Europe Rejecting Transitioning? Is Sanity Returning?

Europe Rejecting Transitioning? Is Sanity Returning? Lisa Selin Davis reports that European nations are starting to question the wisdom of turning children into the opposite sex.

She says the British National Health Service is closing for good the Gender and Identity Development Service at the Tavistock Clinic in London.

The clinic has administered puberty suppressants, cross-sex hormones, and surgeries to thousands of children. Many of these treatments led to irreversible effects.

There was a 4,000-percent increase of referrals for girls in the last decade.

Sweden has released new guidelines saying that “gender-affirming” medical interventions “outweigh the possible benefits, and the treatments should be offered only in exceptional cases.”

Europe Rejecting Transitioning? Is Sanity Returning?
Transitioning is as cruel as grooming

Finland’s Council for Choice in Health Care, last year, “In light of available evidence, gender reassignment of minors is an experimental practice . . (Gender reassignment medical interventions) must be done with a great deal of caution, and no irreversible treatment should be initiated.”

Meanwhile American doctors are advertising surgeries to children on Tik Tok and legislation has been introduced in California that would allow any child to come to California to medically transition without parental knowledge or consent.

“America is increasingly becoming an outlier among Western countries in failing to demand better evidence for the consequences of irreversible youth gender transition,” Ms. Davis says.

Read her entire article on Substack

Europe Rejecting Transitioning? Is Sanity Returning?

Transgenders Abuse Women In California Prisons

Transgenders Abuse Women In California Prisons — You hear about that recent court case where a famous actress left an unwelcome gift on the bed to her famous actor husband?

Of course you did.

Did you hear about the on-going case were a female inmate in California is begging to be put in an all-female prison because she is being sexually assaulted by men claiming to be women?

Kinda doubt it.

The case is Janine Chandler et al vs. California Department of Corrections and targets a new California state law, the “The Transgender Respect, Agency, and Dignity Act,” (SB 132), that allows any prisoner who self-identifies as a woman — including prisoners with penises who may have stopped taking hormones — into women’s prisons. 

Matt Taibbi has a story about it on Substack.

Please fellow citizens become aware. Women of America stop being manipulated. You are allowed to be angry. Turn off the garbage that poisons your minds, whether it’s a sit-com or Good Morning America or broadcast news.

These people hate you and they don’t think of you has human beings.

Get mad and look for alternatives.

People are being convinced to destroy themselves — and others, even children — just to be hip.

News flash: Women don’t have penises. Really. Stop voting for those who say they do which is basically all Democrats including Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman.

Transgenders Abuse Women In California Prisons

Transgenders Abuse Women In California Prisons

Cawthorn Responds To Outrage Regarding D.C. Perversion Claim

Cawthorn Responds To Outrage Regarding D.C. Perversion Claim— Congressman Madison Cawthorn (R- NC 11) released a statement, yesterday, in response to the outrage caused by his claim of perversion and drug use in Washington D.C.

Showing wisdom beyond what you expect from a 26-year-old, Cawthorn defends House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA23) — who publicly criticized him –and expresses hope that he replaces Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House after November’s elections.

He also says that he was not necessarily referring to his Republican congressional colleagues as many surmised.

Cawthorn Responds To Outrage Regarding D.C. Perversion
Click to expand

Here is his full statement:

My comments on a recent podcast appearance calling out corruption have been used by the left and the media to disparage my Republican colleagues and falsely insinuate their involvement in illicit activities.

I’ve considered for several days how best to address this controversy. The culture in Washington is corrupt. Human nature is fallen. Compromising activities occur because when other people can place you in compromising positions, they control you. It’s all about power – but my colleagues and I are fighting that corruption.

Western North Carolina, you sent me to Washington to change the culture. If you want Washington to operate without accountability, send someone else. If you want someone who will throw the entire DC swamp into a meltdown because I call out corruption – send me back.

The left and the media want to use my words to divide the GOP. They are terrified of Republicans taking back the House and seeing Leader McCarthy become Speaker McCarthy. Their efforts to divide us will fail.

I will not back down to the mob, and I will not let them win. I will continue fighting for many years to come.

Cawthorn Responds To Outrage Regarding D.C. Perversion

Pervs Druggies In Congress, And That Doesn’t Include The D’s

Pervs Druggies In Congress, And That Doesn’t Include The D’s — Madison Cawthorn, the 26 year old who represents North Carolina’s 11th District in Congress, confirmed in an interview with Warrior Poet Society podcast host John Lovell what many of us already believed, namely that we made really, really bad choices in picking who should write our laws.

