Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation — Here is the latest regarding the attempt to get Chester County, Pa. Republican Recorder of Deeds candidate Brian D. Yanoviak — and others — access to digital copies of various election records including ballots, unredacted outer envelopes for mail-in ballots, unredacted poll books and the cast vote record for the central tabulator from the November 2023 election.

After Common Pleas Judge Anthony Vewrey denied the request, he was told there were serious errors of fact in his decision including that he cited arguments they did not make; invoked standards that were not applicable; and incorrectly cited state law. The appellants protested and Vewrey gave them 21 days from Dec. 18 to clarify their objections.

The appellants did so. The complaints were not addressed and so they appealed to Commonwealth Court.

The appellees — which are Chester County and the Chester County Board of Elections — are claiming the appellants failed to meet Vewrey’s deadline.

Commonwealth Court has asked for an explanation.

The appellants point out that Chester County cut off access to the electronic filing system so they were forced to use the United States Postal Services overnight priority mail on Jan. 7 which was 20 days after Vewrey’s order. They also emailed the appellees the documents the day of the deadline along with the postal receipts.

The documents mailed “overnight” were not picked up until Jan. 11.

Why is the county fighting this? Election integrity is an ever growing concern and every battle to obstruct transparency makes it grow faster. The county could have resolved this in November with far less money and effort.

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation -- Here is the latest regarding the attempt to get  Chester County, Pa.

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision — Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge Anthony Vewrey has been blasted in a filing regarding his Dec. 18 denial to allow Republican Recorder of Deeds candidate Brian D. Yanoviak — and others — access to digital copies of various election records including ballots, unredacted outer envelopes for mail-in ballots, unredacted poll books and the cast vote record for the central tabulator.

Yanoviak is being assisted by Greg Stenstrom, a Delaware County poll watcher and election integrity watchdog.

Others are being represented by attorney Renee Mazer.

The plaintiffs say that Vewrey cited arguments they did not make in their complaint; invoked standards that were not applicable; and incorrectly cited state law, among other things.

“With regard to Judge Verwey’s characterizations of Pro Se Plaintiff’s Yanoviak’s and attorney Mazer’s statements at the close of the one-hour hearing, Judge Verwey either misheard or plainly misstates, what they said and neither Yanoviak or Mazer said there was no fraud, rather they were not alleging any “specific” fraud,” the complaint reads.

The complaints claim that there are legitimate concerns of fraud or errors. This is enough under state law to allow for the relief being sought.

The case is off to Commonwealth Court.

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision

What Happened At The Northhampton County Election Board

What Happened at the Northhampton County Election Board — Someone described as is very active in Northampton County (Pa) politics sent this to our friend Kim Kennedy who sent to us. What we find puzzling is the claim by the board’s solicitor that it is mandated to certify elections by a deadline. Certify, after all, has a meaning:

  • To confirm formally as true, accurate, or genuine.
  • intransitive verb To guarantee as meeting a standard.

A boardcan’t declare something to be true if it believes it isn’t, unless the board knows its lying. The mandate makes our entire election system a lie.

Overview of Nov. 21 Northampton County (Pa.) Election Board Meeting

The Board meeting had to be moved to the cafeteria due to well over 100 citizens participating in the meeting, spilling into the hallway.  I arrived about 2 pm to meet with people I had emailed to come early in order to strategize and pass out an agenda, issues to raise and PIN materials  by Bill Rodebaugh.   A press table was set on the side for 4 staff, including LV Live News and Armchair writers, MCall, Bernie O’Hare and a young man who was quite busy on the phone.  I made connections for the future with all plus a photojournalist, passing my card out to them and all in the room who was interested.  (There was some conflict initially with a few in the audience decrying the reporters putting their pictures in the news.  The answer was that “it is a public place and photos are allowed. Call my editor.”)

Eventually it became very warm in the room as the meeting dragged on for four hours till seven pm.  Many left after the “Courtesy of the Floor”.  I noted to a lawyer that the certifying of the election came before the comments and he was unconcerned, stating the certification was mandatory implying that  comments would not change that.  I spoke to a Republican Board member and asked this to be changed and it was, not only due to my input but aided by it.

Notable persons in the audience I saw: Glenn Geissinger, Ryan and Milou Mackenzie, Annamarie Robertone, Tom Giovanni,, Andrew Azan, Tom Carroll, Charles Dertinger, Kevin Danyi, Matt Munsey,  and Dr. Tom Little.  It was largely a mix of LVTP, PIN, and NCRC members with about ten Democrats and several unattached voters.

The process of counting the votes was delayed till that very day due to the “machine glitch”.  The county’s 300-plus machines in all 156 precincts flipped “yes” and “no” selections for the two candidates on the printout that voters reviewed on the machine before taking the final step to cast their ballots. No other contests on the ballot were affected, swore Executive McClure at the prior Council meeting.  Counting the provisional ballots — about 2,400 total — occurred over the previous few days.  44,791 votes were cast on voting machines and 25,587 by mail.  Votes statewide must be certified at the county level by Nov. 21 and submitted to the state no later than Nov. 27, which may have accounted for most of the passion in the room.

There were 45 persons signed up to speak, but three left early. Many of the 45 were quite upset with the county-wide election irregularities that were unable to be fixed and the county having had no backup plan.  Voters are at their “peak of mistrust” with the voting system. “  The third speaker complained of switched poll books and machines at Williams Township. I spoke after her and was unable to fully get through Frank DeVito’s two page comment, so the applause surprised me. Others addressed issues including lack of emergency ballots (10 to 25 at most at the polls.), one and a half hours of locked doors at Forks Twp. (a federal offense actually!), people told not to vote at Hanover Twp., that Republicans are the usual victims of error, lack of transparency , and poor communication with election judges.  Representative Milo Mackenzie was very passionate about this unAmerican election and demanded McClure’s resignation or there will be national repercussions in 2024.  She stated “This is not a Communist country.

It was noted that the “glitch” proved the machines could be programmed to commit fraud.  Many demanded paper ballots be used.  Glenn Geissinger, NCRC chairman, noted that turning people away from the polls constituted voter suppression and implored the Board not certify the election and not to use these machines again. Geissinger said his research would result in a lawsuit if he finds large numbers of voters were disenfranchised by the machine failures. One asked for a do-over election and about seven who had either won their elections or had their Saucon Valley candidates elected asked to certify the election.  Since there was only one microphone to be passed among 8 persons at any time, there was further delay in hearing all the issues, explanations and apologies. 

It was obvious that the election judges lacked training in some cases. The decision was made to train every judge, clerk and poll worker in person for the next election. Even though Judge Sam Murray gave a Court order to follow early in the day, communication was poor and not all were able to follow the orders.  All provisional ballots were said to have been counted.

Only party chairs were informed of the L&A (logic and accuracy) testing and apparently no Republican showed up, only County and Election Systems and Software (ES&S) staff.

The ES&S VP, Alex Carbullido, apologized profusely and said there would have been no way to fix all the machines on election day.  In 2019 the problem was the touch screens were too sensitive which made it difficult to vote one’s choice.  In both elections the problem was blamed on human error.

The Board stated they were not consulted on procedures, not informed at the moment and their previous recommendations to Council had been ignored. Scott Hough whose term ends the end of this year along with the other four members, was especially incensed, had many questions and was the only Board member to refuse to sign the certification of the election, so it passed 4 to 1 over many objections.  He said there was no way to know how many voters were turned away which put the election results in question.  Hough said he had also requested a special meeting for the public to be heard but his request was denied by the Registrar, Christopher Commini. He also asked again for a special meeting to thrash out solutions and Dertinger promised to look into it. 

Board member Daniel Lopresti also wanted a written report from ES&S on what had happened, provision of enough paper ballots and better communication with the poll workers.  

 Board Solicitor Richard Santee explained it was mandatory for the Board  to certify the election and send the results to Harrisburg by the 11/27/23 deadline as they had no discretion or authority in the matter.  The process is controlled by the administration.  The Board spent hours taking the heat for an election they did not actually run.  The District Attorney could act on election complaints from the Board, but only a Common Pleas Judge could overturn an election. 

It was also noted that the Nazareth area will be split into four voting districts.

(Dertinger has since resigned and I’ve been speaking with others who believe other races were fixed.)

What Happened At The Northhampton County Election Board

What Happened At The Northhampton County Election Board

Trump Walks Where Lincoln Trod

Trump Walks Where Lincoln Trod — As most know, the partisan-Democrat Colorado State Supreme Court ruled that Donald Trump’s name may not be on the ballot in that state for the 2024 election.

There was one other time in America’s history when states kept a man from running for president.

That was in 1860. The man was Abraham Lincoln.

Democrat. Democrat never changes.

Trump Walks Where Lincoln Trod

Problem Is Worse Than Vote Fraud

Problem Is Worse Than Vote Fraud — I have friends who are taking issue with my claim that the results of the Nov. 7 should not be attributed to vote fraud.

I get it. Our elections are not trustworthy and neither are those in charge.

Especially damning, is that those running things do not care that we think this. They laugh at long-followed mores regarding good government. In Delaware County, Pa., they are fighting right-to-know requests that the state agency in charge of such things ordered be accepted. They are trying to end minority oversight on the election board.

Once upon a time these things would have caused bipartisan outrage. Now, most voters either are unaware they are happening or, far more frightening, indifferent to their consequences.

I think the former was the reason last week. Democrat turnout in my precinct was huge and Republican average. In-person voting was neck and neck, and assuming the 37 mail-in ballots went as expected it would mean the Ds probably won.

These Democrats, many of whom I know, are not bad people.

So, why would they vote so brazenly against their interests?

Why would they vote for people who say they are going to make your sons eunuchs and sterilize your daughters so you will never have grandkids, and you can’t stop us?

Why would they vote for dangerous streets and gigantic tax hikes?

My friends can’t believe they would, hence instinctively assume vote fraud.

That’s a mistake. It was messaging. These Democrats had been lied to or left uninformed about what was at stake, and they were lied to about the Republican positions.

Election integrity is a real issue but the priority better be messaging.

A strong and knowledgable people can force government change no matter how rigged an election.

A weak and ignorant people, however, will willingly and submissively vote for their sons to be eunuchs and daughters to be sterile.

They will willingly vote for their destruction.

I’d like to point out that 70-percent of the students at Sun Valley High School apparently believe the reality of biological sex should no longer be recognized.

Those who care about the future better do what they can to change minds and rile up the indifferent.

This means getting them to vote and explaining what’s at stake.

In other news popular, long-used, effective and inexpensive over-the-counter drugs like NyQuil and Benadryl are being removed from pharmacies.

Problem Is Worse Than Vote Fraud

Problem Is Worse Than Vote Fraud

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

By Loranne Mazzulo

I live in Edgmont, Delaware County, Pa. and I was a school board candidate for for the Rose Tree Media School District on Nov. 7.

I would like to say I am making NO accusations or asserting that I am 100 percent correct on some of the things I am going to explain.

I will be clear that I was not looking for what I happened to come across.

This began when I couldn’t believe that Bob Steiner, running for Edgmont Township Supervisor, lost the election. Edgmont is a Republican community, Bob is extremely well liked and respected, hence my shock. So I started flipping through the election results in both precincts in Edgmont. I live in Precinct 1.

As I was reviewing these results it seemed extremely odd that there would be significantly more number of votes cast in the election for the Justice of the Supreme Court, as opposed to a local and very popular township supervisor election. Edgmont has been battling the school district for the past two years and this race between the two supervisors has been highly anticipated. There is no way more people would cast votes for the higher offices than the local ones.

There is not another race that had more votes than the Supreme Court race between MCCaffery and Carluccio on the Edgmont result sheets!

I am not a super political person, I am familiar with races in general but basically I’m just the average citizen. So I thought to myself… “if I were going to go and just vote one race, would it be the BIG statewide race that I knew very little about??? NO WAY!!!

Why would there be more votes in the Supreme Court Race??? If you care that much about politics to vote in the Supreme Court Race, you would also care about your local politics that affect your everyday life.

Ok so here is what I found as I went through reviewing the Edgmont in-person voting for two person races.

Edgmont 1

Justice of Supreme Court (McCaffrey/Carluccio) Cast Votes: 763

Judge of Commonwealth Court (Wolf/Martin) Cast Votes: 744

Judge of Common Pleas (Berry/Sutphin) Cast Votes: 747

DA (Stolsteimer/Miscichowski) Cst Votes: 750

Edgmont Auditor (DiPillo/Besvinick) Cast Votes: 743

Edgmont Supervisor (Thorne/Steiner) Cast Votes: 735

NOTE: 1% more votes cast for Supreme Court than next highest.

