Secret Service Driver Kept From Testifying For Trump

Secret Service Driver Kept From Testifying For Trump — The crazy claim that President Trump attempted to wrench the steering wheel from his Secret Service was promoted by the kangaroo congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6, 2021 protests and diligently reported as plausible by the controlled corporate media.

Apparently Trump was trying to force the Secret Service to take him to the Capitol so he could lead an insurrection or something.

It was based on a tale spun by Cassidy Hutchinson who was an assistant to Mark Meadows who was The Donald’s final chief of staff.

It was bad enough that this bizarre story was taken at face value, but kangaroo committee hid indisputably exculpatory evidence that would have quashed it in its crib.

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has a column, today, June 5, noting how the driver said nothing of the sort happened and sought to tell the committee such. His testimony, however, was stonewalled until the false and crazy tale became ingrained in the public knowledge.

Those who run our nation are worse than mad. People better wake up else real misery awaits.

Secret Service Driver Kept From Testifying For Trump

Exonerating J6 Evidence Against Trump Was Hidden By Liz Cheney

Exonerating J6 Evidence Against Trump Was Hidden By Liz Cheney — Kash Patel’s column, today, March 12, in The Federalist makes clear the political establishments of both parties joined to frame President Donald Trump regarding the protests of Jan. 6, 2021 at the Capitol.

Patel describes how former GOP Congresswoman Liz Cheney suppressed testimony that the President authorized 10,000 National Guard troop to be dispatched to Washington D.C. days before the vote to ratify the election and that senior Defense Department officials informed D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s and the Capitol Police of their availability.

Why would Liz attack a fellow Republican?

Because Trump was a threat to the Cheney defense empire.

It’s no longer about Democrat vs Republican. It’s about the corrupt vs The People.

Patel’s article is a fast read and worth reading . It can be found here.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemmingway, exposed, March 8, how Cheney and her Never Trump comrades kept the testimony of distinguished Secret Service Agent Tony Ornato because it torpedoed the establishment frame-up.

Exonerating J6 Evidence Against Trump Was Hidden By Liz Cheney

Jeff DeWit In Heap Big Trouble

Jeff DeWit In Heap Big Trouble — Arizona GOP Chairman Jeff DeWit has been caught on tape bribing Kari Lake to drop out of his state’s U.S. Senate race.

Ms. Lake, who had Arizona’s governorship stolen from her in 2022, was told by DeWit that powerful interests “from back east” were going to practically give her the world if she quit.

She turned it down.

“They are going to try to have me murdered,” she laughed.

“They say the cartels are operating in 50 states, right now,” DeWitt responded.

Ms. Lake asked who was behind the request.

“Forget the who,” said DeWit. “Let me tell you about the what.”

“It’s not about control,” DeWit said. “It’s about being on the team.”

He was sounding like the politico/corporate villain from a cheesy movie.

Ms. Lake asked what they wanted and DeWit said they wanted her to stay out for two years.

They’d give her whatever corporate job she wanted in return. Maybe even as a “talking head” said DeWit.

Ms. Lake then said this was not about her but about defeating The Donald.

DeWit said it was about what makes the most money for the guys offering the bribe.

Ms. Lake again made it clear she wasn’t interested.

“Just to say, is there a number?” DeWit asked.

“Ten million, 20 million, 30 million, a billion, no,” said Ms. Lake. “This is not about money, this is about our country.”

DeWit wasn’t finished though.

“What I can do is this,” he said. “I can give you an incredible opportunity to have a bigger voice to fight for stuff than you currently do.”

Ms. Lake said she didn’t want to deal with people like this.

“I would be absolutely immoral if I did that,” she said. “That’s immoral, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror if I did that,” she said.

“It’s very powerful people,” said DeWit.

Ms. Lake challenged DeWit to come to the light and to go public with this crowd was doing.

“No, no, no,” he said. “I turn my key in my car and ‘boom'”

He asked Ms. Lake to give him a counter offer.

“I can’t be bought,” she said.

Unlike DeWit, apparently.

DeWit was the chief operating officer of Trump’s Arizona campaign in 2016 and 2020, and the campaign’s chief financial officer in 2016.

Here’s the audio, which Ms. Lake has confirmed is for real:

Below is the image Jeff DeWit has on his X profile where Donald Trump is giving him a shout out.

Jeff DeWit In Heap Big Trouble

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming — The biggest problem facing the United States is character.

Weak, indifferent people have picked corrupt leaders. They’ve avoided obvious questions and when they did ask they happily believed the bald lies they were given as answers.

