Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites

Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites — Commentators Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens are being ripped as antisemites.

Tucker’s big sin was a 40-minute interview posted on X, April 9, with Palestinian Pastor Munther Isaac Evangelical Lutheran Christmas Church of Bethlehem.

“To me Christians should be for peace,” Pastor Munther said. “We wish you (the United States) was investing all of this energy and money in initiatives and money that bring peace not continuing to support Israel unconditionally without holding them accountable which in my opinion is what drove us to this mess right now, with the catastrophe of thousands of Palestinians killed and October 7 and all of that.”

This handwaves past that big ugly elephant in the room, namely that October 7 happened.

Israel’s war in Gaza is an indisputable a war of necessity. A nation can’t allow its daughters to be raped to death or its elderly tortured to death in front of family members. That is what the Gazans directed by Hamas did.

Pastor Munther makes many good points such as Christian Zionism not being very Christian. If this interviewed was published Oct. 6, we would find ourselves in agreement with much of it.

October 7 happened, however, and Tucker deserves all the criticism he is getting for failing to emphasize that Hamas’ attack is without excuse and Israel’s response is necessary self-defense. Hamas is evil. It must be destroyed. After that happens, perhaps what Pastor Munther says should be considered.

Calling Tucker antisemitic, though, is unfair and counter-productive.

He has never in his long public life gave any indication that he hates Jews. This interview, despite its timing and shallowness, is basically a call for peace.

A misguided one but nevertheless a sincere one.

Rather than condemn him, we encourage him to interview Mosab Hassan Yousef, who is the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, and eloquently articulates the culture of poison that infects almost all Palestinians.

This gets us to Candace.

Tucker deserves grief but Ms. Owens does not.

Her sins were sticking up for Kanye West; expressing sympathy for Palestinian civilians; posting “Christ is King” on X on Palm Sunday; getting into a battle with Rabbi/TV personality Shmuley Boteach; and beating Rabbi Michael Barclay in a debate.

An excellent defense of Ms. Owens was by Elliot Resnick of Israel National News.

Using “antisemitism” and “racism” to score political points cheapens the words, which are meant to imply that someone wants to kill or enslave those of a religion or “race.”

No decent person would want to associate with someone who wishes those things.

Racism and antisemitism must only describe those who truly want to do them and never for anything else.

Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites -- Commentators Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens are being ripped as antisemites.

Tucker's big sin was a
Not an antisemite
Tucker And Candice Are Not Antisemites -- Commentators Tucker Carlson and Candice Owens are being ripped as antisemites.

Tucker's big sin was a
Neither is he

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent — Former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin did not kill George Floyd on May 25, 2020 according to Tucker Carlson’s latest (Oct. 20) X-cast.

The evidence Tucker and Vince Everett Ellison present is conclusive.

Chauvin is an innocent man serving a 22-year sentence.

He needs to be freed.

Doubt us watch this:

Tucker makes a minor mistake in claiming Chauvin has a 40 year sentence. He has a 22.5-year state sentence for murder and a 21-year federal sentence for civil rights violations but they are running concurrently.

Derek Chauvin Is Innocent

BLM Is A Hate Group

BLM Is A Hate Group

BLM Chicago posted the below X yesterday, Oct. 10.

BLM Is A Hate Group

It celebrates the hang-gliding murderers who slaughtered at least 260 of those attending a music festival near Israel’s border with Gaza at the beginning of the Oct. 7 attack by Hamas.

BLM Chicago took it down after criticism and expressed regret, apparently for getting the unexpectedly harsh reaction.

Well, explain this one via BLM Grassroots:

BLM Is A Hate Group

BLM started off with initial sympathy from Americans because most Americans don’t like racism.

Most consider the legacy of racism shameful. Most consider dividing people into “races” then giving some divisions advantages not available to others to be a bad thing.

As time passed, though, it became apparent that BLM was not about ending racism but spreading it.

Profiting all the while doing so.

BLM is a hate group.

No self-respecting person should associate with it.

Ice Cube And Bank Redlining

Ice Cube And Bank Redlining — Tucker Carlson posted an excellent interview with Ice Cube on July 26 in which Cube said that among the issues facing the Black community was that it couldn’t get small business loans.

“There’s a big problem in this country with the financial banking system and Black people, and our access to capital,” said Cube (16:50).

He cited a guy who owned a lot in South Central Los Angeles and couldn’t get a loan to put up a store and implied redlining.

Maybe it is racism. Probably it is not. Banks don’t loan their own money. The money belongs to depositors and it is beyond irresponsible to unwisely risk it.

Not saying it doesn’t happen but it certainly is beyond irresponsible.

Here’s a suggestion and it’s a serious one. Cube obviously has a lot of disposable income. He, wisely, turned down a $9 million movie deal rather than tempt fate with Pfizer.

