Delco Council Told Unauthorized Software On Voting Machines

Delco Council Told Unauthorized Software On Voting Machines — Delaware County (Pa) Council was told, last night, April 17, that there was unauthorized software on its Hart Verity Voting 2.7 voting system.

The software is MathNET Numerics Dll, said Robert Mancini of Upper Providence.

This is a dynamic link library for MathNET.Numerics and can be used for manipulating data, Mancini said.

He said it’s listed neither on the Pennsylvania Department of State certification of the system, nor thee U.S. Election Assistance Commission test report for Hart 2.7.

Mancinie said the machines must be immediately secured and that an investigation be conducted as to how the software appeared.

“This would include an inspection of the administrator logs due to the fact that software cannot be installed without administrator privileges and whenever the software is installed, that will show up on the administrator logs,” he said.

Secure build validation were performed on but nine of the county’s 428 precinct machines, Mancini said. These must now be done on every machine, he said.

He said a criminal complaint will be filed within two weeks against a public official in Delaware County.

His three minutes can be watched here starting at 1:08:56.

If we trusted the county, we’d chalk this up to something innocent.

As it is, this must be taken seriously and investigated.

What is the big secret with Fort Orange Press, anyway?

Delco Council Told Unauthorized Software On Voting Machines

Why The Secrets In Fayette County Elections?

Why The Secrets In Fayette County Elections? — Greg Stenstrom has let us know that the battle for election transparency still rages in Fayette County, Pa. with Republican Party establishment mouthpieces taking to the airwaves to claim the matter has been settled.

Greg Stenstrom, GOP commissioner candidate John R. Marrietta Jr. and others have sued Faytette County, a Republican stronghold, and its Board of Elections alleging that significant errors have been found in its primary and general elections of 2023.

Fayettte Common Pleas Court Judge Steve P. Leskinen had dismissed the request for recounts but the plaintiffs appealed to Commonwealth Court saying he had made several errors.

Stenstrom said that Leskinen has ordered that the plaintiffs list these errors and here they are.

They include Leskinen’s claim that the state legislature has exclusive power over setting elections when Article 1, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution allows Congress at any time by Law make or alter such Regulations, except as to the Places of chusing Senators; and that the judge failed to recognize that free and fair elections are intertwined with civil rights protection.

The plaintiffs also point out that the effort the county is spending to open ballot boxes — something that doesn’t not jeopardize voter privacy — indicates that the certainly have something to hide.

We find that to be a powerful argument. More and more are doubting elections and it isn’t because people are asking questions.

It’s because authorities are hiding answers.

Seriously Delaware County, what is the big secret with Fort Orange Press?

Why The Secrets In Fayette County

The Fort Orange Press Mystery

The Fort Orange Press Mystery — Robert Mancini of Media wanted communications between Delaware County and its ballot printer, Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y.

The county refused him.

OK, maybe they had a logical reason.

But Mancini appealed to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records.

Of course, you can see them, the Office said. These are public records. There are no secrets to protect.

The county, however, appealed to county Common Pleas Court, which shockingly and disturbingly and bizarrely overruled the state agency.

At this point the only logical reason is the county is hiding something and something rather bad.

Even the most trusting in government better start going hmmmm.

The Fort Orange Press Mystery

The Fort Orange Press Mystery

Bernegger Says Dominion Has Election Cheat Code

Bernegger Says Dominion Has Election Cheat Code — Wisconsin journalist Peter Bernegger, who had been investigating Dominion voting machines, was arrested April 1 and charged with the rarely used crime of simulating legal process.

Below is his response from his Telegram channel. Note what he says he saw concerning the Dominion source code.

I was charged with a felony crime of “simulating legal process.” This is politically motivated where they are trying to shut me up, to shut us all up. For those who don’t know, this is the second time they have come after me; the first time was dismissed in 15 minutes when the judge learned the truth of the matter. I am home now and back in the fight for our beloved country. Thank you for all the support and prayers statewide and nationally.

