Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy — Congressional firebrand Marjorie Taylor Greene (R?-GA14) spoke with Tucker Carls0n for 37 minutes and Tucker posted the interview, yesterday, Nov. 30.

She persuasively describes the captured, cowardly and instinctive cronyism of our legislative branch, especially those calling themselves “conservatives.”

She explains her support for dethroned Speaker Kevin McCarthy and gives little reassurance that his replacement Mike Johnson (R-La4) is up for the task.

What MTG does best, though, is debunk the numerous smears against her that she is crazy or an extremist.

The interview is worth watch and here it is:

By the way, the captured, cowardly and instinctive cronyism of those calling themselves “conservatives was just demonstrated a few hours ago. George Santos, the Republican who represented 3rd Congressional District was expelled by a 311 to 114 vote, with 105 Republicans joining the Democrats.

For what? Well, he had not been convicted of any crime. Apparently, it was just being a political hack.

The most blood-boiling thing is that he was far from the worst in the House. A dozen Ds can be named whose demonstrable deeds are more despicable starting with Adam Schiff.

Those who don’t fight, don’t win.

Democrat voters, please wake up to the reality that the people running things hate you every bit as much as they hate us. The difference is that they are laughing at you when you vote for them.

Republican hacks don’t do that with us. They actually kind of look at us with nervous suspicion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy

Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Not Crazy

Gaetz Not Cause of Chaos In Congress

Gaetz Not Cause of Chaos In Congress — Establishment Republicans are in a tizzy over Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL1) who orchestrated the removal of Kevin McCarthy (R-CA20) as Speaker of the House, Oct.3.

McCarthy has yet to be replaced.

Establishment types are purportedly working with Democrats to get in Tom Emmer (R-MN6) but eight others have entered for this round including Daniel Meuser (R-PA9).

Anyway, Gaetz is not to blame for the turmoil. He was just pointing out a disease that exists whether it’s pointed out or not.

Joe Pags Pagliarulo summed the issue up nicely on X, Oct. 21:

Tell me exactly what you think Matt Gaetz did wrong. Let’s stop the posturing and BS.

It took 15 votes and a lot of negotiating to get the Speaker’s gavel in McCarthy’s hand in January. He made promises and concessions and was told he’d be held to them. First, what he did well:

He masterfully dealt with the media. They’d ask loaded questions and he’d go right at them with truth and facts. Several times, he held them to account and did so very well. In fact, I think some became gun shy. He was especially strong in defending the House investigating alleged corruption by the Bidens.

He’s also done a good job raising money. Some say he’s been great — but, I’d argue the Rs should have a much larger majority in the House. So, I’ll say a good job. And…

He talks one helluva good game. He was gonna do a ton.

  • Defund the 87,000 IRS agents
  • Close the border
  • Put a low cap on the debt ceiling
  • Pass a sensible, cost-cutting budget

Those who support him say he’s done all of that. And he hasn’t. Getting it to the floor and passing it doesn’t get it done. And, he knows that. When you have the majority and you get legislation done in the House that has to do with money — YOU HAVE THE LEVERAGE. It’s an empty victory when you say you defunded the 87,000 IRS agents who are NOT defunded, or the border isn’t closed or the debt has NO ceiling etc.

As Speaker, you have the leverage to say — “You want more money to Ukraine? The 87k have to go. You want more money for Ukraine or to send to Palestine? The border must be closed now. You want more money for your pet “green” agenda? The debt ceiling is 1.5T and not a penny more. You want more money for trees in ‘underserved neighborhoods?’ Then you accept this percentage less in spending over the next FY.” Period.

Where exactly did McCarthy use that leverage to force Schumer’s or Biden’s hand? Show me where he did that. He literally holds our tax dollars in his hands and gets to decide how they’re used.

Everyone in this country knew there was a one vote to debate on vacating the seat. He certainly knew it, fact is, it could have happened before it did. When Kevin McCarthy said he was going to offer 1.5T in a debt ceiling increase most conservatives thought — that’s way too much. But, get it done and make sure spending cuts are in the next budget. He went and met with Biden’s team and literally gave them NO debt limit until March of 2025. Yes, AFTER the next presidential election. He could have been vacated right then. But, they were patient.

