CNN Rejects Glenn Beck, 550 Jobs Lost

The is reporting that unwatched CNN is about to layoff 550 employees because, well, nobody watches it — unlike Fox News — and advertisers feel it is stupid to waste money on commercials nobody sees.

The is also reporting that one time CNN employee Glenn Beck, who is now worth an estimated $100 million due to his success with The Blaze, has made two offers to help but neither went anywhere.

One of the offers involved The Blaze taking over the network’s HLN spot on the channel list.

In 2012, Beck made an offer to buy Al Gore’s Current TV network. Gore, instead, chose to sell it to Al Jazeera.

Apparently misogynistic propagandist for jihad and terror are more palatable to him and his kind than people who have Christian values and believe in free markets.

In fairness, The Wrap is saying one person at CNN has told it talks are not dead. Still when reports of massive layoffs come after reports of a rejected deal, one does connect dots.

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CNN Rejects Glenn Beck, 550 Jobs Lost

CNN Rejects Glenn Beck, 550 Jobs Lost


Glenn Beck And Who Needs Prime Time?

The attack by anti-speech partisans against newscaster Glenn Beck appears to be backfiring. As of Aug. 24, his Fox News show was the third most watched one on cable with 2,810,000 viewers behind Bill O’Reilly (3,440,000) and Sean Hannity (2,937,000).

Unlike O’Reilly and Hannity, however, Beck does not air in prime time coming on at 5 p.m.