Gigi Williams Inspiring Autobiography

Gigi Williams Inspiring Autobiography

By Bob Small

This is the backstory of how I came to read Gigi Williams’ autobiographical book

God’s Hand in my “One” (looking back at the Master’s Plan). We had traveled to the village of North East , MD, to visit a friend — let’s call her M — as this location was equidistant from our homes.

While at a picnic table by the Bay, a few people came up to us. One of them was Gigi, a middle-aged woman with one hand, who offered her book, for free, which I accepted, on the condition that she sign it, which she did. My acceptance was based on the fact that I always accept free books, whether on peace, politics, poetry, or religion.

Gigi Williams Inspiring Autobiography

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.

These words from Proverbs 3:5-6, are part of the introduction to Chapter 8 and this summarizes a main message of Gigi’s book, that she has had to lean on faith, as opposed to medical technology, which she has also tried.

Along with her faith she also stresses her acceptance which, in her case, means she sees herself as different rather than “disabled”. Her book talks about the faith and acceptance that led her to have a career, a college degree, a driving license,a marriage and a family, all while being different rather than being “disabled.”

She writes in a very direct, unemcumbered way.

Camp no limits, which she mentions towards the end, is still active in Maryland.

See and Facebook. This is a camp focused on children with “limb loss”, not to be confused with the no limits foundation which focuses on autism related issues. Camp no Limits has a religious connection, which permeates the whole book. My sense is that her religious faith has sustained her, which I accept as one way to get through this labyrinth we call life.

This book can be ordered through and also is carried by Amazon, and Barnes and Noble.

Gigi Williams Inspiring Autobiography

Home In India, A Review

Home In India, A Review

By Bob Small

Almost every Saturday Night around 11:30 p.m. (9 a.m. Indian time the following day), we find ourselves going to Epiphany’s Church Service, in English (Cuttack,India), via Zoom. One of the most inspiring pastors is Rev. Moumita Biswas of the Church of Scotland.

Rev. Biswas is featured Andrew Mills’ book Home in India, which can be ordered at

This weekly schedule is not due to any great religious fervor, but rather relationships formed by my wife while she was in India previously, that were recently re-established.

This was many years and one husband ago.

Part of the story of Andy Mills in India is his role as in India as a Lay Missionary.

The Andy Mills we know is from his work in Witness for Peace. Witness for Peace was founded in 1983 and campaigns for “peace, justice, and sustainable economies in Latin America”.

Andrew Mills connects both these topics and more; He has been a Chairperson of Witness for Peace (1994-2012). Previously, he went to India , in a dual role as a consulting groundwater hydrologist/programmer and a lay Missionary under the UCBWM (United Church Board for World Ministries). This was from 1956-61, and 1967-71.

This book introduced me to a part of Andy that I never knew, the Missionary. He felt he was in India to help with both bodies and souls.

He talks honestly of the dichotomies between his views as a Christian Westerner, and both the Christian Indians and Hindu Indians. Along the way, there are also the differing views within the Christian Missionary Community.

One vital point he makes is the notion that he should live simply, in the same way that the Indians live. This adjustment was not easy for him as an American.

He also explained that the different groupings had much to learn from each other when they chose to listen.

Recently, when I looked up the current status of CNI, the Church of Northern India, I discovered that some of the same concerns that he wrote about were still in the process of being resolved.

The book is divided into sections covering his dual activities in India, and three epilogues, honoring both British and Indian Christians he worked with.

Home In India, A Review

Woman Tackles Montco Courts With Expose

Woman Tackles Montco Courts With Expose — Elaine Mickman of Lower Merion tells us she has launched her book describing the horrors she experienced in the Montgomery County court system relating to her divorce.

It’s called Court-Gate…the Courts “Divorced from the Law” : Without Liberty or Justice at all and you can find it on Amazon.

Hope it’s a hit, Elaine.

Woman Tackles Montco Courts With Expose

Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss

Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss — Bob Small of Swarthmore sent us this link about how libraries in Oregon are dealing with the bizarre decision by Dr. Seuss Enterprises to stop publication of six classic titles due to anti-intellecutal and arrogant wokeness.

The libraries — believe it or not — plan to keep them on the shelves until it is time to remove them due to well-established criteria i.e. the books become worn or are no longer checked out.

So kudos to the libraries for not caving into virtue signaling hypocrites.

Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss
Oregon Libraries Keeping Seuss

Mari Keel Mystery Was A Pleasure

Mari Keel Mystery Was A Pleasure — Finished a great book by Janice Welles called Personal Property.

It’s a Mari Keel mystery and looks to be the first book in a series.

Check it out here. It’s more than worth the $2.99 Kindle price.

Mari Keel Mystery Was A Pleasure
Mari Keel Mystery

Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night

Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night — Texas’ great congressman Dan Crenshaw will be guest of Philadelphia’s great talk show host Dom Giordano, 6:55 p.m., tomorrow June 11. Discussed will be Dan’s new book Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage 

The discussion is free and can be found on the Facebook page Talkradio WPHT 1210.

Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night
Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night

Nice Stories About Nice People

Nice Stories About Nice People

Old friend Mary Hickey who writes under the name Lorna B. Marlowe has compiled from short stories she has written over the years a great and uplifting book called Nice Stories About Nice People.