Then, he adjourns the House before sending any budget to the Senate giving the other body the opportunity to push a CR and act like they were fighting to keep the government open and if it closed, it would be on the House. What a ridiculous mistake. Think about it. All the Speaker had to do was put a budget together that took spending to pre-CVD and cut it by a percentage more and put it in Schumer’s lap. Then adjourn. This way, the pressure is on the Senate to agree, alter and re-present or turn it down. Then, any government shutdown would be on them. This was such a bad move that in reality handed Schumer and the Ds in the Senate the upper hand.

What Matt Gaetz did had nothing to do with him self-aggrandizing nor improving his standing somehow in the House. It actually served to hurt him with the uniparty but he did it anyway because it was the right thing to do. Kudos to the other reps who joined him in vacating McCarthy. Word I get from the Capitol is there were many more than 8 on board, but couldn’t do it for political reasons and they knew the Ds were not going to support McCarthy.

So, time to move forward. Jim Jordan should have easily won the gavel. NOT ONE R rep made a good case against him. Now, Byron Donalds has thrown his hat in the ring. He’s a money guy by trade and a great conservative. What could the issue be now? Take the vote, give him the gavel, and get to work.

This make sense to you? Let me know.

Gaetz Not Cause of Chaos In Congress
Matt Gaetz, not cause of chaos

Gaetz Not Cause of Chaos In Congress

Social Security Age Hike Is Feudalism

Social Security Age Hike Is Feudalism — House Republican Study Committee (RSC) unveiled, June 14, a fiscal blueprint that would gradually increase the Social Security full retirement amount to 69-years-old for those who turn 62 in 2033.

Anybody hear any discussions about cutting government pensions by 10 percent? How about 20 percent? The government retiree would still be getting more than twice what the average Social Security recipient gets.


We don’t want to get any Philadelphia judge mad at us but Fredrick Douglass’ boxes of liberty sure keeps trying to run through our brains.

Social Security Age Hike Is Feudalism

Social Security Age Hike Is Feudalism

Concessions McCarthy Made Are A Scandal In That They Should Never Have Been Needed

Concessions McCarthy Made Are A Scandal In That They Should Never Have Been Needed — Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA23) became Speaker of the House, this morning, Jan. 7, after four days and 15 votes — something that has not happened since before the Civil War.

His victory, however, only came after a series of concessions to a group of hard-line anti-feudalist Republicans led by Matt Gaetz (R-FL1)

So what were these concessions?

As per the wise and wonderful

  1. As has been reported, it will only take a single congressperson, acting in what is known as a Jeffersonian Motion, to move to remove the Speaker if he or she goes back on their word or policy agenda.
  2. A “Church” style committee will be convened to look into the weaponization of the FBI and other government organizations (presumably the CIA, the subject of the original Church Committee) against the American people.
  3. Term limits will be put up for a vote.
  4. Bills presented to Congress will be single subject, not omnibus with all the attendant earmarks, and there will be a 72-hour minimum period to read them.
  5. The Texas Border Plan will be put before Congress. From The Hill: “The four-pronged plan aims to ‘Complete Physical Border Infrastructure,’ ‘Fix Border Enforcement Policies,’ ‘Enforce our Laws in the Interior’ and ‘Target Cartels & Criminal Organizations.’”
  6. COVID mandates will be ended as will all funding for them, including so-called “emergency funding.”
  7. Budget bills would stop the endless increases in the debt ceiling and hold the Senate accountable for the same.

Dear readers, how many of you actually didn’t realize that bills presented rarely concerned a single subject and that those thousand page monstrosities were pushed on representatives without them having a chance to read them?

Concessions McCarthy Made Are A Scandal In That They Should Never Have Been Needed
The new Speaker
Concessions McCarthy Made Are A Scandal In That They Should Never Have Been Needed
The real boss?