Case For Pat Meehan

Case For Pat Meehan

By Don Adams

The Independence Hall Foundation, the largest independent conservative grass roots organization in the tri-state region, is questioning the conservative credentials of congressional candidate Stan Casacio, a former Republican Cheltenham Township Commissioner running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District.

Case For Pat Meehan
Congressman Pat Meehan

The Casacio campaign is airing 60 second spots on 1210 WPHT-AM which roundly accuses his opponent, US Representative Pat Meehan, of being an Arlen Specter Republican and a RINO (Republican in name only)–an outrageous charge which the conservative Independence Hall Foundation flatly rejects.

The ad falsely implies that Pat Meehan supports Planned Parenthood and is somehow not pro-life, when, in fact, Meehan has consistently voted to defund the nation’s largest abortion provider.   In addition, Meehan has been endorsed  by the National Right to Life .Committee in every general election cycle since 2010 and will receive their endorsement this fall.

The 20-member Foundation Board voted unanimously to endorse Pat Meehan because of his consistent votes, over the years, to defund Planned Parenthood; repeal ObamaCare (over 60 votes); lower taxes; decrease spending; expose corrupt practices of the Veterans Administration; hold the Obama Administration accountable on the Benghazi and Fast and Furious scandals; stop Obama’s Executive Order on Immigration, and support our nation’s defense.  Meehan has also been a staunch advocate of local law enforcement communities.

That is a very strong conservative record,. We wish, however, the same could be said for Stan Casacio.

During his tenure as Cheltenham Township Commissioner (Montgomery County) in the 1980’s, Casacio, who served on the township’s finance committee, voted to increase the township’s budget by 80 percent and raise property taxes by 42 percent to cover the deficit he helped create.

Casacio has not refuted the official record–instead, he and his defenders dismiss his record as something from the distant past.

But this is Casacio’s official public record–and Casacio’s record of taxing and spending is much more in line with RINO Arlen Specter.

We certainly hope voters in the 7th District consider all the facts before voting.

The Pennsylvania 7th Congressional District comprises most of Delaware County, along with parts of Montgomery, Chester, Berks, and Lancaster Counties.

Mr. Adams is a member of the Independence Hall Foundation

Case For Pat Meehan

7 thoughts on “Case For Pat Meehan”

  1. Let’s disavow ourselves of the notion that Pat Meehan is a conservative. He is not. While he has voted to repeal Obamacare, he has also voted to fund it and that is what counts. The House has the ability to shut down any program or policy by simply not funding it. The Congressman continually voted to fund Barack Obama’s agenda including the continuation of Obamacare and amnesty. If the Congressman was conservative, he would exercise his power of the purse and not vote to continue funding an agenda he supposedly ran against. The argument about the government shutting down is ludicrous. The government shut down when it snowed and nobody commented on it. In other words, when it’s convenient for Washington to grant itself a couple of snow days, a government shut down is no big deal. When it comes to a member of Congress putting himself out there to vote to not fund Obama’s agenda, the prospect of a shutdown becomes a horrifying prospect. I have no problem with Independence Hall endorsing Pat Meehan–but please be intellectually honest and not label him something he is not.

    1. Mary Ellen, thanks for the post. You are right. Mr. Meehan is not a conservative and never has been. He has been pro-life though, to be fair.

      Mr. Meehan’s “scoring” by pro-growth groups like Americans for Prosperity are poor. He is a supporter of the crony capitalists like the US Chamber of Commerce on nearly everything. He is establishment through and through. And if you like that, he is your man.

      But the clearest of all is Mr. Meehan’s tie to the late Arlen Specter –King of the RINOS and sometimes not even in name only. Rep. Meehan served as Senator Specter’s state director and senior counsel from 1991 to 1994, and managed his 1992 re-election campaign. Specter himself got Mr. Meehan all the prior jobs that launched his career. You are who mentored you.

  2. Mary Ellen what in the world are you talking about? Schools shut down because of snow days too — does that mean we don’t need them, either?

    When you say that Congress cutting off the federal government’s funding is the same thing as an office closing for a day because of bad weather, I’m not sure if you’re being deliberately misleading or pathetically ignorant.

    Maybe you need to go back to fifth grade social studies class and learn how a bill becomes a law. Are you really that ignorant of the constitution? You should read it sometime.

    1. Ralph, I will not get nasty like you did with Mary Ellen but will explain her point on the off chance really do not understand it. When the federal government “shuts down” because there is a dusting of snow in Washington (as it does frequently), it is hardly noticed, much less a cause for alarm. But when a budget impasse “shuts down” the federal government (really, though, not a shut down like a snow day because the government claims most people are essential), the news media and the liberals treat it like the end of the world. Because of that, fiscal conservatives are bullied into passing fiscally irresponsible continuing resolutions rather than the appropriations bills that the Founders envisioned.

      The rest of your comment doesn’t even make any sense. Hopefully, for your sake, the establishment will pay you for your comments anyway.

  3. The Unions, who finance and support Pat Meehan, despise Stan, a free market, competitive builder.

    Stan Casacio is most definitely not a Democrat and most definitely not Union financed like alleged Boehner/Ryan Republican Pat Meehan. Stan Casacio is independent of party leadership. Every one of Obama’s Leftist initiatives has been funded by the Boehner/Ryan Republicans like Pat Meehan.

    Trillions in national debt, Obamacare and illegal alien executive orders, funding for Planned Parenthood, ever escalating spending and debt; all as a result of Republican collusion. The Boehner/Ryan House has been a complicit enabler and not an opposition party. The Boehner/Ryan Republicans, like Pat Meehan, have had many “show votes” but have not stopped a single one of these initiatives.

    Many are fooled by Pat Meehan’s “show votes”, sound and fury changing nothing.

    A vote for Pat Meehan is a vote for the status quo.

  4. With the likelihood of Donald Trump as nominee, it is more important than ever to elect someone independent of the party leadership like Stan Casacio. Pat Meehan will bend like a reed in the wind.

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