Jessica Akiya And Lauren Ivanchenko Guests Of Real News Pa

Bucks County pro life activists Jessica Akiya and Lauren Ivanchenko were interviewed by Kim Kennedy, Steve Gruen and myself on a recent episode of Steve’s and Kim’s PA Real News podcast.

Points made included the abortion industry being about profit and that the abortion movement is based on lies and founded by men for their own self interests.

The episode can be heard here:

Jessica Akiya And Lauren Ivanchenko Guests Of Real News Pa

Other Side Of Abortion Debate

Other Side Of Abortion Debate — With the Democrat candidates rather dishonestly — actually extremely dishonestly — attacking Doug Mastriano and Mehmet Oz for their abortion positions, Chester County attorney Carmela Ciliberti has made a video detailing what it is the Democrats want.

It is 58 seconds long and entitled “Cruelty in Pennsylvania” and can be found on Rumble at or on Carmela’s website

Warning it is graphic.

It is, however, honest.

Mastriano is running to be Pennsylvania’s governor while Oz is seeking the U.S. Senate seat.

Their opponents are respectively Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman.

Other Side Of Abortion Debate
Other Side Of Abortion Debate in Pennsylvania

Doug Mastriano And Abortion

Doug Mastriano And Abortion — We have heard from two conservative, pro life women who believe the ads painting Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano as a fanatic who thinks there should be no exceptions to abortion.

If Mastriano released an ad featuring himself giving a sincere explanation of his position in a way he has done in various interviews such as this one with Sean Hannity (11:10 mark) if might very well win him the election.

Doug Mastriano And Abortion
Not the fanatic

He can point out his sincere belief that life starts at conception, which is what science shows; explain that as governor he can neither write laws nor address the matter with an executive order; and that as senator he sponsored a “heartbeat bill”, SB 378 , that allowed for morning-after pills and other early interventions for rape victims prior to a detectable heartbeat, and abortions for ectopic and other life-threatening pregnancies in which there is no fetal heartbeat.

We suspect more exceptions would be included in any post-Dodd law, and Mastriano has indicated he would sign abortion bills based on fetal pain, which is believed to occur at 15 weeks of pregnancy or about nine weeks after the detection of a heartbeat.

His Democrat opponent Josh Shapiro supports abortion up to delivery without restriction.

Shapiro is the fanatic in the race and that might explain why that he, an attorney, is afraid to debate Mastriano, a retired Army colonel.

Doug Mastriano And Abortion

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds — About 100 persons packed the sidewalk at 615 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, starting at 11 this morning, Oct.7, to call attention to the plight of the Houck family and the de facto declaration by the Biden Administration that political dissenters are enemies of the state.

The address houses the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania which is leading the Mark Houck persecution.

Houck allegedly shoved anti-life activist Bruce Love in October 2021 during a dispute at a Planned Parenthood clinic. Federal law prohibits the blocking of clinics — not just abortion ones — and that’s what the feds say Houck did.

Houck says he was 50 feet away from the entrance and Love had left his station, where he was an escort, to harass his 12-year-old daughter.

Regardless, on the early morning of Sept. 23 a group of about 25 heavily armed FBI agents in a convoy of 15 vehicles arrested Houck in front of his family.

For at worst a shoving match.

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds

Dr. William Develin, a human rights advocate, emceed the event, which he called a “public witness” and led public prayer to start things. He reminded the group that they should love their enemies.

He introduced WPHT host Dom Giordano, a strong supporter, who said that someone in the state government had to sign off on the arrested.

Was it Attorney General — and Democrat gubernatorial candidate — Josh Shapiro?

Giordano noted that Houck is being represented by Brian J. McMonagle, one of the nation’s premier defense attorneys, along with Peter Breen. He said McMonagle is doing it at a steep discount.

Giordano contrasted the treatment Houck is receiving to criminals in Philly — there have been 410 murders so far this year in the city — and Hunter Biden, who he described as a “walking example of privilege.”

He called on the remaining good agents in the FBI to act and stifle the erosion of civil liberty.

