Delco Has A Spending Problem

Delco Has A Spending Problem — Delaware County (Pa) Council, yesterday, June 5, was raked over the coals by commentators regarding spending decisions that are inevitably going to cause serious pain for taxpayers.

Spending is five or six times over budget on some items Carris Kocher of Concord said. She later noted that America doesn’t have rulers but elected servants.

A 19-percent property tax hike looms for next year, Media GOP Chairman Michael Straw said. He pointed out that Delco has entangled itself in numerous stupid and unnecessary lawsuits. He questioned the the purchase of electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles are a rather expensive fashion statement if one thinks about it.

The Democrats have blown $46 million in rainy day money, and another $8 million on the white elephant Health Department which did not exist five years ago, Straw said.

The spending is being funded by a property tax which Straw noted was a regressive tax.

Straw also called out Councilwoman Elaine Schafer for her continual failure to apologize for demeaning things she said about citizens expressing legitimate grievances.

County GOP Finance Director Dave Galluch of Newtown said the county has been ignoring spending consequences for three years, and has buried itself in a $70 million hole.

A 30-percent tax hike is possible, he said.

This means that the owner of even a small home could be paying $300 more next year in taxes.

Galluch said he grew up poor as the son of a single mom. There were times his mom barely had $50 in her bank account, he said.

Believe it or not, oh privileged council members, there are those who would be crushed in this county by having to shell out $300 more.

Hey, but electric cars are cool.

Charlie Alexander of Marple also expressed anger over the lawsuits the county has incurred. He said all the county does is raise taxes to deal with the spending crisis. Alexander said that this council is purposely trying to destroy Delco. He said they drove out legendary Upper Darby Police Chief Michael Chitwood to sow crime and chaos.

Alexander said he was going to run for County Council.

Cynthia of Upper Providence said that the health department was subsidized by pandemic money. She asked if council ever considered what would happen when the subsidies ended but the program remained. She also wanted to know if they were considering the inevitable pension bomb from the new employees.

When Council remarks rolled around Councilwoman ¬†Christine A. Reuther surprisingly conceded most of the points. Yes, she said Moody’s has lowered Delco’s bond rating because of its deficit spending and a tax increase is needed because of inflation.

She said the meanie state government restricts counties to using the property tax to raise money so the poor are going to just have to suck it up.

Neato parks and health departments and electric cars and all.

Delco Has A Spending Problem

Delco Has A Spending Problem

4 thoughts on “Delco Has A Spending Problem”

  1. Those comments were powerful last night. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen county Republicans stand up to these council people. The democrats should be concerned when they see people calling them out on numerous issues.

    19% tax increase? These individuals along with those who called out the election issues clearly had Christine Reuther rattled.

  2. These councilpeople are going to run us out of our homes in Delco. I’m sick of it. Local elections are just as important as national everyone.

    1. Actually, local elections are more important than national elections! They have tohe power to directly influence and tax you to death…

  3. Does Christine Reuther have an “off” button? Props to the GOP for calling out Schafer. What she did was cowardly. No response to Mr. Straw’s apology request again.

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