We Watched Super Bowl And Are Glad

We Watched Super Bowl And Are GladWe Watched Super Bowl And Are Glad— We watched the Philadelphia Eagles’ first Super Bowl win last night. It was the first football game we watched this season. We are glad we did.

The humility shown by the stars after the game with their praise of God, Jesus, their opponents and each other makes you believe that there is hope for the NFL.

Make no mistake, the anthem protests — there weren’t any last night — were the final straw for many falling upon a plague of unrepentant bad behavior  mixed with  hypocritical “social justice” virtue-signaling ranging from pink shoes to the forced drafting of Michael Sam.

If the league learns that masculinity is good, the “thug life” is bad and that the two aren’t the same, maybe it has a future.

We Watched Super Bowl And Are Glad


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