Delco DA Candidate Blasts Prison Conditions; Cites Inmate’s Agnonizing Death

Delco DA Candidate Blasts Prison Conditions — Beth Stefanide who seeks to unseat Jack Stollsteimer as Delaware County D.A. blistered the management of George W. Hill Correctional Facility where neglect led to the agonizing death of inmate Mustafa Jackson.

Jackson, a 25-year-old paraplegic, was found in his cell on Feb. 12. He was laying face-down in an adult diaper with new and used catheters laying around. His autopsy says he died of urosepsis.

Medical authorities believe the condition is extremely painful and his death was excruciating.

Ms. Stefanide made her remarks at a 1 p.m., today Sept. 21, at a press conference outside the courthouse in Media.

She said that if she should win she would want to be certain that those she sends to the prison are provided safety and get necessary medical treatment.

Since the county took over from GEO Group on April 6, 2022 there have been at least three suicides; a wrong inmate was released, and a man was strangled by his cellmate.

The suicide tally — which occurred in the first 10 months — was the most in the prison in a single year since at least 2015.

The prison went private in 1998.

“These inhuman conditions . . . are going to come back to cost us, the taxpayers,” Ms. Stefanide said.

She said that GEO was on the hook for any lawsuits when it ran things.

“Guess what ladies and gentlemen that’s not the case now,” she said.

Delco DA Candidate Blasts Prison Conditions
Beth Stefanide

Taxpayers can be expected to be shelling out big for the death of Mr. Jackson.

Ms. Stefanide demanded an investigation into his death by the state attorney general, along with a full review of prison policies.

“(Mr. Jackson) deserves justice,” she said. “We need to know what happened.”

The county fought tooth-and-nail the release of Mr. Jackson’s autopsy only surrendering when Commonwealth Court ruled against Allegheny County in July in a similar case.

Warden Laura William

Ms. Stefanide wondered how Laura Williams –who only started her career in corrections in 2014 — became warden.

“I have to question whether Laura Williams is cut out for this job,” she said.

She noted Ms. Williams training is in psychology. As deputy warden at Allegheny County Jail she oversaw health care. The health care manager quit specifically citing Ms. Williams administrative style.

Ms. Stefanide said Ms. Williams is being sued by an Allegheny inmate who had his leg amputated after months of neglect.

Ms. Stefanide said that the county is now spending $60 million to run the prison despite a record low population of 820 inmates.

It held 1900 inmates on a budget of $43 million when the county took over.

She said prison management was a serious matter and cited the turmoil, cost and fear in Chester County and southwest Delco that occurred in the two weeks murderer Danelo Cavalcante was on the lam.

County Council candidate Jeff Jones also spoke noting the culpability council has for what has been occurring.

Jones and Ms. Stefanide are Republicans. The election is Nov. 7. Running with Jones for council are Joy Schwartz and Bill Dennon. Running for Common Pleas Court Judge is Dawn Getty Sutphin.

Delco DA Candidate Blasts Prison Conditions

Sheriff Louderback Supporting Roy Kofroth

Sheriff Louderback Supporting Roy Kofroth — AJ Louderback, who served five-terms as sheriff of Jackson County, Texas until his retirement in December 2021, will be special guest at a reception for Roy Kofroth who is running for Chester County sheriff.

It should be a no-brainer that Kofroth wins but there are many voters who have no brains.

Or hearts or lungs, for that matter.

Kofroth is running against Kevin Dykes who is the hand-picked successor of Fredda Maddox, whose single term has been an unmitigated disaster. More than anyone she may have been responsible for murderer Danelo Cavalcante’s two weeks of freedom.

Ms. Maddox is running for county Common Pleas Court judge.

The election is Nov. 7.

Kofroth’s reception is 5-8 p.m., Oct. 1 at the Maplecroft Building, 500 S. Whitehorse Road, Phoenixville, Pa 19460.

Tickets are $100 or $150 a couple with discounts for law enforcement and first responders. See flyer below.

RSVP deadline has passed but email if interested in meeting Sheriff Louderback who has been outspoken about the border crisis.