Edgmont 2

Supreme Court: 500

Commonwealth: 498

Common Pleas: 500

DA: 492

Auditor: 479

Supervisor: 492

There were 1 percent more votes in Edgmont 2 for Supreme Court (500) than local elections (492).

So you may think ahh 1 percent, that’s so small what’s the big deal?.

Well we are talking about 10 to 20 extra votes for SOMEONE in the Supreme Court race! That’s just one little town in PA. What if we look at the rest of the county????? Guess what pick a precinct in the county… you will see this same pattern. It doesn’t matter if it is 1 extra vote for the Supreme Court race or 20. It adds up! I have included a couple for your viewing. But rest assured this pattern repeats for every precinct I looked at! Think about it 1 percent, who is gonna notice, I only noticed because I was looking for something else. Its such a small amount barely matters, but in the grand scheme of a statewide election. It is HUGE!!!

Delaware County Results: More votes cast for the Supreme Court Race than any of the other county wide races:

Supreme Court: 113,022

CommonWealth Court: 111,352 Common Pleas: 111,319

That’s a difference of approximately 1670 votes, JUST from DELCO!!! There are 67 counties in the state of Pennsylvania!! I also cant rule out that the two other elections above did not benefit from some extra votes as well, if that is the case we are looking at more votes than just 1670.

Next, if this is happening in Delaware County. Could it be happening in other counties? Why yes it is!!!

I will start with Erie County, because I think this is mostly what I would expect in an election::
This seems like it was not “tampered” with to me.

In person voting:

Supreme Court: 41482 Commonwealth Court: 40958 Common Pleas (local): 42031 Controller (local): 41441

Note I suspect other smaller counties, but not all, will look like this but I have not looked at them all.

Another small county is Adams. You have to look at local races that have 4 people and make the assumption that if you divide the total in two, and each voter voted for two people you get the total number of votes cast. (no 2 person races listed on county site) Copy is provided of Adams County.

Supreme court total votes cast: 22,797

Superior Court (Beck, Lane, Battista, Small): 40,843 divided by 2= @20,422 Commonwealth Court: 22654
Commissioner: 20,795

NOTE IF YOU COMPARE THE SECOND HIGHEST NUMBER OF VOTES, YOU ARE LOOKING AT @1% more for Supreme Court. . Remember this is likely 1 to 5 extra votes for Supreme Court at each precinct in Adams County.

I’m going to run through a few more larger counties but the same thing repeats!!! Court race has MORE votes. .

Lancaster County, in person::

Supreme Court: 97472 Commonwealth: 97121 Wills: 95491

Lehigh county:

Supreme Court: 73,554 Commonwealth: 73034 Controller: 72879 Coroner: 72,686

Bucks County:

Supreme Court: 197,631 Commonwealth: 196,778 Wills: 195,911 Treasurer: 196,085

Clerk of Ct: 195,595

Montgomery County In Person:

Supreme Court: 175, 225 Commonwealth: 174,103 Common Pleas: 172,804 Clerk of Courts: 173,143 Controller: 172,708


Supreme Court: 91310 Commonwealth: 90152 Sheriff: 90674

The Supreme


Supreme Court: 81625 Commonwealth: 80029 Controller: 81039 Wills: 80861

I’m going to end here, I have not looked at every County.
consistently appearing that more votes are being cast for the Supreme court race? Where are these votes coming from? We all know that next year is a presidential election, with the win of McCaffery the Supreme Court of PA is 5 Dems and 2 republicans!

Looking at Edgmont as an example, I can only surmise that either 13 people cast votes with ONLY the supreme court race checked off, or something crooked went on.

My hope is that I am completely wrong and I am missing something that will make all of this make sense. If I am not wrong I hope that someone will look into this and figure out what is going on.

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

State Races Got Higher Totals Than Local Ones

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

By Bob Small

So we –me and Paula my wife — spent Tuesday, Nov 7, at our polling place on Rutgers Avenue, in the Cades Building in Swarthmore, Pa.  We were handing out information on behalf of two Republicans running for Borough Council. Did I really say Republicans? To paraphrase Admiral James Stockdale “Who am I and what am I doing here.?”

This started with there being a special election for Swarthmore Borough Council.

One of the candidates, Rob  M. Jordan, had contacted me and I shared my years of expertise, such as it is, from involvement with Green Party Politics.  Surprisingly, he followed my guidance, and both GOP Candidates made it on the ballot. 

