Japan Has Few Mass Shootings

Japan Has Few Mass Shootings — With the increase in mass shootings and crime in general, those whose goal is to disarm sane, law-abiding adults in America are citing a disarmed Japan as a solution.

Japan bans guns, hence there is no shooting, they say.

Of course, Mexico, Honduras and South Africa also ban guns and, well, that does’t seem to be helping.

Could there be another reason why Japan has such a low murder rate? Could it be how they handle mental illness?

An estimated 302,000 people are hospitalized in Japan with mental health-related issues, as per Japanhpn.org. Yes, Japan has the most people hospitalized in psychiatric wards on a per capita basis in the world.

A few hours ago, we posted a graph showing the trend of mental health incarcerations with prison incarcerations in the United States.

There were about three times as many people incarcerated in mental hospitals as there were in prisons in 1960. The chart stops at 2001 with almost six times as many in prisons.

You think maybe if we started taking mental health more seriously, the shootings might stop?

And let’s not forget culture. A culture that teaches that men are supposed to protect the weak is going to a whole lot happier than one that says always look for the easy out.

A culture that tells women to sacrifice for their children is going to be a lot safer than one that encourages women to dispose of them.

Here are some questions for those who insist that guns in the hands of sane, law-abiding adults are the problem.

Another point: On Wikipedia’s page of the most murderous nations, El Salvador is listed as number one. It looks like El Salvador has solved its problem.

Japan Has Few Mass Shootings

Mental Hospitals vs Prisons

Mental Hospitals vs Prisons — Found this on Twitter and it might explain things have not changed for the better when the highly miseducated managers took over policy making from the people persons with real life experiences.

Mental Hospitals vs Prisons

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions — Just got around to watching Route 91: Uncovering the Coverup produced by Las Vegas political activist Mindy Robinson.

It concerns the Oct. 1, 2017 massacre at the  Route 91 Harvest country music festival in Las Vegas in which 58 persons were killed and another 500 wounded.

The official version is that all the death and pain was caused by a deranged Stephen Paddock who used bump-stock equipped rifles to fire “over 1,100 rounds” of .223 (or maybe 5.56) caliber ammunition during an 11 minute rampage from 490 yards away.

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions

Ms. Robinson’s documentary calls into question that narrative. Yes, she is an actress but she has degrees in history and political science, and the production is well done.

It depicts the stonewalling by law enforcement, the numerous deaths caused by head shots, the inefficiency of bump stocks and the many reports of multiple shooters.

We highly recommend watching it.

It can be found on YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GidVHyh2-Ek

For what it’s worth, we’ve always thought that hitting nearly half one’s targets from almost 500 yards away with bump-stock equipped rifles was rather remarkable.

You’d think the military would adopt bump-stocks if they are that effective.

Las Vegas Shooting Documentary Raises Big Questions

Clay Higgins Describes How We Once Didn’t Live Like This And Had More Freedom

Clay Higgins Describes How We Once Didn’t Live Like This And Had More Freedom — Eric Swalwell, the congressional fart who infamously slept with a Chinese spy to the infamous indifference of his California constituents, tweeted, We. Don’t. Have. To. Live. Like. This. (sic) regarding yesterday’s mass shooting at the Highland Park, Ill. Fourth of July Parade.

No. Eric. We. Don’t.

And once upon a time, we didn’t.

Your colleague, Clay Higgins (R-La3) explained it real well during the hearing on your anonymous tipster gun confiscation bill.

In fairness, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act which became law June 25 does not appear to allow for gun confiscation based on tips but who knows what we missed in our fast reading.

Clay Higgins Describes How We Once Didn't Live Like This And Had More Freedom
No, Eric, we don’t and once upon a time didn’t.

Regardless, once we had far fewer regulations involving guns and other things, and life was much better.

What caused the change?

Our culture became sick and twisted. Once our social leaders were well-versed in those who gave us our foundations from Plato to Aquinas to Blackstone to Jefferson to the Bible. Now, these are scorned by these leaders who now claim we are all here by chance, the determination of life is arbitrary and there is no judgement for what we do.

“My body, My self” was actually cooked up by the Marquis de Sade.

How can those who hold these views condemn a mass shooting? Only by hypocrisy. When we teach nihilism we are going to get nihilist acts.

The only way to stop living “Like. This.” is to return to our roots.

And considering the number of nihilists we have created, it is a bad idea to give up our guns.

