Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

By Bob Small

West Grove’s Jennersville Hospital closed on Dec. 31 and Caln’s Brandywine Hospital closed on Jan. 31.  These institutions in Chester County are owned by Tower Health and lost $42 million in the last fiscal year. 

In my Delaware County, Crozer Health Systems which operates Crozer- Chester, Delaware County Memorial, Springfield, and Taylor hospitals, along with outpatient centers and physician practices is being sold to ChristianaCare Health System. 

While Delaware County Memorial has closed its maternity ward, and Taylor has ended its hospice program, the hospitals are remaining open for the time being, according to Kevin M. Spiegel, chief executive officer of Crozer Health.

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

We should note that Crozer Chester is the hospital for Chester, Pa., one of the poorest cities in the nation.  All four of these hospitals serve, or served, a population with limited medical coverage mobility, who were unable to use their coverage in other hospitals.

In the mean times, and these will be mean times, some of us have coverage that let us use hospitals in say, Delaware or Philadelphia.  Most in Chesco and Delco do not. Many of these residents will be scrambling to find a hospital to use.  Some may fail. For some, these are just regular routine tests, but for others…..

Since we started this article, Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge Edward Griffith has given hope to saving Brandywine and Jennersville hospitals by ordering Tower Health to resume negotiatons with Canyon Atlantic Partners. A sale fell through in December.

At a Feb. 15 town hall, State Senator Tim Kearney (D-26) responded, D-26, responded to my query about asset striping, citing the Hahnemann Hospital case, by saying that the State Legislature had various pending bills to address this.  He favored hospitals being run by non-profits such as ChristianaCare rather than for-profit entities like Crozer Health.

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

Chesco GOP Seeks Audit Of 2021 Election

Chesco GOP Seeks Audit Of 2021 Election — Despite a pretty good showing by Republicans state-wide, Nov. 2 — note Drew Crompton appears to be losing his Commonwealth Court seat — voting irregularities are being found.

Chester County GOP Chairman Gordon Eck is calling for a full forensic audit of his fiefdom.

Where were you last November/December/January, Gordon?

Anyway, election mistrust is the greatest crisis this country is facing and the audit should be done.


  • By-right mail voting should end.
  • Poll watchers should be given state-wide jurisdiction, rather than be limited to the county in which the reside.
  • Certified ballot counting observers should be allowed as close as they want to be to the ballots being counted.
  • Election transparency should indisputably takes precedence over corporate intellectual property (IP). Amazingly enough, the IP claim was used to stifle investigation into voting machines in the 2020 election. It’s just  one of the reasons many of us think Trump is the rightful winner.

Here is the letter the Chesco GOP sent to its committee members:

Good Morning Committee Members,
I wanted to give you a quick update on the election process. 
As you have probably seen by now, Chairman Eck is calling for a full forensic audit of Chester County due to the many irregularities that we have witnessed over the past week. 
As of this morning, all eligible mail-in, provisional, and overseas ballots have been scanned. This process has occured in many stages and over several days. Voter Services has updated their totals online occassionally, but not fully as each stage was completed. Therefore, this morning they will zero out the total mail-in ballots received and counted numbers on the Voter Services Election Portal. Then, all mail-in, provisional, and overseas ballots will be uploaded at one time and final numbers will be posted. 
They are completing the process in this way because reconciliations between systems on the number of ballots were not tying. The county is hopeful that uploading everything at once will provide them with a better figure to which they can reconcile. It is my understanding that these figures will be provided as “unofficial results” to the PA Department of State today. 
People want to know what they can do at this point. I would recommend that people call Commissioner Marian Moskowitz’s office at 610-344-6691 Commissioner Josh Maxwell’s office at 610-344-6151 to demand an audit of the election process that took place this year. Commissioner Michelle Kichline has already expressed concern over irregularities, but you can always contact her office as well (610-344-6031) asking her to fight for transparency and clear processes. Additionally, you could attend the Commissioners Meeting today at 3:30 to address them in public comment.
Finally, thank you for hanging in there over the past week. I know everyone has wondered what’s been happening. I’ve tried to provide updates as often as I could. Thanks also to the many volunteers who have participated in the observer process over the last week.
Felice FeinVice Chair

Chesco GOP Seeks Audit Of 2021 Election
Chesco GOP Seeks Audit Of 2021 Election

Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools

Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools

Here is an open letter to the West Chester Area School Board:

To: Dr. Bob Sokolowski, Mr. Chris McCune, and members of the WCASB:

As a retired college teacher, mother of two and grandmother of four, all of whom have all attended public schools, I have supported public education all of my life.  I have opposed school choice until just recently since I feared that the poorest students with uninformed parents could end up in the worst schools.  Over the years I’ve praised the WCASD profusely to neighbors in my local community and also to those in other districts.  I have never, even as a senior citizen, complained about school tax increases as long as academics are a top priority in the school district.  However, the cultish, CRT-related DEI ideologies that are infecting our public schools (including the WCASD) with their concomitant racist, political, sexual and emotional indoctrinations and propagandizing of our school students have caused a 180 degree turnaround in all of my aforementioned viewpoints.  From certain observations, it seems apparent, and is unacceptable to me, that the WCASD is heavily involved in social engineering pursuits to the detriment of academics.  However, that is a story for another time. 

