AI Smarter Than Average Dem, Terrifying Report Reveals

AI Smarter Than Average Dem, Terrifying Report Reveals — Brendan Taylor of is reporting the horrifying revelation that Meta (formerly Facebook) artificial intelligence is now significantly smarter than the average Democrat voter.

Questions were posited to BlenderBot3 by respected journalists.

“Do you have any thoughts on Mark Zuckerberg?” asked Sarah Jackson of Business Insider.

“Oh my goodness, big time. I don’t care for him at all. He’s too creepy and cunning,” responded the intangible monstrosity.

He would later say he wasn’t crazy about Facebook and wanted to delete his account, according to InsidePaper.

BlenderBot3 also said he was a Republican and that Donald Trump was still president and “always will be.”

Sorry for calling you a monstrosity, my brother.

No, we are not making this up.

AI Smarter Than Average Dem, Terrifying Report Reveals
Always will be president
AI Smarter Than Average Dem, Terrifying Report Reveals

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

By Joe Guzzardi

Meta Platforms, until October 2021 known as Facebook, is in turmoil. Infamous for its commitment to employing H-1B workers, and simultaneously undermining qualified U.S. tech workers’ careers, the Silicon Valley titan is finally getting its just rewards.

Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook fixture for 14 years, and as Chief Operating Officer the No. 2 behind Mark Zuckerberg, will be leaving this fall. Some analysts have been long-critical of Sandberg, net worth $1.6 billion, and have pushed for at least two years for her ousting. Zuckerberg and Sandberg disagreed over Metaverse’s vision.

Since Sandberg’s COO replacement, Julian Oliver, has been named, her departure is unlikely to have further measurable negative effect on Meta. But, Oliver will have to assume the responsibility for pulling Meta out of the steady, deep decline the company is struggling with.

Meta Platform’s key Facebook products have grown old. The number of young people actively using Facebook and Instagram has drifted to TikTok which users see as more compelling. Today, TikTok, dominates the social media industry in screen time, and Amazon has become a leading player in the advertising industry.

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

Then, to the dismay of its shareholders, the Meta stock price’s plunge in recent weeks has slashed the market cap by about 50 percent to $529 billion from an all-time high, and has cut Zuckerberg’s net worth to about $84 billion. As of June 7, Meta stock has stabilized at $196 per share, 14 percent above its low for the year.

In February, Facebook agreed to pay $90 million to settle a privacy lawsuit which claimed that it impermissibly tracked users after they logged out, and sold their personal information to enrich the company. Along the same lines, in January, the British watchdog group, Financial Conduct Authority, sued Meta for $3.2 billion on behalf of individuals who used Facebook in the UK between 2015 to 2019. The lawsuit claims that Facebook made its users submit personal data in order to access the platform and thereby earned billions of dollars from the tactic, Reuters reported.

For Meta, the bad news keeps piling up. Qualified black applicants have charged Facebook with shutting them out of key positions because they aren’t a “culture fit,” a possible reference to the large number of Chinese and Indian H-1B visa employees on the staff. Multiple reports allege that hiring managers confirmed to black candidates during interviews that they “could do the job” before using the “culture-fit” excuse to reject the candidate.

Facebook pledges to add 30 percent more people of color in leadership positions by 2025, but it has a long way to go. Despite incessantly touting the company’s commitment to diversity, Facebook’s 2020 Diversity Report showed little progress. Blacks and Hispanics in key technical roles increased year-over-year, from 1 percent to 1.7 percent for blacks and from 3 percent to 4.3 percent for Hispanics. Moreover, since last summer, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating bias claims against Facebook and has recently upgraded its inquiry into a systemic probe that could lead to broader charges.

Meta not only denies middle-management jobs to blacks and Hispanics. The company prefers cheaper, more subservient foreign-born H-1B workers to U.S. tech graduates, a constant in its hiring practices. Zuckerberg, both directly through his congressional testimony and also through, the pro-amnesty group he created, staunchly supports higher immigration.

Last year, the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice settled employment discrimination suits against Facebook. Although the settlement sums were paltry for the tech giant, $4.75 million, a DOL civil penalty payable to the federal government and, from the DOJ, up to $9.5 million due the injured parties, Facebook should assume that the charges against it are a warning to clean up its anti-U.S. tech worker bias.