So, Cube, you make the loans. Scout out people in your community who have integrity and talent and dreams of doing business there, and underwrite them.

And these would be loans, not gifts or grants. You would make them sign a promissory note and put up collateral. You would charge interest.

Unlike a bank the money is yours so you don’t have to be a complete SOB if payment is slow. You don’t have to take someone’s home.

On the other hand, you can certainly do some shaming if the debtor isn’t trying or squandering what you loaned him.

And you could still take the collatoral.

Use A.P. Giannini as a model.

If the problem is racism, that ironically is a good thing. That means there is a gold mine there.

Racism is irrational. If a hard-working skilled fellow with integrity is being rejected as an investment only because of his skin pigmentation, one will more than make his money back by giving him a loan.

And if a whole lot of hard-working skilled people with integrity aren’t getting serviced, the one who invests in them will make a whole lot of money back.

Like we said, gold mine.

Even more than rapping.

Here’s Tucker’s interview:

Ice Cube And Bank Redlining
The next J.P. Morgan?

Ice Cube And Bank Redlining

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie — Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live monologue regarding rapper Ye — formerly know as Kanye West — and Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has gone viral.

Ye and Irving are taking heat for bizarre comments made over the last month that caused Jewish leaders to take great umbrage and react.

Ye has lost millions including a sponsorship with Adidas. Irving was forced to grovel in apology and give $500,000 to organizations connected to the Anti-defamation League (ADL) which is little more than an extortion agency.

You guys really can’t see the potential for a backlash?

Ye, a guy known for his lack of stability, tweets crazy stuff and must be destroyed.

Irving, a babbling athlete, babbles. The response to it is only making many who had been ignoring it, start going hmmmm.

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie
Dave Chappell on Saturday Night Live, Nov. 12

Chappelle, on Nov. 12, brought sanity to the discussion leavened with humor .

Really Jewish leaders, lighten up. Pretend Kanye and Kyrie are Nazis marching in Skokie even though none of their comments come close to Nazi hate.

Hey, better yet, pretend they are Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton. Has Louie or Al ever been “cancelled”? Has a corporation ever publicly rebuked them? These guys actually want to get Jews killed. In Sharpton’s case he has.

Chappell’s monologue was criticism from kindness. Every sane Jew should shake his hand.

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

By Joe Guzzardi

Meta Platforms, until October 2021 known as Facebook, is in turmoil. Infamous for its commitment to employing H-1B workers, and simultaneously undermining qualified U.S. tech workers’ careers, the Silicon Valley titan is finally getting its just rewards.

Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook fixture for 14 years, and as Chief Operating Officer the No. 2 behind Mark Zuckerberg, will be leaving this fall. Some analysts have been long-critical of Sandberg, net worth $1.6 billion, and have pushed for at least two years for her ousting. Zuckerberg and Sandberg disagreed over Metaverse’s vision.

Since Sandberg’s COO replacement, Julian Oliver, has been named, her departure is unlikely to have further measurable negative effect on Meta. But, Oliver will have to assume the responsibility for pulling Meta out of the steady, deep decline the company is struggling with.

Meta Platform’s key Facebook products have grown old. The number of young people actively using Facebook and Instagram has drifted to TikTok which users see as more compelling. Today, TikTok, dominates the social media industry in screen time, and Amazon has become a leading player in the advertising industry.

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

Then, to the dismay of its shareholders, the Meta stock price’s plunge in recent weeks has slashed the market cap by about 50 percent to $529 billion from an all-time high, and has cut Zuckerberg’s net worth to about $84 billion. As of June 7, Meta stock has stabilized at $196 per share, 14 percent above its low for the year.

In February, Facebook agreed to pay $90 million to settle a privacy lawsuit which claimed that it impermissibly tracked users after they logged out, and sold their personal information to enrich the company. Along the same lines, in January, the British watchdog group, Financial Conduct Authority, sued Meta for $3.2 billion on behalf of individuals who used Facebook in the UK between 2015 to 2019. The lawsuit claims that Facebook made its users submit personal data in order to access the platform and thereby earned billions of dollars from the tactic, Reuters reported.

For Meta, the bad news keeps piling up. Qualified black applicants have charged Facebook with shutting them out of key positions because they aren’t a “culture fit,” a possible reference to the large number of Chinese and Indian H-1B visa employees on the staff. Multiple reports allege that hiring managers confirmed to black candidates during interviews that they “could do the job” before using the “culture-fit” excuse to reject the candidate.

Facebook pledges to add 30 percent more people of color in leadership positions by 2025, but it has a long way to go. Despite incessantly touting the company’s commitment to diversity, Facebook’s 2020 Diversity Report showed little progress. Blacks and Hispanics in key technical roles increased year-over-year, from 1 percent to 1.7 percent for blacks and from 3 percent to 4.3 percent for Hispanics. Moreover, since last summer, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is investigating bias claims against Facebook and has recently upgraded its inquiry into a systemic probe that could lead to broader charges.