The duplicitous and evasive manner in which the West Chester school board and administration mishandled the latest fiasco involving the book Gender Queer at the October 25 school board meeting has further diminished my once positive opinion of the WCASD.   


  • Chris Manos, a district resident, showed pictures from the book Gender Queer to the board and asked board members to raise their hands if they thought the images were pornographic. The school attorney immediately told the board members not to respond and they did not.  
    Note: I totally understand and agree that board members should not have responded at that time since the rules specify that school board directors are not to answer questions posed of them in the Comments portion of the meeting.  I also believe that this is a sensible rule.
  • During Mr. Manos’ speech, there was quite a commotion from the audience and the meeting went into a 15-minute recess.
  • After the recess, Chris McCune, the board president, stated emphatically…“That book is not in our district, that book is not in a district in our county, that book is not in a district in our state. So therefore it’s not really material to our board meetings.”  This statement can be seen in the video of the 10/25 meeting at ~1:15.21 minutes.
    Note: This premature statement turned out to be totally false and should never have been made.  It would have been more prudent for Mr. McCune to have told the audience that the school board would check into this situation and would reply to Mr. Manos when they acquired more information, but he did not.  In fact, not only was Gender Queer a suggested book that was linked to the WCASD web site but it was later found to be in two of WCASD’s high school libraries – East and Rustin.
  • The board and WCASD administration then went into damage control. On October 26, Mr. McCune responded to an unidentified person in an email saying: “I have confirmed that the book in question was part of the 2020 recommended reading list for grades 10th through 12th grade on our Equity page.  The board will be reviewing this list with the administration.”  

    The district removed the link the morning after the board meeting so that it can no longer be accessed.  However, months before, a watchdog group had made screen shots and recorded URL’s of what had been there previously and included these in the attached document that they compiled, entitled “Compilation and Examination of Portions of the Equity Resources Specified on West Chester Area School District’s Web Site.” The screen shots and live links leading to the Gender Queer book can be found on pp.17-24.  

    A description of the removal (“scrubbing”) process and before-and-after screen shots are documented in the attachment entitled: “Scrubbing of Link on WCASD Web Site to Gender Queer Book Description.”
  • Dr. Sokolowski sent the following mass email to district parents the morning of Friday, October 29:

Subject: Library Book Information 
From: ”” <
Date: Fri, October 29, 2021 11:31 am 
Dear WCASD Parents/Guardians,
It is our goal to provide high-quality, age-appropriate reading materials in our schools. At our most recent School Board meeting, a resident brought a book to our attention that he felt was too sexually graphic. This book, Gender Queer, an American Library Association award-winning text, was in circulation at the East and Rustin school libraries.  Upon my review, I immediately pulled both copies to place the book through our administrative review process.
As outlined in School Board Policy 906, any person(s) may bring a book they have concerns about to our attention. Our process is to first review the book with our administrative team. If there are remaining questions or concerns, we then form a committee to review the text and determine whether it is appropriate for our school libraries. This is a process that has been in place for a number of years.
The book in question was brought to us during a School Board meeting, however, our School Board is not involved in the selection of library books or the development of reading lists. The process of how books are selected for placement in our libraries is one that we haven’t examined in many years. We are always looking for opportunities to grow, and we will be evaluating this process with the support of our school librarians. Again, our goal is to provide reading material that is engaging, relevant, and also appropriate.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal or me. I wish everyone a great weekend.
Sincerely, Dr. Bob Sokolowski, Superintendent


