Race hate William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-20

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-20

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Answer to yesterday’s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit puzzle: Race hate isn’t human nature; race hate is the abandonment of human nature.
Orson Welles

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Omnibit 10-23-20

Race hate William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 10-23-20

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer — Democrat Presidential contender Joe Biden has a long and troubled history of racism. He wrote laws that penalized possession of crack cocaine, the drug of choice for poor blacks, far more harshly than powered cocaine, the then drug of choice for hip whites.

Some irony here considering the photos of his son Hunter found on the laptop he forgot he left at The Mac Shop, a Wilmington, Del. computer repair store.

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer
White privilege exemplified

He crafted the 1994 Crime Bill — which until 2015 he called the Biden Crime Bill — that gave life-long sentences to those convicted of minor crimes.

The injustice wasn’t rectified until President Trump signed The First Step Act on Dec. 21, 2018.

Joe Biden referred to former Ku Klux Klan leader Robert Bryd as a friend and mentor, and was a close ally of White supremacist Democrat Sen. James Eastland of Mississippi.

Even other Democrats have pointed out Biden’s troubling past — at least when it seemed opportune.

And now Joe Biden has gotten the endorsement of racist Richard Spencer, who was among the White nationalists that President Trump said “should be condemned totally” for the Charlottesville riots.

You know that President Trump unambiguously condemned the neo-Nazis and White nationalists right?

Racist Planned Parenthood is also a huge supporter of Biden, as are the those who seek to trap poor kids in horrific schools by opposing school choice.

If you are a racist, Biden is your guy.

Joe Biden Racist Supporters Now Include Richard Spencer

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported — There is much misreported as the establishment propaganda mockingbirds demonize Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old lifeguard who shot three killing two in self defense on Aug. 25 during the Kenosha, Wis. riots.

Kyle did not cross state lines to participate in some kind of militia activity. He worked in Kenosha as a lifeguard. He did not bring the rifle across state lines. He was asked by the owner to help protect what was left of a car dealership destroyed by the rioters. He did not do so on his own initiative.

Kyle had brought a first aid kit and was attempting to help injured rioters when he was set upon.

Kyle initially fled. He fired when it appeared he couldn’t escape and his life was in danger.

It’s more and more clear that he shot all in self defense, yet he is charged with numerous crimes including first degree murder.

And, of course, the two he killed had significant records of felonious violence. What are the odds that the only killed would be violent felons if it were a crowd of peaceful protestors seeking fairness and justice?

Here is the statement from his attorney Pierce Bainbridge:

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

What else is being under-reported is Jacob Blake, the martyr /s, whose shooting by police caused the turmoil.

Blake was wanted on felonious sexual assault. He, in July, had allegedly entered the home of a female acquaintance as she slept on her bed with her child. He penetrated her with his finger, sniffed it and accused her of being with other men, all with the child present leaving her humiliated and in tears. He then took her keys to steal her car and left. He returned on Aug. 23 and she called police. He resisted arrest and was shot.

Wear his name on your helmets all you corporate athletes so your dwindling number of fans can see where you stand.

Then say #MeToo.

Kyle Rittenhouse Side Unreported

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told— Way back when Tony Fauci was still appearing at White House press conferences he was asked why African Americans were disproportionately dying of Covid-19.

His answer, simplified, was that they were too fat.

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Those with dark skin are disproportionately dying of Covid — three times as much in May. The explanations offered by the “smart set” were greater co-morbidities as per Fauci or that Blacks were less likely to quarantine because they were performing “essential” labor like stocking warehouses or transporting neat gizmos to teachers enjoying extended vacations.

We have not seen one certified Beltway expert bring up that vitamin D appears to prevent bad results from Covid and that those with dark skin are more likely to suffer vitamin D insufficiency.

You would think that if they cared, they would throw it out as a possibility. It doesn’t have to be called a certainty. Vitamin D is a supplement sold over the counter. It’s not regulated by the FDA but Fauci’s task force could have provided guidance as to how much not to take. At least you would think so.

Healthline.com says “no studies have investigated the effect of vitamin D supplements or vitamin D deficiency on the risk of contracting the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19.”

Fair enough, but again you would think that the task force would be prioritizing such a study.

And it certainly seems far more harmful than not to tell those with dark skin that vitamin D appears to lessen Covid’s effects (fact); they are more likely to suffer from vitamin D insufficiency (fact); and that it might be wise for those with dark skin to supplement their diets with vitamin D within appropriate guidelines.

In June –two months after Fauci blamed co-morbidity for the higher death rate among blacks — he testified before Congress that it was really racism.

Look in the mirror, Doc.

Blacks Covid Vitamin D And Things Not Told

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up — We reported this July 24 but we’ll reiterate. An investigation by Forbes has revealed that Nike literally buys slaves to make its products. This occurs in China and the slaves are Moslem Uighurs. Among the ways these slaves are advertised is from online postings proclaiming  The advantages of Xinjiang workers are: semi-military style management, can withstand hardship, no loss of personnel … Minimum order 100 workers! 

Does Nike brand its Uighur slaves with this? Just don’t it.

If you buy Nike products you support slavery. Before you read this maybe could plead ignorance but now, not so much.

Not everything made overseas is with slave labor, and there are things you have little choice in buying. Branded apparel is not one of them, though, especially when it comes from a brand that might be the biggest hypocrite in merchandising history.

It’s not hyperbole to say that if you buy Nike you support slavery.

Remember that next time someone talks about “white privilege”. Especially if it is from a guy who became an even bigger one-percenter when he figured out a new scam after he lost a step on the gridiron, or from a billionairess who got her wealth pandering and promoting perversion.

Really, how many slaves have you ever owned? Infinitely less than Nike.

Or John of God, for that matter.

Nike Buys Slaves, You Don’t, Wake Up

BLM Against Black Men

BLM Against Black Men — Black Lives Matter isn’t about black lives. It is a Marxist organization with money coming from Susan Rosenberg’s Thousand Currents.

Who is Susan Rosenberg? She was a member of the May 19th Communist Organization, which in the late 1970s and early 1980s killed cops, blew up government buildings and committed other acts of terror.

She was arrested in 1984 with a large cache of explosives and firearms and sentence to 58 years in prison. Her involvement in the 1981 Brinks robbery in which a guard and two cops were killed was likely a factor in her sentence albeit she was never charged with that crime.

Her sentence was commuted to time served on Bill Clinton’s last day in office, Jan. 20, 2001.

Anyway Black Lives Matter’s mission statement covers a lot that doesn’t have much to do with black lives.

“We make space for transgender brothers and sisters to participate and lead” it says.

“We are self-reflexive and do the work required to dismantle cisgender privilege (heterosexuality) and uplift Black trans folk, especially Black trans women who continue to be disproportionately impacted by trans-antagonistic violence,” it says.

“We build a space that affirms Black women and is free from sexism, misogyny, and environments in which men are centered,” it says.

“We dismantle the patriarchal practice that requires mothers to work “double shifts” so that they can mother in private even as they participate in public justice work,” it says.

“We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement,” it says.

“We foster a queer‐affirming network. When we gather, we do so with the intention of freeing ourselves from the tight grip of heteronormative thinking, or rather, the belief that all in the world are heterosexual (unless s/he or they disclose otherwise),” it says.

We don’t think these people really like black men. Frankly we don’t think these people like black women that much as most women like men and want men to stick around.

Actually this organization seems to be about making people hate each other as much as possible.

For what it’s worth, Susan Rosenberg is not black.

BLM Against Black Men
BLM Against Black Men

Seattle Anti-White Bigotry Must Be Punished

Seattle Anti-White Bigotry Must Be Punished — Seattle held a segregated training session for white employees demeaning them and saying they must work on “undoing your own whiteness”.

This was obviously in violation of the Civil Rights Act, and Constitution. May those responsible be sued to oblivion and may those victimized get rich from reparations for this oppression.

Among the characteristic they said white employees must abandon are perfectionism, individualism, intellectualization, comfort and objectivity.

Guess these bigots are anti-black too. Why do they think people with dark skin can’t be perfectionist, individualistic, intellectual, objective and enjoy comfort?

The great Rev. King said judge people by the content of their character not the color of their skin. These jackasses are spitting in Rev. King’s face just as did the racists he looked in the eye.

There is no such thing as “white people”. There is no such thing as “black people’. There is only people. All people can choose to be good. All people can choose to be evil.

People who have chosen to be sick and evil have taken control of government in Seattle and many other places. Those who can’t see this are blind.

Seattle Anti-White Bigotry Must Be Punished
Seattle Anti-White Bigotry Must Be Punished

Albert Pike Falls, Good Riddance

Albert Pike Falls, Good Riddance — Last night, (June 19) rioters in D.C. toppled the statue of Albert Pike. Their outrage was that he was a brigadier general in the Confederate Army who led Native Americans battling to keep their black slaves, and that’s how he was described in newscasts.

Albert Pike Falls, Good Riddance
It’s gone, gone gone

OK, not the part about how he led Indians fighting to keep their slaves — which is true — but that he was a Confederate general.

So how did a minor Confederate general get a statue in our nation’s capital? Pike’s real claim to fame was being the leader of Freemasonry in the 19th century. There are conspiracy theories attributed to him i.e. that he was a devil-worshipper who predicted three world wars to that would lead to a realm ruled by Satan.

This specific prophecy is easily debunked as Pike died in 1891 and the words he allegedly used included “fascists” and “Nazis” which didn’t exist until 1921 and 1930.

However, there is a more reasonable phrasing alleged to have been made in a letter Pike wrote to Guiseppe Mazzini in 1871:

We shall unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we shall provoke a great social cataclysm which in all its horror will show clearly to all nations the effect of absolute atheism; the origins of savagery and of most bloody turmoil.

Then everywhere, the people will be forced to defend themselves against the world minority of the world revolutionaries and will exterminate those destroyers of civilization and the multitudes disillusioned with Christianity whose spirits will be from that moment without direction and leadership and anxious for an ideal, but without knowledge where to send its adoration, will receive the true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer brought finally out into public view. A manifestation which will result from a general reactionary movement which will follow the destruction of Christianity and Atheism; both conquered and exterminated at the same time.

Say what you want but there does seem to be sort of a blueprint there for recent events.

The letter was claimed to be on file in the  British Museum Library by author and Canadian Naval Officer William Guy Carr albeit Carr later took it back. He said his source for the letter was Chilean Cardinal José María Caro Rodríguez.

There are claims about Pike and Freemasonry support of Luciferianism that can be attributed to 19th century French personality Léo Taxil, who would later admit it was all a hoax.

Still, there is no doubt that Pike hated Catholicism and wanted to change American culture to a non-Christian one.

The authoritative Catholic Encyclopedia quotes Pike as saying:

A man who has a higher conception of God than those about him and who denies that their conception is God, is very likely to be called an Atheist by men who are really far less believers in God than he


It is in the antique symbols and their occult meaning that the true secrets of Freemasonry consist. These must reveal its nature and true purposes.


The Papacy . . . has been for a thousand years the torturer and curse of Humanity, the most shameless imposture, in its pretence to spiritual power of all ages. 

So how did this guy get a statue in Washington D.C. ?

We strongly encourage Black Lives Matter to go after the Georgia Guidestones next.

Albert Pike Falls, Good Riddance

Most Violent Day In Chicago

Most Violent Day In Chicago — May 31 was the most violent day in Chicago in the last 60 years with 18 killed in 24 hours. Stores were looted as police were absent. You saw the headlines right? That was sarcasm. The traditional i.e. establishment globalist media is not about telling the truth or informing the public.

Who needs police around anyway? Actually, you probably don’t if you are killing someone or looting a store.

Most Violent Day In Chicago
Most Violent Day In Chicago

White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter

White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter — Virtue signaling has swamped our society in the last few weeks. It’s disgusting, divisive and destructive. Want to have some fun? Ask an acquaintance who is posturing how “black lives matter” to say “white lives matter.”

We can say black lives matter. It’s easy. We believe it. Most of our readers do too.

But can our critics say “white lives matter”? It should be easy. Three simple words. You can say or write it in less than a second. Saying it creates unity and eases division. But for some strange reason, the ones most loudly shouting BLM can’t even whisper WLM.

Why? Because they want division and hate unity.

Racism is vile. Again, we and most of our readers believe this.

Racism is the belief that one ethnicity should have less civil rights than others. Repeat, it is vile.

Ironically, this means that those are racists who hold that a black professional and family should get race-based privileges unavailable to a white working two jobs in the sticks.

This doesn’t mean that the professional with dark skin shouldn’t have a higher income and nicer home if effort and talent warrant it. It just means he shouldn’t get special set-asides, tuition breaks for his kids or any other pigmentation advantage

Those who claim otherwise are, literally, racists.

The why to end racial division in our nation — and it is an artificially created division — is to declare racial distinction no longer exists. What would seem so hard to so many is so easy one’s noodle should be baked when the simplicity dawns.

Just say no “black people” exist. Then say no “white people” exist. Only people exist.

Noodle baked yet?

Ahhh but what about bigots who hold power and choose not to go along?

When George Floyd died in torment crying for mercy after a cop kneeled on his neck for eight minutes despite his arm being in restraints, we were sickened and outraged. Why? Because we didn’t see Floyd as a “black man”. We saw him as us. If we saw him as “black man”, maybe we would just shrug. Tough break buddy.

But we saw him as a fellow human and we were and are outraged. Yeah, people with light pigmentation get abused by authority too. It actually happened quit a bit in the old countries from which we come and about which we have generational memory. Not so much in America, which is why we love her but it still happens. Ask Aaron Swartz or Vicki Weaver. Well, you can’t because they are dead but it happens.

So when a bigot with authority abuses someone unjustly and we no longer see the abused as “black” or “white” but human, that bigot faces a united people rather than a divided one. It’s at that point the sick and evil lose.

All lives matter. Say it. It’s not hard.

White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter
White Lives Matter, Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter