Honest Man Robs Bank to Get Health Care in Prison

Richard Verone, of Georgia, attempted to rob the bank for one dollar.
After handing the teller the note he sat and waited for the police
to come and arrest him. Why did he do this? Verone was 59 years old
and laid off after 17 years of working at Coca Cola with no

He was in so much pain from health injuries that he
couldn’t continue a part time job he found at a convenience store so
he no longer had health benfits. Bills were piling up and he had no
resources. His only alternative was to go to prison where he could
get a roof over his head, food, and health care.


pain was beyond the tolerance that I could accept,” he told the
Gazette. “I kind of hit a brick wall with everything.”


had no previous criminal record. He was an honest man who worked
hard and expected to be rewarded for his work. Instead he got what
many workers today are receiving, a boot to the curb. Verone
had back problems, an aching left foot, carpal tunnel syndrome (which
comes from working to much or to fast with one’s hands), and a
protrusion in his chest that was undiagnosed. He is hoping to be
examined and treated in prison and to have a lengthy sentence so he
can begin to receive social security when he is released and rebuild
his life.


kind of country are we living in where an honest man must become a
prisoner in order to receive health care so he won’t have to live
in a state of pain and suffering and become homeless? People don’t
want that though. A large population of U.S. citizens are fighting
against single payer health care, and even want to get rid of medicaid and medicare. 


This group extends from the ultra
rich, who don’t need health care insurance, to working class people who should
identify with the need for a “working stiff” to be able to work,
if willing, and receive whatever health care is necessary to lead a
life that includes the right to the pursuit of happiness. What has
happened to the American citizen? How have peoples hearts been so
hardened that they don’t care about the suffering of others(?)—people who may live right next door or at the end of the block.


are hard times and sad times. Larger numbers of people are
suffering. The American Dream and the Constitution is being
destroyed. The Bill of Rights is meaningless now, as those who would
enforce it are either being bought off by corporate money, or are so
angry and cold-hearted that they just don’t care about anyone except


Things are hard enough without the creation of an
underclass, permanent unemployment, and the removal of the safety net
which provides the means for the U.S. to promote the general welfare.
We can afford bombs and F21 Fighters, but we can’t afford jobs. One
day, perhaps, we will all learn that you cannot eat bombs or oil. I
will hate to see that day come because there will be a cry so loud
that it will reach the farthest stars.

Will Philly Finally Pull Itself Up by the Bootstraps?

This article is being published with the kind permission of Chris Freind

By Chris Freind

You have to give credit where it’s due.

Thanks to Mayor Nutter, folks have laughed more over the last two
weeks than at any time in recent memory. If laughing is good for the
soul, Philadelphians are in great shape.

What was so funny?

Watching Nutter keep a straight face while proposing another 10
percent hike in property taxes (which would be in addition to last
year’s “temporary” 10 percent increase and the 100 percent increase in
the city portion of the state sales tax), higher parking fees, and yes,
the resurrected sugary drink “soda” tax, which would impose a two-cents
per ounce tax on sugary drinks.

But Philadelphians’ collective rage at the Mayor’s ideas was downright priceless.

If it wasn’t so funny, it would be pathetic.


The fact that there is any outrage or surprise is inexplicable. What did these people expect?

“These people” being the 80 percent who just voted for Nutter in last month’s primary election.

No, that’s not a typo. A whopping eight of ten Philadelphia voters
ushered Nutter back into the Mayor’s office (a done deal, since he
cannot lose in November), welcoming him back for a second term with open

To those folks, a suggestion: stop doing drugs. They make you hallucinate.

What part of The Nut’s sham did you buy? That he would make the
city’s business climate better so that it could attract more companies,
thus creating more jobs? Freindly Fire is no economist, but it knows
that when you want less of something, you tax it. That’s fact, not
opinion. So based on the crushing levies being proposed, how exactly
the Mayor plans to incentivize companies to stay in the city, much less
locate here, remains a mystery
But how could anyone oppose the soda tax, since its objective is to
combat obesity? Oh wait, that was last year’s pitch, which was so
disingenuous that the proposal landed in the drink.

This time, the Mayor is taking a different tack, presciently pointing
out that no businesses — even the beverage retailers — will really be
harmed by the tax.