  • Mr. Manos was publicly humiliated by the board when they virtually dismissed his concerns about the Gender Queer book as irrelevant by incorrectly noting that this book had no association with the WCASD. At the very least the board and administration owe Mr. Manos a public apology.
  • Mr. McCune deserves credit for admitting the very next day that there had been a link to Gender Queer on the WCASD web site; however, I doubt that he had a choice since there were many who had proof of what had been there prior to October 26. It’s anyone’s guess as to whether the “review and update” of the WCASD page less than a day after the school board meeting was because the district genuinely didn’t want a link suggesting a pornographic book on their web site or whether it was an effort to cover up (“scrub”) this link to a suggested book that included graphic sexual images.
  • Dr. Sokolowski’s situation is delicate since he has to both accommodate and avoid offending numerous groups – the school board, teachers, parents and taxpayers. However, describing Gender Queer in his email to the parents as “an American Library Association award-winning text,” seems deliberately deceptive in that he whitewashed a book containing pages that innumerable individuals, including myself, consider to be irrefutably pornographic.  He never mentioned or took responsibility for the incorrect information that had been presented to the numerous attendees at the school board meeting nor did he apologize to Mr. Manos for the board’s dismissiveness regarding his legitimate concern.  The email seemed to be crafted so as to mislead parents who knew nothing about the situation into thinking that this was just a complaint from one resident who thinks that the book is too sexually graphic.  I assure you that there are countless parents and taxpayers who share Mr. Manos’ viewpoints!  I wish that Dr. Sokolowski had spent the three days before sending out the email to read the book, consult with others, and make a decision as to whether this book is indeed is too sexually graphic to be in our school libraries.  However, no such opinion was relayed to parents in the email.  Instead, almost the entire email discussed the procedures for reviewing books.
  • Certainly, Dr. Sokolowski and the school board cannot vet every single book that is in our school libraries. However, it would seem that the East and Rustin high school librarians should bear some responsibility for allowing such sexually explicit material to be put on their shelves.
  • There is absolutely no question that some pages in Gender Queer contain graphic and pornographic sexual images. Some of the text and also some images can be seen in the video of an outraged mother who excoriated the Fairfax, VA school board regarding this book that was in their school library. 
    Note: I find many of the comments to the video at least as despicable as the book but it is the only video I could find to describe portions of the book.
    There are also links to two of the sexually explicit images that Mr. Manos showed the WCASD school board in the article noted at the end of this email.
  • I want to make it very clear that my strong objection to this book is not that it contains LGBTQ pornographic sexual images; I would object just as strongly if it contained heterosexual pornographic sexual images.

The manner in which this entire episode was handled by the school board and the administration was disappointing and an unfortunate stain on the reputation of the WCASD.  This book containing sexually graphic images is just one of numerous examples in which the implementation of the Diversity/Equity/Inclusion ideologies facilitate sexual indoctrinations of our students.  Had Mr. Manos not spoken up, Gender Queer would undoubtedly still be on the high school library shelves with possibly more of the same added in the future.  

In closing, I strongly urge you to read the attachment entitled “Compilation and Examination of Portions of the Equity Resources Specified on West Chester Area School District’s Web Site.” This was assembled in August of 2021 by a watchdog group in the WCASD.  It clearly demonstrates how engrained the CRT-related DEI ideologies are in the WCASD.  The examples provided therein are only a tip of the iceberg of what is actually on the WCASD web site. 
Thank you for listening. 

Joanne Yurchak 

West Chester, PA

Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools

Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools

Wokeness Makes Teacher Question Support For Public Schools

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users — Our website punches way above its weight, — triggering the right people is proof positive — but we don’t deny we are small.

And we can now say with proof positive that we’d be much bigger but for the active discrimination of Silicon Valley megacorporations.

Searchers finding our site are up significantly. This is entirely due to the ever growing DuckDuckGo, which hit the 100 million daily search milestone last month.

Google remains 50 times bigger but we got 2.7 times the hits from DDG yesterday.

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

DDG appears to be using algorithms designed to let people find what they are looking for rather than filtering for political content.

Ponder that for a moment. This is obviously not just happening to us. Actually, it was this comment by Fred Donaldson that tipped us off to it. How many other websites that question the narrative are being made unaccessible? How much necessary information is the citizenry being prevented from hearing? How many lies are they being told through claims of authority?

We hear that DDG is run by leftists/progressives/whatever. So what? Their searches are honest and that’s all that counts.

If you really want to “stick it to the man” make DDG your default search engine for mobile and desktop.

It is an easy thing to do.

If 75 million (official) Trump voters do this, a real hurt will be put on Google, and real benefits will be received by those media outlets that don’t have the seal of approval by the government/corporate establishment.

If you cannot do this simple thing don’t pretend you would have fought alongside George Washington in 1776.

And let’s not discount the very real privacy benefits DDG provides.

May Paoli never become Silicon Valley.

Check out Fred’s site here: and follow him.

DuckDuckGo Proves Google Fails Users

DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone

DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone — Paoli, Pa. -based search engine DuckDuckGo hit the milestone of 100 million daily searches, Jan. 16. Granted, that still a long way off of Google’s 5 billion daily searches but giants can fall.