Let’s kick this off right: I have seen the Dominion Voting Co. source code, and I have access to it. There are, in fact, two sets of source code; the cheat is in the “adjudication” package. Watch Jeff O’Donnell’s 3 part movie series he came out with recently, it’s explained in there. Think of it as two sets of financial books at a company. One set of books for the IRS, and one for the company about what is really happening. Not all counties have this adjudication package. If you want to find out about your county, request public records for all purchase contracts between your county and Dominion Voting. Look for “adjudication”. And yes, Dominion Voting systems connect to the internet as the multiple IP system audit log tapes (SLOG.txt) I obtained prove it. The Dominion emails provided by Attorney Stephanie Lambert also prove it. Again: Dominion’s own emails prove they and others (yes, others) have access to the voting machines via the internet. Including from Serbia.

~ Peter Bernegger

Why the ferocity to keep the machinery of our election systems a secret? If the big corporation doesn’t have two sets of source code and there is no cheat in the “adjudication” package, it would be simple to demonstrate it and our elections would start becoming trusted again.

Same is true if Fulton County, Pa. had been allowed to audit its Dominion voting machines as it had desired.

Why do the interests of private corporations take precedence over election transparency?

Why won’t Delaware County, Pa. let the public see its correspondence with its ballot printer Fort Orange Press of Albany, N.Y. despite a ruling from the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records saying it must?

Why do we let private corporations run our elections?

Bernegger Says Dominion Has Election Cheat Code
Peter Bernegger

Stenstrom Explains Shapiro Involvement In Election Issues

Stenstrom Explains Shapiro Involvement In Election Issues — Greg Stenstrom has a column in The Intelligencer Today concerning his — and Donald Trump’s — recent victory in Philadelphia Common Pleas Court regarding the 2020 election.

He also makes note of Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro’s involvement in the gaslighting to convince all the election was safe, secure and legitimate.

Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes are the authors of The Parallel Election which describes massive voting irregularities in Delaware County.

Here are the first few paragraphs of the article:

The day after President Trump and codefendants Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes won their Philadelphia defamation case on February 28th, 2024, where they used a truth is a complete defense strategy to expose massive election fraud, Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro responded by announcing he would partner with federal agencies to target “threats to elections.” Specifically, Shapiro will gag speech he deems “misinformation” with unveiled threats directed at President Trump, and Stenstrom and Hoopes, who have turned the false narrative of the “safest and most secure elections in history” on its head.

There is no longer any question of whether there was massive election fraud in the November 2020 presidential election, or in elections since. It is now a matter of public and judicial record that it did occur, and Shapiro was at the vanguard in stealing both the Pennsylvania and national elections.

Election fraud is not the end goal, but the means by which a cadre of career criminals are placed in strategic roles within government to implement wealth extraction from the citizenry.

Left unopposed, Shapiro intends to continue stealing elections. In addition to his now open threats to anyone challenging what he ironically calls “The Big Lie,” he recently ordered that illegal aliens who apply for drivers’ licenses be illegally registered to vote by mail-in-ballot, is now prowling college campuses for non-resident students to also register to vote by mail-in-ballot, and amping up every possible method to cement his control over election outcomes.

The only “big lie” is that Josh Shapiro refused to investigate the massive election fraud reported to him as Pennsylvania Attorney General, and he never dared to enter a courtroom on the matter.

Shapiro has focused a group of criminal-minded acolytes, minions, and lawyers to terrorize anyone opposed to their ideas of the fundamental “transformation” of the government and maintain their hold on it to extort and extract the wealth of the citizenry. His simple formula, historically used by all tyrants, is to give weak-minded, resentful, unqualified people a little bit of absolute power, along with a salary that depends on them wielding that power and setting them loose.

Read the rest of the article here:

We’ll note that Shapiro’s acolytes consists of the leadership of Pennsylvania’s Republican establishment.