“These are individual business people who will make individual business decisions,” Nutter said.

Of course, the Mayor failed to explain how paying a mandated soda tax
— a certifiable job-killer — would be an “individual business
decision,” since failure to comply would unleash the city’s Gestapo Tax

When asked if businesses would leave the city, he stated, “No, that’s
laughable. I mean, that’s just a cruel joke… they’re trying to scare
people with these tactics.”

Spoken like a career politician who has never held a private-sector
job in his life, and has absolutely no clue how devastating the soda tax
would be on the city’s businesses.

Here’s what the Mayor doesn’t want you to know: a soda tax, while a
burden to all, would be especially harmful to the poor, who can least
afford another tax. Remember, these people are already living in what
is, cumulatively, one of the highest-taxed cities in the nation.

More important, there’s no such thing as a “tax on soda.” It’s a tax on people. Period.

Which is why the Mayor is dancing the Philadelphia Two-Step, doing
everything in his power to distract the voters and avoid the real

Mayor Nutter incorrectly believes that government and “government
money” creates jobs and wealth, when in reality, the exact opposite is

Government creates nothing, nor should it. Rather, it’s free people
in a competitive environment who are the engine of a thriving democratic
society. Government should be there to serve the people, not the
other way around. Nowhere is that more apparent than in once-great
cities like Philadelphia, where the economic lights are on their last

Math doesn’t lie. Two plus two will always equal four — whether one
chooses to admit that or not. Out-of-touch politicians like Michael
Nutter can promise an empty bill of goods to our citizens. But just
because he chooses not to acknowledge the real problems doesn’t mean
they’re not there.


The ball is now in City Council’s hands. They have the sole power to
approve or reject the Nutter tax proposals. While conventional wisdom
says the votes aren’t there for passage, nothing is certain, especially
with so many retiring Council members with “nothing to lose” if they
anger the voters.

Sure, the city is facing fiscal problems, but breaking the backs of
citizens to fix problems not of their making is simply wrong. Retiring
or not, what politician really wants his or her only legacy to be a
tax-raiser who presided over a violent, insolvent city with vastly
deteriorated city services?

It is rare that a City Council vote holds so much importance. In
this instance, the significance is not just whether a sugary drink tax
is passed or defeated, but the message behind that vote:

Will Philadelphia continue its decline by engaging in more of the same failed policies?

Or will it finally turn the corner, firmly stating that it will no
longer look to the state and federal governments for bailouts which only
serve to pass the buck on accountability? And that, instead, it will
pull itself up by its own bootstraps, embracing the spirit of its
citizens rather than crushing it?


Here’s the truth. Residents are leaving Philadelphia in droves — some
to make purchases across county or state lines to avoid city taxes, and
hundreds of thousands who are just leaving altogether.

If Philadelphia is to ever put the brakes on this exodus, and begin
the long road back to respectability, it is mandatory for City Council
to step up and resoundingly reject the Mayor’s sugary drink tax

Anything else will just be “sugar” coating a tragic situation — forcing residents to pour a drink much stronger than soda.

City Council, your 15 minutes are upon you.

Gleason Is Reason For Tax Subsidies To Wealthy Penn

By Bob Guzzardi

Annually, Pennsylvania’s General Assembly, dutifully, robotically, votes to give millions of middle class taxpayer dollars to the billion-dollar tax exempt University of Pennsylvania. Why? It makes not economic sense to give millions to Penn which is the second largest employer in Pennsylvania with a budget of $6.07 billion and an endowment of $5.6 billion and whose uberLiberal Obama-supporting President  Amy Gutmann is paid $1,367,000 annually.

It makes no sense to subsidize millionaires with tax dollars.

Pennsylvania, obviously, has other priorities.

Perhaps, like the millions that Republican Senate Appropriations Chairman Sen. Jake Corman enables for Penn State or the millions that Republican House Majority Leader Mike Turzai enables for University of Pittsburgh, there is political return on the investment.

Well, no. At least those schools have an affiliation with the state.

But Penn? There are few, if any, Republicans and even fewer conservatives on the Penn faculty and the students are reliably leftists and in any event, there is, likely, a miniscule number of Republicans or conservatives. So what political return for a Republican-controlled legislature?

