Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17 — For those who missed it, here is Sean Hannity’s interview with Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

Great job, Sean. Wished you’d asked if Assange’s source was still alive, though.

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17

Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17

9 thoughts on “Hannity Assange Interview 1-3-17”

    1. Oh dear Concerned Reader, did you actually believe this politician when he made his promise? Votes will forthcoming on matters like pension reform, ending mandates that artificially increase the cost of public works, ending automatic deductions from working peoples paychecks to fund the rich lifestyles of union bosses, and keeping bad people from threatening to withhold education from children so they can get more money.

      Perhaps Mr. Langerholc will vote correctly on these matters and be forgiven his hackdomishness.

      Or perhaps he won’t and will have to be dissuaded from seeking re-election as per his predecessor.

      Regardless, reform is not easy and wearing the right slogan on your t-shirt does not mean you should be trusted.

    2. “What will Billy Lawrence and the boys do!?!

      What he always does. Take it up with Honey Badger.

      Honey Badger says take your problem to Julian Assange and let Honey Badger contemplate the matter.

  1. “ending mandates that artificially increase the cost of public works”

    Like by $20 million as far as the new Springfield High School goes.

  2. The reliable Leo Knepper of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania is quoted by Dennis Owens of abc27 in Harrisburg. I think Leo Knepper speaks for thousands of fiscally responsible conservatives who understand the fiscal threat of government pensions. Legislators can lead by example. Wayne Langerholic is a weasel who broke his promise to those who supported him. Dishonest. Despicable.

    FTA Last year, CAP embraced Cambria County Assistant District Attorney Wayne Langerholc, a state Senate candidate. Langerholc came to the CAP offices and filled out a questionnaire agreeing with CAP philosophies of limited government, pro-school choice, anti-union and a part-time legislature. Langerholc also signed a CAP pledge promising not to take a pension if elected.

    In October, CAP spent $15,000 on a colorful campaign mailer that spotlighted Langerholc’s promise to decline a state pension.

    In November, Langerholc easily won the seat previously held by longtime Democrat John Wozniak.


    Tuesday, Langerholc was sworn in at the Capitol and Wednesday in his hometown paper he was quoted as calling pension reform a top priority.

    But also on Wednesday, ABC27 confirmed with the State Employees’ Retirement System (SERS) that Langerholc signed up for a state pension. Lawmakers have 30 days to decide whether to take or reject a pension. But once they decide, that decision is final. Langerholc is in.


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