Bucks County GOP Counterfeit Bylaws Mystery

Bucks County GOP Counterfeit Bylaws Mystery — The Bucks County GOP stands accused of having organized using a counterfeit set of bylaws.

Republicans opposed to Chairwoman Patricia Poprik filed a complaint with the party’s Ethics Committee, Jan. 10, accusing the leadership of misdeeds including subversion of bylaws, wrongful appointments of committeepeople, proxy irregularities at the June 25 reorganization meeting in which Ms. Poprik nearly lost her job, and the falsification of government documents.

The latter concerned the bylaws on file with the county.

The county demands of organizations that use the county voting machines a set of their bylaws.

The rebel faction found that the ones held by the Board of Elections were produced with a word processor despite having a June 26, 1972 filing date. Further, they weren’t hand-signed albeit the signature of then chairman C.V. Afferback was stylishly set in an italic font.

So the party bosses get the complaint. The rebels go back for another look at the bylaws on file and lo and behold, they had been replaced with the original typewritten ones with C.V.’s very own penmanship.

The only significant difference that we could find was the removal of a paragraph in Rule VI, Article 4 relating to the party headquarter building.

So why was the document switched out in the first place? Why did they keep the original ready to be switched back? It seems more Burn-After-Reading stupid than nefarious but who knows.

And its stupidity that loses elections.

And this document shuffling still violates, well, the bylaws.

If it gets rid of Pat it works for us.

Bucks County GOP Counterfeit Bylaws Mystery
The mysterious missing paragraph

Here are the typewritten and word processor versions of the bylaws.

Bucks County GOP Counterfeit Bylaws Mystery

Narrow D Win In Bucks County

Narrow D Win In Bucks County

By Bob Small

F. Todd Polinchock, a two term GOP incumbent lost in the November election.  One of his many issues was tougher gun legislation and other anti-crime measures.  He also wanted greater energy production.

He is a pro life supporter. 

He is a Realtor.

The Democrat winner, Brian Munroe had 16,123 votes to Polinchock’s 15,608 or 50.8 percent. A victory but hardly a mandate.

Narrow D Win In Bucks County
Brian Munroe

PA house district 144 consists of 5 areas in Bucks County. Since it’s creation in 1969, all the State House representatives had been Republican.

Munroe has been an emergency medical technician and a Radnor Police officer. He was also a volunteer firefighter.  He is a US Navy Veteran.

Among his signature positions are pro-choice, Green Jobs, increasing healthcare coverage, and a iving wage. He has also come out for free community college. For other positions, see his website.

Reviewing the five PA House incumbents who lost, four of them were GOP.  Some of this was due to redistricting and some may have been the statewide candidates at the top of the ticket.

Or maybe something else.

Like in many political setbacks, there are lessons to be learned by more astute minds than mine.

Dawn Bancroft Story Of An Insurrectionist

Dawn Bancroft Story Of An Insurrectionist — Dawn Bancroft crawled through a broken window of the Capitol, took a video, then crawled back out again. Her life might not have changed if that was it. On the way home, though, she made another in which she said “We were looking for Nancy to blow her friggin’ brains out, but we didn’t find her.”

She sent it to a friend and the friend sent it to the FBI.

It was Jan. 6, 2021.

She was 59 years old, the divorced mother of three children, and the owner of Cross Fit Sine-Pari, a gym in Doylestown that she started in 2009.

Dawn Bancroft Story Of An Insurrectionist
Dawn Bancroft not defeated

What ensued was the loss of her business, the loss of friends, the loss of her accountant, the loss of her bank, a conviction of the misdemeanor of parading in the Capitol, and a 60-day sentence along with three years probation and 100 hours of community service all capped with a lecture from the pompous and partisan federal Judge Emmet Sullivan.

What Ms. Bancroft did can’t be defended and she doesn’t try, but on the grand scale of evil it’s just not up there with bombing weddings and schools and bragging about it, or body-slamming a U.S. senator you dislike nearly killing him. Rene Boucher, by the way, was initially sentenced to less time than Ms. Bancroft for his attack on Rand Paul, albeit that was raised to eight months after outraged prosecutors objected. Boucher still served less than a lot of the Jan. 6 protestors, though.

Ms. Bancroft, who was never in trouble with the law, expected to serve her time in a halfway house or minimum security prison. Instead she was sent to the federal correctional facility in Hazelton, W.Va., a medium security prison.

She was 60 years old.

She said was strip searched twice upon arrival and her first 10 days were served in the Secure Housing Unit or SHU which is solitary confinement.

She was held in a 8-by-10 foot cell. It was cold and her clothing was thin, similar to a medical scrub with short sleeves. She was forbidden to sleep on the bed during waking hours and the blanket was required to be kept folded upon it.

Guards ignored her when she sought their attention albeit one responded with abuse when she caught her laying on the bed in the daytime.

There were no clocks in her cell. She asked why and the guard said “I don’t know.”

She said “I don’t know” was the answer the guards always gave.

She said when she became anxious she’d pray the rosary.

“I would pray the rosary using my fingers in place of the beads for I was not allowed an actual rosary,” she said. “I always became more calm at the conclusion of the session.”

She was not allowed to contact her family. She learned, though, that her daughter was calling every morning as was a friend in the evening. As the two shared a first name, prison authorities assumed it was the same person and a real pest.

This was a good thing, at least for Ms. Bancroft.

The prison limited phone calls to once every 30 days but one of the guards volunteered to contact the caller. She ended up contacting the friend to whom she made up a story about what a great time Ms. Bancroft was having.

And when she was transferred to the general population things improved. The other inmates liked her. One woman saw she was into fitness and asked to train with her.

Her new friends would ask what she was in for and were shocked when she told them it was for “parading”. The population, after all, included murderers, and child abductors, including one who with her boyfriend abducted two Amish children and sexually abused them. When the boyfriend went for a shovel with the intent to kill and bury them, she got cold feet and drove off with the children abandoning them in a corn field. They survived.

Ms. Bancroft pledged not to let the state break her.

And they didn’t.

She learned about “fishing” which is unraveling thread from a blanket and tying it to a folded up piece of toilet paper roll and using it to slide small objects between cells. She said an inmate sent her a stamp that way after she heard her worrying about how to contact her family.

She wrote a letter to her son and sent it to her home as that was the address with the only zip code that she could remember. Her son was picking up her mail.

She’d watch Fox News as that was one of the few news options they had. She thinks it leans a little too much to the left just not as much as the others. Others would watch with her. She’d have political debates with them. She says she converted many Democrats into Trump Republicans.

Terms of her probation have prevented her from contacting the women who remain at Hazleton but they are in her thoughts as are those still incarcerated without bail for the January 6 protests.

Prison reform has become an issue for her as a result of her experiences.

Ms. Bancroft says the Bucks County Republican Party has removed her from her committeewoman’s seat in the 2-2 Precinct in Doylestown, a seat which she won last spring with the voters having full knowledge of her involvement in the protests.

Regarding Jan. 6, she says she saw one incident that may have involved provocateurs where a group on some scaffolding was trying to break windows in the Capitol and the crowd below objecting accusing them of being Antifa.

Dawn Bancroft Story Of An Insurrectionist
Dawn Bancroft Story Of An Insurrectionist

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots — Audrey Strein has been hosting “street rallies” on Almshouse Road in Doylestown, Pa. since 2009 starting with the Kitchen Table Patriots.

This is where a group stands on a sidewalk with signs to get the attention of passersby.

Always her group used the Bucks County Health and Human Service lot for parking.

At a November 2020 rally for Donald Trump, she was told the lots were forbidden to her. She shrugged, and her group parked in a Giant supermarket down the street and walked back.

It was a little annoying as a Biden group had just been allowed to use the Bucks County Courthouse grounds for a rally the same day.

It was suggested to her that she file a right-to-know request to find out why the change in policy. The response was the request couldn’t be fulfilled as the lots had no parking restrictions.

Fast forward two years and Audrey contacts Doylestown police and lets them know her group would be using the lots, today, Oct. 22 for a rally for Republican candidates. Police called her back to inform her that Bucks County Commissioner Diane Marseglia said they were not allowed.

This time she acted. She sent numerous letters to the responsible officials, and told them she would sue each and everyone of them personally for a violation of the First Amendment if they didn’t let them.

“Well, son of . . .,” to quote our President. They let them.

She said this morning’s rally was a great success.

Great job Audrey and Bucks patriots.

Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots
Political Favoritism Beat Down By Bucks County Patriots

Bucks RINOs Want Dawn Bancroft Gone

Bucks RINOs Want Dawn Bancroft Gone — The Bucks County RINO establishment is doing it’s darnedest to remove one of the committeewoman who voted to fire Pat Proprik as party chairwoman in the county GOP’s June 25 reorganization meeting.

