Sno Reprised For Great Blizzard (Hopefully)

Sno Reprised For Great Blizzard (Hopefully)
More slush than snow in Delco.

Sno Reprised For Great Blizzard (Hopefully) — The 24th Anniversary of the Great Blizzard of ’93 is not going to be a reprise for Philly despite some fears. has, at 7:10 a.m., the temperature for most of the day hovering just over freezing and with less than an inch more of snow accumulating.

Unless things drastically change in the next few hours, the mild snowfall of ’17 will be forgotten by next week.

Unlike the ’93 storm.

The most popular song by the under-appreciated area band Grey Eye Glances was inspired by the ’93 blizzard.


Sno Reprised For Great Blizzard (Hopefully)

4 thoughts on “Sno Reprised For Great Blizzard (Hopefully)”

  1. For you flatlanders, maybe. We’ve got about five inches already up here in the Lehigh Valley. If it keeps up all day as predicted, we should end up with the foot to foot-and-a-half the forecast predicts. But given that the days are getting longer, and we’re gradually tilting back towards the sun, I think much of it will be melted through the weekend.

  2. We got 14 inches, on average, here in the Lehigh Valley. Major routes have clear surfaces, so, Route 22, I-78, Route 222. Side streets and roads have been plowed, but are covered with packed snow and ice. But it’s pretty much what I’d expect in winter in PA.

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