Val DiGiorgio, who was Pennsylvania’s GOP chairman not that long ago was a backer. Mike Vereb, who was a chairman of the Montco GOP was part of Shapiro’s cabinet until, well,

Alex Soros, who is George’s kid, posted this on X, March 20.

Stenstrom Explains Shapiro Involvement In Election Issues

Stenstrom Explains Shapiro Involvement In Election Issues

Dominion Docs Cite Machine Issues Regarding 2020

Dominion Docs Cite Machine Issues Regarding 2020 — Author Patrick Colbeck posted on X, March 19, reams of communications concerning Dominion Voting Systems from June 2019 through January, 2021.

This includes three reports of 500-plus pages.

Problems with the machines were cited throughout 2020.

Especially interesting are the messages from just before the Nov. 3, 2020 election and afterwards.

Consider the one from Nov. 15, 2020 from Europe GM Goran Obradovic to and cc’d to John Poulos and Mike McGee.

Obradovic links to a story in Serbian, and says “This is too long to translate but it has very serious allegations against us.”

The headline as per Google Translate reads Serbian software and election fraud in America.

We include below a translation of most of the story. Note the story remains online.

In fairness to Dominion, we could not see a smoking gun that it purposefully rigged the election.

That that just leads to ask why they fight audits so hard.

And that leads to ask why we use private companies exempt from open records laws to run our elections.

C’mon. Help us out. Give an answer that is logical and innocent.

Here is a link to the Dominion documents.

Here is a translation of the story that concerned Obradovic:

As I predicted in my article before the US election, Donald Trump will win the popular vote by a landslide, but the key events will be after the election, as the deep sDominion Docs Cite Machine Issues Regarding 2020 — Author Patrick Colbeck posted on X, March 19, reams of communications concerning Dominion Votingtate will try to steal the election and take Trump down on the streets.

And exactly the above scenario is happening. In front of the eyes of the entire world public, an election fraud of an unprecedented scale was attempted, and America is yet to face street riots. In the mentioned text, I accurately predicted the events that will befall America:

“Everything that America is facing, the Serbs were the first to go through in the 1990s, twice. We know the methods of Soros very well, and we have been victims of that global criminal network for over 30 years. The American people should look at our experience, because they are in great danger. The plan is clear. They will try to steal the election, if that doesn’t work, they will go to demolish in the street. If that doesn’t work and they can’t establish the government they want, they will go to the division of the United States of America and some federal states will declare independence from the USA. Americans will need a lot of courage, wisdom and trust in Trump and in themselves, otherwise they will face the fate of the Serbs from the 1990s.

KANVASA instructors trained activists of these terrorist organizations, and organize and coordinate actions in the USA, all with the aim of causing disorder and upheaval in order to overthrow the legally and legitimately elected government. The method is always the same. It is mandatory to participate in the elections, the election results are not recognized, the current government that won the elections is declared dictatorial, and it is going to be overthrown in the street. All the events in the USA since the death of George Floyd, until today, are just a preparation for the events after the election. It is already clear that Trump will convincingly win the vote, but the goal of the deep state is not elections, but demolition in the streets. And they prepared well for it and the whole operation has been going on for a couple of months. The deep state was surprised in 2016 by the victory of Trump, and they did not have time to organize a demolition in the street, but now they are ready. That 2016, they stole 11 million votes, but it turned out that it wasn’t enough. For this election, they prepared to steal much more, over 30 million fake identity cards that were produced mostly in China, and the rest in the Balkan states. I will present the evidence and precise locations on another occasion.”

And we are really witnessing incredible election theft. Donald Trump convincingly led in all the so-called swing states, and then unusual events in the history of elections followed. The counting of votes was interrupted, and when it resumed the next day, hundreds of thousands of new votes appeared, supposedly arrived by mail, and all of them had the Democratic candidate Joe Biden surrounded, who mysteriously takes the lead in a series of states: Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania. .and the media declare him the winner of the election.

