Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel Journalist and mother of six Ann Vandersteel says bad times are coming.

She spoke at yesterday’s, April 25, Keystone Town Hall in Malvern, Pa.

Ms. Vandersteel, along with Michael Yon , has been revealing how Panama is a stage for the human flood entering the United States in complete disdain of our laws.

Most of the invaders are miltary-age men and many are Chinese, she said.

Many have been identified as former Chinese military by facial recognition programs, she says.

The invasion starts at Panama’s inhospitable and dangerous Darien Gap where non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) controlled by globalists have built camps.

These include HIAS, which has a notable presence in Delaware County.

HIAS started as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

“It’s as Hebrew as Catholic Charities is Catholic,” Ms. Vandersteel said.

Catholic Charities has been implicated in child trafficking.

So has the US government for that matter.

Alejandro Mayorkas worked for HIAS before becoming Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary.

Ms. Vandersteel calls Mayorkas treasonous. He willfully ignores numerous US laws, she said. Mayorkas’ impeachment by the “Republican”-controlled House was ignored by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The NGO camps destroy the environment and the way of life of the indigenous Embera tribe. The Emberas, for centuries, have shared nature with the Darien, Ms. Vandersteel said.

Her reporting preceded a fire at one camp, she says. The only thing destroyed, though, were the records for every immigrant there.

Fort Clayton on the Panama Canal, once the headquarters for the US Southern Command Network, has been completely taken over by the NGOs she says.

The immigration is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels, Ms. Vandersteel said. The migrants who are women, children and families are often subject to rape, theft and murder.

The billions of dollars controlled by the globalist and drug lords have corrupted places one wouldn’t have expected.

She says the Border Patrol turns a blind eye to the illegal crossings.

Republican Greg Abbott, Texas’ Republican governor, has been bought off, she says. His widely publicized border enforcement was just theater. She says that half of the Texas House has taken money from developers of facilities to house illegals in the state.

She said Abbott has lost all popularity in Texas but praised his adversary Attorney General Ken Paxton, also a Republican.

Ms. Vandersteel, as has Michael Yon, said turmoil is unavoidable. She said the trouble will start with a banking collapse.

Keep cash on hand and your larder stocked.

The motive for America’s destruction is that she stands in the way of “The Great Reset” a tyrannical fascist fantasy famously proclaimed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab grew up in Nazi Germany and his father worked for the Nazis.

Ms. Vandersteel was asked about the movie Civil War now playing in theaters which describes a war in the United States.

“Hollywood is laughing at us,” she said. “They want us to destroy ourselves.”

Don’t fall for false flags

In better news, the Valley Forge Classical Academy Charter School for the West Chester School District is expected to open in Exton in 2025.

Charles F. Beatty says they easily surpassed by 500 the 1,000 signatures required to appeal the school board’s rejection and they expect to prevail as all the criteria has been met.

The school will hold 900 students and use the Hillsdale Curriculum.

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel
An attendee prays with Ann Vandersteel after her Keystone Town Hall talk, April 25
Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel
With Ann Vandersteel are whistleblower Sean Connolly, attorney and author Renee Mazer and Dr. Jim Thomas.

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel

Wallingford Swarthmore Bans Christmas On Buses

Wallingford Swarthmore Bans Christmas On Buses — The Wallingford Swarthmore School District has sent a memo ordering all bus drivers and aides to not have Christmas theme decorations or wear Christmas-themed attire.

“If you have decorated your bus with anything specific to the Christmas Holiday or any other decorations relating to a specific religion, please remove them immediately. In addition, employees are instructed not to wear clothing related to Christmas or any other religious holiday.”

The memo claims the policy is response to complaints from parents.

The present public school system is run by cowards and very, very stupid people.

It must be abolished and replaced with school choice.

That way the few intolerant Christmas-hating scolds can have their joyless, sterile institutions where their children are taught to submissively accept whatever authority to which they are so groomed.

