And teachers do have to be creative to be able to teach these students.
    For someone to state “It almost seems as though the educational establishment is purposely creating bad teachers” and “The entire Penn Delco administration should be replaced along with much of the faculty” is the exact reason we need this committee. Diversity brings in new ideas where people can learn from each other which leads to dialogue which leads to better problem-solving, which leads to peace and harmony. Exactly what is needed today.

    1. The inconsistencies will always be there which is why teaching is an art. Every child is different but the differences have nothing to do with skin color.

      If you want to make the case that children raised by single moms need special consideration that would not be controversial and you don’t need a special committee to develop a program to do so.

      But that’s not what this committee is about, right?

      Diversity brings in new ideas? Suppose the new idea is to replace the administration and much of the faculty? Doubt you’d like that new idea spawned by diversity.

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