Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son Who Defended Her To Prison

Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son Who Defended Her To Prison — Jane Herring died about 7 o’clock this morning, July 2. Her son Arthur had not been able to talk to her since December and even then only with supervision.

Bucks County President Judge Raymond F. McHugh revoked Arthur’s bail sending him back to Bucks County Prison eight hours after Jane’s death.

That’s not much time to grieve.

Arthur is facing a charge of harassment for picketing the New Britain home of David Jaskowiak, who had been the lawyer appointed by Montgomery County Orphan’s Court for Jane. His arrest was April 27. Bail was initially set at 10 percent of $100,000 — remember Arthur is an an American citizen so the breaks illegal aliens get don’t apply to him — and he was hauled away.

After five weeks in the lockup, bail was reduced to 10 percent of $10,000 and friends were able to free him.

Among the conditions of bail set by McHugh, however, were that Arthur have no contact with Jaskowiak.

On June 10, Arthur cc’d Jaskowiak on an email sent to the court-appointed guardian of the estate informing him that their mail to him was being sent to an incorrect address and unfortunately include a few choice words.

Jaskowiak immediately contacted the court and a bail revocation hearing was scheduled.

Arthur had been living in his car. He is 70 years old, weighs 135 pounds and will stay in prison until his pre-trial hearing, July 16.

A lawyer once gave a law lecture about ways an attorney could send an opponent to prison via lawfare. He would get three hots and a cot and a date with Bubba, this lawyer said.

Whoever could this lawyer be?

Arthur very well might miss his mother’s funeral.

This was one contact in a month of freedom.

Does McHugh have an ounce of compassion or is he just lacking common sense?

Or maybe it’s just the backstory that he’s missing.

It can be read here.

Montgomery County’s court system is rife with horror stories concerning family matters like divorces and guardianships.

One can be read here.

And another here.

Let’s not forget this one.

Or just do a search for Elaine Mickman.

Some are saying that what’s happening is simply legal robbery allowing those connected with county legal systems to loot the estates of those in domestic turmoil.

We will reserve judgement.

But we will ask questions.

Why can a mother be prohibited from seeing her son when the son wants to see her and she wants to see him?

Why would a judge prohibit a family member from videoing a person under guardianship?

How could skin cancer not be diagnosed in a nursing home until it became malignant?

That’s what happened to Jane Herring.

A final thought: Why would the subject of a competency hearing be told it was not necessary to call witnesses?

Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son Who Defended Her To Prison

Jane Herring Dies So Judge Sends Son

Montco Judge Puts Lawyer In Cuffs

Montco Judge Puts Lawyer In Cuffs — We just posted the horror story involving Montgomery County, Pa.’s judicial system and then we learn this was just put on Facebook by National Safe Parents.

It concerns Richard Ducote, a litigator on matters of domestic abuse. Ducote, who is based in Louisiana, got a license to practice in Pennslvania in 2009.

Montco Judge Puts Respected Lawyer In Cuffs
Richard Ducote

He is representing noted ophthalmologist Dr. Nicole Gross in her own horror-story divorce case.

Montco Common Please Court Judge Kelly Wall had Ducote arrested and handcuffed, May 8, while he was questioning a witness, according to Danielle Pollack of National Safe Parents.

Ducote had said that Judge Wall should recuse herself as she had engaged in ex parte communications, which is a violation of judicial ethics.

He says his arrest was retaliation for this.

Ex parte is when one of the parties in a legal dispute is not present when an action occurs. Sometimes it’s allowed but usually not.

Montco Judge Puts Lawyer In Cuffs

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce — We met attorney Renee Mazer at Wednesday’s hearing concerning election transparency in Delaware County and learned she is an author, a bit of a comedienne, and a crusader for reform in Pennsylvania’s family courts.

Her book The Dirty Secrets of Divorce or What Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You is a warning about the dangers and costs of divorce along with the apparent corruption that makes divorce far more painful and expensive than it has to be.

This apparent corruption includes the alleged theft of property and untenable and unconcionable loss of access to children.

It’s based on what she experienced in Chester County family courts during her divorce, and what she saw in countless other cases from around country.

What she describes meshes with Montco resident Elaine Mickman’s experiences mentioned several times here.

The Dirty Secrets though is anything but angry. It’s short, whimsical and upbeat. It features poetry — which is rather funny — and cartoons.

The warnings and explanations of the problems with the process are pointed, though.

Practical, much cheaper, options for couples wanting to split up are presented and they might be the most significant part of the book.

These include marriage restructuring with informal arrangements, legal separation, and collaborative divorce, all clearly described.

Places where the book can be bought include Amazon.

Besides the book, Renee has created a whole new method for divorce called The Mazer Method, which is almost court free.

“We act as coaches,” she said. “We don’t act as lawyers.”

Basically, the parties file their own papers and little or no time is before a judge.

It is much more affordable and healthier, she says. She says her clients are quite pleased with the service, and their kids are doing great.

And she’s also considering going into comedy.

And she says that her experiences with Pennsylvania’s family court system have left her with strong opinions regarding divorce.

“Hypothetically, I can unequivocally say . . . I would choose a psychopathic, child torturing spouse I haven’t had sex with in years over child torturing psychopathic lawyers and judges who screw me on a daily basis,” she said.

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Delco Election Integrity Activists Hit With Protective Order In Philly Court

Delco Election Integrity Activists Hit With Protective Order In Philly Court –Election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom have been ordered to appear in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court, June 20, to address a request for a protective order filed against them by former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage.

Savage is suing the pair along with President Donald Trump and Mayor Rudy Giuliani over claims that the 2020 Election in Delco was rigged. He is claiming defamation.

Stenstrom and Mrs. Hoopes were poll watchers for the election and are the authors of The Parallel Election which concerns things they observed during it and after.

Although Stenstrom and Mrs. Hoopes are Delaware County residents as was Savage at the time of the controversy, Pennsylvania law allows civil cases to be filed in any county of the plaintiff’s choosing, says Mrs. Hoopes.

Savage is asking that Stenstrom and Mrs. Hoopes be ordered to not talk about the case; pay $15,000 in attorney fees; stay a mile away from him at all times; stay a mile away from his attorneys and judges; and to surrender their firearms along with any “incendiary devices”

Mrs. Hoopes is a mother. Stenstrom is a retired U.S. Navy lieutenant commander. Neither has a criminal record.

Mrs. Hoopes says the order is based on Stenstrom’s frequent references to Frederick Douglass’s boxes of liberty during podcasts and public speaking engagements.

She notes that he always emphasizes that all progress towards a trustworthy voting system must be done by stringently following the law.

The hearing will be  9:30 a.m., June 20, in Philadelphia City Hall. The media and the public are allowed.

Delco Election Integrity Activists Hit With Protective Order In Philly Court --Election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Gregory Stenstrom have been ordered to
Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom flank journalist Emerald Robinson during a broadcast

Delco Election Integrity Activists Hit With Protective Order

Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20

Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20 — Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes case before the Supreme Court concerning 2020 vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. has been scheduled to be distributed for conference on Jan. 20.

“The conference is a private meeting held by the justices each day during argument week,” as per Jay Stephens on Quora. “At the conference, the justices meet, discuss the arguments held, take an initial vote on the merits of the appeal; and the chief justice then assigns one justice the task of writing the opinion reflecting the decisions made in conference.”

Here’s another explanation.

In other words, Greg and Leah’s case is not dead.

The case number is 22-503 and can be tracked here.

It is appealing a decision by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and was filed Nov. 22.

The points Greg and Leah are asking the court to address are:

