Trump Won Popular Vote, Maybe, Really

Trump Won Popular Vote, Maybe, Really
Popular vote winner too?

Trump Won Popular Vote, Maybe, Really — Hillary Clinton officially got 2,868,691 more votes than The Donald last November.

Trump, however, claimed that he won the popular vote if the illegal votes were subtracted.

It looks like he was right. Data from a biannual Harvard study indicates  5.7 million noncitizens illegally voted in 2008 election, and 3.6 million did so in 2012.

There is no reason to think the non-citizen vote was lower in 2016.

And this does not include dead voters and other vote fraud.

Democrats will shrilly screech that vote fraud doesn’t exist.

Whatever. Humor us. Allow us to impose photo ID just as Costco does for those seeking to enter their stores and just as Wawa does for those seeking to buy cigarettes.

Allow poll watchers to cross county lines. What could ever possibly be the reason to oppose this? Hmm? There must be one because you shrilly screeched when it was requested last fall and stopped it from happening.

And what’s up with giving driver’s licenses to those here illegally? Here is a list of states that did in 2015. All but one went for Clinton including Nevada which was the only state Trump lost in which he led in the polls.

Vote fraud happens and it appears more and more it is the only reason for the victories the Democrats have managed over the last few decades.

Build the wall.

Trump Won Popular Vote, Maybe, Really



President Trump

President Trump
President Trump

It’s a new day in American and we can now say President Trump. We can now say radical Islam is the source of terrorism. We can now say we are proud to be an American and how much an American one is does not depend on one’s ethnicity.

And we can now say, without fear of mockers, God Bless America.

President Trump’s inaugural address was every bit as inspiring as those of Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy which are the benchmarks of the last 60 years.

It was inclusive and not a bit self-centered.

We would like praise President Obama who seemed sincerely supportive during the speech. While we always had a low opinion of Obama’s agenda and competency we could never bring ourselves to loath him.

This is unlike our 42nd President whose hand we noticed President Trump (love that)  avoided shaking.

President Trump

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17 — For those who missed it, here is Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Great job, Sean. Wished you’d asked if Assange’s source was still alive, though.

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17

Dan Truitt Chesco Failure

Republican incumbent Dan Truitt was 80 votes ahead in the initial count in the race for the 156th District Pennsylvania House seat but when all the votes were counted he lost by 25.

The Democrat replacing him on Jan. 3  is West Chester Mayor Carolyn Comitta.

Dan Truitt Chesco Failure
Political organizations modeled after restrictive country clubs are doomed to failure.

Truitt’s defeat was an anomaly and a searing rebuke to the Chesco GOP leaders as Republicans did very well throughout the state.

Political organizations modeled after restrictive country clubs are doomed to failure. Good leadership does not demoralize citizen activists.

Dan Truitt Chesco Failure



Massive Nevada Voter Fraud

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud –Donald Trump lost Nevada, Nov. 8, by 26,434 votes. Maybe he didn’t lose it at all.

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud
Did he win Nevada too?

Newsmax is reporting the U.S. Postal Service certified returned mail from 9,200 persons on the voter roll in State Assembly District 15 which is Clark County. The votes cast in the district were 17,086.

Many of returned names belonged to deceased persons or of celebrities like Edward Snowden who obviously did not live in the district.

The investigation was initiated by Republican Assembly candidate Stan Vaughan who lost his race by 6,942 votes, an ostensible landslide, unless, of course, there were 9,000 fraudulent votes for his opponent in which case Vaughan would have won.

Vaughn said a sample of 200 of the returned names showed that 185 had indeed voted.

Further Vaughan said many including himself was prohibited from voting because the poll worker claimed that he had already did.

Clark County has 42 State Assembly districts most of which were won by Democrats. If there were 9,000 bad votes cast in just one and the Republican candidates themselves were kept from voting, we can add another state to the Trump win column.

Yes, Jill Stein is a hypocrite.

Hat tip Gateway Pundit.

Massive Nevada Voter Fraud


Jill Stein Hypocrisy

Jill Stein Hypocrisy — Green Party candidate Jill Stein lost the respect of the thinking people when she began raising money to contest election results in three states — Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania — won by Donald Trump by a percentage point.

