Chester Native E. W. Jackson Seeks Highest Office

Chester Native E. W. Jackson Seeks Highest Office

By Bob Small

E. W. Jackson, who was born 71 years ago in Chester, Pa., has certainly done a lot and now he’s seeking the Republican nomination for president.

He credits his achievements to his biological father reclaiming him when he was 10 years old. A Marine veteran and a Harvard Law School graduate, he practiced law in Boston for fifteen years, and later became a Strayer University adjunct professor.

Jackson went to Harvard Divinity School and was ordained as a pastor. He hosted “Topic Religion” on the radio station WEEI, then ran Boston’s first gospel radio station. Later he was forced into bankruptcy.

He has said, “given the opportunity to do it all over again, I would gladly give nine years of my life to broadcasting the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Though descended from slaves, Jackson is proud to be an American. He is the co-founder of a group called STAND, which started the Forgotten Children Project. Forgotten Children Project

With his wife Theodora, Jackson co-founded the Annual Chesapeake Martin Luther King Breakfast, which has continued for a quarter of a century.

He has written three books, and his latest one is Sweet Land of Liberty — Reflections of a Patriot Descended From Slaves. ”Sweet Land of Liberty: Reflections of a Patriot Descended .

Of Jackson’s many accomplishments is his 2013 GOP run for Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, which he lost to Ralph Northam.

He’s very clear about why he’s a Republican, In obedience, evangelical pastor enters race for GOP …

Of the Democrats, he says, “their attitude is they own black people; they own the victim classes they set up”

In the about section of his website, he adds “We patriots do not pretend America is a perfect country, but we are a noble nation”

In the “issues” section, he lists 10 top issues, which are twenty pages but well worth reading.

Under “Patiotism” (Issue # 10), he promises to declare September “American History month” as opposed to the various “hyphenated-American classes”, which he sees as divisive.

Pastor Jackson is another candidate with some original ideas.  Sadly, these will only exist as long as his candidacy does.

Chester Native E. W. Jackson Seeks Highest Office

Garvey Gains Traction in California Senate Primary

Garvey Gains Traction in California Senate Primary

By Joe Guzzardi

The Sacramento Bee thinks that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Steve Garvey has a chance to qualify for the November 2024 ballot. At first blush, the idea that the nation’s bluest state could possibly elect a Republican to the U.S. Senate is too far-fetched to take seriously. Not since 1988 when California voted in Pete Wilson to represent the state for a second term has a Republican held a U.S. Senate seat.

But California’s primary system has quirky guidelines that could favor Garvey over his three Democratic opponents. In 2010, California passed Proposition 14, a ballot initiative that created a top-two primary election system. Gone were the historic Republican and Democratic primaries in which voters from each party chose their winning candidates, who then face off against each other in a general election.

Today, all candidates, regardless of party, run in the same primary, and all voters, also regardless of party, may vote for any of them. The top two vote-getters then move on to the general election. Political insiders rate Garvey’s chances of reaching the final two March 5, 2024, primary slots in what’s currently a four-way race, at about 50-50.

In addition to Republican Garvey, the leading Democratic candidates are the collectively unimpressive U.S. Reps. Adam Schiff, Barbara Lee and Katy Porter. Leeand Porter are little known outside their districts, the Democratic strongholds of Oakland, and south-central Orange County, respectively. Schiff, on the other hand, is well-known, mostly for his highly publicized false promises that he had evidence which would prove that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. Subsequent House Intelligence Committee investigations found that Schiff knowingly lied about his Trump-Russian collusion allegations.

If the three big Democratic contenders – Schiff, Porter and Lee – each win significant blocs of votes while Republicans rally around a single candidate, that could be enough to boost Garvey into the top-two mix. Garvey is already close. In the November 11-14 Emerson Polling Institute/Inside California Politics survey of 1,000 registered voters, Garvey was third, with 10 percent, ahead of Lee, 9 percent. With the poll’s margin of error plus or minus 3 percentage points, the former Los Angeles Dodgers’ and San Diego Padres’ All-Star is competitive with frontrunners Schiff, 16 percent, and Porter, 13 percent. A plurality remains undecided.