We attended last night’s (Aug. 24) meeting of Chesco United in Malvern.

The topic was Pennsylvania Auditor General Tim DeFoor’s audit of 12 school districts including Abington, Lower Merion and West Chester.

It was revealed that all these districts — and it is fair to extrapolate this to the rest of the state — routinely pass big tax hikes despite having budget surpluses in the tens of millions of dollars.

This means real suffering is occurring among taxpayers — especially among property owners — and none of it is necessary.

What are they doing with this money?

Inflated administrative salaries, featherbedded jobs and unneeded yet overpriced construction projects bestowed on politically connected firms are just three things.

We the people must say no to save our homes, our freedom and the next generation.

We must learn to discern and ignore the name-calling and gaslighting from the government/corporate media that invariably swamps those who speak out to the point they are a threat.

If we don’t learn to stand up to the lies the global warming we will experience will be entirely due a lack of air conditioning.

Yeah, the globalist hiked the air conditioner efficiency standard in January.

One contractor just told us that a fix that would have cost about $800 last year is now $20K.

The people don’t have to accept this.

You don’t have to tolerate Barack Obama, Josh Shapiro and Hunter Biden living in luxury while you eat bugs.

Our national debt is now $32 trillion which means every citizen is on the hook for $200K.

Or not.

If we stand together and stop obeying those who claim to be our betters we can negotiate that down quite a bit.

It will take character though.

Tucker Carlson interviewed retired Col. Douglas Macgregor, Aug. 21, who pointed out that there are 44 four-star officers in our military now whereas at the height of World War II we had just seven.

The vast majority of those four-stars have their eye on a soft life as a board member at Raytheon or Boeing or some new version of Theranos, rather than serving our nation.

Why else would they mandate the vax to the point were thousands took a discharge rather than the jab, while hundreds of thousands of others took the jab unwillingly.

Any of them resign in protest? These guys have other priorities than winning a war much less defending our borders.

People, say no. Scorn the corporate media mouthpieces. Snap back at the guilt trips they try to dump on you. Embrace the persecuted and those victims of lawfare.

Most importantly attend public meetings and vote. Anyone who tells you your vote doesn’t matter is the enemy.

The ones running things now are not the good guys.

Bad Character Means Bad Times And Bad Times Are Coming
This is the good guy

Tucker Interview With Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund

Tucker Interview With Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund — Tucker Carlson X-posted a new interview with former Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund regarding the Jan. 6 riot.

His first interview with the Chief was scheduled to air on Fox News, April 24, the day he was fired from the network.

He couldn’t air it because Fox owns the video.

So he and Sund did a new one.

It will change minds about what happened and who should get the blame.

Hint: It’s not President Trump.

The video might also awaken minds as to how corrupt and politicized our system of justice has become.

At the very end, Sund notes that all charges were dropped from the attack on the White House in the summer of 2020 despite numerous injuries to Secret Service personnel and other law enforcement, and much property damage.

Here’s the interview:

Tucker Interview With Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund

Gettysburg Hearing Can’t Be Used Against Trump

Gettysburg Hearing Can’t Be Used Against Trump (Corrected Version) — Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Erdos, July 31, ruled that a tweet and comments President Trump made regarding a legislative hearing on the election held in Gettysburg, Nov. 25, 2020 can’t be used against him from a defamation suit filed by former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor James Savage.

Judge Erdos said Trump claim that elections in Delaware County were rigged was protected by presidential immunity.

Remaining as defendants are Rudy Giuliani, Jen Ellis and Delco poll watchers Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom.

Why is this case being held in Philly? Savage was employed in and lived in Delaware County when the alleged defamation occurred, after all, and Mrs. Hoopes and Stenstrom remain Delco residents.

Gettysburg Hearing Can't Be Used Against Trump (Corrected Version)

Pennsylvania law allows plaintiffs to chose any county in the state to file their case.

Judge Erdos in a June 20 hearing in which he dismissed a bizarre request by Savage’s attorney Conor Corcoran for a protective order against Mrs. Hoopes and Stenstrom, noted that none of the various cases regarding 2020 election fraud allegations ever went before a jury and that the eyes of the world will be on Philadelphia when this case goes to trial.

Considering the indictments against Trump filed, yesterday, Aug. 1, by Special Counsel Jack Smith alleging that the President conspired to defraud the government, impede Congress and violated persons right to vote for saying the 2020 election was rigged, it seems a whole lot of cases regarding 2020 are now going to be going to trail.