Meta not only denies middle-management jobs to blacks and Hispanics. The company prefers cheaper, more subservient foreign-born H-1B workers to U.S. tech graduates, a constant in its hiring practices. Zuckerberg, both directly through his congressional testimony and also through FWD.us, the pro-amnesty group he created, staunchly supports higher immigration.

Last year, the Department of Labor and the Department of Justice settled employment discrimination suits against Facebook. Although the settlement sums were paltry for the tech giant, $4.75 million, a DOL civil penalty payable to the federal government and, from the DOJ, up to $9.5 million due the injured parties, Facebook should assume that the charges against it are a warning to clean up its anti-U.S. tech worker bias.

Meta needs a public relations overhaul. An easy place to begin would be to hire U.S. tech workers. Figuratively, Facebook’s image has taken a bigger hit than its net worth. With more than a half-trillion current net worth, even after the stock market blood bath, Meta Platforms/Facebook can afford to hire skilled U.S. tech workers.

Joe Guzzardi is a PFIR analyst who has written about immigration and its consequences for more than 30 years. Contact him at jguzzardi@pfirdc.org.

Racial Turmoil At Meta As Company Favors Foreigners

Bill Bans Woke Bigotry In Florida Classrooms

Bill Bans Woke Bigotry In Florida Classrooms — Legislation strongly backed by Gov. Ron DeSantis is before the Florida legislature that would prohibit classroom instruction that contradicts these concepts:

  • No race is inherently superior to another race
  • An individual, by virtue of his or her race or sex, does not bear responsibility for actions committed in the past by other members of the same race or sex
  • An individual should not be made to feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress on account of his or her race

The legislation is called the Stop the Wrongs to Our Kids and Employees Act (WOKE)

Pennsylvania’s legislature should do the same. Frankly, all legislatures should do this.

Only racist bigots can oppose it.

Hat tip Ann Coulter

Bill Bans Woke Bigotry In Florida Classrooms
Bill Bans Woke Bigotry In Florida Classrooms

Freedom Is Bedrock Of The West

Freedom Is Bedrock Of The West — The establishment through it’s government agencies, mockingbird media and comped academia is seeking to destroy truth, justice and the American Way to bring forth a New World Feudalism.

One of the ways is promoting the untrue claim that America — and Western Civilization itself — is founded on slavery. The strategy via means like the objectively false 1619 Project follows the principle articulated by noted Nazi Joseph Goebbels that “if you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

Fortunately, as Goebbels qualified: “The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

And the truth is being told at places like here and Patriot.Online and many others.

A great rebuttal to the “West is a bunch of slave owners” lie can be found in  Drieu Godefridi‘s article Enslavement of the Black by the White: ‘The Bedrock of the West’? at Gatestone Institute. Check it out.

Freedom Is Bedrock Of The West
Freedom Is Bedrock Of The West

BLM Defends Racist Cuban Regime

BLM Defends Racist Cuban Regime — To those “Black Lives Matter” a-holes defending Cuban communism we’d like to send this quote from progressive hero Che Guevara:

“The ***** is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”

Courtesy of the Huffington Post, no less.

BLM Defends Racist Cuban Regime
A hipster honoring a racist pig and making a capitalist pig richer

AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now

AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now — The professional association for school administrators is promoting racism under the guise of “anti-racism”.

The American Association of School Administrators — or as it now strangely and stupidly calls itself AASA, The School Superintendents Association — is encouraging dividing children by race and putting artificial hobbles on those it places in the divisions.

An example is its promotion of single tracking in math. The AASA claims that children of light pigmentation or of Asian descent do better in math, hence letting the kids advance according to their ability, and parents’ wishes, is somehow unfair.

Listen to Lily Talcott, deputy superintendent in the Ithaca City School District (NY) explain it starting at the 19 minute mark.

If you think you can stomach other examples of racist child hate disguised as virtue signaling listen to the entire podcast.

Or just take our word. Life is short.

You really want your kids to be forever burdened due to the sense of aesthetics and selfishness of people like Lilly Talcott? Keep supporting public schools.

The disadvantage “Black” kids face is that 72 percent of them are raised in homes without fathers. Bring the fathers back and dark faces start appearing in Algebra 1.

Racism is dividing people into races. It becomes acute when you start saying these artificial constructs should be treated differently.

Keeping a child from achieving because of his skin color is racism as is insisting that it is skin color that keeps such achievement from happening.

This is what Lilly Talcott and the ASAA are doing.

Racism ends when one recognizes that skin pigmentation is meaningless and that “Black” and “White” are unnecessary adjectives for the word “people”.

Regardless, get your kids out of public schools. They are run by fools.

AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now
AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now