Trump and his election staff immediately pointed out irregularities and illogicalities, and evidence of massive fraud during the election process began to emerge.

The company that made the voting machines that “mistakenly” recorded Trump’s votes for Biden in Michigan is Dominion Voting Systems (DVS). The company was founded in Toronto and has its headquarters there, and the US headquarters is in Denver, Colorado. The company is suspected of concealing the real owners. Their voting machines are used in 33 US states and one-third of Americans vote on them. Since 2019, Dominion machines have also been introduced in the federal state of Georgia, and voting is done on this company’s machines in all the so-called sliding states that determine the election of the US president. In all these states, numerous irregularities occurred during the counting of votes.

The company itself performs internal software development for its customers in the USA, Canada and, what is particularly interesting for us, Serbia. By the way, the company has previously faced accusations of election irregularities. One of the major controversies surrounding Dominion is the theft of census data in India.

The following example is particularly significant for the American elections: in 2009, Dominion entered into a contract with Smarmatic, for the 2010 Philippine elections and the 2013 early elections. The election was followed by lawsuits alleging omissions and fraud. An independent review of the source codes used in the machines revealed numerous problems and challenged the quality and security of the software. The chairman of Smartmatic is Lord Mark Malloch Brown, a member of the British House of Lords and former vice-president of the World Bank (1994-1999), deputy secretary-general of the UN (2006), minister in the government of Great Britain (2007-2009).

But what is most interesting about Malok is that he is one of the most important functionaries of the Soros network. Their cooperation dates back to the war in the former Yugoslav Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993-1994. years. Malok was the vice president of the most important Soros organizations, the Quantum Fund and the Open Society Foundation, and is now a member of the Global Board. He is one of the most responsible for founding the notorious International Crisis Group, he is a member of the executive board and co-chairman of the board of directors. Thanks to Soros, since 2014 Dominion’s machines have also been used in elections for the European Parliament. Dominion’s servers, where all data is stored, are located in Frankfurt, where the headquarters of the European Central Bank are also located.

Dominion Voting Systems has numerous ties to the Democratic Party in the US in addition to its ties to Soros. The company has hired the lobbying firm Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck LLP, in which one of the directors is Nadaem Elshami, the former chief of staff of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of Congress and the leader of the Democrats in the representative body. Elshami is officially listed as a Dominion lobbyist.

Another influential Democrat is connected to the election software. Richard Blum, the husband of the influential senator from California, Diana Feinstein, who has been in that position since 1992. According to attorney Cindy Powell, Bloom has a majority stake in the company whose voting software was used in the election. In an attempt by the mainstream media to deny these allegations, the claims that Blum only invested in the graphics and video software company Avid stand out. However, this is also an interesting fact, because Avid produced software that was used in elections in the USA, including the federal state of Michigan. Avid is marketing its own election software called the LeaderPlus Election Management system, and Bloom was one of the investors.

By the way, Blum has lucrative financial deals with China, ties to the Communist Party of China, which was reflected in his wife’s views and votes in the Senate, and they were also connected to the trade in human organs. How election video software works is best seen in the coverage of the American mainstream media using these election video applications. See how when entering the new results of the counted votes, the number of votes of Trump decreases in the video. Not the percentage, but the number of votes! This video is being censored and removed from YouTube and social networks.

The Clinton Foundation is also associated with the company Dominion Voting System. In 2014, the company donated money to the Clinton Foundation for the Delian project. In the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, voting was done on Dominion machines. There have been serious accusations among Democrats that the vote was rigged for Hillary Clinton.

The specificity of the American elections is that a total of 20% of hardware and software components for machines of all manufacturers used in the US elections come from China.

What is particularly interesting for us is that the software for the voting machines was written in SERBIA, which was confirmed by Bojan Đorđević, the representative of the Dominion Voting Systems representative office in Serbia.