None. No political reason.

But there has to be a reason and that is liberal establishment Republican Rob Gleason’s narrow, selfish, self-promoting, opportunistic self-interest and self-aggrandizement.

Gleason is the chairman of the state Republican Party.

He graduated from the Wharton School in 1961 and was appointed a trustee of Penn in 1998.

Rob Gleason wins.  Middle Class Pays.

Forget a Healthy Nation – Get Rid of Obama

of Good Government the Republican Congressional focus has been
to “Get Obama,” through the use of various soft war
(Psychological Warfare Techniques) developed and perfected by use on
developing nations. This consisted of creating an image of
incompetent governance through the media, focusing on specific areas
that needed to be fixed, and then working to reinforce the idea of
incompetency by purposefully sabotaging the government so those areas
couldn’t be.

examples of this:

allowing the Democrats to enact legislation aimed at addressing the
financial and economic crisis by forcing the Democrats to water down
the stimulus packet to push it through, and then broadcasting
propaganda about high unemployment due to the “Failed Stimulus.”

media attack that accused Obama of trying to brain-wash children when
welcomed American students back to school in 2009 and told them to
work hard.

crisis in American health care and a palliative care option being
reduced to nothing more than the government denounced as taking away
freedoms and imposing “death panels.”

like oil man David Koch and media mogul Murdoch, promoting a
“grassroots” rebellion against Obama called the Tea Party
bringing guns to rallies, making racist remarks, or at the least not
denouncing them when they were being made. All of these thing
happened within the first two years of the Obama Presidency.

set the stage for the Right Republican comeback. The party swept to
victory in the House and fell just short in the Senate. There is
still no health care and no jobs for the unemployed. Liberals,
Conservatives, and Progressives find themselves struggling to
maintain the civil and human rights fought for and won by patriots of
the past like the eight hour work day, child labor laws, public
education, and the Commonwealth of the nation. The goal for the
Republican Party, however, is not a better America, but the White
House with all its executive powers.

Robert Parry writes, “The Right’s best hope for regaining
complete control of the U.S. government in 2012 is to sink the U.S.
Economy. Already, the Republican success in limiting the scope of
the stimulus package and then labeling it a failure – combined with
deep cuts in local, state and federal government spending – have
helped push the economy back to the brink where a double-dip
recession is now a serious concern.

these worries – and a warning from Moody’s about a possible
downgrade on U.S. debt if Congress delays action on raising the debt
limit – the Republicans are vowing more brinksmanship over the
debt-limit vote. Before acting, they are demanding major
reductions in government spending (while refusing to raise taxes on
the rich).”

of all of the racial, ethnic, sexual, and religious splits created by
the constant soft war techniques used to divide and conquer We the
, it seems that the Right will be successful at this task,
and all of us will meet together in the poor house.

we, as a nation, cannot build consensus before this happens and move
this nation toward the dream of our great fathers and mothers instead
of just struggling to be on top of some other group, we need not
worry too much about who wins. Most of us, the 90% sharing 10% of
the wealth of the nation, will be in the bottom of the same boat,
chained to the same oars, cursing and fighting while we are forced to
row to the same old drumbeat: If you work hard, you can pull
yourself up by your bootstraps too; bootstraps made in China.

Candidates To Support In Montco

By Bob Guzzardi

Not only does Gordon Clement, MD, have superior qualifications for the job of Montgomery County coroner, he reminds us that one of the roles of coroner is to remember those people and families who have been left behind.

Clement is the child of immigrants who came to America because they wanted something better and were willing to work for it.

Expertise and skill are critical to getting a result but they are not enough. The patient, the client, the customer has to believe that you know what he or she needs. It is a lot more than skill, or expertise or a product. All are in the service of an individual with all his and her complexity. I have met Dr. Clement who is truly a gentle  man, compassionate and a super nice guy. Dr. Clement is exceptionally well qualified to be Montgomery County’s coroner.

Every Vote Counts
Dr. Clement is out meeting voters. In 2007, he lost by 586 out of 148,360 votes demonstrating that every vote counts. Coroner
Walter I. Hoffman (D). . .  74,473
Gordon S. Clement (R). . . 73,877

There were 153,133 votes cast for DA in that same election.

