Councilwoman Schaefer Votes For Irving Contract

Councilwoman Schaefer Votes For Irving Contract

By Sharon Devaney

Delaware County (PA) Council, May 15, passed 32 consent items including the amending of a contract with Lewis M Hunt Irving, adding service and a three day bed hold to the agencies Agreement. Irving does business as Delco County Emergency Youth Academy

Councilwoman Elaine Schaefer had questioned the contract at the work session the day before, but still went along with the vote.

Also approved were the purchase of a 2023 Ford Bronco Sport vehicle from Fred Beans of West Chester not to exceed $32,459.94 for the Juvenile Court and Protective Services; a Ford F-250 Super Cab work truck with a snow plow from Pacifico Marple Ford for $77,127.04 for the Fair Acres Maintenance Department; and a Ford-350 Chassis Super Duty Regular Cab Truck from the Whitmoyer Auto Groupo using the COSTARS Contract for $81,495.

In other business, Karen Wilwol was introduced as the director of soil conservation.

Councilwoman Schaefer Votes For Hunt Contract

Councilwoman Schaefer Votes For Irving Contract

Delco Prepares To Stop Use Of Covanta; Expect Trash Costs To Hike

Delco Prepares To Stop Use Of Covanta; Expect Trash Costs To Hike — Delaware County (Pa) Council, yesterday, May 15, approved two ordinances. One extends the existence of the Delaware County Sold Waste Authority to Jan. 1, 2074. The other incurs $35 million in debt for it.

The money will allow the authority to rip down its existing trash transfer stations and replace them with neato, shiny new ones.

More significantly it will allow it to expand its use of the Rolling Hills Landfill in Berks County with the goal of ending all use of the Covanta trash-to-steam plant in Chester.

Right now Covanta takes about 85 percent of Delco’s trash with the rest going to Rolling Hills.

Delco is not the only municipality that uses Covanta so it will not necessarily close when it stops getting Delco’s trash.

Covanta brings in about $8 million a year in revenue to Chester and provides electricity to power 48,000 homes.

Chester residents seem to want Covanta gone.

We sort of sympathize.

If we lived in Tinicum would we want Philadelphia International Airport gone?

If we lived in Marcus Hook, would we want the refineries gone?


On the other hand, if the closing of industry means wealthy Haverford Prep alumni get hip neighborhoods that produce nothing but hipness, and the not-so-wealthy are priced out of their homes, maybe not.

And if it means no air transport or gasoline, and the cost of garbage disposal doubles, definitely not.

The ones running Delaware County are not deep thinkers.

Delco Prepares To Stop Use Of Covanta; Expect Trash Costs To Hike

Black Mold And Shanks At Delco Prison, Council Told

Black Mold And Shanks At Delco Prison, Council Told –Delaware County (Pa) Council was told last night, May 15, that problems continue to plague the county’s George Hill Prison.

Kimberly Brown of Colwyn told Council in the first round of public comments that they should fix the existing program at Hill before applying for a $833,000 Department of Justice reentry grant. She said the way the the program is now set allows eligible inmates to barter prescription drugs with other inmates.

In the second round of comments, Ms. Brown blasted Councilman Kevin M. Madden who is the board’s prison liaison for “bias”. She also said correctional officers were being beaten by inmates and said the chief deputy warden is never around, among other things.

Ken from Chester, identified himself as a correctional officer at Hill, thanked Richard R. Womack, for visiting the prison to investigate the concerns being raised at council meetings.

Ken said, however, that once he left the officers were targeted for retaliation by the prison administration.

He said shanks (homemade knives) are found all over the facility. Ken says the cells are filled with black mold, and the cell doors don’t work.

He said there are 250 inmates for every officer, and the officers are overworked and demoralized.

He said the general public must be told of what’s going on.

In Council remarks, Womack said he hasn’t forgotten the officers and praised them for coming to the meetings. He said they are making a difference.

He said that he can’t speak on some things that he has observed because they are under investigation.

Black Mold And Shanks At Delco Prison
Black mold and shanks and demoralized staff

Black Mold And Shanks At Delco Prison

Delco Election Issue Denials Haunting Council

Delco Election Issue Denials Haunting Council — Delaware County (Pa) Council, was told last night, May 15, that a mountain of evidence regarding vote fraud from 2020 is now in the public record and council should prepare itself.

Giving the news was nationally known election-integrity activist Greg Stenstrom of Edgmont.

The evidence was submitted during the successful defense by Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes of Bethel against a defamation suit filed by former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court.

Why Philadelphia?

