3 thoughts on “Scottsdale Studios Covering Arizona Audit”

  1. Scottsdale Studios has been terminated from YouTube. You can almost smell the panic.

    The best places I’ve found for updates regarding Arizona are on Telegram. Iis free as in no cost like Twitter and it seems free as in speech, unlike Twitter.

    Telegram can be found here: https://telegram.org/

    The accounts I follow regarding AZ are Patrick Byrne, JovanHuttonPulitzer and Code Monkey Z.

  2. Terminated for violation of YouTube’s policy of hating Truth, Justice and the American Way.

  3. About 15 minutes ago I opened YouTube to check Scottsdale Studios to see the latest on the Maricopa County audit. Very disappointed to see they’re channel was totally removed. They must be getting very very hot to a major exposé, otherwise what’s there to be afraid of?

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