Sheriff Louderback Supporting Roy Kofroth

Sheriff Louderback Supporting Roy Kofroth

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

By Bob Small

The Guv throws a spanner in the works. Democratic Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro has thrust himself into this November’s City Council Election in Philadelphia.

He endorsed the current City Council at-Large incumbent, from the Working Families Party, one Kendra Brooks.  She is also a member of the leftish DSA (Democratic Socialist).

Bob Brady, former Democratic Representative and current chair of the Democratic Party of Philadelphia, commented on this.  He’s stated that Shapiro’s endorsement of a non-Democrat probably violates state party rules.  It was unclear what their response could be.

On the other hand, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Sharif Street said  “He can support who he chooses”, so this may be a tempest in a teapot.

Ms. Brooks was elected in 2019, the first non-Republican or non-Democrat to win an at=large seat in over 70 years. It probably helped that she was endorsed by Larry Krasner and Elizabeth Warren.

Ms. Brooks’ campaign  says they are planning a fundraiser with the Governor.

Ms. Brooks and Shapiro have worked together before, including a campaign ad last year..

Ms. Brooks has said she doesn’t believe the Republicans deserve governing power in Philadelphia.

This may hurt the GOP more than the Democrats for two reasons.  First, the WFP is closer to the Dems than the GOP.  Secondly, and more importantly, there are seven at large City Council seats, with two reserved for the minority party.  Both the GOP and the WFP have two candidates.  Since 9 of the 10 District Council seats don’t have a Republican opposition, the only other Republican who can win, and probably will, is District 10 incumbent Brian O’Neill.

For information about the Philadelphia Republican Party, such as it is, and their at-large candidates, see  Republican Party of Philadelphia | PhillyGOP | United States 

The Philadelphia GOP has not responded to phone and/or email requests for comment on this issue.

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

GOP Look To Become Even Weaker In Philly

Fayette County Election Machine Update

Fayette County Election Machine Update — A request for an emergency injunction was denied this afternoon, Aug. 31, by Fayette County (Pa) Common Pleas Court Judge John F. Wagner to prevent voting machines and other materials from being flown away to who knows where.

Wagner cited lack of standing by plaintiffs, said plaintiff Gregory Stenstrom.

Stenstrom, an election integrity activist from Delaware County, filed jointly with Jon R. Marrietta, Jr.

Marrietta was a candidate in the May 16 Republican primary battle for Fayette County commissioner.

Marrietta’s 5,206 tally was 121 behind Scott Dunn and 554 behind Dave Lohr.

The top two advance to November.

Wagner denied the injunction request.

He told the county representatives, however, “I don’t need to issue you an order to tell you that no election machines or materials are to leave Fayette County.”

Stenstrom said that multiple whistleblowers reported that a medium-sized cargo jet and Gov. Josh Shapiro’s Beech King Air made unscheduled landings about 9:30 a.m. at Connellsville Airport, and that aircrews said they were there to load county election materials onto the cargo jet.

Shapiro was supposedly attending an unpublicized meeting regarding a project, said Stenstrom.

He was reportedly at the meeting for a short time then disappeared for about four hours.

The planes were flown to Arnold Palmer Airport in Latrobe about 25 miles away, Stenstrom says.

The county says the error rate in the May 16 primary for six selected precincts was 1 of 1,489 Republican ballots or .07 percent.

Stenstrom and Marrietta say the error rate was 9.09 percent for mail-in ballots and 1 percent for in-person ballots for an aggregate of 1.72 percent. They say the law requires a county-wide recount for an error rate over .5 percent.

They had asked that certification of the primary be delayed but the county board of elections certified the results last night in an unadvertised meeting.

Stenstrom says this violated the Sunshine Act.

He said they will be appealing to Commonwealth Court.

Stenstrom said he is helping Marrietta because of his integrity and courage.

Documents, videos and photos of what is going on across state can be found at Patriot.Online.

Fayette County Election Machine Update --
The Pennsylvania Governor’s Beech King Air 350 at Arnold Palmer Airport this morning

Fayette County Election Machine Update

Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport??

Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport?? — A request for an emergency injunction was filed this morning, Aug. 31, to stop Faytette County, Pa.’s election machines from being airlifted to parts unknown.

Petitioners are Jon R. Marrietta, Jr., a candidate for Fayette County commissioner, and election integrity activist Gregory Stenstrom.

“Plaintiffs were notified by a whistleblower at the local airport that all Fayette County Voting machines for all 77 precincts are being removed from Fayette County this morning, and a plane large enough to fit all machine and election equipment is waiting on tarmac,” the plaintiffs say.

Faytette County is south of Pittsburgh and Republican stronghold — just like Fulton County, Pa.

Fayette County Election Machines Taken To Airport??

Delco Candidates Mingle At DCCC

Delco Candidates Mingle At DCCC

Delco Candidates Mingle At DCCC — Among the Republican candidates for Delaware County, Pa. offices staffing a booth, today, Aug. 20, at the Delaware County County College Flea Market are Jeff Jones (left) who is seeking a County Council seat; Dawn Getty Sutphin (right) who is running for common pleas court judge and Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski (second from right) who is running for district attorney. Between them are Rich and Rochelle Amadio of Prospect Park who stopped by to see what they could do to help out.

The Republican county contingent, which also includes council candidates Joy Schwartz and Bill Dennon, is accomplished and highly qualified.

For information about them visit their websites,, and; or their Facebook pages Common Sense for Delaware County Council, Dawn Getty Sutphin for Judge and BethForDelawareCountyDistrictAttorney

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies — The Chester County Pa Sheriff Department has a designed a dingbat schemed to end its dearth of deputies.

Undesired publicity leads to desperate measures, we guess.

No longer will those seeking employment for this important law enforcement job need to meet the same certification level as municipal police officers.

Yes, Chesco voters your new deputies will now be more likely to be grifters, incompetent, lazy or violent.

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies
Problems plague department under Sheriff Fredda Maddox

Actually, all of the above.

The department is down at least 40 deputies.

When Bunny Welsh was sheriff just four years ago the department was fully staffed and highly admired.

When Democrat Fredda Maddox took over things went south. Morale collapsed by all accounts. Nobody wanted to work for her. There was bullying and partisanship.

Fredda is stepping down as sheriff and hoping to step up to Common Pleas Court judge this Nov. 7.

She has hand-picked her assistant Kevin Dykes to be her replacement. He’s said to be just as bad if not worse.

Running against him is Republican Roy Kofroth.

Chesco, you have a choice.

Chesco Sheriff Cuts Standards To Draw Deputies

Chesco Sheriff Morale Issues Mean Rent-A-Cops At Courthouse

Chesco Sheriff Morale Issues Mean Rent-A-Cops At Courthouse — County sheriffs are typically tasked in Pennsylvania to provide courthouse protection but Chester County judges find themselves resorting to private security.

The Chesco Sheriff Department under Fredda Maddox is short 40 deputies. The problems started soon after the Democrat won election in 2019 — replacing Bunny Welsh who declined to seek re-election — and are attributed to bad morale.

Ms. Maddox is not seeking to keep the post this November, however, but is running for county judge.

Chesco Sheriff Morale Issues Mean Rent-A-Cops At Courthouse
Fredda Maddox

She has hand-picked Kevin Dykes to be her successor.

Running against Dykes is Republican Roy Kofroth.

Former Deputy Matt Mendenhall posted the below on social media.

To all my friends, family and acquaintances in Chester County PA.

Please vote for Roy Kofroth for Sheriff.

From April of 2017 until June of 2020, I was a proud Chester County deputy sheriff working respectfully under Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh.

During that time (September of 2017) I became involved with her K-9 unit and ultimately became a handler working an EDC named “Nero”. Nero and I proved to be an excellent team and provided solid service to all of the citizens of Chester county on a daily basis.

I was promoted to the rank of Corporal of K9 and worked beside some of the best law-enforcement officers anyone would hope to be beside during the worst and best of times.

In December 2019 Sheriff Welsh decided not to run for the position she held honorably for 20+ years and with the utmost integrity and professionalism. Her deputies respected her, she supported all of us and went to war right beside us everyday as a true leader does and anyone working in that office at that time would wholeheartedly agree.