And the rest of us can have a party.

Wallingford Swarthmore is in Delaware County, Pa. and consists of  SwarthmoreRose Valley and Rutledge boroughs, and Nether Providence Township.

Here’s the memo:

Wallingford Swarthmore Bans Christmas On Buses

Here’s the video:

Hat tip Christine Flowers

Pennsylvania Schools Lose 139K Students But Add 21K Administrators

Pennsylvania Schools Lose 139K Students But Add 21K Administrators — Pennsylvania public schools have lost 139,000 students since 2000 but gained 21,145 more employee, notes Commonwealth Foundation.

This employee growth includes nearly 40 percent more highly paid administrators than 20 years ago.

Schools have not gotten better.

The Foundation also points out that Pennsylvania school districts spent $21,263 per student in 2021–22, ranking 7th in the nation at nearly $5,500 more than the national average.

Chesco United reported, Aug. 24, that an audit of 12 school districts by state Auditor General Tim DeFoor found that all routinely pass big tax hikes despite having budget surpluses in the tens of millions of dollars.

Those running our schools don’t care about themselves not education.

School choice and charter schools are a solution. Chesco United notes that the cost per-pupil at a charter school is about half that of a district one and parents have far more say in the curriculum and hiring.

Pennsylvania Schools Lose 139K Students But Add 21K Administrators

Pennsylvania Schools Lose 139K Students But Add 21K Administrators

School Porn In Oxford

School Porn In Oxford — A Chesco committeewoman tells us that angry parents are expected at the Oxford Area School Board’s Aug. 8 work session to protest their children being exposed to graphic depictions of sex in the district’s libraries and curriculum.

It starts 7 p.m. at  the Administration Building, 125 Bell Tower Lane, Oxford, PA  19363.

School Porn In Oxford

20% Of Philly Students Can Read???

20% Of Philly Students Can Read??? — The ABC sitcom Abbott Elementary has a plot line in which a big, bad charter school company is trying to take over the show’s eponymous Philadelphia public school.

This caused Jeanne Allen, founder and CEO of the Center for Education Reform, to tweet:

It’s pathetic when fewer than 20% of Philadelphia students can even read, write or spell at grade level that there’s a show on television that has the nerve to criticize the schools that succeed, and the people that help them. This has TEACHERS UNION written all over it.

Is it true that fewer than 20 precent of Philadelphia students read, write or spell at grade level??

According to the Philadelphia School District’s website 46 percent of children K-2 and 33 percent of children in third grade read at grade level as of 2019, which is before the Covid shutdown.

The stats in 2013, by the way, were 52 percent of K-2 and 45 percent in grade 3.

It appears the more caring parents are getting their kids out of public school and into the big, bad charters which is the only sane and caring thing to do.

20% Of Philly Students Can Read???
Remember, this is fiction
20% Of Philly Students Can’t Read

Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage

Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage — The race-card is being played to guilt-trip Penn Delco taxpayers into shelling more to the corrupt institutions public schools have become.

And to foster self-loathing docility in children.

Sheep groomed to believe they deserve shearing won’t object to their missing wool when the time comes to strip them, after all.

This video was found on Schoology page of the school district in Delaware County, Pa.

Give us more money and all problems will be solved.


End public school districts and return the tax dollars to parents as vouchers to be used in the school of their choice.

Granted, if Little Precious is a trouble-making bully a whole lot of schools won’t want him.

Keep your money, they will say.

Somewhere, however, a school for him will be found. For every pot there is a lid.

And the decent normal kids of whatever skin shade will unite in the joy of learning without the hate, bigotry and bullying of Little Precious.

Or maybe LP’s daddy will take the time to teach him to respect his teacher and to stop bullying other kids just so he could have some kind of decent future.


Understand though, the Critical-Race-Theory people don’t want children of whatever skin shade uniting. They want hatred, bitterness and division.

That’s what makes CRT truly evil.