The aforementioned Bojan Đorđević, although he has a profile on Twitter, is not active in posts, but he intensively followed writings about the American elections, as well as my Twitter account. So, immediately after publishing my information that the software was written in Serbia, in the representative office of Dominion, whose representative he is, he reacted out of fear.

He first blocked me, then unblocked me, and tried to deny that he had anything to do with the mentioned software, claiming that he left Dominion two years ago and moved to Munich. But this story of his is denied by an insight into the Agency for Economic Registers, where he continues to be the legal representative and responsible person of the representative office of the foreign company Dominion Voting Systems in Serbia. After that, the frightened Bojan Đorević deleted his tweets and locked his Twitter account.

Dominion Docs Cite Machine Issues Regarding 2020

Dominion Docs Cite Machine Issues Regarding 2020

Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory

Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory — Leah Hoopes, of Chadds Ford, Pa., one of the co-defendants in the Delco defamation case brought against President Donald Trump, released the below statement on yesterday’s, March 12, proceedings before Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Michael E. Erdos which resulted in the sanctioning of plaintiff lawyer J. Conor Corcoran.

The case, in which Ms. Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom of Glen Mills represented themselves using a truth defense, was an unambiguous victory for the President.

When few doubted us, many supported us from day one. To those people we are always grateful for your love, support, generosity, prayers and your willingness to share the trenches with us. Greg Stenstrom I would share a foxhole with you any day brother. Yesterday Greg and I had the opportunity to cross examine James Savage’s attorney , J Conor Corcoran. Greg diminished him with question after question and making Mr Corcoran uncomfortable, catching him in continuous lies. Corcoran using the excuses that it was the courts fault, it was the Judge’s fault , but never his own . It showed his contempt for the court, the defendants, and his blatant modus operandi that he is willing to say and do anything to get his way even under oath.

Then I got my opportunity to cross examine. Still fine tuning that process and line of questioning , but overall I made him lie under oath. I got him to admit , he lied about contacting the PA AG and FBI, he lied and withheld medical records, lied about the only piece of so called evidence, lied about the so called threats he said we made, and the best yet I used his own words against him . Mr. Corcoran did himself no favors. He accused Judge Michael Erdos of committing a felony , which would include falsifying a time stamp, he got admonished by the Judge for this accusation. His attorney Sam Stretton, who is representing him in his OTHER disciplinary case, showed up yesterday unprepared. Never read a single filing, had no background of the case. Mr. Stretton attempted to kiss up to Judge Erdos , and then began to become very upset with Greg and I , became insulting , and was clearly agitated. I shut down that behavior immediately, and the Judge let Mr. Stretton know this behavior would not be tolerated. Mr Stretton words were, these people have no idea what they are doing, this hearing should only take 15 minutes. Judge Erdos, looked right at him and said, oh no Mr. Stretton you are mistaken, we will be here awhile and they know exactly what they are doing. Stretton attempted , and demanded the Judge only take a look at a narrow scope of the order, that they wanted him to, that narrow scope was the issue of the violation of rules of professional conduct against Corcoran. Judge Erdos, said no, if you are going to vacate the order, you are vacating the whole order . Which opened Corcoran up to us cross examining him on ALL OF THE issues we brought in our Motion for Sanctions. The gates of heaven opened at that moment.

Their first error was to bring forth a frivolous lawsuit against us, 2nd error trying to intimidate and harass us , 3rd error continue to lie and not be able to refute anything we said, 4th error putting Corcoran on the stand. Just to name a few. For those that do not also understand that we fought for 860 days, and never backed down, despite the fact we were offered a settlement . We were offered theability to walk away Scott free, and leave behind Donald Trump For President and Rudy Guliani. NEVER leave a man behind, and we shot down that offer, we were ready to go to War in that court room and go in front of that jury with the ABSOLUTE TRUTH. In the end the truth prevailed, we shined the light on the cockroaches, and the Democrat Judge in Philadelphia found in our favor yet again.