As with any job, there were always a few hiccups here and there, but nothing that we were unable to get through as a team.

Sheriff Welsh retired with the respect of the office and handed the reins over to Sheriff elect Fredda Maddox who appointed Kevin Dykes as her Chief Deputy.

Between January and March of 2020, things declined rapidly under the leadership of Maddox and Dykes, morale was awful and deputies were leaving at an alarming rate to work at other police departments, some even taking a pay cut or choosing p/t to do so.

When they realized where my loyalty fell, they both rather quickly made it a priority to completely destroy my reputation and character, not only as a corporal but also as a friend to other deputies and an award-winning K9 handler with numerous achievements under Sheriff Welsh.

Nero was taken away from me by Dykes and Maddox, there were warnings or no reasons provided to me. They both presented lies to other deputies and command staff about me not wanting him anymore and that I was no longer interested in the unit. This was an absolute distasteful lie that Maddox and Dyke’s presented to my closest co-workers. I sent numerous emails to the sheriff and the chief pleading with them to allow me to keep my position with K9 and to not take Nero away from me. I have several email copies to prove this. I had a one on one meeting with Sheriff Maddox and was still denied the request to remain with my k9 partner.

Matt Mendenhall and Nero

Nero was taken away from me for no reason, whisked away by another Corporal who was also unfortunately lied to and who turned against me. To this day they have never told me where Nero went, who he’s with or what he’s doing and that is what hurts the most.

My family was and is STILL devastated.

As if that wasn’t hurtful enough, I was then falsely accused of starting arguments, making threats and insulting the current Sergeant even though it was quite the opposite, I was relieved of my Corporal duties for reasons unbeknownst to anyone besides them. I was sent to the government service center (GSC) away from everybody to wand people at the entrance before finally resigning in June of 2020 in order to save my career and integrity before becoming completely smeared by Maddox, Dykes and the Sergeant.

To say this was a blow to my 20 year LEO career is an understatement, never during my entire time as a police officer was I ever treated so terribly and embarrassed to wear the uniform. I was unethically written up by incompetent, inexperienced lieutenants (Unrelated to K9) who were too afraid to do the right thing. And for the record to all, Sheriff Welsh also went through the same type of smear campaign run by those who became greedy with power, lies and falsehoods.

So if you’ve made it this far into my post, thank you for sticking with me, I ask all of you please, as someone who has worked directly under Kevin Dykes, I plead with you to not vote for him as Sheriff, whether you’re a Democrat, an Independent or a Republican, PLEASE do not cast your vote for this unethical man

Ask some of the deputies personally if you second-guess anything I’ve stated, there is a reason he was not kept and retained in his former position with the DAs office.

Vote for Roy Kofroth, I know him well, he has great intentions, knows the job and is a man of integrity. He stood beside me during one of the absolute worst times in my career and has the respect of everyone in the office to which Dykes cannot say, again, vote Roy Kofroth for Sheriff and share this with your family and friends, thank you.

Obviously, Mr. Mendenhall comments are personal and subjective, and one can reasonably either accept or reject them.

On the other hand, the Sheriff Department is down 40 deputies and the Courthouse is using private security.

Some more things to consider:

  • For what is Ms. Maddox using the money in the budget for those missing 40 deputies?
  • How much extra is the private security costing the Chesco taxpayer?

If Chester County residents don’t awake from wokeness, the quality of living there is going to drop to the point where one’s former lifestyle will be but a sweet memory.

Chesco Sheriff Morale Issues Mean Rent-A-Cops At Courthouse Chesco Sheriff Morale Issues Mean Rent-A-Cops At Courthouse

Special Election 7 For 2023

Special Election 7 For 2023

By Bob Small

In what will be the seventh special legislative election in Pennsylvania this year, the new state representative in the historically Democratic 21st District will be decided on Sept. 19.

Sara Innamorato resigned her House seat to prepare for her run against the GOP candidate, Joe Rockey, for the newly-created position of Allegheny County executive.

Lindsay Powell is the chosen candidate of the Allegheny County Democratic Committee to replace her. She is the director of workforce strategy at InnovatePGH and is a member of the Urban Redevelopment Authority of Pittsburgh.

She would be the first African-American female to represent the 21st.

Erin Connolly Autenreith is the GOP nominee. She is a realtor who chairs the Shaler Township Republican Committee.

Her father, Thomas Connolly, was the Mayor of McKees Rocks (1982-86), and her mother, Olga, was on the Mckees Rocks Council for 30 years.

@qburgh • Allegheny County Republicans chose Erin Connolly Autenreith

Ms. Autenreith’s social media accounts indicate her participation in the January 6th demonstration, according to this claim, and other “extreme positions”.

GOP picks nominee for special election to replace Innamorato in 21st …

Ms. Autenreith says that certain issues, such as abortion, be decided through a referendum. She spoke against political polarization.

The 21st District includes parts of Pittsburgh as well as the adjacent suburbs of Etna, Millvale, Reserve and Shaler.

There has never been a GOP representative for the 21st District. Frank J. Pistella, a Democrat, served the longest, for 27 years from 1979 through 2006, and Dom Costa served for a decade, from 2009 to 2019.

An argument could be made for term limits, given all of this.

Special Election 7 For 2023

Candidates Describe Democrats Law Enforcement Disaster In Delco

Candidates Describe Democrats Law Enforcement Disaster In Delco — Maybe the most troubling thing revealed at last night’s, Aug. 3, United4Delco Candidates Forum was the unmitigated disaster Jack Stollsteimer has caused in Delaware County regarding law enforcment.

The incumbent district attorney, a Democrat, fired most of the long-time stable of county prosecutors including the fellow who handled the Arthur Bomar appeals said Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski, who is seeking to replace him.

Decades of institutional wisdom were lost.

Ms. Miscichowski has had a long career in law including time in the Delaware County D.A.’s office where she handled juvenile prosecutions, which was another thing about which she hammered Stollsteimer.

She noted Delco’s juvenile detention facility is closed so the juveniles are being incarcerated — at least during the daytime — at the county’s Intermediate Unit educational facility in Aston.

Aston Police are called there just about every day.

In response to a question, she described how crime is rocketing in once safe and sound Haverford, now a strongly Democrat town.

Ms. Miscichowski said Stollsteimer is indifferent to the needs of the community and merely sees the office as a stepping stone.

County Council candidate Jeff Jones warned of a looming 35-percent property tax hike courtesy of the present all-D council.

He said the county budget is now 421 pages. When the Republicans ran things just four years ago, it was 40 pages.

He said Republicans have to heal and come together to stop this stuff.

He gave a shout out to Dawn Getty Sutphin, the Common Pleas Court judicial candidate who was unable to attend. He described her long and respected career in law and noted that her opponent has held a law license for just seven years and never set foot in a courtroom.

He talked about the sad decline of his hometown of Upper Darby.

He said the County’s Veterans Affair’s Office has been the subject of complaints from veterans groups since the county took over. He said it’s only now gotten more responsive due to it being an election year.

County Council candidate Joy Schwartz also noted the looming tax headaches coming due to the present council’s policies. She also described the importance of elections trusted by the voters. She noted that Delco has more ballot dropboxes than any other county including Philadelphia and Allegheny. The boxes are suspect by many; expensive to maintain and unnecessary. Why would a drop box be needed when there is a mailbox just a short distance away?

Mrs. Schwartz was a William Penn history teacher for 20 years and coached the mock trial team which she took to state competitions.

County Council candidate Bill Dennon, who is mayor of Upland, said he expects his ticket to win.

“I don’t start anything to lose,” he said.

Also speaking were school board candidates for Rose Tree Media and Unionville-Chadds Ford.

The event was held at Gatsby’s Bar and Grill 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

Candidates Describe Democrats Law Enforcement Disaster In Delco
From left are Delaware County Council candidates Jeff Jones, Joy Schwartz, Bill Dennon; Joe Dychala and Wendy Willauer who helped organize the event; Unionville-Chadds Ford school board candidate Madeline Werner; and Delaware County District Attorney candidate Beth Stefanide-Miscichowski

Candidates Describe Democrats Law Enforcement Disaster

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