Here is Higgins’ statement:

Clay Higgins Describes How We Once Didn’t Live Like This And Had More Freedom

School Shooting Questions For Leftists

School shooting questions for leftists or anyone who gets information from establishment media and votes Democrat just because:

  • If returning prayer and Bible readings to school would halve school shootings would you support it?
  • If instituting laws — including abortion bans — that held life to be sacred would halve school shootings, would you support them?
  • If repealing the 26th Amendment and effectively raising the emancipation age to 21 hence allowing gun restrictions on those younger would halve school shootings, would you support it?

That private citizens have access to guns is not the problem. The problem is that we have a sick and twisted culture making our young sick and twisted.

School Shooting Questions For Leftists
A survivor of the May 24 attack by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, TX, that left 19 children dead and two teachers. Ramos was killed by police.
School Shooting Questions For Leftists

8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview

8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview — 8chan owner Jim Watkins, yesterday, Sept. 6, told OANN’s Jack Posobiec that his feared free speech site will soon be back and that he will continue his policy of not proactively censoring speech. It would be unAmerican to do otherwise he said.

8chan was forced off the web, Aug. 5, after the mass shootings two days earlier in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Big tech web security firm Cloudflare killed 8chan as a client after they accused it of inspiring the shootings by allowing the posting of a manifesto by El Paso killer Patrick Crusius.

Watkins has pointedly noted that Crusius had posted his screed on mainstream Instagram and that it was someone else who put it up on 8chan as others did on other boards.

Let’s note that it was Facebook that allowed the live streaming of the New Zealand mosque massacre, YouTube that allowed threats by Parkland killer Nikolas Cruz, and Twitter who let their platform be used by the Saudis to stifle dissent.

It’s the epitome of irony that 8chan is being attacked by the establishment as a “hate site”.

Watkins testified before the House Homeland Security Committee, Sept. 5, in a closed-door session. Watkins told Posobiec that he described his site, and explained that it wasn’t funded by any foreign governments. He said he never worked with a foreign intelligence agency. He noted that Russia has blocked access to 8chan.

Watkins said he cooperates with U.S. law enforcement agencies and that, in fact, Congress and the executive branch should seek input from tech companies to make it easier to do so.

Here is the interview.

OK, here’s a link to the full interview:


Forgive the nasty label they give Posobiec, a Norristown native. He is a outspoken Qanon skeptic and 8chan is the official medium of the Q movement.

8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview
Pepe, a symbol of freedom, not racial hate.
8chan Watkins Posobiec Interview

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism — Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, Somilia’s hate-filled gift to the 5th District of Minnesota, tweeted this Aug. 6:

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism

Ilhan sure seems to be doing some wishful projecting. It was at white folk that Stephen Paddock was aiming when he attacked that country music concert in Las Vegas.

Dayton murderer Connor Betts was a supporter of open-border backer Elizabeth Warren. Even Snopes concedes that.

James Hodgkinson, who committed the June 14, 2017 terrorist attack on Republican congressmen, was a Bernie Sanders fan.

Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik did not target minorities when they massacred co-workers at a Christmas party in San Bernadino in 2015.

Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnev — may the death penalty come quickly — were certainly not “white nationalists”.

Democratism equals domestic terrorism, love.

For kicks, search “list of Christian terrorist attacks” on Wikipedia. Go down far enough and you might find a dry, academic article about Christian terrorism.

Now search for “list of Islamic terroristic attacks”. Hey Illhan, what’s up with that?

To make the point even stronger, go to the article and click the category for the 2010s.

Yeah, Islam is not a value system sane people want, either.

Progressivism equals domestic terrorism, Ilhan. So does Democratism

Qanon Movement Fascinates Us

Qanon movement fascinates us — More mass shootings and more calls to put ink on paper banning guns — at least for those who respect the ink on the paper.

We will say it again and again and again. The problem isn’t access to firearms for the sane and law-abiding.

The problem is a culture that glorifies insanity — note Dayton killer Conner Betts appears to have been a patron of that site — and that encourages laws to be ignored.

The solution is not to put ink on paper banning guns but to change our culture. We have to inculcate a respect for life. Mass shootings strangely didn’t start until abortion was declared a right. We have to end the nihilism that is practically our state religion. If we are merely the results of random events fixed by a need to survive until procreation, who is to judge mass murder? Yes, we have to teach in our schools, and recognize in our art and entertainment that we are the creation of a loving God and that each of us has inherent worth.

We have to stop telling young men that masculinity is a bad thing. We have to tell them that they are important and necessary to a happy society.

And our media has to stop lying to us and covering up for the corrupt. You all saw this story right? Ha.

Until President Trump made it a campaign issue most had never heard of Juanita Broaddrick. Remember how the old media handled the matter when it would have really mattered?

The Qanon movement fascinates us. We can’t sign on to it — at least not completely — but its record of political prediction is a magnitude better than that of the old media.