Pennsylvania law gives flexibility to plaintiffs in filing suits.

It’s great for waging lawfare.

Stenstrom’s and Ms. Hoopes’ co-defendants included Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani but everything happened in and the plaintiff was from Delaware County.

The lawfare backfired this time because of an honest judge.

The lawsuit was based on The Parallel Election which says Savage helped rig the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes relied entirely on a truth defense, Stenstrom told Council.

They decline an opportunity to be released from the case in January because it meant abandoning The Donald and Rudy.

The result was complete, unambiguous victory.

Stenstrom told Council to start expecting legal action.

Council, on May 18, 2022, read into the record a letter from District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer. Stollsteimer said that he dismissed an election complaint from Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes because their evidence was just three doctored videos downloaded from the internet.

What was submitted, however, were 37 videos and several audio files obtained directly from a whistleblower.

Robert Mancini of Media also spoke regarding Delco’s election system. He said the county failed to perform a required hash test and falsified public records.

Kathy Buckley of Edgmont, who is the Republican nominee for the 168th District State House seat, asked Council why she still has not received an election report she sought from two years ago.

Good question, Kathy. Why all the secrets, Delco?

Delco Election Issue Denials Haunting Council

Delco Council Faces Real Angry Mob This Time Over Delco Woods Fears

Delco Council Faces Real Angry Mob This Time Over Delco Woods Fears — This time, Elaine Paul Schaefer, it was an angry mob but the crowd at tonight’s, May 15, Delaware County (Pa.) Council meeting had the attention of the lawmakers.

Councilwoman Schaefer left the May 1 meeting early to attend an event sponsored by the Anti-Defamation League. She claimed she was late because she had to face “an angry mob” spouting “hate speech”. The reality was there was no hate speech; the crowd was not particularly angry; and Ms. Schaefer left well before public comments started.

Many throughout the night called her out on her fabulation and demanded an apology.

Tonight’s anger stemmed from the County’s lawsuit against Marple Township which rezoned the entire 213-acre Delco Wood park as open space to foil a mental hospital the County is considering putting there.

The County is demanding that the 33-acres where sat the Don Guanella School remain institutional.

The county had promised to look for alternative sites for the needed mental facility which presumably would not be near a park or school

The filing of the lawsuit was seen by many as betrayal.

Kay Dugery, the Republican nominee for the 166th District State House seat, told Council that what they did was disturbing.

“Rather than listening to your constituents, you sued Marple,” she said.

Michael Straw, who heads Media Borough’s Republican Party wanted to know why Council is suing Marple if they plan to put the facility elsewhere. He also noted that the county is still accepting grants to create programs without having long-term plans for when the grant money expires.

Except raise taxes, he said. He credited Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther for honesty on that point.

He asked Councilwoman Schaefer to correct her record on describing those attending the last meeting as an angry mob.

He said she was better than that.

Glen of Marple accused Council of breaking promises. He thought it suspicious that the Don Guanella buildings were now boarded up.

Another Glen thought there was something deeper going on.

Joe Finio of Marple read from a two-year-old Daily Times story from when the property was purchased that quoted Councilwoman Schaefer saying county taxes would not be raised by the $22 million purchase and that the park would remain untouched.

He said the citizens are not going to stand by and let council break its promises.

Margie from Marple said she knew council was lying about looking for another site because of the lawsuit.


Charlie Alexander of Marple, who is leading the fight to stop an institution in the park, was the first speaker in the second round of public comments. He said he hears from many who won’t speak out for fear of retribution. He noted that Council limited the audience to 55 despite the council room having an occupancy of 131 at the last meeting. Alexander accused them of doing it for optics. He was among those ripping Councilwoman Schaefer for the comments she made after the last meeting.

He passionately demanded that Delco declare itself to be a non-sanctuary county and prohibit non-governmental organizations (NGOs) from assisting those here illegally.

“How are you going to some day explain to your kids why you support human trafficking,” he asked.

NGOs are implicated in illegally bringing children into the United States for sex trafficking.

Charlie was followed by his father, Howard, who said while President Trump stopped the global elites Agenda 2021 plan their Agenda 2030 plan for mass slavery and impoverishment continues.

Sharon Devaney of Haverford Township again noted how illegals get benefits while she remains impoverished from a 2017 accident caused by an illegal.

The issue has taken off in Delco since she started speaking out against it.

“I’ve swatted the hornets nest when it comes to illegals,” she said.

She noted that speaking out has come at a cost. She says her phone has been hacked, as was her bank account.