In the Congressman’s words:

Pervs Druggies In Congress, And That Doesn't Include The D's
Congressman Madison Cawthorn

The sexual perversion that goes on in Washington, I mean being kind of a young guy in Washington with the average age of probably 60 or 70 and I look at all these people, a lot of them that I, you know, looked up to through my life. I’ve always paid attention to politics, that you know, then all of a sudden you get invited to like well, hey, we’re going to have kind of a sexual get together at one of our homes. You should come. And I’m like ‘what did you just ask me to come to?’ And then you realize they are asking you to come to an orgy.

Or the fact that you know, there’s some of the people that are leading on the movement to try and remove addiction in our country and then you watch them doing a key bump of cocaine right in front of you and it’s like wow this is wild.”

Remember Cawthorn is talking about Republicans here.

And you wonder why the sexual mutilation of children is defended. And you wonder why the wall is not built to stop fentanyl smuggling and child trafficking.

Everybody has to get involved, especially those who don’t want to. Bribes, blackmail and bullying are a real thing. Assume the worst about office holders. This includes the ladies too. If they aren’t practitioners, they are enablers.

Here is the snippit from Cawthorn’s interview.

Hat tip Tracy Beanz

Pervs Druggies In Congress, And That Doesn’t Include The D’s

Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison

Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison — Jean-Luc Brunel, the French fashion power whose MC2 Model Management agency was funded by Jeffrey Epstein, was found hanged in his Paris prison cell, last night, Feb. 18.

Brunel was facing charges of rape and sexual assault, and was being investigated for human trafficking.

Brunel Hanged Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison
The late Jean-Luc Brunel

His victims included three 12-year-old sisters and Virginia Giuffre, who just four days ago (Feb. 15) settled a sex abuse lawsuit with Prince Andrew for a reported $12 million.

What a crazy coincidence that Brunel would die the same way Epstein did.

Actually, it’s not such a coincidence and don’t expect us to buy that they were suicides.

Something real sick is going on in the world.

We think — and hope and pray — that there are good wizards fighting the warlocks.

Whatever did happen to Ray Gricar anyway?

Watch your neck, Peter Nygard.

Brunel Like Epstein But In A Paris Prison

Facebook Bigwig Outed As Pedo

Facebook Bigwig Outed As Pedo — Journalist-without-peer Andy Ngo is promoting the livestream capture of Jeren A. Miles trying to explain away his attempt to seduce a 13-year-old boy for sex.

The livestream was organized by Predator Catchers Indianapolis.

Miles is Meta’s manager of community development. Meta, of course, is what Facebook is calling itself now.

What this explains is why Facebook censors users questioning things like “drag queen story hours” and the encouragement of children to transition to the opposite sex.

Below is the entire clip on Predator Catchers Indianapolis Youtube channel. Watch it while you can. We’ll give you odds it will be pulled soon.

Facebook Bigwig Outed As Pedo

Pederast Ruling Class? Why Would Anyone Think So?

Pederast Ruling Class? Why Would Anyone Think So? — Ann Coulter has a great column that inferentially explains why those whacky conspiracy theories like Pizzagate are so easy to believe.

Ann claims that the Dec. 29 conviction of Ghislaine Maxwell on federal charges of sex trafficking minors came despite attempts by the prosecutors for the Southern District of New York to throw the case.

That’s rather subjective and hyperbolic but she also notes that FBI agents searching Jeffrey Epstein’s New York mansion found sex tapes labeled “(name of underage girl) + (name of VIP)” then lost them.

That’s not subjective hence can’t be hyperbolic.

Pederast Ruling Class? Why Would Anyone Think So?
No need for secrets to the grave when the FBI is on the case.

Ms. Maxwell was the late Mr. Epstein’s assistant/partner/accomplice/whatever in the sex trafficking scheme. Some even say she was the brains behind the operation.

And given the tapes, it obviously wasn’t just about sex but blackmail and manipulation of the powerful.

And while the revelation of FBI “incompetence” is bad the media response gives it competition for what is worse.

Among traditional U.S. media outlets, only the New York Post and Miami Herald reported about the missing files, Ms. Coulter says.

She also notes that the IRS never investigated Epstein’s mysterious source of wealth.

It’s kind of weird.

“Is our ruling class trying to make us think they’re a bunch of pederasts?” she asks.

Q knows?

Here is her column.

Pederast Ruling Class? Why Would Anyone Think So?

McAfee Learned Belize Trafficking Nexus

McAfee Learned Belize Trafficking Nexus — Noted knitter John McAfee died yesterday, June 23, in a Spanish prison after his extradition to the tender mercies of the United States government was approved. He was sought for alleged tax violations.

Suicide is suspected. On the other hand, suicide is a major cause of death for those with Clinton connections.

And he had issues with the Clintons as per the interview below.

But that’s not the big takeaway from it. The big takeaway is that John took over the government of Belize’s computer system and learned that the minister of defense was Central America’s largest drug trafficker and the minister of immigration was the largest human trafficker.

McAfee Learned Belize Trafficking Nexus
R.I.P John
McAfee Learned Belize Trafficking Nexus

YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas

YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas — Commentator Eric Metaxas’ popular program has been banned from YouTube because the Google-owned woke capitalist dogs claimed he “violated our policies on COVID-19 medical misinformation and presidential election integrity.” 

Metaxas’ broadcasts can be found on Rumble.

He’s worth hearing, which is probably why the woke capitalist dogs want to silence him.

Here’s an example in which it is example how the woke capitalist dogs support child abuse and trafficking, and which he calls out Google CEO Sundar Pichal by name.

If you watch it to the 20:50 mark you will see Dawn Hawkins reveal that in survey of 15-17 year olds, 100 percent saw pornography on social media; between 95 and 100 percent — depending on state — said they were sent nude images by a stranger; and 95 to 100 percent said they were asked to produce nude images of themselves for a stranger. Most terrifying, though, is that just about all the teens said they were asked to meet a stranger or send naked photos of themselves in exchange for money, said Ms. Hawkins.

Granted it might be tough to quit YouTube but it is very simple to quit Google’s search engine.

And it isn’t hard to delete your Facebook account either. If you love this country you should.

Life is better without Facebook and Google searches.

YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas
YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas

Judith Reisman Revealed Kinsey Pedophilia Push

Judith Reisman Revealed Kinsey Pedophilia Push— Dr. Judith Reisman, who revealed the evil behind the pseudo-scientific justification for massive cultural changes relating to sexual behavior, died, April 8.

She was 86.

Mrs. Reisman was a happy wife and mother until her 10-year-old daughter was raped by a 13-year-old family friend in 1966. The boy thought she’d like it based on things he had read in his father’s Playboy.

Judith Reisman Revealed Kinsey Pedophilia Push
Dr. Judith Reisman

At her daughter’s urging , she did not call police.

She did tell her staid, conservative aunt though.

“Well Judy, she may have been looking for this herself. Children are sexual from birth,” the aunt said.

Mrs. Reisman called her friend Carole from Berkeley.

“Well Judy, she may have been looking for this herself,” Carole told her. “You know children are sexual from birth.”

These pod-people-like replies from different parts of the country shocked and confused her.

Mrs. Reisman would go on to produce music-videos for public television and then Captain Kangaroo. She left Captain K, which she respected, after pressure to speed up the music in ways she thought unwise. She then pursued a doctorate in communications at Case Western Reserve University where she studied the effects of television. To her surprise, it was already well-understood that by 1972 TV was toxic.

The industry, however, was actively hiding the data.

This led her to investigate the effects of pornography on women, which was also doing damage and also being hidden.

This led her to investigate child pornography in, by now, mainstream publications like Playboy and Penthouse. It was widespread.

So why was it accepted?

She was tipped to investigate Alfred Kinsey, whose Kinsey Reports led to the Sexual Revolution.

She found that Kinsey was a pedophile who molested children for data, and that conclusions he made from these molestations were extraordinarily unfounded.

She was naturally attacked but unnaturally she weathered them.

Mrs. Reisman died 10 days after taking her second Covid-19 vaccination shot. The Reisman Institute saysIt is believed that she suffered a stroke. There is NO KNOWN correlation between Judith’s stroke and the COVID vaccine.

Just the same, vaccines work by making one a little sick to prevent serious illness. If one should be in a category where even being a little sick presents a danger, maybe one should think twice about the vaccine.

Judith Reisman Revealed Kinsey Pedophilia Push

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