Springfield Mall On The Block

Springfield Mall On The Block — Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust, which is the owner of the Springfield Mall and several other regional properties, announced at its third-quarter earnings call, Tuesday, Nov. 8, it is exploring a merger or sale.

The company lost $71.3 million for the three months ending Sept. 30 and $38.4 million in the same period in 2021, says Chairman and CEO Joseph Coradino.

Hat tip David Bjorkgren and Delco Today.

Springfield Mall On The Block
The Springfield Mall’s future is iffy

Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022

Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022 — Springfield’s 6th Ward leaf collection starts the week of Nov. 7 with the 2nd Precinct. The 4th Precinct will have its leaves collected the week of Nov. 21; the 3rd the week of Nov. 28; and the 1st the week of Dec. 5.

Form leaves at the edge of sidewalk or front lawn. Don’t put them in the street. If a collection dat is missed or a second pick up needed, notify the township after the week of Dec. 5 and it will come around again.

Hat tip 6th Ward Commissioner Bob Layden.

If unsure of the precinct, fill this form on the Pennsylvania Department of State’s website and the information will be provided.

For leaf collections for other wards, visit here or see below.

Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022
Springfield 6th Ward Leaf Collection 2022 — Springfield’s 6th Ward leaf collection starts the week of Nov. 7 with the 2nd Precinct.

Gary Byrne Describes Son’s Suicide

Gary Byrne Describes Son’s Suicide — Author Gary Byrne has posted a video describing the bullying and indifference by educators that led to suicide of his son, Ethan.

Ethan was a 17-year-old senior at Springfield High School in Delaware County, Pa. when he shot himself in a local park on Oct. 19, 2020.

Byrne filed suit in federal court, on July 19, 2021 against the Springfield Board of School Directors, Superintendent Dr. Anthony Barber and Principal Joseph Hepp for failure to notify them of the bullying their son endured which prevented them from being able to stop his untimely death.

In his video, Byrne says his son made a stupid comment in June 2020 — at the height of the lockdowns and the George Floyd controversy — to a group of online friends regarding Floyd in which he used racially charged language. He was rebuked and apologized.

Byrne says that type of language was not uncommon in the group of teenagers.

One of the group passed it to an African-American girl at the school active in social causes who then spread it throughout social media sites.

Ethan suffered silently through the summer. The final straw came when an SHS graduate attending Penn State texted him threatening his family.

Here is Gary’s video:

Gary Byrne Describes Son's Suicide
Gary Byrne Describes Son’s Suicide

Oz Visits Springfield Delco

Oz Visits Springfield Delco — Fentanyl and the Chinese connection were concerns addressed when Dr. Mehmet Oz brought his Senate campaign to Springfield, Delco.

About 200 packed the Spring Valley Banquet Venue this afternoon (Sept. 8) to hear the Republican nominee and others explain why he should be the one to represent Pennsylvania when Pat Toomey’s term ends in January.

Oz pointed out that desire of John Fetterman, his Democrat opponent, to make it legal won’t end the despair and danger. Oz noted that the nation’s largest fentanyl market is in the Kensington section of Philadelphia. The zombied suffering of those trapped by the drug is evident to anyone who ventures there.

He said the drug is ruining lives and communities throughout the state.

The materials to make the drug are imported from China by Mexican cartels who then ship it across our porous border.

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley, who is campaigning with him, reinforced the message. She said China is definitely behind it and has no fear of the Biden administration or Democrats in general.

Oz Visits Springfield Delco
Dr Oz and Ambassador Haley In Springfield

Oz said the crisis is solvable by securing the border and forcing addicts into rehabilitation, which is the opposite of the Democrats plan of ignoring and enabling.

“They care about caring,” Oz said. “I care about fixing.”

Oz and Mrs. Haley both mentioned how their immigrant parents taught them love for America.

“My father could not believe a country like this existed,” Oz said. Oz who grew up in Delaware just over the border from the Kennett Square mushroom farms, said his father was amazed at the friendliness of Americans.

Mrs. Haley said her parents from India now live with her family. She said her mother is upset at the illegals being allowed to cross the border.

If the illegals allowed by the Biden administration were a city, it would be our seventh largest, she said.

Mrs. Haley noted that one-sixth of Americans can’t pay their utility bills and Americans are paying $6,000 more this year than last in cost of living.

Oz took unscripted questions from the audience, and criticized Fetterman’s ducking debates, albeit appears he has finally consented to one. He said he is confident of winning but the debates are an important part of the election process.

“The greatest disservice in not having debates is to the voters,” he said.

He said he like to ask Fetterman about his plan to free a third of Pennsylvania’s prisoners. He noted Fetterman is denying he wants this but they have documentation.

One woman worried that biased media moderators would throw softballs at him.

“He may get softball questions,” said Oz. “I just want to see him answer any question.”

Also speaking was Dave Galluch, who is seeking to replace Democrat Mary Gay Scanlon as in the 5th Congressional District. Galluch is a Naval Academy graduate who specialized in explosive ordnance disposal who deployed twice to the Mideast.

He noted that Ms. Scanlon spoke approvingly of Joe Biden’s bitter and divisive speech, Sept. 1, in front of Independence Hall, which is not the sort of thing people trying to unite people angry with each other do.

In attendance was Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Lawrence Tabas.

Mrs. Haley encouraged all in attendance to send to all email contacts, text all friends and put on all social media that they are voting for Oz.

Oz Visits Springfield Delco

SEPTA Strip Tree Removal At Springfield Road Station

SEPTA Strip Tree Removal At Springfield Road Station — The old oaks and evergreens along with not-so-old cherry trees have been removed from the Rolling Road green buffer strip along the Route 101 trolly line at the Springfield Road station in Springfield, Pa.

One of the workmen said the plan is to put in a parking lot. He was a nice guy. He offered me the wood and I took a big chunk of oak.

Once we agitated for the trees to come down. The dead ones anyway.

SEPTA Strip Tree Removal At Springfield Road Station
The scene on North Rolling Road in Springfield, Pa. about 2 p.m., Nov. 2.
SEPTA Strip Tree Removal At Springfield Road Station

Jenn O’Mara Birthday Greeting

Jenn O’Mara Birthday Greeting –– A few days ago was my birthday, and in the evening I got a call from my state rep Jenn O’Mara wishing me a happy one. At first I thought it was a robo but as the conversation continued I realized it was live.

Jenn O'Mara Birthday Greeting
Thank you, Jenn O’Mara

I was impressed. Granted, if my birthday was in June and this was an off-year election perhaps I wouldn’t have been so honored but I was still impressed.

So thank you Jenn, you made my night. I will be voting straight R, Nov. 3, which means for Bob Smythe in Pennsylvania’s 165th House District but what you did was very nice and you seem like a nice person.

If you want to get my vote push for ending prevailing wage. It would have made the cost of Springfield’s new white elephant high school about 20 percent less. Single parents, newlyweds with diabetic kids and the elderly are paying for it you know, and the extra money doesn’t help the trades unless you happen to be the one running the union.

Don’t sweat it though. I doubt Smythe will try to end it either.

Jenn O’Mara Birthday Greeting

Bob Smythe Gets Business Nod

From the Bob Smythe campaign

Bob Smythe Gets Business Nod — Bob Smythe, a K-12 teacher and volunteer firefighter who is running for State Representative in Pennsylvania’s 165th Legislative District, has received the endorsement of the National Federation of Independent Businesses (NFIB), a statewide organization that advocates for small businesses.  Earlier this month, Smythe earned the endorsement of another statewide business group, the PA Chamber PAC, the political advocacy arm of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry.   

Bob Smythe Gets Business Nod
Bob Smythe gets business nod

Smythe’s opponent, incumbent State Representative Jenn O’Mara, earned a dismal voting record from the NFIB, scoring just 20 percent due to her repeated opposition to legislation designed to help small businesses, which are the driving force behind Pennsylvania and our local economy.  

“It’s clear that Bob Smythe shares our vision that a healthy small-business jobs climate can best be achieved through lower taxes, less wasteful state spending and less government regulation,” said Gordon R. Denlinger, State Director of NFIB/Pennsylvania.  “Smythe recognizes that small businesses are the driving force behind Pennsylvania’s economy — producing high-quality products, services, and jobs. And it’s also apparent that Bob has a clear understanding of the problems and challenges facing small-business owners in Pennsylvania.”

“I am honored to have the endorsement and support of Pennsylvania’s small business community,” said Bob Smythe. “As our nation and state continue efforts to control the spread of COVID-19 and protect our vulnerable citizens, we must begin to identify how we will support the countless small businesses in our local communities that have been devastated by the virus,” said Bob Smythe.  “The negative impacts on small business owners – who employ so many of our friends, neighbors, and family members – will be felt for years to come.  As we begin the economic recovery process, we need elected officials who will put the needs of our communities ahead of their blind loyalty to leaders of their political party.” 

NFIB cited a number of anti-business votes by Representative O’Mara, including votes related to Governor Wolf’s widespread shutdown of small businesses that he categorized as non-essential while allowing large box stores to remain open for businesses. For example, NFIB cited O’Mara’s opposition to HB 2376 in late-April. 

The legislation would have permitted some small businesses to re-open if they only had one employee and only allowed one shopper into a store at a time or provided contactless, curbside pickup.  Representative Brad Roae noted that under his legislation, which O’Mara opposed and was later vetoed by Governor Tom Wolf, “Pennsylvanians could shop at small stores with one worker and no other customers, rather than going to large grocery chains or big box stores with dozens of workers and hundreds of customers.”

NFIB also faulted O’Mara for her vote against SB 613, which would have require the governor to create clear safety guidelines that businesses would be required to meet before they were permitted to reopen.  Those guidelines – which would need to be based on guidelines issued by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – would have provided a clear framework and safety standards that businesses would have to put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19 before they could safely re-open.  Although the legislation was approved by both the Pennsylvania House and Senate, it was again vetoed by Governor Tom Wolf. 

“These were not reckless bills that endangered the health of the public,” said Smythe.  “These were bills that sought to find areas of compromise and implement common sense measures that mitigated the spread of the virus while allowing small business to reopen and compete with large box and chain stores.  These were bills that earned widespread support from local residents, yet O’Mara opposed them and justified her votes with scare tactics by falsely claiming they endangered residents.” 

“As a history teacher, I feel very strongly that a good State Representative should do just that – represent the people of their district,” said Smythe.  “But time and time again, Jenn O’Mara’s votes in the legislature don’t reflect the values and opinions of residents. She votes the way her party leadership wants her to vote, not the way residents want her to vote.  If I am elected to be out next State Representative, my votes will reflect the views and values of local residents, even if it puts me at odds with the leadership of my party. Because that’s how our representative form of government – our democracy – should work.” 

Learn more about Bob Smythe’s campaign at www.bobsmythe.com.

Springfield Mall Shooting Report Was An Argument

Springfield Mall Shooting Report Was An Argument — Springfield Police  received a report 1:05 p.m., today, Oct. 20 of gunfire at the Springfield Mall (Pa.).

They said the matter occurred in the parking lot near Baltimore Pike and involved two groups who had an argument inside. No one was hurt and police are still investigating, according to the Department.

Springfield Mall Shooting Report Was An Argument

Springfield Mall Shooting Report Was An Argument

Senator John McCain Started 2008 Campaign In Springfield, Pa.

Senator John McCain, Rest In Peace — If you haven’t heard Sen. John McCain died today, Aug. 25, 2018.

Senator John McCain Started 2008 Campaign In Springfield, Pa.
John McCain at the Springfield Country Club, March 14, 2008. (I did not take this pix).

His death occurred 9 years to the day of that of Ted Kennedy. To McCain’s credit, Theodore Edgar McCarrrick will not be speaking at his funeral unlike that of Kennedy.

Senator John McCain Started 2008 Campaign In Springfield, Pa.
John McCain shaking hands with congressional candidate Craig Williams in Springfield. Behind them is Mike Culp of Springfield.

I actually liked McCain and remember him starting his 2008 presidential campaign at the Springfield Country Club. I walked in with a big camera bag and to my shock they just waved me through. I entered the spot for the national press pool photographers and stayed there the whole time — without credentials — despite their unfriendly comments.

Security was not an issue. I could have smacked him on his knee a dozen times.

R.I.P. senator. I still wish you had won.

Senator John McCain Started 2008 Campaign In Springfield, Pa.

Senator John McCain R.I.P.


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