Wuhan Bio Lab Flu?

Wuhan Bio Lab Flu? — John Juschyshyn sent us a link to this article from National Review which makes a case that the COVID-19 virus ravaging the world did come from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

National Review is not a publication known for taking extreme views.

Wuhan Bio Lab Flu?

Wonder if it will get banned from Twitter as Zero Hedge was on Jan. 31 for saying basically the same thing.

In a related matter, Washington Post Beijing Bureau Chief Anna Fifield tweeted yesterday, April 3, there are indications that the virus killed more than 40,000 in Wuhan which would be almost 20 times the official number provided by the PRC.

Zero Hedge said the same thing on March 29. Actually yesterday, ZH reported yesterday it might be 100 times the official claims.

Wuhan Bio Lab Flu?

3 thoughts on “Wuhan Bio Lab Flu?”

    1. Since we are not the only country with COVID-19, that would mean that China is at war with everybody else as well. We know that Italy and Spain have been having the worst of it.

      China has been “attacking” us for decades with inferior products and dangerous ones as well. Products such as toys painted with lead paint, toothpaste laced with lead, steel beams with defective soldering. I am sure there are other examples of which I am not currently aware.

      When President Trump was doing what he could to get China under control, people were accusing him of being racist, xenophobic, etc. Stopping trade with China is smart. Not letting them in, even smarter. What happened in Italy is that they let China buy companies in and around Milan, then let more than 100,000 Chinese in to work in those factories/companies. Stupid, stupid Italy.

      We cannot afford to be that stupid.

  1. Thank you, Bill, for keeping us apprised. It is an enlightening article and exposes the lengths that China will go to to dupe the rest of the world.

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