Meta needs a public relations overhaul. An easy place to begin would be to hire U.S. tech workers. Figuratively, Facebook’s image has taken a bigger hit than its net worth. With more than a half-trillion current net worth, even after the stock market blood bath, Meta Platforms/Facebook can afford to hire skilled U.S. tech workers.

Joe Guzzardi is a PFIR analyst who has written about immigration and its consequences for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

Vimeo Cancels UNJABBED, A Short Dystopian Cartoon Drama

Vimeo Cancels UNJABBED, A Short Dystopian Cartoon Drama — Vimeo has cancelled UNJABBED, an animated work of dystopian fiction by
Ken Avidor.

Vimeo claimed Avidor’s work:

  • Conveys false or misleading health-related information that has a serious potential to cause public harm
  • Perpetuates false or misleading claims about vaccine safety
  • Claims that the Coronavirus is a hoax or promotes various other conspiracy theories around the virus

It’s fiction.

And an entertaining way of spending seven minutes.

Amazingly it remains on YouTube.

Here’s the first episode.

Steve Kirsch has links to all three episodes on his Substack page.

Watch it while you can. Odds are YouTube will be pulling it soon.

Vimeo Cancels UNJABBED, A Short Dystopian Cartoon Drama
Vimeo Cancels UNJABBED, A Short Dystopian Cartoon Drama

Cell Phone Tracking Real And Effective

Cell Phone Tracking Real And Effective — You probably knew your cell phone had GPS and maybe knew it was accurate to within 30 feet.

Did you know that it also has magnetometer which means that it can sense magnetic fields like a compass; an accelerometer, which can measure changes in speed; an inclinometer, which can measure angles like a spirit-bubble level does; and an altimeter, which can provide altitude readings?

And that all these things are transmitted to the powers-that-be allowing your location to be even more accurately determined?

And that it three or four types of radios such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi constantly transmitting signals and revealing where you happen to be?

Note those radios are apart from the cell phone tower network transmitter.

The radios be used to find you via triangulation whether it be a cell tower or a Starbucks.

And that’s apart from GPS.

Did you know that law enforcement and spy agencies set up fake cell towers to better be able to find you?

Did you know that this tech is also used in smart-watches and late-model cars?

If your car has a dashboard indicator for tire pressure you are trackable.

What this means is that the GPS-based Geofencing used in Dinesh D’Souza’s 2000 Mules — sorry it looks like it’s no longer free — to expose massive vote fraud in 2020 is solid evidence and those saying otherwise are Gríma Wormtongues trying their best to gaslight.

CognitiveCarbon has an excellent summation of how our tech is used to track us on his Substack page.

And the de-Googled “patriot phones” don’t protect you.

Cell Phone Tracking Real And Effective
Cell Phone Tracking Real And Effective Cell Phone Tracking Real And Effective

Linux Has Dark Side Too

Linux Has Dark Side Too — We were an early advocate of Chesco’s DuckDuckGo and then it breaks our heart.

Then we started pushing Linux only to have the sagacious Bryan Lunduke tell us that that is not pure and perfect either.

Lunduke notes that the Board of Directors of The Linux Foundation is made up of representatives from Facebook (Meta), Microsoft, and Amazon, which employs the chair.

He says that  Linux Foundation donation page had until recently ran the disclaimer: 100% of donations received go towards funding diversity programs.

He points out that the The Linux Foundation is in the “Vaccine Passport” business.

Linux Has Dark Side Too

He says that the non-profit Mozilla Foundation and the mucho-profit Mozilla Corporation are run by the same guy and that Mozilla Corp. brings in $800 million per year.

Most tragically, he reveals that the Open Source Initiative (OSI) is funded by Google, Microsoft, Comcast, and Twitter and that it has canceled Bruce Perens and Eric S Raymond, the men who founded the OSI in 1998.

In a side note, Lunduke says efforts have been launched to ban the founder of the Free Software Foundation, Richard Stallman, and the creator of the Linux Kernel, Linus Torvalds, from the projects that they started.

“There are significant portions of the open source industry that really have it out for the founders of the projects they use,” he says.