One of the stories, the Christmas-themed The Littles Angels, will be popping up here within the next couple of days.

The book makes a great Christmas present and can be purchased at the Main Street Rag Online Bookstore.

Worried about it being a little late? Remember the 12 Days of Christmas starts Dec. 25. It doesn’t end then.

Hallelujah Anyway Is Merciful Read

Hallelujah Anyway Is Merciful Read

By Kate Rainey

Hallelujah Anyway Is Merciful ReadIf you need a break from the polarized news and are searching for some mercy in your life,pick up a copy of Anne Lamott’s latest collection of essays “Hallelujah Anyway: Rediscovering Mercy” (Riverhead Books, 192 pages, $20). This book shows us there is a quieter world, one that is full of wonder, appreciation and generosity. Life is not about getting and achieving more.

Ms. Lamott, who teaches Sunday School at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church in California, questions if she even recognizes mercy anymore, “the divine and human; the messy, crippled, transforming, heartbreaking, lovely, devastating presence of mercy.” She believes she, and our world, are starving to death for it.

“Mercy is radical kindness. Mercy means offering or being offered aid in desperate straits. Mercy is not deserved. It involves absolving the unabsolvable, forgiving the unforgivable. Mercy brings us to the miracle of apology, given and accepted, to unashamed humility when we have erred or forgotten. Charge it to our heads and not our hearts, as the elders in black church have long said.”

The title of the book is derived from Candi Staton’s gospel song “Hallelujah Anyway.” In spite of our problems, personal or political, the lyrics say “you get down on your knees and pray . . . Praise Him till your situation turns around. You gotta lift up your voice and say: Hallelujah Anyway!” 

As in Ms. Lamott’s nine other works of nonfiction, she is vulnerable, makes you laugh out loud and want to sit down and have a cup of coffee with her. What I learned, once again, from this easy read is lack of grace and mercy starts with me. When I do the inside work of being softer with myself, then I don’t have to “condemn others for being total sh__s, although they may be that. (Okay: are).”

Ms. Rainey is a resident of Middletown Township in Delaware County, Pa.

 Hallelujah Anyway Is Merciful Read

Stronger Together Amazon Reviews

Stronger Together Amazon Reviews
She’s not laughing at the reviews. Maybe she’s talking to one of her husband’s rape victims.

Stronger Together Amazon Reviews — Stronger Together, the political propaganda ghostwritten for Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine is now on sale at Amazon for $4.99 Kindle and $9.59 paperback.

If one wants to waste money and promote evil buy it. If one wants free entertainment read the reviews. They are good and an attempt to censor them appears to have backfired.

Some samples:

1.0 out of 5 starsEvery time I write my review it gets deleted. …

By Robert S Lionel JR on September 23, 2016

Format: Paperback

Every time I write my review it gets deleted., it’s so weird. Does anyone know where the servers are hosted that contain reviews? Seems to resolve to bathroom.mailserver.bathroom.dc That seems very odd. I’m sure this one will get deleted as well. Oh well.

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1.0 out of 5 starsBeware

By happyreader on September 17, 2016

Format: Kindle Edition

Strangely, every time I opened this book I was hit with a wave of nausea, followed by uncontrollable coughing. I believe it is a horcrux. Take caution, friends!

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3.0 out of 5 starsOk in an emergency but there are plenty of better choices.
on September 25, 2016
I had acquired this book for a camping trip I and my family were planning. On the plus side it is a good sized book with over 200 pages, so the entire family was able to benefit from it. Now to the negative. The type of paper used in the printing of this book is so coarse that after a few wipes you are already looking for an alternative, (in drier climates where there is a scarcity of large leaves using this book will get old really fast).. In an emergency this book, backed up with some aloe, would probably suffice. I would still recommend bringing an ample supply of your favorite TT, Wet Wipes or even a bundle of old cut up T shirts.
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5.0 out of 5 starsSkip the Book. Just read the reviews. (Quick, before Amazon deletes or rewrites them) 🙂
on September 25, 2016
The reviews are much more interesting and hilarious than the book. The book is pablum bottled as campaign literature, but comes across SOOO BORRRRRRINGLY! Well, let’s see if this review is deleted as fast as Hillary’s e-mails were.
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1.0 out of 5 starsKillary killed me
on September 25, 2016
Hillary had me killed


Stronger Together Amazon Reviews

James Waltzer Of Sound Mind Great Read

James Waltzer Of Sound Mind Great ReadIf one seeks a new author put James Waltzer on the list. His new book “Of Sound Mind” is a page-turner.

“Of Sound Mind” is a revision of “Sound of Mind” which had originally been published in France and then published by a small house in the U.S.

The new version from Medallion is much improved and worthy of a best seller list.

“Of Sound Mind” is a thoughtful, intelligent thriller. The protagonist, Richard Keene, is a haunted young man cursed/blessed with an ear condition that provides extremely sensitive hearing and an exceptional sense of balance. He overhears a murder in his Center City Philadelphia apartment building and the game is on.

The Philly flavor is rich which is another bonus for those living in the area.

“Of Sound Mind” can be favorably compared with Jonathan Kellerman’s Alex Delaware novels. Hopefully, this is the first in a series of Richard Keene novels.

It can be purchased on Amazon, and other online booksellers and we recommend it.

James Waltzer Of Sound Mind Great Read