Grooming At Wallingford School

Grooming At Wallingford School — We hear that Wallingford Elementary School– allegedly the 25th best in the state — is shamelessly grooming children to be comfortable with engaging in sex.

We hear that teachers don’t lead students in the Pledge of Allegiance and some express open hostility to Christianity.

And we were sent these photos on display at the high school.

Grooming At Wallingford School

Grooming At Wallingford School

Rather that telling kids to make their parents use their college savings to have them sterilized, why not teach them to love how they were born and to grow into what they were designed to be?

It’s bizarre that the Wallingford Swarthmore parents are so cowed by fear of shaming they won’t defend their kids. See here and here and here for what’s been happening in the rather wealthy district in Delaware County, Pa.

And we just got sent this exercise in grooming children to accept exploitation at the Haverford Township Free Library.

Grooming At Wallingford School

Illegals Filling Beverly Hills Middle School?

Illegals Filling Beverly Hills Middle School? — We’ve just been told that parentless African children have filled Beverly Hills Middle School in Upper Darby. These children, reportedly, cannot read.

Reportedly, they can’t even speak any English.

So what is going on Upper Darby School District?

Illegals Filling Beverly Hills Middle School?

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel Journalist and mother of six Ann Vandersteel says bad times are coming.

She spoke at yesterday’s, April 25, Keystone Town Hall in Malvern, Pa.

Ms. Vandersteel, along with Michael Yon , has been revealing how Panama is a stage for the human flood entering the United States in complete disdain of our laws.

Most of the invaders are miltary-age men and many are Chinese, she said.

Many have been identified as former Chinese military by facial recognition programs, she says.

The invasion starts at Panama’s inhospitable and dangerous Darien Gap where non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) controlled by globalists have built camps.

These include HIAS, which has a notable presence in Delaware County.

HIAS started as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

“It’s as Hebrew as Catholic Charities is Catholic,” Ms. Vandersteel said.

Catholic Charities has been implicated in child trafficking.

So has the US government for that matter.

Alejandro Mayorkas worked for HIAS before becoming Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary.

Ms. Vandersteel calls Mayorkas treasonous. He willfully ignores numerous US laws, she said. Mayorkas’ impeachment by the “Republican”-controlled House was ignored by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The NGO camps destroy the environment and the way of life of the indigenous Embera tribe. The Emberas, for centuries, have shared nature with the Darien, Ms. Vandersteel said.

Her reporting preceded a fire at one camp, she says. The only thing destroyed, though, were the records for every immigrant there.

Fort Clayton on the Panama Canal, once the headquarters for the US Southern Command Network, has been completely taken over by the NGOs she says.

The immigration is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels, Ms. Vandersteel said. The migrants who are women, children and families are often subject to rape, theft and murder.

The billions of dollars controlled by the globalist and drug lords have corrupted places one wouldn’t have expected.

She says the Border Patrol turns a blind eye to the illegal crossings.

Republican Greg Abbott, Texas’ Republican governor, has been bought off, she says. His widely publicized border enforcement was just theater. She says that half of the Texas House has taken money from developers of facilities to house illegals in the state.

She said Abbott has lost all popularity in Texas but praised his adversary Attorney General Ken Paxton, also a Republican.

Ms. Vandersteel, as has Michael Yon, said turmoil is unavoidable. She said the trouble will start with a banking collapse.

Keep cash on hand and your larder stocked.

The motive for America’s destruction is that she stands in the way of “The Great Reset” a tyrannical fascist fantasy famously proclaimed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab grew up in Nazi Germany and his father worked for the Nazis.

Ms. Vandersteel was asked about the movie Civil War now playing in theaters which describes a war in the United States.

“Hollywood is laughing at us,” she said. “They want us to destroy ourselves.”

Don’t fall for false flags

In better news, the Valley Forge Classical Academy Charter School for the West Chester School District is expected to open in Exton in 2025.

Charles F. Beatty says they easily surpassed by 500 the 1,000 signatures required to appeal the school board’s rejection and they expect to prevail as all the criteria has been met.

The school will hold 900 students and use the Hillsdale Curriculum.

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel
An attendee prays with Ann Vandersteel after her Keystone Town Hall talk, April 25
Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel
With Ann Vandersteel are whistleblower Sean Connolly, attorney and author Renee Mazer and Dr. Jim Thomas.

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel

Strath Haven Cuban Journey

Strath Haven Cuban Journey — The 2024 Strath Haven Cuba Cultural Journey has opened enrollment for its summer sojourn to the Western Hemisphere’s socialist paradise and features a friendly caricature of the racist, murderous Che Guevara on its intro page.

The trip is June 18 -27 and costs $3,890 plus $598 in airfare.