But there is a light shining in the darkness. Truly woke Republican state representatives are demanding that state Education Secretary Eric Hagarty end faux-wokeness — in this case Gender Theory Student Indoctrination — or resign.

Vote for Doug Mastriano for governor in November to make this happen.

Vote for Oz, too, for U.S. Senate even though the Turkish Turkey doesn’t seem to be trying that hard to win.

Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage
Penn Delco Parents Need Outrage

AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness

AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness — We have been sent this poster produced by the AASA The School Superintendents Association LOL as further evidence of the laziness and delusion that has become the norm in public education.

The AASA is the professional association for school administrators.

Leave the childish illustrations aside and note that there is nothing on it about universal literacy or numeracy. There is nothing on it about how our laws are created and why we should respect them. There is nothing about why we think racial inequality is bad such as this and this and this and this.

Poster like this are promoted by silly people more interested in shining their halos before going off to a two-hour catered workday “symposium”.

Stop funding systems. Start funding students. Get your kids out of public schools.

AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness
AASA Promotes Stupidity And Laziness

RTM Expensive New Slot Designed For Ruining Lives?

RTM Expensive New Slot Designed For Ruining Lives? — Norman Ralph Harrison of the Rose Tree Media School District in Delaware County, Pa. — for those outside Pennsylvania, RTM is the school district in which Wawa has its headquarters — is leaving his $161,392 job as Penncrest High principal to become the district’s “Administrator for Safe and Inclusive Schools,” a new position that takes effect July 1.

It’s a safe assumption he’s getting a raise.

So what exactly does this new job entail?

Groups pushing “Safe and Inclusive Schools” usually begin describing it as the prominent ADL does: Name-calling, bullying, harassment and bias often get in the way and leave students feeling marginalized in school.

Great. Who is for bullying? Well, okay, there are some, but most of us think bullying is very bad.

The big concern, though, is that “Safe and Inclusive Schools” appears now to have become part of a movement to refrain from discouraging — if not out-and-out encouraging — young, often prepubescent, people to make life-changing, often destructive, decisions regarding their sexuality; and to give a nod of approval to objectively destructive sexual behavior.

One is not a bully if one tells someone out of love: “Don’t do that. It will hurt you. Fight the urge.”

And we are not just considering student behavior here, or restricting it to homosexuality.

There is great evil in the world even, maybe especially, in RTM. The goal must be to teach the young to stand up to it, even if it means standing up to it in themselves.

If we learned anything in the past year it’s that we should never assume the consensus of the credentialed have our interests at heart.

And we really don’t believe that stopping bullying is the real goal of this new job. We are pretty sure it’s a money and power grab by the district.

Parents, please understand that it is education that is important. Schools are merely the means to get it. If there are better means to this end, demand it, especially if it you find yourself with happier children and more disposable income.

Public funds should follow students, not systems.

We do not need a dozen (plus?) people making six-figures in any public school district.

RTM Expensive New Slot Designed For Ruining Lives?
RTM Expensive New Slot Designed For Ruining Lives?

Union Hates Charter Schools, Parents Love Them

Union Hates Charter Schools, Parents Love Them

By Leo Knepper

Public charter schools empower parents by giving them options for their children’s education. Because most charter school teachers decide against forming a union and provide competition for traditional public schools, teachers’ unions and their allies have made charter schools into a boogeyman. Since becoming Governor, Tom Wolf has been openly hostile to charter schools and attempted to reduce their funding at every turn.

Union Hates Charter Schools, Parents Love Them

On last week’s CAPitalist Cast, which you can find below, CAP CEO Leo Knepper had a chance to talk with Lenny McAllister about how charter schools are funded and how they’ve handled the challenges created by COVID 19. Mr. McAllister is the CEO of the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools. It was a fantastic opportunity to explore the role these schools play in educating the next generation of Pennsylvanians.

Mr. McAllister has written several opinion columns recently. We found some of the information they included fascinating. Below are excerpts and links to the articles. 