Jill Stein Hypocrisy
Hypocrite Jill Stein

She is demanding a hand recount which would make it impossible for the results to be confirmed before the Electoral College meets on Dec. 19. This obviously and irresponsibly throws the transfer of power into turmoil and creates havoc in governance.

It should be noted that no recount has ever overturned the results of an election decided by the margins of victory — about 10,000 in Michigan, 30,000 in Wisconsin and 70,000 in Pennsylvania — in the places being questioned by Stein.

Her rationale is based on the unsubstantiated claim that voting machines were hacked. Not only has there been no evidence presented for this, it is laughably unfounded.

It is noteworthy that Stein did not target states in which Hillary won by similarly small margins, namely Minnesota and New Hampshire, or states in which those here illegally are suspected to have voted in substantial numbers such as New Mexico, Colorado and Nevada and could very well have provided her victory in those places.

Not to mention California which gave her the popular vote win.

Obviously, her motive is not to “true the vote.”

By the way, has issued a statement supporting Donald Trump’s claim about voting by illegal aliens. This is infinitely more corroboration than those questioning Trump’s wins have.

The results in all three states would need to be overturned to keep Trump from victory, which is basically an impossibility. If the electors, however, could be merely kept from being seated until Dec. 19, well, that is arguably a doable scheme, right George Soros?

Stein has officially filed a request for a recount in Wisconsin.  She  has far greater hurdles to get one in Michigan and Pennsylvania but she is trying.

Jill Stein Hypocrisy
Enemy of America George Soros

The Clinton campaign has joined her crusade making mockery of everything Hillary said in the campaign regarding conceding victory.

Yes, George Soros is an enemy of our nation and should be considered as such when Trump takes power.

Jill Stein Hypocrisy


Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure
Sorry spammers, Sheriff Bunny Welsh is voting for Trump/Pence.

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure — Carolyn Bunny Welsh, who is Chester County sheriff and one of Pennsylvania’s 20 electors for Donald Trump and Mike Pence, is getting swamped with letters, emails and phone calls demanding she not vote for the victorious Republican ticket.

The demands are coming to her home and office, and to her personal and business accounts.

She has received thousands over the last three days and she no longer even bothers checking her voice mail.

“It’s harassment,” she said. She had to assign an assistant to specifically deal with the onslaught until Chester County’s I.T. staff developed new filters.

She says most of the messages asked that she vote for Hillary Clinton although many  merely wanted her to abstain or vote for another person.

She said the messages are clearly orchestrated. One sender even inadvertently included a form to follow.

She said the messages started as trickle on Wednesday and then exploded.

She said that none she received could be construed as threats and most were generally respectful. She said some implied, though, she’d be a racist or misogynist for voting for Trump.

She said many claimed to be minorities or gays and begged to be protected from Trump.

The plan is to keep Trump from getting the 270 electoral votes need to take office.

It is not going to work.

“I don’t get it,” she said. “What do they expect to accomplish?”

Pennsylvania is one of 21 states whose electors are not bound by law, so the Keystone contingent can expect the spamming to continue until Trump and Pence officially become president and vice president when the Electoral College votes on Dec. 19.

“It’s normally just a ceremonial thing and a great honor,” she said.

Pennsylvania Elector Faces Orchestrated Pressure

Smart Set Trump Predictions Through The Months

Smart Set Trump Predictions Through The Months — For your continued entertainment here is a video of the best clips by the self-proclaimed “I’m smart” set in all their smug glory which, since Tuesday, has become exponentially more sufferable.


Smart Set Trump Predictions Through The Months

Rich Riots After Trump Win

Rich Riots After Trump Win — The riots that have occurred after Donald Trump’s election are neither spontaneous nor grassroots. They started at the same time in major urban areas and are, obviously, orchestrated.

Rich Riots After Trump Win
Orange is his color.

Property has been damaged, people have been hurt and lives disrupted.

It is those one-percenters paying the orchestrators who have to be held most accountable.  Hopefully, Trump’s justice department is of this mind.

That’s right, George Soros, orange will be the new black.

Rich Riots After Trump Win