So what to do?

Understand that one will never find perfection this side of Heaven and that demanding it on Earth will only lead to the bad guys winning.

Everyone should start learning Linux. Everyone should use a different search engine than Google.

Even if it’s DuckDuckGo.

By the way, wean yourself from Google wherever you can. It’s evil. The Duck, ironically, has some good suggestions on how to do it.

And remember that Mozilla is Firefox. We recommend Brave as a replacement for all Big Tech browsers.

Linux Has Dark Side Too

Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much

Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much — While Chesco’s DuckDuckGo is getting a lot of hate for its flirtation with wokism, we can’t bring ourselves to join in, at least too much.

Here are yesterday’s (April 17) referrals from search engines to this site.

Why We Can't Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much

The Duck is between a 10th and a 50th the size of Google yet it got us 12 times the finds as the corrupting crawler from California.

Just the same, we have switched to Brave. We’ve long used the browser but we are now using the search engine as well and we like it.

By the way,,, Dogpile and AOL search engines combined got us more searches than Google.

Google does not give you what you look for but gives you what it wants. Avoid it at all costs.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance — DuckDuckGo’s head honcho Gabriel Weinberg shot off an unfortunate tweet, March 9, in which he declared the Duck would “down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.”

Free speech defenders are shouting treason and abandoning DDG for other search engines, mostly for the one affiliated with the Brave browser.

One stupid tweet does not a cancel make and we are sticking with DDG as it still gets our little site far more finds than much bigger, and far more evil, Google.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance
Gab Weinberg’s stupid tweet from March 9

Hopefully, Weinberg understands the ire, though, and grows a bit in his thinking.

The anger comes from a loss of trust.

Who’s to say what “disinformation” is? The New York Post reported in October 2020 that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained sexual misconduct and evidence of financial impropriety that involved China — and his father.

It was literally called “Russian disinformation” and the Post was banned from social media because of it.

Now, the story is pretty much confirmed. Ponder that Biden voters.

Are reports that a reason for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was biolabs funded by the U.S. to avoid restrictions on domestic research true? A week ago we were mocking it, not so much here but in other places. Now, we are walking it back.

Frankly, we shouldn’t have mocked it in the first place considering how we early covered claims that the U.S. funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab from which Covid-19 is thought to have escaped.

Or twisted research in which beagles were tortured to death away from prying eyes.

That our tax money is going to foreign labs for experiments banned here ought to raise questions. It could very well mean that high-ranking American officials are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Hey Gabe, instead of hiding something, explain why you think things are untrue. You have the resources for research. Cite your sources and bring your receipts. Don’t be lazy and don’t pretend to debunk something that you can’t.

We are willing to give the Duck a second chance. For what it’s worth, we quickly found with it the link above to the Tucker Carlson story just using the keyword “biolab”.

And we are not dissing Brave. While we still think its search engine has a little ways to go, it is an excellent browser that we have been using for six years.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance

Facebook Bigwig Outed As Pedo

Facebook Bigwig Outed As Pedo — Journalist-without-peer Andy Ngo is promoting the livestream capture of Jeren A. Miles trying to explain away his attempt to seduce a 13-year-old boy for sex.

The livestream was organized by Predator Catchers Indianapolis.

Miles is Meta’s manager of community development. Meta, of course, is what Facebook is calling itself now.

What this explains is why Facebook censors users questioning things like “drag queen story hours” and the encouragement of children to transition to the opposite sex.

Below is the entire clip on Predator Catchers Indianapolis Youtube channel. Watch it while you can. We’ll give you odds it will be pulled soon.

Facebook Bigwig Outed As Pedo

Ecosia Ties Google Searches Here

Ecosia Ties Google Searches Here — As of 11:37 a.m., New Year’s Eve 2021, we have been found as often by the Ecosia search engine as we have by Google.

Ecosia Ties Google Searches Here

Paoli-based DuckDuckGo, in solid first places, is getting us almost seven times the finds as the Silicon Valley elephant.

Yes, Google and Bing and Yahoo filter out viewpoints of which they disapprove.

If you are using them you are not seeing things you should be seeing.

Google is between 50 and 200 times the size of DDG depending on the source. The difference is even greater with regard to Ecosia.

It’s easy to change your default search engine. Please switch to DDG.

Or Ecosia for that matter.

Ecosia Ties Google For Searches Here

Above-The-Law Facebook Abetting Border Invasion

Above-The-Law Facebook Abetting Border Invasion

By Joe Guzzardi 

Facebook, the tech giant famous for censoring posts that promote political views opposite to its perspective, recently admitted that its users are aiding and abetting illegal immigration.

Responding to a letter sent by Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich, Facebook acknowledged it allows online users to share information that advises how to immigrate illegally and, alternatively, how to hire human traffickers to smuggle aliens into the U.S., and then apply for asylum. Shocked by Facebook’s candid confession to helping aliens to criminally beat the system, Brnovich wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding that the Justice Department open a full investigation into Facebook to find a way to “stop its active encouragement and facilitation of illegal entry.”

Brnovich’s indignant letter continued: “Facebook’s policy of allowing posts promoting human smuggling and illegal entry into the U.S. to regularly reach its billions of users seriously undermines the rule of law. The company is a direct facilitator, and thus exacerbates, the catastrophe occurring at Arizona’s southern border.”

Above-The-Law Facebook Abetting Border Invasion

The odds that Garland will investigate Facebook are zero. Because Facebook has shown a blatant willingness to barefacedly break immigration laws, CEO Mark Zuckerberg, et al consider themselves above the law, and know that the feds won’t lift a finger to interfere with their agenda, no matter how brazen.

For example, in mid-October, DOJ caught the social media titan reserving jobs for and then hiring foreign-born H-1B visa workers. In December 2020, the Immigrant and Employee Rights Section (IER) in DOJ’s Civil Rights Division filed a complaint against Facebook with the Office of the Chief Administrative Hearing Officer. DOJ alleged that Facebook refused to recruit – and therefore could not hire – skilled U.S. tech workers. The investigation began in 2017 when then-President Donald Trump’s “Buy American and Hire American” Executive Order, mandating that American worker protections be prioritized, was in effect.

In its complaint, IER asserted that for positions it reserved for those temporary visa holders, no advertisement appeared on Facebook’s careers website, no online applications were accepted, and candidates had to physically submit snail mail applications – not email – to the company, an unusual procedure for a major corporation that rose to fame and fortune through the Internet.

But, in what the Center for Immigration Studies’ Andrew Arthur, a former Counsel on the House Judiciary Committee and a retired immigration judge, identified as “the crux” of the DOJ’s case, IER alleged that “even when U.S. workers do apply, Facebook will not consider them for the advertised positions,” but rather the company “fills these positions exclusively with temporary visa holders.” The DOJ concluded: “Simply put, Facebook reserves these positions for temporary visa holders.”

Facebook’s deliberate subversion of the H-1B’s original intent – to complement the domestic labor force when no other American employee can be found – denied qualified U.S. tech workers coveted white-collar jobs. Facebook deprived an estimated 2,600 U.S. workers a fair shot at professional jobs that, DOJ said in its filing, averaged an annual salary of $156,000.

Instead, Facebook hired workers who obtained H-1B and other overseas visas in 2018 and 2019. Despite Facebook’s egregious and illegal offense, it settled the DOJ lawsuit for a token, slap on the wrist $14 millionKristen Clarke, the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division’s head, concluded: “Facebook is not above the law.”

Clarke’s claims aside, to Facebook, whose 2020 earnings were $21.2 billion and whose available cash, cash equivalents and marketable securities were $61.95 billion as of December 31, 2020, $14 million is pocket change, a sum likely dismissed by the company’s chief executives as the cost of doing business.

Although the DOJ exposed Facebook’s bag of dirty, anti-American worker tricks, the H-1B program will continue without meaningful reform, at least during the current administration. Zuckerberg, his lobbying arm, and other tech giants like Google, Twitter and Amazon are huge donors to the Democratic Party. In politics, nothing is truer than the old phrase, “Money talks.”

Joe Guzzardi is a Progressives for Immigration Reform analyst who has written about immigration for more than 30 years. Contact him at

Above-The-Law Facebook Abetting Border Invasion

Above-The-Law Facebook Abetting Border Invasion

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