This was the first time in decades that there was a contested election for Swarthmore Borough Council!  For some more perspective, see A Republican In Swarthmore.

So we spent the day and night, 8 to 8, asking people to “be part of history, vote in a Swarthmore Borough Council contested election.”

Usually, you could only vote for the Democrat.  Or not. Are elections for the Beijing City Council like this?

At any rate, several Democrats engaged with me during the campaigning. They know us from attending almost every Borough Council Meeting –we even received a citation for this — and considered Green and harmless. 

When one elected official, as part of his harangue, asked me why I would dare be doing this, I mentioned Swarthmore Council members who promised to vote against the Condo but ended up voting for it.

At least 80 percent of the public comment on this issue was against.  

Also mentioned was Council’s inability to prevent PECO doing massive replacement of trees for their new and taller electrical poles..

 Swarthmore has boasted about been a “tree city”.

Cell phone tower trees are not a replacement.

My candidates lost getting around 5 percent of the vote.

We consider it both a “new beginning” and a consciousness-raising”.

On Wednesday, I transitioned my voter registration from Green to Republican.

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

Election Day 2023 In Swarthmore Pa

Republican Bloodbath Was Not Vote Fraud

Republican Bloodbath Was Not Vote Fraud — There will be a temptation to blame yesterday’s, Nov. 7, Democratic victory on vote fraud.

It wasn’t

I’m a poll worker and the Democrat turnout in my Republican precinct in Delaware County, Pa. was overwhelming.

I watched in real time registered Democrat after Democrat sign their names in the book then go to the booths to fill their ballots.

GOP turnout was about normal for a municipal election.

Republicans eked out in-person wins in most of the county races but by minuscule margins and actually lost district attorney race here.

Yes, the excellent Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski fell three short against the intolerable and incompetent “Missy” Stollsteimer.

And this was just the in-person voting in which 266 were cast.

There were 37 mail-in ballots –including mine — and they skew heavily D.

This makes it worse.

The precinct has about 630 registered voters.

So why the bloodbath?

The issues for the Democrats were Trump and abortion. They shouldn’t be particularly winning issues considering that the guy in the White House now is the walking disaster named Joe Biden, and that very few of us want to see human beings with beating pulses killed at will and by right.

The messaging, however, painting Trump as an extremist was not refuted nor was an explanation offered as to why so many think abortion is a bad thing that should be rare, as opposed to something easy to get and celebrated.

Yes, those pushing “pro choice” think abortion is something to celebrate.

It wasn’t a lack of will by the local party leaders that caused yesterday’s loss. They wanted to win in Chesco and Delco, and at the state level, and the candidates in Chesco and Delco were excellent.

The Republicans, however, are fighting a war with obsolete weapons and their strategies have long lost their effectiveness.

Gary Heasley of ChescoUnited often points out that the Democrat Party has software and systems for targeting voters that far surpass what the GOP has.

That’s not to say secure elections are not a big concern, but the Democrats won this one legitimately.

Democrat turnout was overwhelming and even many registered Rs are buying into a destructive narrative based on lies.

The first step those who love this country must take is refuting the lies.

The first step in refuting the lies is to insist that evil is real but so is God and that God hates evil

Republican Bloodbath Was Not Vote Fraud

Pennsylvania Polls Open At 7 a.m.

Pennsylvania Polls Open At 7 a.m. — Today, Nov. 7, is Election Day in Pennsylvania. Polls opened at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m.

It’s extremely important to vote. You children’s futures might literally depend on it.

Remember, the bad guys have been known to cast ballots in the names of inactive voters without their knowledge. The more people who vote the harder it is going to be to steal the election.

Pennsylvania Polls Open At 7 a.m.

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident courtesy of Greg Stenstrom’s Facebook page. Greg notes that the county Democrats are smearing the concerned citizen as an “election denier” when just a minute or two of calm explanation and a card with a contact number would have made the issue never happen. By the way, Delaware County, Pa. has more ballot dropboxes than Philadelphia and Allegheny County (Pittsburgh) combined.

We received a call regarding a gentleman who had reported two Delaware County employees stuffing the Lansdowne, PA, drop box with Mail in Ballots yesterday, and investigated.

In fact, it was a pick up of ballots, but it is clear why the gentleman saw it differently. When he was approaching in his car, what he saw was a female with two handfuls of envelopes in her hand putting them in a bag that was sitting on top of the drop box.

By the time he parked and got out of his vehicle, the drop box was closed, no ballots were in sight any longer, and the employees were walking away, and refused to even acknowledge him.

What he subsequently reported were handfuls of ballots disappearing into what appeared to be the top of the box, when they were going into the bag obscured from the gentleman’s view.

The narrative the Board of Elections has since crafted is that a crazy “election denier” threatened their employees, was screaming, and made false accusations regarding the Boy Scout and Girl Scout who were innocently “doing their job.”

What the video shows, and the interview I had with the gentleman revealed, was that he is retired, was driving to a spot to take his dog to walk, keeps an eye on his neighborhood, personally knows the police chief (and everyone else in Lansdowne, where he has lived his whole life), and saw an unidentified male and female at a drop box with what appeared to be ballots disappearing into the top of the box.

When he asked them what they were doing, they just turned their backs and insolently walked away from him without responding. He told them he had called the police, but that didn’t phase them, and the male finally responded by aggressively shoving his ID in the gentleman’s face, and then getting in the County van and leaving.

This is a prima facie example of the state of our government today. “Excuse me, what are you doing?”, with the response either being no response at all, or “F*** you” (read some of our court filings – the “F U” is not an overstatement).

Now, lets discuss what could have de-escalated and resolved the matter in a couple of minutes. “Excuse me, what are you doing?” “Hello sir, we’re County employees making a daily drop box pick up of Mail in Ballots.” “Were you putting ballots in, or taking them out?” “We were picking up. If you have any more questions, we have to rush to our next stop, but everything is on video camera (point to the camera), and you can call this number or let the responding officer call it, to sort things out.”

Instead, when the gentleman spoke to the police, and they in turn called the Board of Elections, the Director told them the gentleman would have to file a “Right to Know,” and that the police would only get the video after he “reviewed it.”

Then the harassment. The Director calls the gentleman and accuses him of threatening and intimidating “his” employees, interfering with them, tells him he checked with the police and that they told him the gentleman was a crank who regularly called them, told him they were considering further action against him, and that if he wanted the video, he would have to file a Right to Know request.

Two days later, the BOE finally releases the video, first to the news media “exonerating” the little angel who had shoved his ID in the gentleman’s face, without any mention that the same male was arraigned and released on $20,000 bail for assault and harassment charges the day before.

I have been dealing with 3 years of the same insolence, obstruction, contempt, and defiance by a handful of election officials and opposing lawyers who refuse to comply with law or even Court orders, and resulting (Pro Se) litigation.

Not a single RTK from either me, or the people I have worked with has been granted without a 2-6 months of delays, appeals, litigation, and even when finally ordered to comply with a records request, getting more defiance and litigation.

The gentleman that reported what he saw, which was reasonable, although in error (this time), had the courage to stand up for the rest of the People who remain silent, and demand accountability from “our government,” and should be applauded, not ridiculed.

I spoke to him this afternoon, and he was understandably a little rattled from the experience, which I told him was the entire point of the exercise, and thanking him for his vigilance service.

Attacking and gaslighting those brave enough to be counted is technically a tactic called ICD – “Isolate, Contain, and Destroy” – but otherwise known by most people as “bullying,” intimidation, and intentional chilling other citizens from exercising their rights.

It doesn’t work on me. I’m reserved and very deliberate in action, which is why I normally lay back before saying anything on a matter I don’t have all the facts for, to act on decisively.

And, that’s also why people call us. We help as many people as we can – regrettably too often more than we can handle – do the work we can do, as a civic duty (no charge) – and roll on.

Not a single material fact regarding election fraud that we have reported has been refuted or disproven since November 3rd, 2020 – not one. 6 wins, 0 losses, when sanctioned, and the only case remaining in PA for the Nov 2020 election, and cases for 2022 and 2023 elections still in progress.

New material facts of election law violations, and potential fraud that will require litigation will be coming out by Monday regarding the “little angels” in Delaware County.

Still in the fight. Semper Fi.

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident courtesy of Greg Stenstrom's Facebook page. Greg notes that the county Democrats are smearing the

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident

More Details About Lansdowne Dropbox Incident