Dawn Bancroft won the Precinct 2-2 committee race in Doylestown Borough the month before, beating a last minute entry from Ms. Poprik who is petrified of losing power.

Dawn is a well-known martyr of Jan. 6 and the Republican residents of the district picked her knowing full well her background.

Dawn has been convicted of the misdemeanor of “parading” for the events of that day and is scheduled to begin a 60-day sentence in the medium security prison in Hazelton, W. Va. on Sept. 6.

She will be back for the Nov. 8 election, however.

The problem, however, is that Poprik faction is trying to use Dawn’s reputation as a rebel against the empire to remove her from her elected position and replace her with a minion.

Will they succeed?

That’s the real question. If they do though, we suspect she will be back like Obi-Wan even stronger than before.

Bucks RINOs Want Dawn Bancroft Gone

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks — Barry Casper almost upset long-time Chairwoman Pat Poprik in yesterday’s (June 25) election of officers for the Bucks County Republican Committee.

It was the first challenge to a county party chairman in memory.

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks
Pat Poprik

Casper got about 140 votes. It was uncertain how many Ms. Poprik received. There are 608 committee seats and just over 400 votes were cast. There were 111 committeepeople elected in the May primary. Soon after, however, Ms. Poprik filled more than 50 others via appointments.

The election included heated procedural disputes and those running things appeared oblivious to Roberts Rules of Order.

The disputes were such that Ms. Poprik pledged to convene a committee to address changing the party bylaws. This was also something that had not occurred in memory and Casper conveyed that this was a step in the right direction.

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks
Barry Casper

The votes were taken by roll call. Many of those voting depend on the party for jobs.

Also one voter, Mike Brill, cast 45 proxy votes, while another cast 35.

The Casper faction’s goals are described on BucksFirst.com.

After the vote, Casper congratulated Ms. Poprik and both agreed to work together for the November election.

Casper has been tasked to oversee the Doug Mastriano gubernatorial campaign in Bucks, along with Liz Diehl, Audrey Strein, and Roni Arooj.

A grassroots earthquake is being felt throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Stan Casacio, supported by grassroots activists, nearly upset Montgomery County GOP Chairwoman Liz Havey, June 23, in the party’s officer election

Pat Poprik Nearly Bucked In Bucks

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd — Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA1) was among the 11 Republicans who voted to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA14) of her committee assignments.

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd
Congressman Squish Fitzpatrick

All Democrats voted to do so.

Marjorie was a follower of the Q conspiracy movement, which we have written about, and which we feel is far, far, far less damaging to this nation than the Beltway conspiracy movement.

Actually, the Q slogan “Where we go one, we go all”, often seen as WWG1WGA, is something we see as a positive answer to the divisive garbage promoted daily by the establishment in all its outlets.

White privilege? A guy with light skin out of work in Cambria County is somehow more “privileged” than a sports has-been with dark skin who signed a mega-million dollar contract with a slave owner?

Why is the concept even considered?

How has Fitzpatrick sought to remove Maxine Waters (D-CA43) from her committee assignments for the real hate she spewed and the real suffering she cause?

How about his non-attempt to get Eric Swalwell (D-CA15) removed from his assignments for his relationship with a Chinese spy? He sits on the Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence, after all.

How about Sen. Diane Feinstein of California for her relationship with a Chinese spy for that matter? And that’s not even going into matters involving hubby Richard Blum.

Why has Fitzpatrick not done these things?

Because he is a squish.

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd

GOP Sweeps Special Elections In Pa

GOP Sweeps Special Elections In Pa — Republicans, yesterday, March 17, won all three special elections for vacated State House seats leaving them with a 110-93 majority in that chamber.

All seats had been held by Republicans.

Kathleen C. Tomlinson beat union plumber Harold Hays by 10 points (unoffically) in the 18th District. It had been held by Gene DiGiorlamo who left after winning a seat on the Bucks County Commissioners. The district went for Hillary Clinton by 9 points in 2016 according to National GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. Ms. Tomlinson is the daughter of  state Sen. Tommy Tomlinson (R-6), who we have written about on occasion.

Eric Davanzo, a union carpenter, won the the race in the solid Republican 8th District beating Democrat Robert Prah Jr. by 12 points (unofficially). Prah ran conservatively as a veteran, educator, volunteer firefighter and former mayor of Smithton. He still lost big. The district in Mercer and Butler counties had been been represented by Ted Nesbit who stepped down after winning a seat on the Mercer County Court of Common Pleas.

Tim Bonner routed (50 points, unofficially) Democrat Phil Heasley in the 58th District. The seat had been held by Justin Walsh who left after winning election to Westmoreland County Court of Common Pleas.

What a difference a Tabas makes.

Rematches are expected in the Nov. 3 General Election for full terms for all three seats.

GOP Sweeps Special Elections In Pa
GOP Sweeps Special Elections In Pa

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County — Bucks County Republican Party Chairwoman Pat Poprik, yesterday, Jan. 21, released the dumbest bit of politicking of 2020.

Granted its early but it sets a high bar.

Ms. Poprik and her clueless contingent declared that businessman Andrew Meehan, who is challenging incumbent Brian Fitzpatrick in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District, will be excluded from candidate screening.

“They voted not to allow him to be voted on,” said Robert Ciervo.

The county GOP Executive Committee claimed Meehan did not share their values because of some alleged social media sin. They said it without the dimmest awareness that cancel culture is clearly not the value of the overwhelming majority of Republican voters even in the Philadelphia suburbs.

If what he did was so bad, why not confront him during the screening? Hmmm? Can you say fear? Expediency?

How about stupidity?

You could have safely given the incumbent the nod without dissing Meehan or his many, many supporters who Fitzpatrick will need if he should win the primary, April 28.

But you chose the halo polishing route thinking it will get you patted on the head by the people who use you and hate us.

Bucks County needs a new boss.

Here is the release:

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County

Update 1: Andy Meehan has responded to the allegations of social media wrongdoing https://meehan2020.com/meehan-response-to-fitzpatrick-hit-job-dump/

Update 2: A little birdie told us the vote to exclude Meehan’s screening was 49-28 which is remarkable as our birdie says unanimous votes are the norm. Further the discussion to exclude Meehan took an hour and 15 minutes which was a unnecessary waste of time. Letting Meehan speak would have taken five minutes.

Pat Poprik Incompetence In Bucks County

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill — Brian Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania’s 1st District Republican congressman, will be introducing a “carbon tax bill” today says the Washington Examiner. It will be similar to Market Choice Act introduced in 2018 by Rep. Carlos Curbelo (R-FLA26) which died in committee.

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax
Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa1)

The Curbelo bill imposed a tax of $24 per metric ton on industrial carbon-dioxide emissions, beginning in 2020 and rising annually at a rate of 2 percent above inflation.

In return, federal taxes on gasoline, diesel and aviation fuel would be repealed. The payers would mostly be operators of coal and natural gas power plants.

This means paying more for lighting, air-conditioning and heat, and maybe less for food and transportation.

And of course, coal plants (and mines and their jobs) would soon disappear as natural gas produces much less CO2.

Which would naturally mean less revenue which means someone is going to pound his fist and say we need to bring back the gasoline tax.

The claim that most of carbon tax money will be used to rebuild infrastructure also deserves a big LOL as that is what the gasoline and diesel tax is supposed to do now and obviously doesn’t.

We can’t jump on Fitzpatrick too much. Our wish is to replace all coal and NG plants with nuclear and hydro-electric ones so we give him credit for trying.

Hey Brian, if you really want to fix infrastructure repeal the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931. Studies show it adds 20 percent to the cost of federal projects. Repealing it means 20 percent more work with same amount of money. Infrastructure problem are solved. It’s almost like magic.

And on the other hand there is Pat Toomey.

Pennsylvania RINOs Roam Unchecked
Sen. Pat Toomey (RINO-Pa)

Pennsylvania’s “Republican” senator joined the Democrats in again futilely voting to repeal President Trump’s court-approved use of emergency funds to build the much-needed wall on the Mexican border.

This wall is not anti-immigration. The wall is anti-drug smuggling and anti-child trafficking. If border crossers are forced to use supervised ports of entry it becomes a whole lot harder to bring children here to be molested.

Cartel coyotes no longer abandon customers to die in the desert.

Senator, a whole lot more Pennsylvanians support this wall than KYW and the Philadelphia Inquirer will lead you to believe. This one is going to burn you.

Brian Fitzpatrick Carbon Tax Bill
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