Another candidates for Montgomery County candidates to get behind is Moon Ahn, for clerk of  courts.

Ahn is a life-long Republican and a first generation immigrant.  Like many of our parents and grandparents, he and his family came to America because he wanted something better and was willing to work for it.

Red Chinese Taxpayers’ BFF

Red Chinese Taxpayers’ BFF
By Bob Guzzardi

Yahoo/ Agence France-Presse reports that a Chinese ratings house has accused the United States of defaulting on its massive debt on Friday, a day after Beijing urged Washington to put its fiscal house in order.

“In our opinion, the United States has already been defaulting,” Guan Jianzhong, president of Dagong Global Credit Rating Co. Ltd., the only Chinese agency that gives sovereign ratings, was quoted by the Global Times saying.

The irony the serial, mass murdering totalitarian Mao Zedong comes to the rescue of the American Taxpayer. Pathetic when the Chinese government states the obvious truth and our own Administration obfuscates the effects of reckless expansion of Government Fiat Dollar Supply.  It is hard to think of the dollar as real money anymore given the way it has been abusively devalued by our own government

Devaluing the currency as Federal Reserve does when it buys Federal Deficit Debt with Fiat Money devalues the real, as opposed to nominal, savings of every saver and diminishes value of real savings that can be invested in productive job creating business that raise the standard of living for all of us. The government (and Democrats) can ignore American savers and investors and buy off corporations with subsidies and special tax breaks but it can’t ignore the Chinese.


Red Chinese Taxpayers’ BFF

The New Depression Fact or Fiction

Dale Maharidge spent spent several
years traveling by rail to many parts of America speaking with people
who have been affected by what he calls the New Depression in
his book Someplace in America: The new depression. It was
very disheartening to discover just how bad many Americans are
suffering today. Many people have gone broke because of health care
bills. Some have been laid off because of jobs leaving the country.
Other factors—things that could happen to any of us like fires,
floods, natural disasters, car accidents, have ravaged their lives.

The employment rate has risen back to
9.1 percent overall, almost 18 percent in African American
communities, and it will be 50 t0 60 percent for Latino American and
African American teenagers in the inner city. What will the youth be
doing this summer? One may say this is a travesty, or that we all
need to buckle down and share in the hard times that sometimes
happen. The truth is that these are just not hard times that
happened. Much of this has been either engineered, or maintained,
purposely by those who make profit from the suffering of working
class people and the poor. Even the prisons have been privatized.
It is more profitable for corporations who own prisons to have people
locked up, which costs each tax payer about 40,000 dollars per
person, than working for half that cost.

After the big mortgage crash more than
700 billion dollars were given to banks and large financial
institutions, no strings attached, so that the capital would continue
to flow. This money still has not reached those in need. People’s
mortgages are still being foreclosed, money is still being invested
overseas instead of in the U.S., and jobs are still not being
created. The companies that profited from these interest free loans
have not only made record profits, but they are not paying taxes.
Some have even received tax credits as the money flows outward to
foreign investments. In the meantime families are becoming homeless
or barely able to make it. We blame this crash on unions and on
teachers? There is a much larger problem here.

The problem is that no one really cares
about the average American. The social contract has been broken.
The government no longer answers to the demands of the people, and
small groups of the people no longer support the well being of the
whole country as much as they support themselves or their small
group. Until we can come together and realize that we are one
nation under God
and one people, and that a divided people will
not prosper, we will have runaway unemployment, runaway jobs, and all
of the Commonwealth will continue to be sold to private companies.

We have returned to the Great
that Lincoln referred to in his Gettysburg
, but this battle field is within our hearts and minds.
What we do will decide whether this nation dedicated to the
proposition that all men are created equal will endure
. It is
truly up to us to not be willing to see our neighbors driven into
poverty. And who is my neighbor? Anyone who I will treat kindly out
of the love in your heart.

Daylin Leach Wants To Trap Kids In Violent Schools

This article is being reprinted with the permission of Bob Guzzardi

By Bob Guzzardi

The Republicans of Lower Merion and Narberth have done an excellent compare and contrast on the critical issue of a parents Freedom to Choose, and the need for poor kids to escape violent and educationally failing schools.

