BLM Defends Racist Cuban Regime

BLM Defends Racist Cuban Regime — To those “Black Lives Matter” a-holes defending Cuban communism we’d like to send this quote from progressive hero Che Guevara:

“The ***** is indolent and lazy, and spends his money on frivolities, whereas the European is forward-looking, organized and intelligent.”

Courtesy of the Huffington Post, no less.

BLM Defends Racist Cuban Regime
A hipster honoring a racist pig and making a capitalist pig richer

AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now

AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now — The professional association for school administrators is promoting racism under the guise of “anti-racism”.

The American Association of School Administrators — or as it now strangely and stupidly calls itself AASA, The School Superintendents Association — is encouraging dividing children by race and putting artificial hobbles on those it places in the divisions.

An example is its promotion of single tracking in math. The AASA claims that children of light pigmentation or of Asian descent do better in math, hence letting the kids advance according to their ability, and parents’ wishes, is somehow unfair.

Listen to Lily Talcott, deputy superintendent in the Ithaca City School District (NY) explain it starting at the 19 minute mark.

If you think you can stomach other examples of racist child hate disguised as virtue signaling listen to the entire podcast.

Or just take our word. Life is short.

You really want your kids to be forever burdened due to the sense of aesthetics and selfishness of people like Lilly Talcott? Keep supporting public schools.

The disadvantage “Black” kids face is that 72 percent of them are raised in homes without fathers. Bring the fathers back and dark faces start appearing in Algebra 1.

Racism is dividing people into races. It becomes acute when you start saying these artificial constructs should be treated differently.

Keeping a child from achieving because of his skin color is racism as is insisting that it is skin color that keeps such achievement from happening.

This is what Lilly Talcott and the ASAA are doing.

Racism ends when one recognizes that skin pigmentation is meaningless and that “Black” and “White” are unnecessary adjectives for the word “people”.

Regardless, get your kids out of public schools. They are run by fools.

AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now
AASA Is Racist; School Choice Now

Recognizing Racists For Juneteenth

Recognizing Racists For Juneteenth — Tomorrow is Juneteenth, the new federal holiday — proposed by President Trump, by the way — that literally honors the heroic white Republican men who marched a thousand difficult miles to free blacks held in bondage in Democrat-controlled cities in 1865.

Racism, unfortunately, remains.

Here is how to recognize a racist.

  • Support for Planned Parenthood, an organization created to eliminate Blacks.
  • Support for gun control i.e. disarming Blacks.
  • Opposition to school choice i.e. keeping Blacks poorly educated.

Enjoy tomorrow.

Recognizing Racists For Juneteenth

Tim Scott Gets It With Response To Biden

Tim Scott gets it. The Republican senator from South Carolina gave the response to Joe Biden’s Quisling-like claims as to why we must surrender freedom so the rich get richer. Scott says what needed to be said and we link to it.

Republicans are not necessarily the good guys but the Democrats are certainly the bad ones.

Tim Scott Gets It With Response To Biden
Tim Scott Gets It

What White Supremacists Say

What White Supremacists Say — Racism is dividing people into “racial” categories and saying the law may treat those in some categories different. This is vile and inexcusable.

Some with light pigmentation deny the humanity of those with dark skin. They are white supremacists. They are bad people.

Here are the tells that show if a person is a white supremacist:

  • They believe those with dark skin are are too stupid to get a drivers license.
  • They believe minority neighborhoods need abortion clinics.
  • They claim that school choice is not necessary because the public schools are great even when it is obvious they are not.
  • They say that gun restrictions are needed in cities with large black populations.

Do what you can to keep those who hold these views out of power. There is no such thing as “Black people. There is no such thing as “White people”. There are only people. Some people are good. Some people are bad. Most of us are just average.

The bad ones, though, want to divide us into racial categories. Yes, this includes leaders of both political parties, and those who find themselves in soft, high six-figure jobs in institutions.

A divided people enables the corrupt in their pursuit of power and wealth.

What White Supremacists Say
What White Supremacists Say

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-20

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-20

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Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit puzzle: Race hate isn’t human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature.
Orson Welles

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-23-20

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-20

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer — Democrat Presidential contender Joe Biden has a long and troubled history of racism. He wrote laws that penalized possession of crack cocaine, the drug of choice for poor blacks, far more harshly than powered cocaine, the then drug of choice for hip whites.

Some irony here considering the photos of his son Hunter found on the laptop he forgot he left at The Mac Shop, a Wilmington, Del. computer repair store.

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer
White privilege exemplified

He crafted the 1994 Crime Bill — which until 2015 he called the Biden Crime Bill — that gave life-long sentences to those convicted of minor crimes.

The injustice wasn’t rectified until President Trump signed The First Step Act on Dec. 21, 2018.

Joe Biden referred to former Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Bryd as a friend and mentor, and was a close ally of White supremacist Democrat Sen. James Eastland of Mississippi.

Even other Democrats have pointed out Biden’s troubling past — at least when it seemed opportune.

And now Joe Biden has gotten the endorsement of racist Richard Spencer, who was among the White nationalists that President Trump said “should be condemned totally” for the Charlottesville riots.

You know that President Trump unambiguously condemned the neo-Nazis and White nationalists right?

Racist Planned Parenthood is also a huge supporter of Biden, as are the those who seek to trap poor kids in horrific schools by opposing school choice.

If you are a racist, Biden is your guy.

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported — There is much misreported as the establishment propaganda mockingbirds demonize Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old lifeguard who shot three killing two in self defense on Aug. 25 during the Kenosha, Wis. riots.

Kyle did not cross state lines to participate in some kind of militia activity. He worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard. He did not bring the rifle across state lines. He was asked by the owner to help protect what was left of a car dealership destroyed by the rioters. He did not do so on his own initiative.

Kyle had brought a first aid kit and was attempting to help injured rioters when he was set upon.

Kyle initially fled. He fired when it appeared he couldn’t escape and his life was in danger.

It’s more and more clear that he shot all in self defense, yet he is charged with numerous crimes including first degree murder.

And, of course, the two he killed had significant records of felonious violence. What are the odds that the only killed would be violent felons if it were a crowd of peaceful protestors seeking fairness and justice?

Here is the statement from his attorney Pierce Bainbridge:

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

What else is being under-reported is Jacob Blake, the martyr /s, whose shooting by police caused the turmoil.

Blake was wanted on felonious sexual assault. He, in July, had allegedly entered the home of a female acquaintance as she slept on her bed with her child. He penetrated her with his finger, sniffed it and accused her of being with other men, all with the child present leaving her humiliated and in tears. He then took her keys to steal her car and left. He returned on Aug. 23 and she called police. He resisted arrest and was shot.

Wear his name on your helmets all you corporate athletes so your dwindling number of fans can see where you stand.

Then say #MeToo.

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told— Way back when Tony Fauci was still appearing at White House press conferences he was asked why African Americans were disproportionately dying of Covid-19.

His answer, simplified, was that they were too fat.

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Those with dark skin are disproportionately dying of Covid — three times as much in May. The explanations offered by the “smart set” were greater co-morbidities as per Fauci or that Blacks were less likely to quarantine because they were performing “essential” labor like stocking warehouses or transporting neat gizmos to teachers enjoying extended vacations.

We have not seen one certified Beltway expert bring up that vitamin D appears to prevent bad results from Covid and that those with dark skin are more likely to suffer vitamin D insufficiency.

You would think that if they cared, they would throw it out as a possibility. It doesn’t have to be called a certainty. Vitamin D is a supplement sold over the counter. It’s not regulated by the FDA but Fauci’s task force could have provided guidance as to how much not to take. At least you would think so. says “no studies have investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements or vitamin D deficiency on the risk of contracting the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

Fair enough, but again you would think that the task force would be prioritizing such a study.

And it certainly seems far more harmful than not to tell those with dark skin that vitamin D appears to lessen Covid’s effects (fact); they are more likely to suffer from vitamin D insufficiency (fact); and that it might be wise for those with dark skin to supplement their diets with vitamin D within appropriate guidelines.

In June –two months after Fauci blamed co-morbidity for the higher death rate among blacks — he testified before Congress that it was really racism.

Look in the mirror, Doc.

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up — We reported this July 24 but we’ll reiterate. An investigation by Forbes has revealed that Nike literally buys slaves to make its products. This occurs in China and the slaves are Moslem Uighurs. Among the ways these slaves are advertised is from online postings proclaiming  The advantages of Xinjiang workers are: semi-military style management, can withstand hardship, no loss of personnel … Minimum order 100 workers! 

Does Nike brand its Uighur slaves with this? Just don’t it.

If you buy Nike products you support slavery. Before you read this maybe could plead ignorance but now, not so much.

Not everything made overseas is with slave labor, and there are things you have little choice in buying. Branded apparel is not one of them, though, especially when it comes from a brand that might be the biggest hypocrite in merchandising history.

It’s not hyperbole to say that if you buy Nike you support slavery.

Remember that next time someone talks about “white privilege”. Especially if it is from a guy who became an even bigger one-percenter when he figured out a new scam after he lost a step on the gridiron, or from a billionairess who got her wealth pandering and promoting perversion.

Really, how many slaves have you ever owned? Infinitely less than Nike.

Or John of God, for that matter.

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up