How hypocritical! Why isn’t this trip free? Why don’t the bourgeoisie oppressors who staff the school district’s central office voluntarily — or involuntarily to maintain authenticity — pony up the costs for all who want to participate???

They can afford it.

And why airfare? Homemade rafts would be far more appropriate.

So what if a few of these privileged suburbanite students get eaten by sharks. It would be a valuable part of the experience.

Visit here to sign up.

 Strath Haven Cuban Journey

Strath Haven Cuban Journey

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?  – Pennsylvania school districts — including, at least, Penn Delco and Wallingford Swarthmore — are encouraging children, some reportedly as young as 5th grade, to “transition” to the opposite sex without the knowledge of their parents or guardians.

It should be self evident that permanent, life changing things should not be done to developing bodies.

Actually, it should be self-evident that permanent, life changing things to developing bodies should be prevented.

We wonder if the school directors and administrators pushing this stuff consider that with just slight paradigm shift, they might be on the hook for their life savings.

Seven-figure lawsuits are already being filed against doctors by adults who were encouraged to let themselves be sterilized and made sexless before they could be expected to understand the consequences of what was being done to them.

Remember, those behind the transitioning movement have strong financial motives. They aren’t doing this out of compassion. Maybe our educators ought to consider that.

Money is not the only motive, of course. Grooming is real. Check the headlines regarding yesterday’s (Dec. 18) arrest of prominent Philadelphia transsexual activist Kendall Stephens for raping two boys under the age of 13.

Children are being lied to about their destinies, and that’s demonic.

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?
Sun Valley students walked out of the high school, Oct. 25, to protest the school’s policy supporting boys to pretend to be girls. The board passed the policy anyway including a provision that parents need not be told if their child is transitioning.

Do School Boards Consider Personal Liability In Transitioning Push?

Wallingford Swarthmore Hiding Transitioning From Guardians

Wallingford Swarthmore Hiding Transitioning From Guardians — Just heard a horrifying storying concerning Wallingford Swarthmore School District in Pennsylvania. A little girl is “transitioning”. The school is refusing to tell her grandmother, who is her legal guardian.

If you think for one moment that the pathetic little monsters who run this district care an iota about this girl’s well being, you are as pathetic as they are.

This is an evil, moneymaking scheme.

Wallingford Swarthmore Hiding Transitioning From Guardians

Wallingford Swarthmore Bans Christmas On Buses

Wallingford Swarthmore Bans Christmas On Buses — The Wallingford Swarthmore School District has sent a memo ordering all bus drivers and aides to not have Christmas theme decorations or wear Christmas-themed attire.

“If you have decorated your bus with anything specific to the Christmas Holiday or any other decorations relating to a specific religion, please remove them immediately. In addition, employees are instructed not to wear clothing related to Christmas or any other religious holiday.”

The memo claims the policy is response to complaints from parents.

The present public school system is run by cowards and very, very stupid people.

It must be abolished and replaced with school choice.

That way the few intolerant Christmas-hating scolds can have their joyless, sterile institutions where their children are taught to submissively accept whatever authority to which they are so groomed.

And the rest of us can have a party.

Wallingford Swarthmore is in Delaware County, Pa. and consists of  SwarthmoreRose Valley and Rutledge boroughs, and Nether Providence Township.

Here’s the memo:

Wallingford Swarthmore Bans Christmas On Buses

Here’s the video:

Hat tip Christine Flowers

Central Bucks President Sworn In With Sex Book

Central Bucks President Sworn In With Sex Book — Karen Smith, a Democrat who was re-elected to the Central Bucks School Board  Nov. 7, was sworn in Dec. 4 as the board’s new president.

Among the books upon which she placed her was “Flamer” by Mike Curato. 

The graphic novel includes characters discussing pornography, erections, masturbation, penis size, and an illustration that depicts naked teenage boys. 

Central Bucks President Sworn In With Sex Book

Truth in Education Controversial Part of CHD Conference

Truth in Education Controversial Part of CHD Conference

By Bob Small

One of the more controversial groups represented at the  2023 Children’s Health Defense (CHD) Conference was Truth In Education (TIE).

TIE says that Comprehensive Sexuality Education commonly taught in public schools “is an assault on the family and the health and innocence of children.”

Of course, this brings back the old problem of parents, as many are, who are reluctant to have that conversation and doesn’t account for the addition of the internet.

  Another issue they oppose is Critical Race Theory (CRT

 “Simply put, instruction in Critical Race Theory as presented in Black Lives Matter curriculum and The 1619 Project pushes American students down the road of hate,” says TIE.