Persistence, courage, integrity, honor, duty , sacrifice, tenacity and faith.
Thank you most importantly to my parents, John Popolillo and Kathy Popolillo for instilling in me the values , morals and love of my Country. Thank you for putting God into my life, teaching me that you stand up for what is right and never back down. Thank you for loving me and supporting me through all of it, I love you more than you know. To my son, you are the reason I fight, you sacrificed so much so I can continue to stay the course, you are my reason my heart beats . My son will get to enjoy the shade , from the trees of liberty we have placed in the ground.
Stay the course, we ARE FAR FROM DONE. GET IN THE FIGHT!!

Leah Hoopes Statement On Trump Lawsuit Victory

Lawfare Dealt Blow With Delco Defam Case

Lawfare Dealt Blow With Delco Defam Case — The last gasp of the Philadelphia defamation suit against President Trump was breathed yesterday, March 12, when Common Pleas Court Judge Michael E. Erdos sanctioned plaintiff attorney J. Conor Corcoran for breaching rules of professional conduct.

Corcoran, in June, asked that a protective order be placed against co-defendants Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes. He claimed they threatened him and his client former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage.

Corcoran demanded they pay $15,000 in attorney fees. He also demanded they stay a mile away from him, his client; and to surrender their firearms along with any “incendiary devices.”

Erdos found that Corcoran, who became flustered under cross-examination by non-attorneys Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes, was not credible.

Hence the sanctions.

Rudy Giuliani was the fourth co-defendant in the case.

Trump’s attorneys, by the way, were not in attendance.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes have provided notice that they will file Dragonetti Act and SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation) lawsuits against Corcoran and others.

Stenstrom says this is the first use of the “truth is a complete defense” in 2020 election defamation cases.

“The election was stolen, and they did exactly what we said they did,” Stenstrom said. “This is the first case we are aware of where discovery was reached and defendants evidence was allowed to be admitted.”

More details can be found at Patriot.Online.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes will be speaking 6 p.m., March 21, at Gatsby’s Bar and Grill, 4936 Pennell Road, Aston, Pa. 19014.

Note that the address on the flyer is wrong.

The event is hosted by United4Delco. It’s free but those attending are asked to order a drink or something from the menu.

Lawfare Dealt Blow With Delco Defam Case

Parallel Election Discussed In KFBP Video

Parallel Election Discussed In KFBP Video — The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception,” Election Fraud against President Trump was the subject of an impromptu discussion made into a video by Keystone Fair Business Partners.

The book, by Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, concerns Delaware County, Pa. and the 2020 election.

It can be purchased on Amazon and other places including directly at

Also, Stenstrom was the subject of a TheKingsReportInterviews by Richard Panzer regarding the recent victory in a defamation case filed in Philadelphia against himself, Ms. Hoopes, Rudy Giuliani and President Trump. Check it out here.

And don’t forget to sign up for Stenstrom’s social media platform Patriot.Online.

Parallel Election Discussed In KFBP Video

Parallel Election Discussed In KFBP Video

Plaintiffs Ask Fayette County Election Records Be Saved

Plaintiffs Ask Fayette County Election Records Be Saved — The plaintiffs in the Fayette County, Pa. election case have filed a request for a litigation hold asking the county and its bureau of elections preserve everything relating to the May and November 2023 elections.

These include ballots, mail-in ballot envelopes, return sheets, digital files including cast vote records and paper tapes.

The plaintiffs are Republican commissioner candidate Jon Marietta, GOP county Chairwoman Michelle Mowry, and electors Melanie Patterson, Robert Patterson, Cody Patterson, Maureen Elias and Thomas Elias.

Details can be found at Patriot.Online.

Plaintiffs Ask Fayette County Election Records Be Saved -- The plaintiffs  in the Fayette County, Pa. election case have filed a request f