Brandon Strikes Springfield Pa

Brandon Strikes Springfield Pa — Here are some scenes of the 100 block of West Baltimore Pike, Springfield, Delaware County, Pa. taken June 7, 2024. The top shows the north side and the bottom the south.

We can’t recall these stores ever being vacant albeit the Block Jewelers/State Store has probably been for about a year.

Thank you, Brandon and thank you Delaware County Council. As Councilwoman Christine Reuther said three days ago, why worry about sinking bond ratings, soaring tax hikes and deficit spending.

Thank you Democrats everywhere.

Brandon Strikes Springfield Pa

Brandon Strikes Springfield Pa

2 thoughts on “Brandon Strikes Springfield Pa”

  1. This is everywhere. Look at Broadway Plaza in Aston Township as another glaring example

    Thank you Brandon, County Council plus Mike Higgens and the RINO Crew. Thank you Uniparty.

    NB my sarcasm.

  2. Meanwhile back in Ridley Township, we are getting another car wash at a busy and dangerous intersection Of MacDade Blvd. and Rt 420. This is across the street from a very busy Wawa. And of course, another chicken fast food joint on MacDade.‍♀️

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