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds
Ashley Garecht

Ashley Garecht of Pro Life Union of Philadelphia described how she and her teenaged daughters were harassed by State Rep. Brian Sims (D-182) at a demonstration and Sims went so far as to doxx the young girls.

“Nothing happened to Sims,” she said.

She said the Houck raid was the result of Joe Biden’s hellish rant at Independence Hall on Sept. 1 in which he said half the country “represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.”

She said a fundraising campaign she started has raised $300,000 for the Houcks.

Patrick Stanton of the same group described the vandalism that has occurred at Catholic churches in the city and mocked the FBI for lack of arrests. The crowd joined him in the mocking.

The event was observed by city police and uniformed officers of the Department of Homeland Security, and who knows what else.

Peter Breen described how he made several offers to have Houck surrender voluntarily. He also said that if they wanted to arrest him he could have him appear in a convenient public spot to spare his family.

Wasn’t going to happen. Stasi gonna Stasi.

Breen said that he was surprised at the blackout of the event in the local media.

He said the charges have no basis and every new fact he finds is in his client’s favor.

Kathy Barnette, who finished strong in the GOP Senate primary in May, passionately expressed anger at what was happening to this nation,.

“The issue of defending life is not a Republican issue,” she said. “It’s about defending truth.”

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds
Kathy Barnette giving a shout out to Terrisa Bukovinac fo her sign

She said there were far more people like her than not.

She gave a shout out to a woman holding a sign saying “Atheist/Progressive/Pro Life”. The woman was found to be Terrisa Bukovinac, the founder of Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising.

Ms. Barnette said the federal government has been weaponized and the battle isn’t going to be easy.

“It’s going to cost us something for standing up for truth,” she said.

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds
Terrisa Bukovinac and her sign

She noted that we should not expect a hero to save us.

“If you are sitting waiting for someone, it is you,” she said.

FBI whistleblower Steve Friend was scheduled to attend but did not.

The FBI wouldn’t allow him said Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense League.

Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale was recognized from the podium for his presence.

Kenneth Stracuzzi of Hope for Pa led group prayer prior to the official start of the event.

Houck Defenders Pack Chestnut Street To Witness To Feds

Houck Supporters To Gather At U.S. Attorney’s Office Friday

Houck Supporters To Gather At U.S. Attorney’s Office Friday — Citizens and national leaders will gather, 11 a.m., Friday, Oct. 7, at the office of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, 615 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa. 19106, to protest the FBI banana-republic raid of Mark Houck.

The raid occurred the early morning of Sept. 23 and involved about 25 heavily armed FBI agents and 15 vehicles.

Houck, a pro-life activist, is accused of shoving anti-life activist Bruce Love in October 2021 during a dispute at a Planned Parenthood clinic. The feds say he violated the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act, which makes it a federal crime to use force with the intent to injure, intimidate and interfere with anyone because that person produces reproductive health care.

Houck says Love was harassing his 12-year-old daughter and the dispute was not about clinic access.

Houck was arrested in front of his family. His lawyer had months earlier contacted the feds and said Houck was willing to voluntarily surrender.

Emceeing the event will be WPHT talk radio host Dom Giordano. Among those scheduled to speak will be Dr. William Develin, international human rights advocate; Ashley Garecht, a pro-lifer harassed at Planned Parenthood by Rep. Brian Sims in 2020; Patrick Stanton, of Pro-Life Union, the offices of which were vandalized about what the feds have yet to investigate; FBI whistleblower Steve Friend, who was suspended after reporting political SWAT raids in Chicago; former Senate candidate Kathy Barnette; Rev. Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense League; and Peter Breen of Thomas More Society who is Houck’s lawyer.

Houck Supporters To Gather At U.S. Attorney’s Office Friday
Houck Supporters To Gather At Fed Courthouse Friday

Judge Cheryl Allen Zooms With Bucks Pro Lifers

Judge Cheryl Allen Zooms With Bucks Pro Lifers — Retired Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge Cheryl Allen spent two hours, Oct. 4, in a Zoom meeting with a diverse group of pro life activist in Warminister, Bucks County, Pa.

