Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie — Dave Chappelle’s Saturday Night Live monologue regarding rapper Ye — formerly know as Kanye West — and Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving has gone viral.

Ye and Irving are taking heat for bizarre comments made over the last month that caused Jewish leaders to take great umbrage and react.

Ye has lost millions including a sponsorship with Adidas. Irving was forced to grovel in apology and give $500,000 to organizations connected to the Anti-defamation League (ADL) which is little more than an extortion agency.

You guys really can’t see the potential for a backlash?

Ye, a guy known for his lack of stability, tweets crazy stuff and must be destroyed.

Irving, a babbling athlete, babbles. The response to it is only making many who had been ignoring it, start going hmmmm.

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie
Dave Chappell on Saturday Night Live, Nov. 12

Chappelle, on Nov. 12, brought sanity to the discussion leavened with humor .

Really Jewish leaders, lighten up. Pretend Kanye and Kyrie are Nazis marching in Skokie even though none of their comments come close to Nazi hate.

Hey, better yet, pretend they are Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton. Has Louie or Al ever been “cancelled”? Has a corporation ever publicly rebuked them? These guys actually want to get Jews killed. In Sharpton’s case he has.

Chappell’s monologue was criticism from kindness. Every sane Jew should shake his hand.

Hating Kanye And Kyrie But Not Al And Louie

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