And we will note that on July 31, Q cryptically posted this on 8ch.net:

Our thoughts and prayers are that the massively corrupt, incestuous cabal of Hollywood, the media and Washington come crashing down and that we embrace a culture of unity and kindness rather than the one of selfishness, division and hate that they try to encourage.

Qanon movement fascinates us

Mass Shootings Thoughts And Prayers

Mass Shootings Thoughts and Prayers — The wishing of “thoughts and prayers” after  mass shootings is being mocked in some circles as simplistic to the point of being meaningless.

We have come to agree.

In fact, we think it as simplistic, meaningless and ineffective to wish “thoughts and prayers” as it is to blame access to guns  for the tragedies as is done in the same knee-jerk fashion by those who mock the wishing of “thoughts and prayers.”

In the 1980s, most states made it difficult for a private citizen to carry a hand gun. Gun rights activist made it an issue and today it is relatively easy to do so. The murder rate has been halved and sometimes in dramatic fashion.

This is what the activists predicted while their opponents loudly claimed things would get much worse.

So now we have the issue of mass shootings which have become a several-times a year occurrence.

Those who desire to disarm the sane and law-abiding cynically use them to advance their political cause.

We, however, think it is far more about culture than it is about having access to immaterial objects.

We have written several times about how school shootings started after abortion was declared a right. Correlation is not causation but correlations are something worth pointing out, and this correlation makes sense.

Teach that it is up to the individual to determine whether a human life exists, and, well, who is to judge if an individual chooses in a way other than you would?

How about the manner in which our society addresses the most important philosophical question: Why are we here?

We teach our young that our existence is but due to a mere sequence of random events. Our courts, in fact, forbid teaching that we are designed, despite the quite  reasonable inference of it being so.

Imagine someone being on a moral fence and being inculcated by society that he is but an accident of nature and he should “do as thy will”. Now, imagine that someone being inculcated that he was created to love his neighbor. Which message is most likely to send him to the good side of the fence?

We grant that even the right cultural message isn’t going to completely solve the problem. Limiting access to guns (and knives and cars) for those with objective psychological problems is important. Maybe this requires bringing back mental institutions.

Still, the Vegas and synagogue murderers would have passed the filter for sanity. The wise realize that perfect safety is a chimera, and that is why the sane and law-abiding need access to guns.

Mass Shootings Thoughts and Prayers

Mass Shootings Thoughts And Prayers



Abortion School Shooting Connection Reprise

Abortion School Shooting Connection Reprise — Another school shooting occurred a few hours ago, this time at Santa Fe High School outside of Houston, Tx. At least eight are reported dead.

This sort of thing doesn’t happen as frequently in Europe some will note. 

That Europe teaches a respect for life that we don’t, will not be noted.

We will again reprise our article regarding the abortion-school shooting connection that we first ran Oct. 2, 2015.

There have been 24 U.S. school shootings by our count of the list at Wikipedia involving five or more injuries or deaths since Anthony F. Barbaro shot passersby at random from a window at Olean (N.Y.) High School in 1974 killing three and wounding 11.

That, of course, has  changed.There had been school massacres before, notably the University of Texas shootings by Charles Whitman in 1966 and the bizarre Bath Schooldisaster in 1927 in which a demonic school official spent months planting bombs in the building to maximize tragedy, but otherwise the violence was targeted and personal.

Yesterday (Oct. 1), an anti-Christian named Chris Harper-Mercer murdered nine — or 11 depending on the source — students at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., and wounded several others. Before the killing Harper-Mercer asked his victims their religion. Those who said “Christian” he shot in the head. Those who said otherwise he shot in the leg.

So what has caused this change in society? Was it access to guns? Access to guns were arguably easier before 1974 especially for youths. Barbaro was on his school’s rifle team.

So no, it is not access to guns.

What has changed, though, is our culture.

Our respect for life has disappeared.

We tell young men that protecting the innocent is no longer something they should aspire to do.

We have powerful people in government, media and academia shrug their shoulder at revelations of the weak and helpless being harvested for body parts. It’s worse than that actually. The actively defend the organization that does such monstrous things, and insist it be rewarded with public money.

We have state officials protecting mass murder if it is politically fashionable.

It isn’t a coincidence that the school shooting epidemic didn’t start until after our Supreme Court declared abortion to be a “right”.

We start holding once again that the existence of God is an axiom, and that we have individual rights granted by our Creator, and that the rest of us have an obligation to protect the rights of others, especially those that can’t defend themselves, the epidemic will end.

If we continue the path we are now on, things are going to get a lot worse.

Abortion School Shooting Connection Reprise

Abortion School Shooting Connection Reprise