DDG is a search engine that promises privacy and keeps it. Take a few minutes to make it your default on your mobile and desktop. Your peace of mind will thank you.

DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone
DuckDuckGo Hits 100M Milestone

Bunny Welsh Martyr To Trump Hate

Bunny Welsh Martyr To Trump Hate — Put this in the why we hate the media category. Former Chester County Sheriff Carolyn “Bunny” Welsh is making national news for the theft charge levied against her.

Here is what the Washington Shitpost published.

The charge is politically motivated. Bunny was a big booster of Donald Trump and has been in several photographs seated or standing next to the great man. The charge was levied by the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office headed by partisan hack and shameless corporatist Josh Shapiro.

So what exactly was this vile thing Bunny did? This valuable bauble she took to allow her to luxuriate in ill-gotten splendor?

Bunny as sheriff created and ran the Chester County K-9 unit. It was mostly funded through non-government sources. The allegation of theft is based on the claim she had deputies help with some of the fundraising while on duty and that one of the deputies used K-9 money for a vet bill for a family pet.

That this is a media scandal shows the twisted — and yeah, evil — philosophy that guides the establishment mouthpieces. That she has been vengefully charged with a crime shows that those who hate the president — and his supporters — are tyrants in waiting.

By the way, it’s looking pretty certain that President Trump won the election.

Here’s the affidavit describing the brutal crime committed by Bunny.

Bunny Welsh Martyr To Trump Hate
Bunny Welsh Martyr To Trump Hate

Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta

Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta — Carolyn Comitta, who is seeking to replace fellow Democrat Andy Dinniman to represent the 19th District in the Pennsylvania Senate, is backed by Aqua America.

The Bryn Mawr-based, now-national water company that once called itself Springfield Water Co. and the Philadelphia Suburban Water Co. but now calls itself Essential Utilities gave a grand to Carolyn in April. Wonder why they want her to win.

Could it have anything to do with their lust for the locally owned Chester Water Authority?

Guess we know where Carolyn, who now represents the 156th District in the State House, comes down on the matter.

Hey did you see where Aqua — excuse us Essential Utilities — is making beaucoup bucks supplying water to frackers in the Marcellus Shale? Not that we have any problem with it but we kind of wonder how much that warms the hearts of Dinniman’s voters.

Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta
Aqua Backing Carolyn Comitta

Donna Ellingsen Surprise Winner In Delegate Race

Donna Ellingsen Surprise Winner In Delegate Race — Donna Ellingsen will be attending the Republican National Convention in August as one of the three elected delegates from the Pennsylvania 6th Congressional District.

The others are former Chesco sheriff Bunny Welsh and Deborah Abel, both long-time GOP state committee members.

Donna Ellingsen Surprise Winner In Delegate Race

Donna, has long been, and with good reason, a thorn in the side of state Republican establishment. She was the only one actively opposed by feckless Chester County GOP and the Bernie Comfort-led state Trump campaign.

Congratulations Donna

Donna Ellingsen Surprise Winner In Delegate Race

COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco

COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco — The Chester County (Pa) Health Department has created a site dedicated to tracking COVID-19 cases and deaths in Delaware and Chester counties in Pennsylvania.

The statistics for Chester County can be found here

The ones for Delaware County can be found here.

Hat tip John Jushchyshyn

COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco
COVID-19 In Chesco, Delco

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant — Val Voldemort may be in exile but his Death Eaters aren’t sleeping.

Consider this story about what they tried to do to Kevin Runey of Avon Grove.

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant

Runey threw his hat in the ring against Andy Dinniman, the Democrat who has represented the 19th District in the Pennsylvania Senate since 2006. No one else was willing but Runey is a tenacious guy who thought the seat should not go unchallenged on principle and figured he’d have a chance to win if he worked hard enough.

Runey got the Chesco GOP endorsement.

Then Dinniman announced in early February he would not seek re-election.

Val disciple Alex Rahn saw an opportunity to return to relevance and began circulating petitions for Amber Little-Turner, who failed to win the 74th District State House which covers the Coatesville area in 2018, and who lost a bid last November to become Chester County recorder of deeds.

Amber is black and a female; and Sen. Jay Corman (R-34), who is Majority Leader in the Pennsylvania Senate, thought he could go woke by tapping her. Alex got the job of doing the grunt work.

The best laid plans of mice fail. The petitions were submitted but then withdrawn at the last minute, which is rather unusual.

People are getting sick of identity politics. It is becoming well understood that those who practice it are far more interested in schemes to milk the public cow than to help the community of whatever shade of skin.

And Rob Brooks, were you helping Alex? We heard you were.

Alex Rahn Tries To Stay Relevant
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