As long as the totality of American History is taught, including slavery,  emancipation, including both US Support for Israel and Operation Paperclip  in the curriculum, there would not be a CRT or the 1619 Project.   One wonders if most students even know that Abraham Lincoln was a Republican, not a Democrat.  

Under the “what can you do” section, they list many good suggestions, including “attend school board meetings and know what is being taught in your school”.

One wishes there would be a line about running for the school board. 

Most local school boards do not require “professionals.” What we need more of are carpenters, factory workers, waiters and waitresses.  In 2005, Mary Gay Scanlon ran for the Wallingford Swarthmore School Board and lost.

She eventually did win an election.  

And how about we teach students to question authority, especially government authority, such as covid mandates and election results that seem unrealistic?

Teachers rarely let their students challenge the things they teach.

“Critical thinking” lessons is too often teachers playing pretend.

“The Socratic education begins … with the awakening of the mind to the need for criticism,” it is said.   This is another way of saying always question.

Lastly, another critique is Why Truthful, Inclusive Education Benefits All Students

Dr. Kesha Moore of LDF’s Thurgood Marshall Institute is quoted: All children have a right to know the truth, to know who they are, to know who they live with, and what their community is like.

So where do we go from here?

Truth in Education Controversial Part of CHD Conference

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco –The Penn Delco School Board, last night, Nov. 20, passed policy that will let parents be cut from conversations regarding sexual confusion their child might be having.

The policy also gives boys access to girls’ private spaces.

A standing-room crowd of 50 saw the policy pass by consent in the district’s Service Center on Dutton Mill Road. This means they don’t have to say their ayes or nays before the crowd.

In public comments prior to passing, Lisa Esler of Aston, a former school director, asked that it be tabled.

Kathi Culp noted the issue was ripping apart the community and asked why the board was so eager to pass it. She noted that there is no student in the district to whom it would apply

“Why are we rushing it?” she asked.

Jaci Farra noted the policy violates numerous aspects of the state and federal constitutions including the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment and the Equal Protection Clause. She also said the policy violates several laws which are written based on objective biological definitions of sex, rather than arbitrary feelings.

She noted what the board did renders Title IX meaningless.

Ms. Farra further noted that the board in their haste rejected a meeting with a lawyer versed in educational policy development despite the lawyer having guided the Pennridge School District‘s successful and community-accepted sex-based bathroom policy.

All the women received loud applause.

After it passed, Joe Dychala of Aston took the podium and ripped the board for what it did. He ended up in a heated shouting match with school board President Leon Armour who ordered him away from the mike well before Dychala’s allotted time. Dychala finished saying his piece, however, and then some.

Mrs. Esler returned and said the board should be ashamed of itself for the rather cowardly way it instituted the controversial policy. She noted that the district’s cost per pupil is $20,000 per year and asked that the board give parents wishing to find an alternative school $10,000, which resulted in condescending sneers from the board.

Ms. Farra returned and said the new policy gives the Superintendent a dangerous degree of authority.

“Giving the administration this much power gives the board members the chance to wash their hands (of unpopular decisions),” she noted.

Brian Devane (sp) noted that he graduated from Sun Valley not that long ago. He said that school boards’ histories of adopting fads has led to tragic ends, some of which he personally witnessed. Devane said that in his school days ADHD was the fashion. Many of his friends were diagnosed with it and prescribed Adderall.

He said that he has attended many funerals for these friends.

Joe DiPietro of Aston said that he joined the Marines after high school rather than attend college. He expressed concern — which is not unwarranted — for the dangers the females students will face under this new policy.

“If something happens to my daughter you are going to see this face again and it’s not going to be cool, calm and collected,” he said.

Phil Falcone (sp) said he might be the oldest person in the room

“If what you guys did, you did 40 or 50 years ago, there would have been people outside with straitjackets,” he said.

Not one person spoke in defense of the policy.

The board, all Republicans, ran uncontested two weeks ago as they won on the Democrat ticket in the primary. Cross-filing is allowed in school board races.

We suspect most Penn Delco residents were rather surprised they would vote for such a policy. Here, for instance, is a story concerning Armour we carried three years ago.

The meeting started with Superintendent George Steinhoff saying district kindergartners will now be bussed and that Democrat State Sen. John Kane (9th District) is completely on board with his dream of cutting funds for cyber charter schools.

Well, that would end one escape for parents fearing for their daughter’s safety.

Starting a charter school is very doable in Pennsylvania and, yes, the school district has to fund it but this actually works out well for taxpayers.

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco
A standing room only crowd at the Penn Delco Service Center on Dutton Mill Road. Their opposition was unanimous to the transgender policy that was passed.

Policy Cutting Parents Out Of Sex Identity Conversations Passes In Penn Delco