Kathy from Haverford was among those pointing out that the Ms. Schaefer left the last meeting before public comments. She asked that she refund the $2,200 she got per meeting.

She also criticized Councilman Kevin M. Madden, regarding his performance as prison liaison. She said it was dangerous for inmates and correctional officers.

Period Poverty Week

Denise, a nurse from Marple, lambasted Council’s recognition of May 20-28 as “Period Poverty Awareness” week. It’s to teach women how to use menstrual products. The county is going to have a health fair for it 2-4 p.m., May 19, at the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology in Media. We are not making this up.

“When did that become the responsibility of Council?” Denise asked.

It was a question on the minds of many judging by the snickers — overwhelmingly female — heard when the event was initially described.

Denise also took issue with a group identifying itself as “Black Nurses” something.

“We are all nurses and I am so sick to death of being separated by race,” she said.

She also wanted to know why the county is wasting money suing Marple.

Ingrid from Marple wanted to know why the shuttered Delaware County Memorial Hospital wasn’t being considered for a mental facility. She also said our border is as bad as Afghanistan.

Frank of Havertown thought a facility at Delco Woods would be used for illegals.

Tevin Dix of Upper Darby said illegal immigration is a big problem in American and especially affects the Black community. He also shared the suspicion that the crowd was limited in the previous meeting for visuals.

Joanne from Brookhaven had some choice words.

“Period poverty, what in actual hell is that?”

Council Comments

Councilwoman Schaefer said she is on record as being opposed to any type of institutional or government use of Delco Woods and remains vehemently so. Regarding her unfortunate smear, she couldn’t bring herself to apologize.

Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther said she had nothing to say that would add to the dialogue.

Councilman Richard R. Womack addressed concerns raised about the county’s George Hill Prison during public comments (see story). He said he can’t speak on some things that he has observed because they are under investigation.

He praised the correctional officers for coming to the meetings. Womack said they really are making a difference.

He said he hears the concerns regarding Delco Woods and the county really is looking at other sites.

Chairwoman Dr. Monica Taylor promised that the county is looking at other sites for the facility. She said the county is suing Marple because the zoning it instituted would prevent the county from building a playground.

Ed Note: We are confident Marple would grant a variance to build a playground or skate park or allow a building to be used for a museum.

Chairwoman Taylor said the county doesn’t own Delaware County Memorial Hospital.

In response to another point, she said that the mental facility at Fitzgerald Mercy is not designed for the type of patient not being served. She said that these people are actually living free in communities now.

She said councilmembers aren’t paid by the meeting but get a $52,000 salary and that she works more than 40 hours per week on county business.

Solicitor Jonathan Lichtenstein earlier said George Hill Prison is in full compliance with all state and federal laws regarding illegals.

Council also got a pointed warning regarding election integrity. See here.

Delco unveiled a plan to stop using Covanta’s trash-to-steam plant which now handles 85-percent of Delco’s 400,000 tons of waste. See here.

Delco Council Faces Real Angry Mob

Delco Council Faces Real Angry Mob Delco Council Faces Real Angry Mob

Delco Sues Marple Over Park Rezoning

Delco Sues Marple Over Park Rezoning — Charlie Alexander has let us know that Delaware County has filed its suit against Marple Township for rezoning the county’s Delco Woods park to exclusively open space.

Check out Charlie’s site for details.

Delco Sues Marple Over Park Rezoning

Councilwoman Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract

Councilwoman Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract — Delaware County Council is proposing to amend a contract to Lewis M.Hunt shoveling the Chester dentist/funeral parlor owner more tax dollars to reserve three beds in a community living arrangement for county residents if needed.

It’s agenda item 9-O and is scheduled for approval today, May 15.

Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer had some questions at yesterday’s work session. She wanted to know the the relationship was between Hunt and the agency supposedly doing the work. Watch it here at about 1:16 or just click on agenda 9-O.

Watch it Elaine. You keep asking questions you will end up voting for Trump.


Hey, start asking questions about Delco’s Children and Youth Services.

Councilwoman  Schaefer Questions Hunt Contract
Be careful, girl. Or you’ll become MAGA

Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa

Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa — Delaware County, Pa., Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer left council’s May 1 meeting early to attend an event concerning antisemitism.

It was announced at the night’s beginning she would be leaving at 7:30, which is an hour-and-a-half after the meeting’s start.

When she arrived at her other event she reportedly told her audience: I’m very sad to say I’m late tonight because I was at a council meeting at which there was an angry mob of 150 people. And the hate speech we’re hearing now, which is probably the reason, which is directed at immigrants. It is really just characterizing our incredibly vibrant, wonderful immigrant community as just not human. It’s really hard to hear.