This piece by Party Chairman Lance Rogers takes aim at State Sen. Daylin Leach’s (D-17) attack on Students First, an education advocacy group started by Michelle Rhee, who was chancellor of the Washington D.C. public school system.

And here is the Students First response to Leach’s vicious piece.

Democrats want to trap kids in violent and educationally dysfunctional schools and Republicans want to free them. The Choice is Clear: Coercion or Freedom. Choice or Compulsion.

Abraham Lincoln would be proud. I am proud. And where does Senator Leach send his kids to school? And you? Where do you choose to send your kids to school?

Sen. Leach is, uncharacteristically, silent. Not a bad thing but I would like to know if he is as hypocritical as I think he is. Poor Sen. Daylin, the victim of Rich Right Wingers…oh wait, the proponents aren’t Republicans and aren’t getting rich from bad government as so many of Sen. Daylin’s colleagues.

Democrats cannot be trusted with educational policy. The Democratic agenda enriches the entrenched status quo bureaucracy at the expense of effective education and parental choice. To the Democrat, the state, the collectivist system, and the bureaucratic professionals know what is best for a child, better than a parent. More money being taken from citizens and given to a sclerotic system does not translate to better eduction.


Daylin Leach Wants To Trap Kids In Violent Schools

Daylin Leach Wants To Trap Kids In Violent Schools

Santorum Not The Guy

Santorum Not The Guy  is being published with the  permission of Tea Party activist Bob Guzzardi

By Bob Guzzardi

Our former senator, Rick Santorum, has thrown his hat in ring for the Republican presidential nomination.

Santorum is not a Tea Party guy. He is an establishment insider, big government Republican. He is a big spender, union financed and an  “earmarker”.

The Club for Growth notes that he supported No Child Left Behind in 2001, which greatly expanded the federal government’s role in education; the massive new Medicare drug entitlement in 2003  that now costs taxpayers over $60 billion a year and has almost $16 trillion in unfunded liabilities; and that he voted for the 2005 highway bill that included thousands of wasteful earmarks

I will grant that the Club for Growth does say nice things about him regarding some things — especially his support for broad-based tax cuts — but they don’t balance out.

I think his anti-growth anti-free trade votes are a result of his close ties to Philadelphia unions, like John Dougherty’s IBEW 98 which supported him openly.

He is no “fiscal conservative.”

I have met him and found him to be a  very slick talker and unbelievably arrogant.

He would be a less than ideal candidate. The people of Pennsylvania handily rejected him in 2006 with him getting 797,000 less votes than he did six years before — and fewer votes in every county.

Anyone who picks the less than effective and well paid BrabenderCox as a consultant is not going to do well.

And of course many of us will not forget that then big government Senator Rick Santorum, choosing power over stated principle, hypocritically and relentlessly, backed union-financed Big Government Democrat Senator Arlen Specter against fiscal common sense Pat Toomey.

We all know the country would have been better off with Senator Pat Toomey’s ahead-of-the-curve understanding of the devastating economic effects of out of control Big Government debt and deficits. 


Santorum Not The Guy

Ban Sushi, The Time Has Come

Ban Sushi, The Time Has Come

This article by Chris Freind is being republished with his kind permission.

