Substitute Teacher Accused Of Stealing From Students’ Cars

By Pattie Price

A woman who was hired as a substitute teacher at Marple Newtown High School waived her hearing Thursday before Magisterial District Judge Lee Hunter on the charge of theft by unlawful taking or disposition. The charge stems from an incident 12:09 p.m., April 9, at the high school, 120 Media Line Road.

Police said Jocelyn Murphy 28, of Edgemont, was arrested after she stole sunglasses, approximately 200 CD’s, cigarettes, and loose change from a student’s car. The victim and witness saw Ms. Murphy open the passenger door of a Jeep Wrangler and then rummage through the center console.

A school district security officer and a custodian said they saw Ms. Murphy attempt to enter three other cars parked in the student parking lot. When the security officer tried to confront Ms. Murphy, she drove around him and ignored his request to stop. He obtained the registration of the 2003 Hyundai that she was driving, According to Newtown Officer Dan Dougherty the car was registered to Ms. Murphy’s father. Dougherty and Officer Joe Vandergrift went to the Murphy’s residence and spoke to her parents who said that she was at the high school.

During an interview with police, Ms. Murphy said she arrived at the school at 7:20 a.m. and worked as a substitute teacher in the research room. She denied entering the Jeep and also denied attempting to enter three other vehicles.

Ms. Murphy was released after posting 10 percent of $7,500 bail. She is scheduled for a July 19 arraignment in Common Pleas Court.

* * * 

Joseph Matthews, 58, of West Chester, waived a hearing on the charge of DUI for an incident 9  a.m., March 17, at North Newtown Street Road and Goshen Road. In exchange for the waiver the charges of driving on roadways laned for traffic and traffic control signals were withdrawn.

According to the affidavit, Newtown Officer Dan Dougherty responded to a report from off duty Newtown Officer Todd Welch who was following a possible intoxicated operator in a black Ford truck. Welch said the truck almost sideswiped his personal vehicle and then swerved into the right lane causing another driver to take evasive actions. Matthews made a left turn onto West Chester Pike and then a u-turn at St. Albans Avenue, pulled into the parking lot of PNC bank where he picked up a young male.

Matthews continued north on Newtown Street Road, went through a red light at Winding Way, and struck the concrete median. When Murphy got to Goshen Road he stopped his truck in the middle of the intersection forcing traffic to go around him. He was stopped on Goshen Road.

Matthews had slurred speech and his eyes were barely open. He told police that besides his blood pressure and cholesterol medicine he had taken Opana, Colonopin, and Vicodin.

Matthews passenger said he didn’t feel safe riding with Matthews because he was swerving all over the place. He also said Matthews fell asleep at the traffic light and he had to wake him.

Matthews was transported to Riddle Memorial Hospital where he agreed to a blood test.

Matthews was released and is scheduled for a July 19 arraignment in Common Pleas Court.

* * * 

Drew Lippard, 38, who is homeless, waived a hearing on the charges of defiant trespass actual communication and criminal mischief for an incident 10:40 a.m., June 15, at the Woodbrook House Apartments, 3405 West Chester Pike.

According to the affidavit, Newtown Officer Dave Wilding responded to the apartment to investigate a report of an unwanted person. Apparently, Lippard trespassed in the apartment before after he was evicted and told he was not allowed to return to the property.

Lippard is scheduled for a July 19 arraignment in Common Pleas Court. He was remanded to the George W. Correctional Facility when he was able to post 10 percent of $7,500 bail.

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