  • Is the spoliation of election materials and evidence, required to be maintained by federal and state law, by election officials to perfect massive election fraud, evidence of said fraud by itself, and/or sufficient to infer adverse verdict?
  • Do duly appointed, certified poll watchers, who have taken an oath to fulfill their lawful duties as intervenors for both the candidates they represent, and the citizenry, have standing to petition the Courts on their own behalf to remedy grievous violations of election law, election fraud, and associated civil law?
  • Does the Court of first remedy in considering alleged grievous election and civil violations (in this case, the Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, Pennsylvania), have a duty to have an evidentiary hearing, and be presented evidence of allegations of massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, before ruling there isn’t a “scintilla of evidence” and otherwise ruling on facts not in evidence?
  • Does immediate notification of spoliation and destruction of election materials required to be maintained by federal and state law for 22 months (or as long as litigative controversy is pending), that proves massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, require the Court of first remedy to intervene to secure said evidence, as the lawful arbiter to preserve the integrity of the election system?
  • Are lawyers and “esquires” a special class that can unilaterally decide the outcome of litigative controversy without transparency, input, acknowledgement, or permission of petitioners, plaintiffs, and defendants and the citizenry, without public hearing, transcript or accountability?
  • Should both candidates for election represented by counsel, and Pro Se citizen litigants, be afforded the latitude and grace of the Supreme Court of the United States, as final arbiters of the Republic, to curate technically deficient but meritorious cases regarding the most sacred right of voting by the citizenry of the United States in their selection of their elected representatives, given the Court has repeatedly done so for other cases?
  • Is it lawful for public officials to intimidate, harass, and demand civil and criminal sanctions, and against lawful intervenors, candidates, citizens, and their attorneys for having the temerity to challenge grievous election law violations that would change the outcome of elections?
  • Should petitioners lawsuit(s), who hold hard physical evidence, sworn affidavits, whistleblower videos and audio admissions of election officials committing criminal election fraud, documentation, unreconciled returns, and a literal mountain of evidence that approximately 327,000 votes were fraudulently certified in Delaware County, PA, in a presidential election that Joseph Biden allegedly “won” by approximately 80,000 votes, and undercard statewide elections of lesser margins, be considered for public remediation by the United States Supreme Court, or returned to the Court of first remedy (Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, PA)?
  • Is it lawful for the beneficiary(ies) of alleged election fraud to unilaterally investigate and adjudicate said fraud (i.eThe Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro and District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer).
Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20

Krasner Impeachment Begins

Krasner Impeachment Begins — The winds have shifted in the halls of justice — at least at the municipal level –and the minions of George Soros now find themselves against it.

Krasner Impeachment Begins
Larry Krasner

Radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin has been booted out by San Francisco and a recall effort has begun in L.A. against radical District Attorney George Gascon.

And in Pennsylvania, the promised impeachment of Philadelphia’s radical District Attorney Larry Krasner is underway.

The process was started in the State House by representatives Torren Ecker (R-193), Josh Fail (R-15) and Tim O’Neal (R- 48).

Murders have exploded in Philadelphia under Krasner with most of the suffering being born by those minorities that “progressives” so loudly claim to care about.

The most recent exercise in judicial hypocrisy was the revelation that the three white Antifa thugs who were part of a mob beating of two Hispanic Marines in 2018 will not serve jail time.

The sooner Krasner goes, the better for everyone.

Krasner Impeachment Begins
Call it white privilege
Krasner Impeachment Begins

Tucker Vs Lin Wood (Or Patrick Byrne vs Sidney Powell)

Tucker Vs Lin WoodUPDATE –Maybe we can start liking Lin Wood again. Maybe we owe him an apology.

Lin has released audio of his phone call with Patrick Byrne where he explains that the #FightBack Foundation created to help Kyle Rittenhouse has been fully audited, and “the books are pristine”. Further, Bryne and Wood voice mutual agreement about disconcerting dealings with Sidney Powell, and Byrne describes money issues with Ms. Powell’s organization Defending the Republic.

“I have not spoken a word to Sidney since April 6 and I never will again,” said Byrne.

Here is the audio of the telephone conversation released by Wood earlier today.

Part 1 of the telephone conversation, Nov. 25, between Patrick Byrne and Lin Wood.
Part 2A of the telephone conversation in which Byrne reveals that Defending the Republic is a for-profit organization and that Sidney Powell’s attorney worked for Hillary Clinton through October 2020, and that Ms. Powell added Wood’s name to filings without his knowledge.
Part 2b of the telephone conversation, Nov. 25, between Patrick Byrne and Lin Wood.
Part 3a of the telephone conversation, Nov. 25, between Patrick Byrne and Lin Wood.
Part 3b of the telephone conversation, Nov. 25, between Patrick Byrne and Lin Wood, in which Byrne broaches Wood about representing him.

Kyle Rittenhouse told the world, Nov. 22, in a widely watched interview on Tucker Carlson that his first team of attorneys — Lin Wood and John Pierce — kept him from being bailed out of jail, used the bail money being raised for themselves and presented him unwisely in media events.

We can’t see Wood being a grifter. He was a rich man before and we doubt he has gotten richer due to this crusade. The high reputation he had a year ago has been shattered.

Tucker Vs Lin Wood

Wood launched attacks on his old friends Sidney Powell and Gen. Michael Flynn, apparently for not immediately coming to his defense against Rittenhouse’s claims.

He attacked former ally Patrick Byrne and when Bryne tried to reach out, Wood, as noted recorded him. Wisely, in hindsight.

In a later interview with NewsNation’s Ashleigh Banfield, young Kyle said of Wood:

He’s insane… How he thinks he’s God and he just says all these weird things.

Anyway, here is Lin’s response via an interview with The Daily Beast to the claims Kyle made on Tucker.

And here is Gen. Michael Flynn’s excellent response as per his Telegram Channel.

A couple of points to address this nonsense- and I’m addressing this because we have far more serious problems at hand that our country is facing and this will be the end of it for me—others may have the time, I don’t:

I don’t personally know these people LW mentions, Jarrin, Hancock, nor Kyle Rittenhouse. These must be people who have caused him harm. That is something Lin should deal with. Making them my problem doesn’t change anything. And if Lin raised money for Kyle Rittenhouse, great!

I don’t know this Pegasus thing LW mentions. I’ve had relationships with lots of people and entities, this is not one that I know.

It’s sad that LW has had threats to his family. Doesn’t make it right at all but join the club. That’s what the psychos we deal with do…they threaten us because they fear us.

Prayers and praying: I pray a lot, always have and always will. As I’ve said, they can take away your freedom but never your faith. If I’ve said prayers, they’re meant for good purposes, nothing more nothing less. Period.

Whatever your religion, you decide. Mine is of the Catholic faith…and I do believe we are one nation under God. The left is trying to cause division and are desperate to remove God from everything (let’s not let them do that).

Earning a living, or better stated, recovering lost earnings and costs…you bet. America got me through the past four years, I trust they’ll stand by me in the future.

Any other sins I’ve missed, I’m certain someone will mention one or two. My family and I went through unrelenting political persecution because I stood against the devil herself and helped (in a significant way) DJT get elected as POTUS. Anyone who thinks I’m deep state and then allowed the persecution and slander my family and I went through since 2016 is out of their mind (seriously).

My endorsement of Vernon Jones: I support Vernon and believe he is the best candidate to be the next Gov of Georgia. LW supports another candidate. That’s okay, that is his choice.

Judges and judging: For all the so called people of faith, there are a lot of judges among you all. Keep in mind who the ultimate Judge is and it ain’t me. What I do believe is that we have very serious issues to deal with right here in the United States of America and these massive issues are where we should be focusing our energy.

Now it’s back to my grandkids who I’m trying to spend some precious and quality time with.

God bless America 🙏🏼🇺🇸

Tucker Vs Lin Wood

Faceus Features Elaine Mickman

Faceus Features Elaine Mickman — Elaine Mickman of Lower Merion will be interviewed, 9 tonight, Oct. 20 on F.A.C.E.U.S. radio regarding her book, Court-Gate…the Courts “Divorced from the Law” : Without Liberty or Justice at all, which concerns her experiences with the Montgomery County, Pa., courts.

The show is co-hosted by Luanne Fleming, Robin Austin, Marci Friedman and Hillary Hogue and can be heard here.

Elaine is a full-time mother to 5 children. After 21 years of marriage, she was blindsided when her ex-husband filed for divorce. Four months later she found herself trapped in the eroded court system where not one court order was based on fact or law. After eight years of litigation, the court never divided the marital assets. All appeals, including those from orders that proved fraud, were denied. 

Faceus Features Elaine Mickman
Faceus Features Elaine Mickman

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

By Rep. Russ Diamond

Pennsylvania is known for its chocolate, its mountains — and its many opportunities for corruption.

In the days leading to my introduction of House Bill 38, I received the usual and expected rebuttals from mainstream journalists and Harrisburg lobbyists. I was accused of inserting gerrymandering into judicial elections and disenfranchising voters, while at the same time lectured about how “merit selection” (involving a 13-person panel) would somehow not disenfranchise them.