The first article from Mr. McAllister, co-authored by Amber Northern and published by the Daily Signal, details the funding myths pedaled by teachers’ unions and their political allies (emphasis added):

“Contrary to charter critics’ preferred narrative, total revenues per pupil increased in most states as the percentage of local students who enrolled in charter schools rose…Simply put, charter schools in Pennsylvania receive less money than district schools. For example, a recent study estimated that Pennsylvania charter schools received $12,175 per pupil, while traditional public schools would have received $17,989 for those same students

“According to University of Arkansas researchers, “The state funding formula for charter schools begins with the same amount of funding as a charter school’s home district, but then subtracts up to 21 categories of prior-year district expenditures,” resulting in a funding disparity that favors districts.

“In other words, the host districts get to keep the subtracted funds…districts were actually being paid more to educate fewer students.” 

On the subject of cyber-charters from GoErie (emphasis added):

A report showed that roughly one-fourth of the third through eighth grade cohort, including a disproportionate number of socioeconomically challenged students, did not take specific annual academic assessments.

In Pennsylvania, these issues have cropped up for months in school districts despite district officials telling lawmakers for years that they could provide online academic instruction better and cheaper than public cyber charter schools. The pandemic has proven otherwise — here at home and around America.

“In contrast, public cyber charter families didn’t miss a beat.

Pennsylvania’s cyber charters have been teaching online for more than 20 years. These schools know how to use technology to educate large numbers of students at home. As a result, thousands of families exercised their right under Pennsylvania law to choose a public cyber charter school for their children...The “blame game” has ramped up from school district officials and education unions. They complain that their money is lost to public charter schools — especially cyber charter schools. However, it’s not their money. It’s state funding allocated for education in Pennsylvania, regardless of where a student attends a public school.

Public charter schools are public schools – just like those in local school districts, but simply operating at roughly three-fourths of the cost.

On the importance of school choice to ensuring racial equality, from USA Today:

“Families who have chosen to enroll their children in public charter schools deserve to know with certainty that the new [Biden] administration understands, values and supports their choice. These 7,500 unique public schools educate about 3.3 million children across the USA, mostly from Black and brown families.

“These children have the ability to thrive in innovative public schools that best suit their needs for life, with teachers who look more like them and curriculum that is malleable to fit diverse backgrounds and learning preferences. These schools are effective at teaching our nation’s nuanced history and developing students not only with strong academic foundations but also with self-esteem and civic awareness.”

The USA Today article also profiles three outstanding examples of Black educators working to improve educational opportunities in the communities.

The best way to counter Governor Wolf’s narrative about education funding is to be armed with the facts.

Mr. Knepper is executive director of Citizens Alliance of Pennsylvania.

Union Hates Charter Schools, Parents Love Them

Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education

Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education — Pennsylvania’s school boards love their Taj Mahals. The go-along-to-get-along-especially-when-we-can-get-a-cut political parties happily egg them on. The lap dog media outlets masquerading as protectors of the little guy joyfully hump their legs.

With the Wuhan Flu — excuse me President Xi that should be Wuhan Bat-eater Flu — maybe horizons can be expanded and some thinking outside the box occur. The panic is causing some places to put their education online.

Economics forced the one-time steel town of Midland, Pa. to close its high school in 1985. It contracted with other districts to handle education including at one point sending its children across the border into Ohio.

In 2000, it started The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, commonly known as PA Charter. It is now the largest public school in Pennsylvania and second largest in the country. The vast majority of attendees are happy with it.

Granted you still need hands-on interaction especially for the arts and athletics which are very important for growth but one can’t deny the flexibility offered online, the enormous cost savings and the chance to escape some of the twisted teachings that have become fashionable by the progressives who run the educational establishment.

Online education might be a silver lining of the Wuhan Flu.

Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education
Wuhan Flu Silver Lining May Be Cyber Education
Where would you rather send your kid to school? Here or Midland?