Garvey’s biggest advantage is that the popular, high-name recognition baseball star could motivate GOP voters to turn out in big numbers. In California’s most recent U.S. Senate elections, Republicans haven’t had a horse in the race, e.g., in 2016, then-Attorney General Kamala Harris routed U.S. Rep. Loretta Sanchez, and in 2018, Dianne Feinstein beat California State Senate pro-tempore Kevin de León. With liberal Democrats facing each other in the general election, registered Republicans stayed home.

History confirms the pattern that without two top candidates, Democrats don’t turn out as heavily as Republicans. In 2008, when Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama competed for the presidential nomination, Democratic turnout in California was 63 percent, 20 percentage points higher than the party’s 20-year average. But in 2012, when Obama ran unopposed, Democratic turnout plunged to 31 percent, then increased again to 54 percent in 2016 when Clinton battled with Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders. Paul Mitchell, vice president of Political Data, Inc., a California-based analytics firm, said “Democrats have a tougher time turning out their voters when there is no top of the ticket partisan battle in the Democratic primary side. On the Republican side, we don’t see the same drop in turnout.”

If Garvey prevails in his bid, he still will have the formidable task of winning the general. But Garvey would have plenty of fodder if he made the surviving Democrat’s immigration voting record a campaign issue. Schiff, the likeliest to reach the final two, has, during his two decades in the House, unwaveringly voted against enhanced border and interior security, against ending asylum entitlements, against reducing unnecessary employment visas, and against ending chain migration. Schiff has favored an illegal alien amnesty and higher refugee resettlement levels. Much like in Europe, tolerance for unchecked immigration has waned in California.

Schiff’s votes are a tangible. But a huge intangible will also be a factor: the “I’ve-had-enough” variable that would play especially well among older voters who remember California before smash-and-grab thieving, homelessness, unaffordable housing, soaring living costs, overdevelopment, environmental degradation and woke schools.

Californians recall 2003 when disappointment with incumbent Democratic Gov. Gray Davis led to his recall and to Republican Arnold Schwarzenegger’s election. Schwarzenegger then, like Garvey now, was a political neophyte who voters deemed vote-worthy. Only three months remain until Primary Day; the results of Garvey’s quixotic U.S. Senate bid will soon be known.

Joe Guzzardi is a Project for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Garvey Gains Traction in California Senate Primary

Garvey Gains Traction in California Senate Primary

Mark Houck Cited By CatholicVote

Mark Houck Cited By CatholicVote — Mark Houck, the civil rights activist who is challenging incumbent Pennsylvania Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick in the state’s 2024 Republican primary election, is among November’s “heroes” in’s monthly Heroes & Zeros feature.

The snippet reads:

Mark Houck, the Pennsylvania father and pro-life activist who was acquitted of violating the FACE Act in January, announced this month that he is suing the Biden administration’s Department of Justice. His goal? To “put an end” to the Biden administration’s “unjust persecutions” of pro-lifers.

“I think if the DOJ gets hit hard enough and there’s a big enough black eye against them, then they’re going to cease and desist from coming after pro-life people and people of faith,” he said.

Prior to his acquittal, Houck faced a possible sentence of up to 11 years in federal prison. A jury found him not guilty after only an hour of deliberation.

Fitzpatrick represents the 1st District which consists of Bucks County along with parts of Montgomery County and Philadelphia.

 The primary is April 23.

Mark Houck Cited By CatholicVote
Mark Houck and family

Mark Houck Cited By CatholicVote

Dean Phillips, Our First Jewish President?

Dean Phillips, Our First Jewish President?

By Bob Small

Congressman Dean Phillips (D-MN3) , is seeking to be America’s first Jewish president.

Joe Biden is only the second Catholic president. 

