Powerful Meme Alarms Frank Luntz

Powerful Meme Alarms Frank Luntz@Lauren3veMemes designed with two others the below work of art which is making the rounds on X once known as Twitter.

It has Frank Luntz alarmed.

He calls it an ad while Lauren calls it a meme.

Regardless, we couldn’t find any falsehoods in it nor any exaggerations for that matter.

Here it is:

Powerful Meme Alarms Frank Luntz

Philly Vid Goes Viral On Twitter

Philly Vid Goes Viral On Twitter — There is a video going around the globe with 6.5 million Twitter views and comments from several languages and alphabets.

It depicts a filthy street filled with wretched, filthy people in various degrees of obliviousness.

“It reminds me of zombie movies and thrillers,” says Jesse012215

“A woman holding a syringe like holding a cigarette and laughing,” says @hidetakke

“It’s strange because the clothes and shoes are too beautiful,” says @kartstanbrody1

Where is this strange and horrid place they wonder.

They guess Russia. They guess Tokyo.

But no, it’s not those places. It’s Kensington Avenue just down the road in Philly.

Congratulations Jim Kenney and Larry Krasner and Pennsylvania Democrats. Your accomplishments are known world wide.

Philly Vid Goes Viral On Twitter

Philly Vid Goes Viral On Twitter

Tucker Second Twittercast Dwarfs Fox Viewership

Tucker Carlson’s second twittercast, last night, June 8, has drawn 42.1 million views as of 1:45 p.m.

Watch it here: https://twitter.com/i/status/1666928190445477890

Fox New’s top-rated show is now Jesse Watters Prime Time at 6 p.m., which drew 1.87 million on June 6.

Tucker 2nd Twittercast Dwarfs Fox Viewership

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie — Noted commentator Ann Coulter gave cruel and dangerous advice to Chris Christie so we gently chastised her and offered constructive and caring suggestions to the former New Jersey governor.

What did our good deed get us? A 12-hour time out from Twitter.

Oh, the humanity.

Twitter Timeout For Concern About Christie

Shout Out To PatriotOnline

Shout Out To PatriotOnline — Elon has taken Twitter and fired the bullies. The guy formerly known as Kanye West is buying Parler. Donald Trump’s TruthSocial is soaring and Gab is maturing.

October 2022 is a good month for free speech.

We’d like to give a shout out to Greg Stenstrom’s social media site Patriot.Online.

It’s interesting, intelligent, easy to use and has a strong Philadelphia-region flavor.

Meanwhile, the place formerly known as Facebook, is collapsing. Being a censorious, hypocritical wannabe tyrant really doesn’t pay in the end, does it Kommissar?

And we’ll take our share of the credit.

Shout Out To PatriotOnline
Patriot.Online Banner
Shout Out To PatriotOnline

Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact

Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact — Delaware County Council (Pa.) is scheduled to vote tonight, May 18, on a three-year professional services agreement with CrowdStrike for Falcon Complete End Point Protection Software.

Cost will be $33,830 per year.

CrowdStrike is the scandal-plagued cyber security firm that “investigated” the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers in 2016; claimed it was the Russians and then kept the FBI from seeing the machines for itself.

You would think the Delco Republicans would express a tad bit of concern.

The meeting is 6 p.m. in the Council Public Meeting Room on the 1st Floor of the Government Center Building, 201 W. Front St., Media, PA. 

Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact
Delco Voting On CrowdStrike Pact

FrogFind Search Engine Strips Garbage From Websites

FrogFind Search Engine Strips Garbage From Websites — The sagacious Bryan Lunduke has revealed a website that lets users of old operating systems browse the world wide web like it was 1999.

This is a good thing. Annoying ads disappear.

As does a lot of formatting.

Depending on the ad-annoyance factor that could be a worthwhile tradeoff.

Paywalls seem to disappear too but none of our readers would stoop to use it for such a nefarious reason.

And of course users of new machines can use it too.

The site is FrogFind.com and here is the link.

FrogFind Search Engine Strips Garbage From Websites
FrogFind Search Engine Strips Garbage From Websites

Truth Social Logjam Breaks

Truth Social Logjam Breaks — The logjam broke this morning (April 23) and the hundreds of thousands queued since February to join Truth Social are now on board, including us.

If you’re on the app you can find us @BillLawrenceOnline. Appears direct links aren’t available yet. The app is still only available for the iPhone.

Truth Social is easy to use and seems like it will be a winner.

Truth Social Logjam Breaks

Elon might want to rethink his tender to Twitter.

If you remain on Twitter and want to check if you shadow-banned, a particularly craven means of attacking dissent, use this tool.

Truth Social Logjam Breaks

Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much

Why We Can’t Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much — While Chesco’s DuckDuckGo is getting a lot of hate for its flirtation with wokism, we can’t bring ourselves to join in, at least too much.

Here are yesterday’s (April 17) referrals from search engines to this site.

Why We Can't Hate DuckDuckGo Too Much

The Duck is between a 10th and a 50th the size of Google yet it got us 12 times the finds as the corrupting crawler from California.

Just the same, we have switched to Brave. We’ve long used the browser but we are now using the search engine as well and we like it.

By the way, Ecosia.com, Qwant.com, Dogpile and AOL search engines combined got us more searches than Google.

Google does not give you what you look for but gives you what it wants. Avoid it at all costs.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance — DuckDuckGo’s head honcho Gabriel Weinberg shot off an unfortunate tweet, March 9, in which he declared the Duck would “down-rank sites associated with Russian disinformation.”

Free speech defenders are shouting treason and abandoning DDG for other search engines, mostly for the one affiliated with the Brave browser.

One stupid tweet does not a cancel make and we are sticking with DDG as it still gets our little site far more finds than much bigger, and far more evil, Google.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance
Gab Weinberg’s stupid tweet from March 9

Hopefully, Weinberg understands the ire, though, and grows a bit in his thinking.

The anger comes from a loss of trust.

Who’s to say what “disinformation” is? The New York Post reported in October 2020 that Hunter Biden’s laptop contained sexual misconduct and evidence of financial impropriety that involved China — and his father.

It was literally called “Russian disinformation” and the Post was banned from social media because of it.

Now, the story is pretty much confirmed. Ponder that Biden voters.

Are reports that a reason for the Russian invasion of the Ukraine was biolabs funded by the U.S. to avoid restrictions on domestic research true? A week ago we were mocking it, not so much here but in other places. Now, we are walking it back.

Frankly, we shouldn’t have mocked it in the first place considering how we early covered claims that the U.S. funded gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab from which Covid-19 is thought to have escaped.

Or twisted research in which beagles were tortured to death away from prying eyes.

That our tax money is going to foreign labs for experiments banned here ought to raise questions. It could very well mean that high-ranking American officials are guilty of crimes against humanity.

Hey Gabe, instead of hiding something, explain why you think things are untrue. You have the resources for research. Cite your sources and bring your receipts. Don’t be lazy and don’t pretend to debunk something that you can’t.

We are willing to give the Duck a second chance. For what it’s worth, we quickly found with it the link above to the Tucker Carlson story just using the keyword “biolab”.

And we are not dissing Brave. While we still think its search engine has a little ways to go, it is an excellent browser that we have been using for six years.

DuckDuckGo Deserves Second Chance