Politicians And Primal(ary) Fear

Politicians And Primal(ary) Fear — Bill Shuster coming from the most Republican district in Pennsylvania, voted YEA to the bankrupting 2008 Farm Bill but changed his tune this year due to a  serious primary challenge from a competent opponent says activist Bob Guzzardi

He submits for your enlightenment the evidence:

Farm Bill Vote 21 May 2008

Yesterday’s (June 20) vote

“‘Primary’  is the only word incumbents hear,” said Guzzardi and he urged all who cared to support Shuster’s 9th District primary opponent, Art Halvorson

He praised HeritageAction and specifically Mike Henry and Kurt Brown for changing Shuster’s stance regarding agricultural crony capitalism.

He also praised Donna Ellingsen and Jamie Cox who visited Congressman Joe Pitts in the 16th District who had voted NAY in 2008 but appeared to be waffling this time. Guzzardi says Pitts’ district had become “less conservative” and his vote was in question. He did the right thing in the end, though.


Politicians And Primal(ary) Fear

End Shuster Dynasty

End Shuster Dynasty — Bill Shuster, the king of pork and earmarks who is representing Pennsylvania’s naturally conservative 9th District  and is pushing for a disgraceful $1 trillion crony capitalist farm bill, is  facing a primary challenge from Art Halvorson.

Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

Here is what activist Bob Guzzardi gently says about Congressman Shuster and related issues:

Are the voters of US9 fiscal common sense conservatives or will they try re elect Bill Shuster?

Bill Shuster’s district no longer includes Squishy Cumberland County home of “not a registered Democrat” Pat Vance with familial ties to uber hack Mike Long.

Bill Shuster’s district now includes Indiana County and part of over-the-top hack Rob Gleason’s Cambria county.

The Shuster dynasty has ruled from1972 when national debt was ZERO. It is now $16 trillion, in part, to Shuster supported earmarks and vast expansion of ” transportation ” spending.

One Family Rule is not a Limited Government value. Sam Smith disagrees

Will challengers to Mike Fleck and Dick Hess emerge?

One minor quibble, Bob. The national debt has reached $16.87 trillion.

End Shuster Dynasty
End Shuster Dynasty

Pub Follows In Pater’s Pork-Barrel Paw Prints

Pub Follows In Pater’s Pork-Barrel Paw Prints — The Republican congressman who is the scion of Pennsylvania’s legendary “prince of pork” is following in his father’s footsteps to the public trough.

Bill Shuster, who  represents the  9th District in the south central part of the state and chairs the House’s Railroad Subcommittee,  has announced that he is firmly behind President Obama’s plan to give 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail over the next 25 years which was announced in last week’s State of the Union Address.

“I believe it’s good for America to develop a high-speed rail corridor in the Northeast corridor,” Shuster told reporters from the Connecticut Post.

And what would this bong-hit dream cost? We really don’t know yet but it’s safe to quote Carl Sagan that it would be “billions and billions.”

Actually, it’s looking more like trillions and trillions.

Most of it, of course, would go into the pockets of the people who want to turn us into peasants.

Like Shuster.

Shuster was first elected in a special election in May 2001 to replace his dad, Bud, who resigned in February. Bud’s motivation to quit was a House Republican policy of term limiting committee chairmen. This meant he had to give up his chairmanship on the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.

But he had his son to bring home the bacon.

In other news of GOP hackdom, former Sen. Rick Santorum, who wants to be president, was in Des Moines last week telling the Iowa Renewable Fuels Association that U.S. vehicles should be required to burn ethanol and
other biofuels in addition to gasoline.

Rick, Bill smell the coffee. Telling people just want they want to hear doesn’t work anymore.

Pub Follows In Pater’s Pork-Barrel Paw Prints