Abortion Safer Than Childbirth — Fact Check

Abortion Safer Than Childbirth: Fact Check — Propagandist since the fall of Roe vs Wade have dusted off the myth that abortion is safer than childbirth and are spreading it far and wide in the establishment media.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie writing in The Federalist says the claim is phrased “an American woman is 14 times more likely to die” from childbirth than abortion and is based on a document accessed via the government’s PubMed search engine.

Dr. Christie points out that maternal mortality death rate permanently spiked in 2003 when state health departments added a checkbox to death certificates to indicate whether a woman had been pregnant within the last year.

Most of the deaths with boxes checked, however, did not involve complications from childbirth or pregnancy but homicide, suicide, and overdose.

And then there were the recording errors. In 2013, of the 679 recorded maternal deaths, 187 were women 85 or older.

So that is from where the the dangerous childbirth myth comes.

How about abortions being safe?

Abortion reporting is not a federal requirement. Many states, including the largest, California, do not do it. Further, 23 states do not require any type of abortion complication reporting, including deaths.

If we leave it here, the entire childbirth vs abortion safety debate becomes unsustainable.

But there’s more.

“A Finnish study, for example, found that women are four times more likely to die in the year following abortion than women who give births,” Dr. Christie writes. “In fact, women who had given birth had a lower death rate than women who had not been pregnant at all. Closer to home, a study using a complete data set recovered from California state insurance records showed twice as many women died in the two years after an abortion than after a birth (see table 1 of page 2). Causes of death in these post-abortive women included complications from the procedure — sepsis and hemorrhage, for example — though the most common causes were ‘indirect’: suicide, homicide, overdose, and other risk-taking behaviors.” 

Is is abortion safer than childbirth? We fact check it as false.

Abortion Safer Than Childbirth -- Fact Check
Abortion Safer Than Childbirth — Fact Check

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast — Carmela Ciliberti discusses — graphically, be warned — abortion techniques and fetal develop in her latest podcast which can be found here or below.

She also describes the incredibly callous indifference — or if one wants to be charitable mind-blowing ignorance — of Pennsylvania Democrats with regard to the lives of others.

Among those called out is state Sen. Kati Muth, whose 44th district consists of parts of Berks, Montgomery and Chester counties.

Give it a listen.


Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast

Roe Is Overturned

Roe Is Overturned — June 24 will be a day to remember. Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court’s vilest decision since Plessy Vs Ferguson has just been overturned.

The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives, said the court in a 6-3 decision.

Note this does not make abortion illegal but lets the democratic process proceed and gives the citizens the right to protect and respect human life.

Life starts somewhere, after all.

We’ve noted the correlation between mass school shootings and the Supreme Court’s 1973 declaration that the existence of human life is an arbitrary thing.

We’ve also noted that abortion in law in almost all civilized nations is far more strict that those in the United States under Roe.

Roe Is Overturned

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go — A poisonous leak from the Supreme Court has revealed that the poisonous Roe V Wade decision appears about to be overturned.

If you doubt that Roe was poison, review any Senate hearing for a Republican Supreme Court nominee over the last four decades. You’ll see shrieking harpies haranguing lawmakers in legislative hallways, and misogynistic hypocrites like the late and unlamented Ted Kennedy and the lamentable Joe Biden trying to ruin the lives of decent people with lies and distortions.

Sometimes successfully.

How has that not poisoned and divided our society?

You ever see this go on in Europe?

No. Because the nations of Europe don’t call abortion a right and have handled the matter legislatively.

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go
A 12-week old human being

Progressive feminist Sweden bans abortion at 18 weeks, with exceptions. Enlightened France bans abortion at 14 weeks with exceptions.

This is stricter than all but three states.

The weeks are counted by gestational age which is usually considered 14 days prior to conception.

Ladies, did you ever consider that saying the baby is your body is really not the smartest message to send to young males trying to figure things out, and that the guys cheering you on are the users of the world like Kennedy or Clinton or pick your Hollywood rapist?

 Caitlin Flanagan writing for The Atlantic in 2019 noted that deaths from unsafe abortions prior to legalization were not rare.