Sorry to disappoint, but the 2012 presidential election may prove to be anti-climatic, since it appears the federal government has solved all its problems, from illegal aliens to drug smuggling, from energy independence to protecting the environment. They must have even found a way to eliminate the $14 trillion debt.
Why? Well, based on all the resources the feds are putting into the eradication of a mammoth problem, one that strikes fear in the heart of all citizens, it would seem that all its other troubles have been solved. It’s an issue of such importance that pollsters surely find it at the top of every survey:
The production, sale and voluntary consumption of raw milk.
The threat is so great that armed federal officials find it necessary to routinely raid farms that produce that product. And rightly so, since the incidence of bovine malfeasance has obviously surpassed that of drug dealers, rapists, child predators, and murderers.
The latest saga involved armed federal agents who, after months of “investigation,” raided an Amish farm in Pennsylvania, whose owner was allegedly selling raw milk across state lines. After assessing civil penalties, the government is now trying to shut down the farmer’s operation in federal court.
It’s another example of a government out of control, with gun-toting storm troopers swooping down on a farmer’s property. And there’s little doubt it came about because the extremely powerful dairy lobby once again flexed its political muscle, demanding that this increasingly popular practice be squashed. Given that there are over 10 million raw milk drinkers in the U.S., why else would so much attention be given to such an innocuous business?
At issue is whether raw milk is dangerous for human consumption because of the potential presence of E. coli, salmonella and other bacteria, as opposed to the pasteurized milk that kills such germs and is common on store shelves. Raw milk advocates, both producers and consumers, claim that milk in its raw, natural form, free of chemical treatment, helps the human body maintain an overall level of healthiness. They state that during the pasteurization process, key proteins are destroyed that help promote digestion and improve the immune system.
Even though federal officials counter that the bacteria in raw milk can be deadly, people across the country go out of their way to obtain such milk, sometimes paying in excess of three times the price of regular milk. Not only have they lived to tell their story, but most claim they and their children are significantly healthier. In the past decade, only two deaths have been officially linked to raw milk, and even they were suspect, as the contaminated substance in question was Mexican cheese.
Given that raw milk is legal to sell in 29 states, and in the other 21 there are many legal loopholes to do so (such as labeling the milk for animal consumption, and selling “cow-shares” so that owners are entitled to a percentage of the cow’s yield as opposed to buying milk outright), such heavy handed conduct on the part of federal officials is troublesome.
Here’s the rub. If government is going to interfere in people’s lives and threaten their livelihoods, then they should be consistent. It certainly wouldn’t make their decision right, but at least they would avoid the appearance of favoritism. If the major issue in the consumption of raw food is the possibility of it containing “harmful” bacteria, then many more businesses should be concerned about being shut down by government agents.
Fair is fair.
So why aren’t the feds closing all restaurants that serve sushi, or at least banning it from the menu? Sushi, a delicacy loved by millions, is simply raw fish. And the best sushi is categorized as being from the “highest grade” fish.
Sounds like class warfare in the pelagic community.
The reality is that the “highest grade” fish is still served raw and can contain both bacteria and parasites. As an added bonus, the concentration of mercury in many of these fish is quite high because of their status as apex predators, meaning that, since they are at the top of the food chain, they often have the highest concentration of mercury.
Isn’t mercury bad for us, too?
And what about the significant risk of contracting hepatitis from eating raw seafood? It is a very real possibility, even when eating in a five-star restaurant.
While we’re at it, let’s ban steak tartare (made with raw beef) from all restaurants, as well as Caesar dressing concocted with raw eggs.
Come to think of it, the citrus and vegetable industries have problems too, given the occasional presence of E. coli on those products, due in part to manure laden irrigation water and fertilizer.
So let’s ban tomatoes, too. Oh wait, the FDA did exactly that several years ago after announcing a salmonella outbreak, throwing countless Americans out of work. Only one problem. There was absolutely no evidence that tomatoes were the offending food, and, after completely decimating an entire industry, the FDA (Federal Destruction Administration) cavalierly announced that it didn’t actually know what caused the outbreak.
If only the FDA was red-faced and apologetic after its misstep, willing to make amends, some of the animosity towards government would have been mitigated. But it was as arrogant as ever.
The specter of bureaucrats who are 52 cards short of a deck yet hold the power to destroy Americans’ lives — with no repercussion when they are wrong — is simply un-American. And the fact that Congress and presidential administrations allow such intrusion to go unchecked simply makes the sin mortal.
Government clearly has more important priorities than trying to put raw milk producers out of business, especially when it operates in such a frightening manner. If people want to drink raw milk for its perceived health benefits, they should be able to do so without fear, and without being forced to act like rumrunners during Prohibition. And if government is so concerned about the safety of these individuals, it could make them sign a waiver of liability.
Of course, then we would be sifting through pages of litigious material every time we entered a restaurant, which would just thrill the bureaucrats.
Or maybe our taxpayer-funded government could actually try to hold up its part of the bargain by enforcing the laws that are designed to keep us safe and secure, but are routinely ignored. Spending no more than it takes in and sealing the border are just two that come to mind.
A wise man once wrote that government should be “…of the people, by the people, for the people”.
Well-funded lobbies controlling an ever-intrusive government is not what Mr. Lincoln had in mind.


Ban Sushi, The Time Has Come
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