We actually like Elaine. We wouldn’t vote for her but we don’t think she is a bad person.

She is fibbing through her teeth, however.

She left the meeting five minutes before her announced departure time. This was four minutes before public comments.

Check out the video. She gets up at 1:25:28 and is completely gone in 10 seconds. Public comments don’t start until 1:29:30

Whatever the reason she was late, it was not due to an “angry mob.”

We strongly urge the councilwoman to realize that dishonesty — even thoughtless, unintended dishonesty — is the major cause of divisiveness.

We strongly also urge her to understand why the citizenry calls illegals “illegals.”

Illegals are those who enter America in violation of its laws.

Immigrants are not illegals. Immigrants come to the United States legally.

Refugees are not illegals. They enter the United States legally.

Joe Biden is reportedly bringing murderously antisemitic Hamas-supporting Palestinians from Gaza to the United States as refugees.

They would not be illegals.

They would be murderously antisemitic supporters of Hamas, it is true, but they wouldn’t be illegals.

Why Biden wants them here is a different subject. Perhaps the councilwoman should broach it with her group concerned about antisemitism.

Councilman Kevin Madden also left early, at 7:45, as had been announced at the meeting’s start. Perhaps he was not late to his other event and felt no need to concoct a phony excuse.

Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa
Divisive Elaine Paul Schaefer Of Delaware County Pa

Delco Prepares Extending Solid Waste Authority Until 2074

Delco Prepares Extending Solid Waste Authority Until 2074

By Sharon Devaney

Delaware County (Pa) Council, May 1, passed first readings of ordinances that would extend the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority until Jan 1, 2074. The extension is needed for the authority to incur debt said County Solicitor Jonathan Lichtenstein.

In other business, the Council passed 33 consent items including an application to the FY2r Enhanced Collaborative Model Task Force to combat Human Trafficking in the amount of $750,000 for three years from Oct. 1, 2024 through Sept. 30, 2027; and to accept $748,500 HealthChoices Reinvestment dollars from the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services for the implementation of the Integrated Clinical Services Team.

Council appointed Mathew McGlaughlin and Jamal Johnson to the Economic Development Oversight Board to a term ending March 31; Councilwoman Christine Reuther to the Economic Development Oversight Board for a term ending March 31; and Sustainability Manager Rebecca Yurkovich to serve on a temporary basis as designee to the Board of Sustainable Energy Partnership of Southeast Pa in case of the unavailability of the appointed board member and the county sustainability director.

Delco Prepares Extending Solid Waste Authority Until 2074

Delco Must Act On Election Concerns

Delco Must Act On Election Concerns — Delaware County, Pa., Council was schooled on trust, last night, May 1, when Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby pointed out the restrictions imposed by election observers at the county’s ballot counting center at the Wharf in Chester.

Mrs. Schwartz was an observer during the April 23 primary. She said observers’ were required to leave cell phones and purses in their cars, and they were confined to a pen far from the counting.

“We can see absolutely nothing,” she said.

The Wharf is where all ballots from mailboxes and dropboxes are processed. State law exempts it from the rules governing precincts. This means pollwatchers have no power or right to access.

County Council must change this.

Assuming it wants its elections to be trusted.

Carris Kocher of Concord pointed out that Delaware County has almost a quarter of Pennsylvania’s dropboxes.

This is more than Philadelphia and Pittsburgh combined.

There is little need for dropboxes. Mailboxes are accessible 24/7 and are ubiquitous. Dropboxes are a costly and unnecessary expense. They invariably create distrust, and complicate the logistics of the ballot stream pointlessly extending election night.

County Council should get rid of the dropboxes.

Barb Lewis of Radnor pointed out that the public is being kept from seeing the workings of the voting machines.

Good point. Why should the IP concerns of private corporations take precedence over election transparency? C’mon, Mr. and Ms. and Whatever Democrat. Answer that one.

Ms. Lewis wants to eliminate voting machines and return to handcounting, as did Mrs. Schwartz.

As does Scott Thomas of Marple. Thomas is a judge of elections. He says the machines are overly complicated.

Kathy from Haverford said there is plenty of proof elections are stolen. She also noted that Delco has yet to remove its restrictions from posting on its Facebook page.

If Delco addresses the reasonable concerns of the skeptics, the skepticism goes away.

Seriously, what is the big secret involving Fort Orange Press?

Delco Must Act On Election Concerns

Delco Must Act On Election Concerns