Then she says this:

What I can’t face about abortion is the reality of it: that these are human beings, the most vulnerable among us, and we have no care for them. How terrible to know that in the space of an hour, a baby could be alive—his heart beating, his kidneys creating the urine that becomes the amniotic fluid of his safe home—and then be dead, his heart stopped, his body soon to be discarded.

And that’s the point of the debate.

A society that treats innocent, helpless human beings as disposable whether that person is a baby or is elderly or has Down syndrome, is a society that is going to die and deserves to do so.

A blanket ban on abortion may be a bad idea, but calling abortion a “right” is the worst idea of all.

Roe Is Social Poison And Must Go

Abortion Supporting Fashion Brands

Abortion Supporting Fashion Brands — The woman whose COL1972 outspokenly pro-life fashion brand is now two years old has released a list of branded apparel run by corporate America that are not so pro life. Frankly, these financial contributors to the abortion industry can be considered anti-life.

You kind of wonder how many of these places sell products literally made by slaves. Nike is on the list and does.

Adam Selman
Alice + Olivia
Ann Taylor
Banana Republic
Bath & Body Works
Benefit Cosmetics
Brandon Maxwell
Brock Collection
Brother Vellies
Calvin Klein
Catbird CG
Chloe Gosselin
Cushnie et Ochs
Estee Lauder
Hearst Gypsy
Jason Wu
Jennifer Fisher
Jonathan Simkhai
Kate Spade
LL Bean
Levi Strausse
Mara Hoffman
Marchesa Maria
North Face (owned by VF corporation)
Old Navy
Phillip Lim
Sport Hause
Tory Burch
Tracy Reese
Trina Turk
Victoria Secret
Zac Posen

Abortion Supporting Fashion Brands
Abortion Supporting Fashion Brands
A symbol of bad things like slavery and abortion and overpriced shoes

Rape Incest And Abortion

Rape Incest And Abortion — The irony in the attack on the Catholic abortion view being applied universally is the accusation that it is the imposition of religion.

Well, OK, thou shalt not murder is a religious matter. It’s a revelation that comes directly from God. Any objections to imposing that?

The Church’s condemnation of abortion, though, — and here is the irony — is a matter of science. Life starts somewhere. Strip away the dissembling and the semantic arguments, and apply the most rigorous logic and objective evidence, that somewhere would be conception.

Nobody is taking about condemning menses or ejaculation or clipping fingernails. It’s when sperm and egg unite to create, well, a new being with unique DNA is when the Thou Shalt Not takes affect.

With the science established, the political questions appear. Would a law be enforceable? Are there times when abortion should be allowed? Can you gather the support of a majority of voters?

Pro life politicians generally cite rape and incest and life of the mother as exceptions to abortion bans.

Protecting the mother’s life is not a controversy, but we’ve never understood the argument for the incest exception. How is letting the abortion occur with the girl returning to the environment where she is abused — which is almost always the case as the abuser is usually the one paying for the abortion — somehow kinder than carrying the child to term?

Rape is the hard question. Most of us just can’t subject another human being to a nine-month daily reminder of a horrific moment with daily pain and discomfort included.

We’ve become a fan of heartbeat laws that ban abortions when a heartbeat is detected in the womb. This is about three weeks after conception or five weeks gestational age.

A rape victim reports the crime and is given a morning-after pill and the pregnancy ends.

Or maybe she just goes to the drug store and gets it on her own.

If she waits too long it does become her choice to carry, and we feel no hesitation about imposing this on her.

A society that fails to recognize the obligation to protect innocent life is going to be a cruel and unpleasant place.

Heart beat laws have a moral consistency. If you can’t bury someone with a beating heart you shouldn’t be allowed to abort someone with a beating heart.

Starting a ban at conception is unenforceable, leaving aside that it would be politically impossible to achieve.

It doesn’t mean that morning after pills are something to be praised. We have a sick society and our attitude towards abortion is a big part of that sickness.

If our society should start holding pregnancy as something sacred a whole lot of healing would start, but this is far more a cultural thing than a legal one.

Kudos to people like Abby Johnson and Carla D’Addesi, who started the pro-life fashion line COL1972 who are doing just that.

Rape Incest And Abortion -- The irony in the attack on the Catholic abortion view being applied universally is that it is the imposition of religion.
Rape Incest And Abortion

Joe Scheidler, Pro Life Pioneer, R.I.P.

Joe Scheidler passed away, Jan. 18, at the age of 93.

He was a pioneer in the pro-life movement.

Shortly after the infamous Roe v. Wade decision in 1973, Joe became a pro-life activist – ultimately founding the Pro-Life Action League in 1980 with his wife, Ann.

Joe’s groundbreaking work inspired a generation of sidewalk counselors and pro-life advocates.

His 1985 pro-life activists’ manual, “CLOSED: 99 Ways to Stop Abortion”, put pro-lifers throughout the United States and the world to work effectively fighting abortion.

Because of his hard work and ultra-effective advocacy, the National Organization for Women and two abortion clinics filed a RICO racketeering lawsuit against Joe.

The resulting legal saga in NOW v. Scheidler saw the founding of the Thomas More Society to defend Joe against a lawsuit that lasted for nearly 30 years and went before the Supreme Court three times, finally resulting in a unanimous victory for Joe and the pro-life movement.

Joe Scheidler was truly a larger than life leader for nearly 40 years – working each and every day to save the lives of the unborn.

Joe will be deeply missed by all those who knew him and those whose lives he saved.

Without Joe, the Thomas More Society likely wouldn’t exist, and the pro-life movement certainly wouldn’t look the same.

On behalf of the Thomas More Society, I’d like to offer my condolences to Joe’s family, including his wife Ann, who still serves as the Chairman of our Board. Joe’s contributions were unmatched, and the world has been changed because of his work.

May he rest in peace.

Joe Scheidler R.I.P.
Joe Scheidler, Pro Life Pioneer, R.I.P.

Wolf Shapiro Bully Nuns In Pennsylvania

Wolf Shapiro Bully Nuns — The sick and evil people — that would be you Gov. Tom Wolf and Attorney General Josh Shapiro — who have acquired control of Pennsylvania’s executive branch are continuing to torment The Little Sisters of the Poor.

The bullying was started by Barack Obama who tried to force the Little Sisters –an order of Roman Catholic nuns who care for the elderly poor in homes across the country and that has a home in Pittsburgh — to offer health-insurance plans that paid for contraceptives, including some abortifacients.

This was part of Obamacare.

Obviously, this is a violation of well-understood tenets of their faith. In the grand scheme giving the order an exemption would make little difference. Why do Wolf and Shapiro feel such a need to compel these nuns to violate their beliefs?

The Supreme Court in 2016 vacated fines that had been levied against them and told lower courts to find a resolution. In 2017, the Trump Administration issued an executive order giving them the exemption.

You think that would have resolved the matter? Not for the Wolf Gang. Rather than letting sleeping dogs lie they sued the Sisters again and the equally bigoted Third Circuit agreed returning the mandate.

So now, today, May 6, oral arguments are again occurring before the Supreme Court. May God grant that the Sisters win for good this time.

Wolf Shapiro Bully Nuns

Sandmann Millions Dollar Smile

Nicholas Sandmann Millions Dollar Smile or the expression you make when you get CNN to give you millions for doing nothing.

Nicholas Sandmann Millions Dollar Smile or the expression  you make when you get CNN to give you millions for doing nothing.

The Catholic kid from Covington, Kentucky sued the fake news outlet for $275 million for the destructive smear job it tried to pull when he was confronted by an abusive progressive protestor as he waited for the bus to take him home from a school trip to the Jan. 18, 2019 March for Life Rally in Washington D.C.

It was announced yesterday (Jan. 7) that CNN settled albeit the amount of the settlement was not released. We heard one report it was for $25 million. We suspect it was certainly in the eight figures.

Sandmann also has pending nine figure lawsuits against the Washington Post and NBC, and may sue numerous other media outlets, institutions and celebrities.

Good job Nicholas and welcome to the 1 percent.

Sandmann Millions Dollar Smile

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