Wonder if Smith considered that before filing his indictments. He was under a lot of pressure after all being as how Hunter Biden’s former business partner Devon Archer had just testified to Congress that Joe Biden listened in on his son’s business meetings and met with the corrupt mayor of Moscow’s filthy rich widow after his which his little boy got a $40 million investment.

Trump Dropped From Delco Defamation Suit

Socialists Defend The Donald

Socialists Defend The Donald — Bob Small sent us a link to The Militant in which the 95-year-old publication that describes itself as “a socialist newsweekly published in the interests of working people” strongly defends President Donald Trump in the name of justice and civil liberty.

“Dealing serious blows to constitutional freedoms, President Joseph Biden is using his Justice Department to escalate the Democrats’ drive to destroy former President Donald Trump,” writes Terry Evans. “For the first time ever, a sitting president — who is also a candidate for president — is using his office to try to indict his main rival for the White House and throw him into jail. The criminalization of  political differences is dangerous for working people. Defending the freedoms protected by the Constitution, and pushing back against the U.S. rulers’ drive to refurbish the FBI, are at the center of the class struggle today.”

It’s nice to know that old school liberals still exist.

Read the whole thing here:

Socialists Defend The Donald

Socialists Defend The Donald

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret — Sean Davis of The Federalist pointed out that every Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee voted, yesterday, June 22, to keep secret the IRS whistleblower testimony the federal law enforcement establishment — including those who run his agency — abandoned standard procedures to stifle investigations into Hunter Biden before the 2020 election.

The whistleblower further revealed that agents who pushed for the investigation to move forward properly were retaliated against.

Charlie Kirk summed it up in detail with this tweet.

Two months before the 2020 election, on Sept 4, 2020, the DOJ ordered a “cease and desist” on any overt investigation of Hunter Biden or Biden family influence peddling

The DOJ tipped off Hunter Biden about a search of his storage unit allowing him to clear it before they arrived

The DOJ blocked executing a search warrant of Joe Biden’s guest house The DOJ repeatedly blocked more serious charges being brought against Hunter and slow walked the investigation over 5 years The FBI hid the form 1023, alleged foreign bribery document, from the IRS case attorneys overseeing the case

Whistleblowers have text messages directly linking then VP Joe Biden to Hunter’s Chinese business dealings — when Joe has previously denied any knowledge of Hunter’s business.

Those text messages show Hunter threatening to use his father for retaliation if his Chinese partners don’t do what he wants: “You will regret not following my direction. I am sitting here waiting for the call with my father.”

Oh, and Hunter Biden even expensed his prostitutes on his taxes.

The Democrat Party, which once upheld the rule of law despite political disputes, has become something vile.

It shamelessly rejects every American value and is solely motivated by a desire for greater institutional wealth and power.

They are seriously trying to imprison their opposition leader, a former president, for life over technicalities concerning a record keeping dispute.

Here is a roll call of the June 22 vote.

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret

Dems Unanimously Tried To Keep Whistleblower Testimony Secret

Bidens Got Millions From Ukrainian Kleptocrat Says Feds

Bidens Got Millions From Ukrainian Kleptocrat Says Feds — Chuck Grassley, a long-time mainstream Republican senator from Iowa, said yesterday, June 12, that the Burisma executive who allegedly paid Joe Biden and Hunter Biden kept 17 audio recordings of his conversations with them as an “insurance policy.”

He cited as his source the FBI FD-1023 form that the FBI briefed congressional lawmakers.

The indictment of President Donald Trump has nothing to do with law, justice or national security.

This is a quiet war between those who want to turn the United States into a feudal dictatorship as represented by Biden albeit not necessarily led by him, and those who want to stop them as represented by Donald Trump.

Biden’s treachery has humiliated America before the world, demoralized and sickened its citizens, and started a war that has led to the deaths of more than 100,000 Ukrainians and Russians.

Bidens Got Millions From Ukrainian Kleptocrat Says Feds

Bidens Got Millions From Ukrainian Kleptocrat Says Feds

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason — A press conference just ended, May 10, in which members of the House Oversight Committee have revealed that foreign nations have given millions to nine members of the Biden family going back to the Obama Administration in an opaque manner which obviously implies treason.

The members are the President’s brother James, son Hunter, Hunter’s sister-in-law/lover, Hunter’s ex-wife; Hunter’s current wife; and several grandchildren.

Watch it here: 

The establishment media will try and ignore it.

We suspect they are going to fail.

How can one seriously doubt this crowd would not resort to stealing elections?

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash. The Reason? Add A T
9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason