What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention

What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention — The below letter was sent by Stan Casacio regarding the meeting of the Montgomery County Republican Committee concerning the election to replace Liz Havey as party chairman.

Dear friends + fighters for real Republican values,

     Thank you to my fellow ally Republicans for their patience and their belief in that, although difficult, competition can never be crushed if brave people do NOT back down.  Something did change on March 1st 2023!  A lot of the people there did not have real knowledge of what is at stake, or of the big issues facing swampy MCRC.  I know many of you do not know this, but when I showed up and asked to go into the Chair Convention (also Endorsement Convention derailed), the armed guards—which alone is unbelievable to have armed guards—refused me access to the room no matter what I said.  I then had to send someone in to find the parliamentarian lawyer to come out.  After about 5 to 10 minutes he came out and he told me that I couldn’t go in.  I said, wait a minute, that’s impossible.  I am a member of the Republican Party and I live in Montgomery County and I’m a candidate for Chairman.  He said hold on and went back in the room to communicate, I’m sure with the party bosses, on what to do.  He came back out and said ‘OK I can come in, but my lawyer couldn’t come in.’  At that point my lawyer and I said if he can’t come in, then this is in no way a proper meeting and I will have to initiate court action.  The lawyer then said ‘OK hold on a minute, let me go back.’  About 10 minutes later, he said ‘OK as long as you’re not disruptive’ (I have never been disruptive and I’ve always been respective of all my fellow Republicans even those that I disagree with) and we were allowed to come into the room, but we were not allowed to circulate and had to stay in the back of the room. Why? Why are they run by fear?

     Very interesting way to start a supposed “democratic by the rules” convention.  To further demonstrate hypocrisy, one of the parliamentarians made a grand speech indicating that there will be no disruptions and that we will follow Robert’s rules and the bylaws.  The former of which did not happen.  Just a thought – how many elections in the last 20 years have our bylaws won?  He then proceeded with the meeting.  Of course you all know what happened then, Joe Rooney—who was probably one of the best area republican leaders—and has put his life on the line for our country, stands up to make a point of order in which he asked, “When did Liz resign?” and of course it was brought out that Liz resigned on the 15th of February but then appointed herself as ‘acting chairman’ until the convention.  Rewriting the bylaws at their convenience.  Now I’ve been doing business for close to 50 years and have dealt with a lot of lawyers; I know all lawyers can make up anything out of everything, so we were told that ‘yes the bylaws do say that the chairman can appoint themselves as a temporary chairman until the chairman is elected,’ even though nowhere in the bylaws does it allow for that.

     Joe Rooney wanted to make a motion to postpone the convention and was trying to explain his reasoning as to Why but was then unbelievably told to “Sit down and shut up!” or he would be physically removed from the meeting by those armed guards!  I don’t know about you but I was totally shocked.  Joe being the consummate gentleman, sat down and the meeting proceeded.  You know the rest.  3 minutes to decide the future of MCRC—no questions from the floor—no debate between the candidates and one wonders why MCRC is failing.

     What we found out is, there are rules but yet there are NO rules when it comes to having a debate in our Republican Party.  If you remember I only had about a week to campaign and I was on vacation which was planned by my wife for four months prior.  Plus you also have to remember that Chris Nascimento (nice guy) was basically groomed prior to anybody knowing the exact date that Liz was going to resign.  He had an opportunity to collect the myriad of proxy votes (our party’s version of mail-in ballots) and because of this had a tremendous head start.  When you calculate the total vote (including proxies) of approximately 500 plus votes and the fact that Chris got 300 plus and I got 200, then if you eliminate the proxy votes, and remember I only had a week to campaign and flew up in 24 hours of the convention, I call it at the very minimum dead even vote.  

     There’s something else that’s even more important and that is that 50% of the party has no say or position on any of the committees that surround the party chairman.  In effect as I said General Patton in one of his famous quotes “if everyone’s thinking the same no one’s thinking”.  Remember that if it were not for passionate conservatives and passionate Republicans there would be no MCRC.  In fact, as I looked over the room I saw many old timers who have consistently supported the head chairman of MCRC—good, bad or indifferent—and therefore really bear responsibility for the demise of our once great Republican Party.  I knew how they would vote.  Of course, they never EVER take ANY responsibility.  It’s always those darn rebels.  There are never any mirrors in their homes. 

     As of today, I have not had a single call from Christian to ask me how we can bring the party together.  How can we demand voter reform, transparency in our debates if we cannot even have transparency or act democratically at our local parties?  Why is it that the Party Chairman, especially the one that I think has been replaced, takes criticism or ideas as somehow a personal threat and therefore those people must be destroyed via attacking their character, name-calling, etc.  I guess my hope that something would change and there would be an openness and an effort to include everyone is just the impossible dream that I have.

     Thank you for your support.  I will continue to support individually great candidates who represent common sense conservative principles that have proven over historical times to work.  I will never back down from the ineptness of leaders who think they walk on water.  I know I don’t.  I do know humanity only improves when we challenge each other to be the best version of ourselves.

Thank you for your time.

Stan Casacio

What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention
What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention What Happened At The Montco GOP Convention

Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate

Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate — Stan Casacio announced his candidacy to replace Liz Havey as chair of the Montgomery County (Pa.) Republican Committee after her surprise resignation 10 days ago.

Casacio nearly unseated Mrs. Havey when she stood for re-election to the four-year position, June 23.

A new election by county committeepeople is scheduled for March 1. The party establishment’s choice is said to be Christian Nascimento who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

There is no requirement for a quick election, Casacio notes, and he suggested that it be postponed 30 days so the committeepeople can be fully aware of their options.

He would also like a candidates debate to held immediately before the vote and only those attending be allowed to cast ballots. This would mean no proxy voting, he said.

Casacio, who represents the party’s populist wing, says the only way the GOP can win elections in Montco is if the populists and establishmentarians work together.

A debate and a considered, trusted election would go a long way in ending suspicions and achieving this goal he notes.

A phone call to Nascimento was not returned.

Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate
Stan Casacio Proposes Unity, Debate

Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair

Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair — Stan Casacio has declared his candidacy to replace Liz Havey as chair of the Montgomery County (Pa) Republican Committee.

Mrs. Havey announced last week that she is stepping down from the post she has held since 2018.

The establishment’s choice to replace is thought to be Christian Nascimento.

Nascimento is the former president of the Methacton School District who unsuccessfully ran for Congress against Madeleine Dean in 2022.

Casacio, whose involvement with Republican politics goes back to the 1960s and started soon after his discharge from the Army, nearly unseated Mrs. Havey in a committee election last June.

Here is the letter Casacio sent explaining the reasons why he is seeking the post.

Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair
Stan Casacio Seeks Montco GOP Chair

Stan Casacio Hosts Debate Party

Stan Casacio Hosts Debate Party — Stan Casacio hosted a debate watch party tonight, Oct. 25, at his Montco abode to see Democrat John Fetterman take on Republican Mehmet Oz in a head-to-head battle as to who would best represent Pennsylvania in the U.S. Senate.

Among those making appearances was the legendary Dom Giordano of WPHT and Republican lieutenant governor candidate Carrie DelRosso.

Olivia Braccio was the event photographer.

Who won the debate? I give Fetterman a precious pumpkin smiley he can show his wife after his trip home on the short bus. In fact, the only bus that would be shorter than Fetterman’s is the one the people who vote for him ride.

Stan Casacio Hosts Debate Party
Not the winner
Stan Casacio Hosts Debate Party

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn — Kudos to Stan Casacio for a top-flight show, Friday evening (April 8), with the Phyllis Schlafly Eagles 2022 Awards Ceremony at the Green Valley Country Club in Lafayette Hill., Pa.

Keynote speaker was Gen. Michael Flynn, who future generations will remember as a persecuted hero during a dark time in America.

Flynn, the recipient of the Phyllis Schlafly Freedom Award, described what we face as unprecedented that can’t compare with the Revolution or the Civil War. He said the battle wasn’t between Democrats and Republicans, or conservatives and progressives but between “those who love this country and traitors.”

The implication was well understood by the crowd of more than 200 that Republicans don’t automatically mean patriots.

Flynn said it was a spiritual fight with the opponents being those who hold that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights, and those that want to bring forth a socialist/Marxist/fascist hell were people are mere pawns to be played with by those who hold power.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn
Stan Casacio at the podium. Seated from left are Gen. Flynn, Ed Martin, John Schlafly and an unidentified man.

He said this scheme well-preceded Donald Trump’s presidency. He noted that the removal of God from the Democrat platform in 2012 was planned.

He warned that sitting on the sidelines was no longer an option and that all who cared must get involved. He said he was doing it for his grandchildren.

When Flynn learned that an Oregonian was in the audience, he noted the Republican have not won there since the state went all mail-in voting two decades ago. He said it was a test case for those seeking to make elections forever meaningless.

The general talked about our low performing public schools. He described how parts of this great nation looked like third, even fourth, world places. He described wasteful wasteful spending and indifference among those who govern us. He said he was shocked when he was told that Pennsylvania’s budget was $42 billion for a state with 13 million residents.

Bad news, General. We got to $103 billion in spending in 2020-2021 before we stopped counting which was when departmental budgets dropped to nine digits.

Flynn and the event left one inspired rather than in despair, however. The panel and the crowd may have been diverse with regard to race and religion and sex but was upbeat, motivated and completely united in outlook.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn
Gen. Flynn and the publisher. Photo by Olivia Braccio

Pennsylvania Treasurer Stacy Garrity, who won election in 2020, to our delight cited Russell Kirk , a brilliant thinker whose name we haven’t heard in a long time.

Bunny Welsh, who served as sheriff of Chester County for 20 years, described the great people in law enforcement and noted how the sacrifices they make are not exaggerated. She described how two of her deputies were gunned down by a man with mental problems during an eviction, and the sickness she felt as she heard it happening while she was in the communications room. She described the long anguish a deputy suffered when forced to shoot a person in the lobby of the Chester County Government Center.

Kathy Barnette, who is running to replace Pat Toomey as U.S. senator, described her youth growing up dirt-poor in Alabama in a home without running water. She said her her birth came about after her mother was raped at the age of 11. She said she always felt loved and grateful despite circumstances, and that it was this love that motivated her to go to college and become a success. Casacio met her a pro-life rally several years ago and encouraged her to enter politics. Flynn met her a year ago and also highly endorsed her.

Ms. Barnette said she is in the top three in polling despite the other two out-spending her more than 10 to 1.

Ms. Barnette is pro-life, pro school choice, pro border security and pro health care. We can safely say we have found a senate candidate we can back in the primary on May 17.

Teddy Daniels, a Purple Heart recipient for action in Afghanistan, made a strong pitch to be the GOP nominee for lieutenant governor. Video was shown of the combat where he received his wound. He is certainly someone for whom we can vote but, unlike the Senate race, there are other good candidates and we remain undecided. We confess, though, that he may be our front-runner.

State Sen. Doug Mastriano, (R-33), was the recipient of the event’s Pennsylvania Voter Integrity Award. Mastriano, who is running for governor, was praised for his military service, for his strong opposition to Gov. Wolf’s covid lockdowns, and for his support for an investigation into the 2020 election. He was endorsed by Casacio and Flynn, and by radio host Donald Beishl, Jr.

There are some people we respect who are very much opposed to Mastriano. We looked for him after the event to ask questions but were unable to find him. He mingled before hand and we likely could have talked to him then but things slipped away so shame on us.

Vote fraud was a big subject with no one in the room questioning that the 2020 election was stolen from Trump.

Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor from Audit the Vote Pa described themselves as moms and homemakers, and explained how they became involved when it dawned on them how the election was stolen. They both had high praise for Mastriano.

Calvin Tucker, who is deputy chairman of the state GOP, described the in-roads Pennsylvania Republicans are making with communities that traditionally vote Democrat. He said Trump increased his share of the Black vote from 8 percent in 2016 to 12 percent in 2020. Consider it just one more proof that Trump won the election.

The depravity of abortion came up several times during the night especially with regard to the indifference shown by Washington D.C. authorities to discovery of the bodies of infants who may have been killed outside the womb.

Flynn said that earlier that day he urged Tucker Carlson to keep the story going.

Also mentioned was the unfair treatment of the January 6 protesters who are rotting in a D.C. jail for what is basically trespass.

There were at least two lawyers in the crowd representing some of them. They said the prisoners were not allowed to shave and the man all had thick beards.

Fourteen months in jail is a pretty long sentence for someone who has actually been convicted of a crime. No matter where one stands on the political spectrum, one should be outraged at people being held this long without bail or trial.

Also among the speakers was John Schlafly, who is Phyllis’s son, and Ed Martin.

Josephine Hughes sang The National Anthem, God Bless America and I’m Proud to Be an American. Pastor Todd Johnson gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Olivia Braccio handled photography.

Phyllis Schlafly, who died in 2016, was also an American hero, fighting and beating the Marxists and corporate feudalists starting in the 1950s. She wrote the perceptive and influential book A Choice Not An Echo, which you can read for free here.

Phyllis Schlafly Eagles Event Featured Michael Flynn

Stan Casacio Ad For GOP Unity

Stan Casacio Ad For GOP Unity — Stan Casacio, the Republican nominee for Montgomery County (Pa) controller, is asking to give his ad calling for Republican unity as much publicity as possible.

We are happy to do so.

The controlling Democrat majority really is sucking the blood out of the county’s taxpayers. One of the Democrat commissioners really has been credibly accused of rape.

Hey Joe Gale, stop whining about the primary and start seeking justice for Pauline Braccio.

“My way or the highway” usually means you end up on the highway or in fourth place anyway.

Yeah, you’ve done a good job calling out the corruption but you are never going to fix anything in the minority. The GOP has a chance to take it all this November. Is the county’s Republican establishment corrupt? Maybe, but the Ds are running things and there is no maybe about their corruption.

Reform is slow but if it doesn’t start it doesn’t exist. The Ds staying in charge means it doesn’t start.

The only way you would not want the Ds out would be if you think in confers some sort of personal advantage. Please say you don’t think that.

Montco residents just hit the R button this November.

Stan Casacio Ad For Unity
Stan Casacio Ad For Unity
Stan Casacio with Dom Giordano when he spent his own time and treasure fighting the Republican establishment in 2016.

Needed Callout For Montco GOP Unity

Needed Callout For Montco GOP Unity — Stan Casacio, the Republican nominee for Montgomery County (Pa) controller, has taken a big step towards a GOP takeover of the Dem- controlled and corrupted county with an ad airing on WPHT calling for GOP unity.

Needed Callout For Montco GOP Unity
Stan Casacio with Dom Giordano in 2016

Thank God there is someone who still thinks up there. Yes, the Republicans have a chance to win if they get unified.

Stan also tells us he will be hosting an hour-long show on 1180 WFYL at 8 a.m., Wednesdays. His first guest is Lt. Col Allen West.

Needed Callout For Montco GOP Unity

Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms

Fresh New Montco Republican Party LoomsStan Cascio has let us know that 100 persons of varying political identities attended a soiree at his home to create a fresh new Republican Party of Montgomery County.

He says there were Tea Party conservatives, establishmentarians, two independents and one Democrat, whom he declined to name.

Among those in attendance were official GOP county head LIz Preate Harvey; the wonderful and influential Dom Giordano of WPHT; and county commissioner candidate Sean Gale, the brother of county commissioner and running mate Joe Gale .

Stan says everyone in the room agreed on 80 percent of things.

Stan says like-minded people — those who love freedom, hate corruption and lies, and recognize that rights are God-given — must unite else the neo-feudalists i.e. the New Democrat Socialist Party that holds that some animals are more equal than others will prevail.

Stan, who is running for county controller, said the county GOP has agreed to refrain from making endorsements this primary election.

Stan expressed disappointment about ads being run by the Gale brothers attacking the establishment.

“We must stop forming circular firing squads,” he said.

Stan had a great observation about border security and immigration vs illegal immigration.

“What if one one of the Democrats waiting to see Hamilton in Puerto Rico had someone butt in front of them in line?” he asked. “What would they do about it?”

Of course, we know the answer. Rules for thee but not for me.

Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms
Fresh New Montco Republican Party Looms

Stan Casacio Launches 4th District Write-In Campaign

Stan Casacio Launches 4th District Write-In Campaign — Stan Casacio, who perceptively launched a GOP primary challenge to Pennsylvania’s then 7th District incumbent congressman Pat Meehan two years ago,   — it sure would have been nice if he won, right? — has launched a write-in campaign for the May 15 GOP congressional primary to challenge Dan David, who is the only name on that GOP ballot for what is now the 4th District, after the court-mandated shuffling.

It should be noted that Joe Billie, who was preparing a primary challenge to Meehan before his resignation and before the redistricting, has also said he is running a write-in campaign for what is now the 5th District. The only GOP name on the ballot there is Pearl Kim.

The new 4th and 5th districts skew far more heavily Democrat than the old 7th District did.

Here is Stan’s explanation as to why he’s doing it:

By Stan Casacio

Two years ago, I challenged Pat Meehan in a primary. I knew it would be difficult to argue for conservative realism, common sense and fairness against an entrenched establishment “Run for the Hills” Republican.

Recently, many people who supported me two years ago have called asking me to run again on a grass roots “write in” campaign. It is very humbling when people who believe in the American Dream, like I do, call to say they want me to represent Pennsylvania’s new 4th District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

It is deeply concerning to me that achievement of the American Dream – the freedom and opportunity to realize happiness and prosperity through personal initiative – is now in jeopardy. Clearly, the establishment Republican Party has for the most part abandoned the fight for equal justice for all, the right to life, and the right to protect yourself and your family. It has supported increased taxes and spending at local, state and federal levels. The establishment Republican Party did not veto Obamacare when it had the opportunity, did not fight to protect our boarders from illegal crossings, and has stood aside or actually participated in the witch-hunt against President Trump. These actions and many others threaten the opportunity for citizens to pursue the American Dream.