Phillips says he is primarying the incumbent because Democrat voters need an alternative.

“If President Biden is the Democratic nominee, we face an unacceptable risk of Trump being back in the White House,” he wrote on X.

His backstory is fascinating.  He started  as the president of Phillips Distillery, a family business. He was also the co-founder of Penny’s Coffee, a twin cities coffee chain, and was a co-manager of Talanti Gelato, a luxury producer of gelato and sorbet.

Phillips grew up in Minnesota in a Gold Star family; his father died during the Vietnam War. His mother remarried Edward Phillips.

His grandmother was Abigail Van Buren aka “Dear Abby”.

He is currently married to Annalise Glick, with two daughters from his first marriage.

He has a net worth of $65 million, according to Open Secrets.

According to his campaign website  he is the “the only member of Congress who refuses to take any money from PACs, federal lobbyists, or other members of Congress.”

“I live with gratitude for my blessings and was taught that success is not to be measured by how much one collects, rather by how much one shares,” he says.

Unlike many Democratic Candidates , he describes himself as “a responsible gun owner.”

Under Higher Education and Job Training he states “We must treat the underlying problem of college, affordability.”

He also supported the passage of the 2022 Relief for Restaurants and hard-hit small Businesses Act.

“This is the time to meet the moment. This is now and it’s time for a new generation. It’s that simple.”

He also said California Governor Gavin Newson is running a “shadow campaign”

He has been criticized for recruiting defund-the-police activists Alondra Cano into his campaign albeit he has been endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace officers Association, Minnesota’s largest Officer organization.

Now, at last, the Democrats have two major candidates.  They can start to think about a debate.

Guess the Vegas odds on that ever happening.

Dean Phillips, Our First Jewish President?

Michigan Trucker Anthony Hudson Seeks GOP Presidential Nomination

Michigan Trucker Anthony Hudson Seeks GOP Presidential Nomination

By Bob Small

Anthony Hudson owns a Michigan trucking company and wants to be the GOP nominee for president in 20204

On issues of social policy, Hudson supports everyone’s freedom, including the right to choose who to love. “If you find love, you find love,” Hudson says. “You deserve that. We all deserve that.” He also feels that transgender issues should be addressed at home, not in our schools.

He has a fiancee and two sons from a previous marriage.

On his campaign site, under the heading “Veterans and Homeless”, he states: “There are over 500 military bases in this country that are closed! We would like to reopen those bases and use the housing facilities for our homeless vets and other homeless Americans.”

Another innovative proposal appears under the heading “Immigration”. “Immigrants would take out a citizens’ bond and would be responsible for paying $150 a month to the federal government in exchange for working visas and the right to be here and get established, until they have completed the immigration process. “ Again, see the site for the full proposal.

He also propose innovative solutions for the following topics:

  • Parents and rights
  • Small business support
  • Securing our schools

So why haven’t we heard of this candidate?

How does a candidate enter the GOP debate? To make the stage, candidates must garner at least 6 percent in two approved national polls, or 6 percent in one poll from two separate early-voting states: Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina.

Participants also need to amass at least 80,000 unique donors, with at least 200 unique donors per state or territory, in at least 20 states.

Maybe we need some other format, like podcasts, radio, or TV, that will find a way to include some of these lesser-known candidates, so that a wider audience can hear them.

This Michigander, for instance, deserves to be heard in a wider context than the one he has now.

As for a candidate not having held prior political office, neither did Dwight Eisenhower, Ulysses S. Grant, Herbert Hoover, William Howard Taft, and one Donald Trump.

Michigan Trucker Seeks GOP Presidential Nomination

Michigan Trucker Anthony Hudson Seeks GOP Presidential Nomination

Frankie Lozada Wants To Be First Hispanic President

Frankie Lozada Wants To Be First Hispanic President — Frankie Lozada wants to be our next President, the first Hispanic president.  Frankie, a New York Democrat, feels he is qualified to be the “next leader of the best country in the world”. 

He says that “poverty is the largest illness that plagues America”.

Frankie recently joined Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. in addressing the Hispanic Chamber gala in Savannah,Ga..

A former firefighter, his resume can be viewed here.

He previously ran for Congrees in New York’s 5th District.

He says he wants Medicare for all and to “encourage competition among pharmaceutical firms” 

He was one of the few Democratic candidates to quote the Bible which came up during a discussion of immigration citing  Matthew 25 31-40;  “I was hungry and you gave me food. I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me”. 

“For a country that was founded on religious freedom, we have strayed away from our values when we deny our own neighbors at the border and beyond,” he said.

He also suggests a “credit forgiveness program.”

Regarding prison reform he said prisons are intended to be rehabilitation centers but have “punishment facilities that embezzle money from our government.”

“The United States has a 68 percent rate of recidivism,”he says.

See also his extensive responses on Ballotpedia’s candidate connection survey.

Now, why should anyone consider any of these lesser-known Democratic Candidates?  After all, Joe Biden is scheduled to run again. 

Well, Biden appears to have various “issues”, and there are not a plethora of well-known candidates seeking the Democrat nomination. 

RFK Jr. running as an independent, after all, and has demoted Marianne Williamson to the “ other Democrats” list, which the political equivalent of the Reading Phillies.

Shades of Woodrow Wilson

Could it be time for the Democrats to look elsewhere. 

Can they?

Albert Harshaw Wants American Dolls To Be Made In America

Albert Harshaw Wants American Dolls To Be Made In America

By Bob Small

A theme of Albert Harshaw presidential campaign is the insanely large number of “All-American” brands that are actually made in other countries.

Harshaw, of Jackson Township,N. J., is running as a Republican.

He points out that Major League baseballs are made for Rawlings in Costa Rica. The American Girl dolls, of course, are made in China. Other countries to which manufacturing is outsourced include, but are not limited to, Brazil, India, Mexico, and Taiwan.  Other brands not made state-side include, but are not limited to Brach’s Confections, Chevy Silvarado, L. L. Bean, Levi Strauss and New Balance,  

Harshaw discusses this outsourcing trend in copious detail. Two of the many points he makes are his assertion that the future of manufacturing will entail robotics and , “will require, instead, individuals who can manage the robots, and the A.I. components”.

Harshaw says he is a US Navy vet who traveled to Africa, South America, and the Ukraine while in the Navy, and that he recieved a Maritime Law Certificate during his service

He has also worked, as a civilian, he worked for the New Jersey State Police.

He has been married since 2007.

Harshaw is president of the Albert Harshaw Tree and Landscape Service.

Other websites about Albert Harshaw include:

Jackson, NJ Resident Launches 2024 Campaign For President

ALbert harshaw for president – YouTube 

Albert Harshaw – Republican Candidate for 2024 Presidential … – LinkedIn 

AlbertHarshaw4President (@albertharshaw4president) | TikTok

Jackson Township, N. J., is named for President Jackson. Six Flags Great Adventure (the second largest theme park after Disney) is located there. 

Albert Harshaw Wants American Dolls To Be Made In America
Albert Harshaw

MSG IS Anti-Left Democrat From Connecticut

MSG IS Anti-Left Democrat From Connecticut

By Bob Small

Mark Stewart Greenstein (MSG) is a Connecticut Democrat who posits himself as an “anti-left” Democrat. On his web site, he lists reasons for Republicans to vote for him, including, but not limited to the following: “elimination of the income tax, faster dismantling of Obamacare, faster immigration reform, and forced socialism”.

But he also lists reasons that Democrats should vote for him, such as his dislike of the two-party system, the fact that he “likes Bernie but prefers he stays in the Senate” and the fact that he is “not enamored with any of the staged candidates”. 

Lastly, he seeks the Independent vote as well, stating that he’s a candidate “who prefers small government” and “who wants to return to Constitutional governance”.

MSG IS Anti-Left Democrat From Connecticut
Mark Stewart Greenstein

It’s pretty evident that his stances — only a quarter of which are stated above –are fairly contradictory. Many, for example, would say Bernie Sanders stands for “forced socialism”.

MSG takes so many contradictory stances that he could probably debate himself.

In an insanely long meet-the-candidate article from his run for the Connecticut State Senate — 26 pages printed out; take on a train ride to read — we learn that MSG is a graduate of the University of California Berkeley School of Law. He founded and currently runs Ivy Bound, a company that helps prepare students for the ACT and SAT college-entrance exams and does academic tutoring.

During this state senate campaign, one of MSG’s goals was to bring an NHL team back to Hartford, Connecticut — previous home of the Hartford Whalers, as you no doubt knew — and the slogan was “Make Connecticut SKATE again”.

 Greenstein was the first Democratic candidate for the presidency to file in New Hampshire.

A Friend From Carolina

A Friend From Carolina

By Bob Small

If we’re looking for a bald Republican candidate for president, look no further than Brian Friend of North Carolina, whose slogan is “America Reborn 24;”

Friend moved to Kure Beach, NC in 1987 and received his bachelor’s in accounting from UNC-Wilmington, while washing truks for $4.50 hour.  

He also has a masters degree from the former Jones International University in Forensic Accounting/Advanced Taxation.

He heads Port City Insurance which he started in 2003.

In some ways, his campaign is boiler plate GOP, describing it as

Pro God,
Pro Military,
Pro Law Enforcement,
Pro 2nd Amendment

And he adds the statement that “America needs to be baptized”.

However, he sees the need for other changes.  He is for affordable housing, choice for vaccination, school choice, cutting healthcare costs and trade schools

He also wants Americans “stranded in Afghanistan and Yemen” to be returned.

He is also anti-digital currency and defends bail bonds saying, “it is essential to . . . to keep dangerous criminals off the street, but also to let criminals that are not dangerous  the opportunity for release.”

See also  Brian Friend – Ballotpedia 

A Friend From Carolina

A Friend From Carolina

Pennsylvania GOP Endorses McCormick For Senate For 2024

Pennsylvania GOP Endorses McCormick For Senate For 2024 — The Pennsylvania Republican Party officially endorsed Dave McCormick for U.S. Senate, today, Sept. 30, at its fall meeting we have been told.

It is believed to be the first time the state party has endorsed a candidate for an election more than a year away.

The seat that McCormick seeks has been held by Democrat Bob Casey since 2007.

McCormick lost a Republican primary election to Mehmet Oz for the 2022 Senate race.

McCormick worked at Bridgewater Associates, a private equity firm, starting as president in 2009, becoming co-CEO in 2017 and sole CEO in 2019. He stepped down in 2022 for his Senate run.

Bridgewater is closely affiliated with Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

McCormick attended their meeting in Davos, Switzerland in 2021 and is extensively quoted on their website.

The presumption for this early endorsement is to stop a primary challenge by a Trump supporter.

Pennsylvania GOP Endorses McCormick For Senate For 2024
Dave McCormick at Davos 2021 (click to enlarge)

Trump notably refused to endorse him last year.

Will we vote for McCormick?

We mean in the general.

There may be some possible possibility but we are not seeing it.

Here is some food for thought if the Republicans want to keep people like us in the fold: endorse Trump now, and that includes an endorsement from McCormick; and condemn — loudly, frequently and effectively — the vilely unAmerican lawfare being waged against him.

The most serious threats to the dignity and freedom of the American citizen are open borders, lawfare, untrustworthy elections and, especially, politicalization of monetary services, which is basically the Mark of the Beast.

Can’t say we have much faith that McCormick agrees with us.

Pennsylvania GOP Endorses McCormick For Senate For 2024
Bridgewater Associates Is a World Economic Forum Partner

Pennsylvania GOP Endorses McCormick For Senate For 2024