I can’t say I am surprised. As an outsider in Harrisburg, you can always expect pushback from special interests and the media who are always in their pocket.

Still, it makes you wonder why on earth every group of lawyers, journalists, and unions are against a bill that would seek to diversify the geographic makeup of our appellate courts. And then you remember the real problem you were seeking to solve in the first place before all of the “critics” descended: corruption.

My bill would not just diversify the gender, demographic, or geographic makeup of our appellate courts. It would also chop at the deep-seated subversion of justice in Pennsylvania.

Corruption is not something we should tolerate or ignore. It’s an embedded weed that has deep roots and has strangled other plant roots underground along the way.

For too long, Pennsylvanians have been given a raw deal by our judicial system and have been the butt of jokes about our public officials. From House speakers to trial court judges to traffic court judges, to Supreme Court judges, the commonwealth has had its fair share of judicial malpractice and public corruption.

The simple fact of the matter is that Philadelphia and Allegheny have been playing by their own rules while people like my constituents in Lebanon County suffer.

Of the most recent seven appellate court judges convicted or accused of serious crimes, four of them were from Allegheny or Philadelphia. Of the 19 judges on the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the court that decided that Speaker Bill DeWeese and Speaker John Perzel do not need to pay fines for their crimes, 12 of them are from Philadelphia or Allegheny.

You see, the current system of statewide elections for appellate court judges breeds a political class exempted from the rule of law.

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, the major special interest group pushing against my bill, noted in its own April 2017 study that our commonwealth “has not been a stranger to judicial scandals.” The group perceived the ethics of our higher court judges to be of such concern it issued a report in 2011 on the state’s judicial disciplinary system.

But instead of proposing a decentralization of power that could help prevent such corruption from encompassing government, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts is proposing to move power away from the voters into the hands of a politically savvy merit selection board.

Real reform gives Pennsylvanians a fair shake instead of rigging it for the politically connected.

That’s why every special interest, media outlet, and lawyer lobbyist is against my bill. Unfortunately for them, they won’t dissuade me and other honest legislators. We will fight to get this bill approved so it becomes a ballot question, giving you a voice and opportunity to end corruption in our judicial system.

Rep. Diamond, a Republican, represents the 102nd District in the Pennsylvania House.

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

(Note: CAP CEO, Leo Knepper had an opportunity to speak with Rep. Diamond about the proposed amendment on February 1, 2021. The video of the interview can be seen below.)

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

Rosenbaum Raped Five Boys; Good Shooting Kyle Rittenhouse

Rosenbaum Raped Five Boys; Good Shooting Kyle Rittenhouse — We’ve noted the injustice in the first degree murder charge levied against 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse for shooting three thugs in self defense on Aug. 25 during the sedition in Kenosha, Wis. While we reported the violent nature of deceased felons Joseph D Rosenbaum and Anthony M. Huber, we actually underplayed how bad Rosenbaum was.

The “social justice” hero’s crimes were the rapes of five different boys as discovered by the Kenosha Record.

The charges should not just be dropped against Kyle, the boy should be given a medal.

We also never reported that the gunman Kyle wounded, Gaige Grosskreutz, was also a felon with a burglary conviction.

It’s safe to say that when all shot turn out to be felons, the event is not a peaceful protest for racial justice.

And sorry for sounding paranoid but its looking more and more that the violence is organized — note that the link is from a year ago — and there is a serious attempt to undermine the vote. Why would the Democrat governors like Michigan’s Gretchen Whitmer and Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf push to ignore state law and let ballots be accepted after Election Day? Why would judges support them?

If people can’t figure out how to vote in the next 44 days, they don’t want to vote. The deadline should be held sacred by those who recognize the importance of social order and peaceful change of government.

It’s obviously not.

This is not a partisan thing. There are Democrats who love the Constitution and are fighting to avoid the upcoming turmoil. There are Republicans who want your money to keep flowing to D.C. and Silicon Valley and Wall Street and their pockets.

Yes, we dare call it sedition and say the names of Norm Eisen and George Soros.

Ugliness awaits.

Rosenbaum Raped Five Boys; Good Shooting Kyle Rittenhouse
Rosenbaum Raped Five Boys; Good Shooting Kyle Rittenhouse