The new federal budget steals our hard-earned income and uses it for purposes we oppose. It continues funding of Planned Parenthood, for example, which stops the life of unborn children. If wealthy billionaire liberal Democrats want Planned Parenthood to continue they should fund it themselves. They should not use our taxes because many of us are pro-life and oppose abortion on moral and religious grounds.

Sadly, there are three legal systems operating in the U.S. – one for people who are wealthy, powerful and well-connected, one for liberal Democrats, and one for the rest of us.

Frankly, I have had enough of gutless Republican legislators who stand for nothing, because that’s the politically shrewd thing to do, and they accomplish nothing that their constituents want!

I believe the strength of America is that we love to chart our own course in life. We were born to do this – our parents, grandparents and so many other immigrants came here from all over the world because only in America can a person from an ordinary background enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I also believe that liberalism and the establishment politicians of both parties pass laws that undermine our Constitution, take away our rights, and threaten to replace our customs and traditions with socialism. Americans believe that nothing is right if it is morally wrong. Think for a moment about the abysmal failure of liberal, socialist countries. Take Venezuela, for example. A country once thriving is now steeped in poverty and lawlessness. Liberals and establishment types believe that we all must think and act the same and when we don’t, they create new laws to take away more of our rights.

What to do? I am reaching out to you because you are politically interested and active to some degree. A write-in campaign is hard to win. It truly is grass roots work. Success requires a driving force of supporters who believe in the massage and the messenger. If I win this write-in campaign, first, we will all make history! Second, I will take on the challenges we face with common sense and a firm commitment to uphold the American Dream.

A few closing points:

  • I will always refer to the money the government takes from us as taxes! Politicians always talk about revenue to the government – government does not produce anything other than paper work and more regulations. Adding more regulations means taking more rights and money from us.
  • I will recognize that there are males and females – and there are differences among them. Members of both sexes deserve respect and equal opportunity, not because they are women or men but because they are us – the human species.
  • I will do everything I can as your legislator to protect life, and not harm or destroy it. Our country spends billions to find life on other planets but neglects and mistreats people and the environment on earth.
  • Our borders are entry points for drugs and bad actors. We need to know who will come into the United States to do us harm and who wishes to join us as citizens or visitors to live peacefully among us and help make our cities and towns safe and prosperous. Drug cartels make billions buying off the politicians, judges and other public officials. The opioid crisis is horrific; it is killing our youth and must be ended. Sanctuary cities are drug distribution points. I will work to stop illegal aliens from entering our country and bring justice to those engaged in drug trafficking!
Stan Casacio Launches 4th District Write-In Campaign

Stan Casacio Launches 4th District Write-In Campaign




Case For Pat Meehan

Case For Pat Meehan

By Don Adams

The Independence Hall Foundation, the largest independent conservative grass roots organization in the tri-state region, is questioning the conservative credentials of congressional candidate Stan Casacio, a former Republican Cheltenham Township Commissioner running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

Case For Pat Meehan
Congressman Pat Meehan

The Casacio campaign is airing 60 second spots on 1210 WPHT-AM which roundly accuses his opponent, US Representative Pat Meehan, of being an Arlen Specter Republican and a RINO (Republican in name only)–an outrageous charge which the conservative Independence Hall Foundation flatly rejects.

The ad falsely implies that Pat Meehan supports Planned Parenthood and is somehow not pro-life, when, in fact, Meehan has consistently voted to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.   In addition, Meehan has been endorsed  by the National Right to Life .Committee in every general election cycle since 2010 and will receive their endorsement this fall.

The 20-member Foundation Board voted unanimously to endorse Pat Meehan because of his consistent votes, over the years, to defund Planned Parenthood; repeal ObamaCare (over 60 votes); lower taxes; decrease spending; expose corrupt practices of the Veterans Administration; hold the Obama Administration accountable on the Benghazi and Fast and Furious scandals; stop Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration, and support our nation’s defense.  Meehan has also been a staunch advocate of local law enforcement communities.

That is a very strong conservative record,. We wish, however, the same could be said for Stan Casacio.

During his tenure as Cheltenham Township Commissioner (Montgomery County) in the 1980’s, Casacio, who served on the township’s finance committee, voted to increase the township’s budget by 80 percent and raise property taxes by 42 percent to cover the deficit he helped create.

Casacio has not refuted the official record–instead, he and his defenders dismiss his record as something from the distant past.

But this is Casacio’s official public record–and Casacio’s record of taxing and spending is much more in line with RINO Arlen Specter.

We certainly hope voters in the 7th District consider all the facts before voting.

The Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District comprises most of Delaware County, along with parts of Montgomery, Chester, Berks, and Lancaster Counties.

Mr. Adams is a member of the Independence Hall Foundation

Case For Pat Meehan