Judge Allen discussed a series of orchestrated anti-life ordinances and resolutions passed or pondered by several Democrat-controlled municipalities in the state including Upper Darby in Delaware County.

She noted that ordinances cannot trump state law and resolutions have no force of law anyway.

On a more serious note, she described the state harassment and intimidation of pregnancy crisis centers in an attempt to shut them down.

Judge Cheryl Allen Zooms With Bucks Pro Lifers
Judge Cheryl Allen

Ultrasounds are often performed at these centers. Judge Allen said that 80-percent of women considering abortion change their mind after viewing ultrasounds.

Judge Allen became the first Black woman to be elected to Superior Court in 2008 and served until her retirement in 2015. She now works with PA Family.

She said that during her election she found it difficult to gain traction with the Black communities in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. She said the vast majority of Black pastors in those cities were strongly in support of easy access to abortion.

Among the dozen or so in attendance was Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Gale. It was a miserable rainy night and Warminister is far from Joe’s constituency.

Serious props to him.

Judge Cheryl Allen Zooms With Pro Life Group In Bucks County

Abortion Safer Than Childbirth — Fact Check

Abortion Safer Than Childbirth: Fact Check — Propagandist since the fall of Roe vs Wade have dusted off the myth that abortion is safer than childbirth and are spreading it far and wide in the establishment media.

Dr. Grazie Pozo Christie writing in The Federalist says the claim is phrased “an American woman is 14 times more likely to die” from childbirth than abortion and is based on a document accessed via the government’s PubMed search engine.

Dr. Christie points out that maternal mortality death rate permanently spiked in 2003 when state health departments added a checkbox to death certificates to indicate whether a woman had been pregnant within the last year.

Most of the deaths with boxes checked, however, did not involve complications from childbirth or pregnancy but homicide, suicide, and overdose.

And then there were the recording errors. In 2013, of the 679 recorded maternal deaths, 187 were women 85 or older.

So that is from where the the dangerous childbirth myth comes.

How about abortions being safe?

Abortion reporting is not a federal requirement. Many states, including the largest, California, do not do it. Further, 23 states do not require any type of abortion complication reporting, including deaths.

If we leave it here, the entire childbirth vs abortion safety debate becomes unsustainable.

But there’s more.

“A Finnish study, for example, found that women are four times more likely to die in the year following abortion than women who give births,” Dr. Christie writes. “In fact, women who had given birth had a lower death rate than women who had not been pregnant at all. Closer to home, a study using a complete data set recovered from California state insurance records showed twice as many women died in the two years after an abortion than after a birth (see table 1 of page 2). Causes of death in these post-abortive women included complications from the procedure — sepsis and hemorrhage, for example — though the most common causes were ‘indirect’: suicide, homicide, overdose, and other risk-taking behaviors.” 

Is is abortion safer than childbirth? We fact check it as false.

Abortion Safer Than Childbirth -- Fact Check
Abortion Safer Than Childbirth — Fact Check

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast — Carmela Ciliberti discusses — graphically, be warned — abortion techniques and fetal develop in her latest podcast which can be found here or below.

She also describes the incredibly callous indifference — or if one wants to be charitable mind-blowing ignorance — of Pennsylvania Democrats with regard to the lives of others.

Among those called out is state Sen. Kati Muth, whose 44th district consists of parts of Berks, Montgomery and Chester counties.

Give it a listen.

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast

Roe Is Overturned

Roe Is Overturned — June 24 will be a day to remember. Roe v Wade, the Supreme Court’s vilest decision since Plessy Vs Ferguson has just been overturned.

The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives, said the court in a 6-3 decision.

Note this does not make abortion illegal but lets the democratic process proceed and gives the citizens the right to protect and respect human life.

Life starts somewhere, after all.

We’ve noted the correlation between mass school shootings and the Supreme Court’s 1973 declaration that the existence of human life is an arbitrary thing.

We’ve also noted that abortion in law in almost all civilized nations is far more strict that those in the United States under Roe.

Roe Is Overturned

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