Mary Bush Convicted

Mary Bush Convicted — Mary Bush was convicted, Friday, of harassing Cameron Adams who bought the land upon which she grew up and on which she cared for her mother until 2013 when she was evicted after a dispute concerning guardianship issues with her brothers.

It’s detailed here.

Mary still lives next to the property in West Bradford, Chester County, Pa.

It’s 15 acres and has a Cape Cod.

Adams got it for $480,000 in 2021 just a few hours before Mary’s mother, Genevieve, died.

Mary, who is 64, may be facing a stint in prison — much as 70-year-old Arthur Herring did — because of the conviction. The harassment included driving slowly past the house, videotaping construction and occasionally shouting at the new owner.

Mary is disputing the ownership of the property and possessions that came with it. She says cases are pending in Chester Common Pleas Court, the Orphans Court, two appeals in state Superior Court and an appeal in the state Supreme Court.

We only watched a little of the trial and won’t comment on whether the verdict was just. We won’t even take a side in Mary’s dispute with her brothers.

We will, however, declare that Pennsylvania’s guardianship system is a corrupt disgrace. Genevieve — just as Jane Herring — was declared mentally incapacitated at a hearing in which her county-appointed attorney told her not to testify. Further, the attorney kept her from calling her doctor and financial advisors as witnesses in support of her acuity.

The ruling allowed the Chesco courts to appoint guardians and lawyers — well-paid by the estate — to control her assets.

Once the court appoints a lawyer, by the way, a family cannot get rid of him no matter how poor a job he is doing.

It’s a scam. It’s dirty. The law needs to be changed.

Mary was prohibited — just as Arthur Herring was — from seeing her mom at the end. This was not the wish of Genevieve. It was certainly not the wish of Mary.

Genevieve died alone and heartbroken.

Extremely cruel people are running our society.

Mary Bush Convicted
Genevieve and Mary Bush

Mom Had Lonely Death In Nursing Home As Guardianship Industry Kept Daughter Away

Mom Had Lonely Death In Nursing Home As Guardianship Industry Kept Daughter Away — This waking nightmare is in West Bradford, Chester County, Pa. and concerns Mary Bush and her mom, Genevieve.

The nightmare ended for Genevieve in 2021 when she died alone in Green Meadows Nursing Home in Paoli.

She had been kept in nursing homes since 2015 against her will since being declared incapacitated in 2011.

Genevieve’s husband and Mary’s father, Fabian, died in 2004. A money dispute between Genevieve and her sons led to her revoking their power of attorney in 2005.

Genevieve also sued the sons saying they wrongfully took money from the estate. Chester County Common Pleas Court Robert J. Shenkin, however, ruled for the sons saying the investments they used had been made in their name.

So she rewrote her will in 2007 giving what remained of the estate to Mary and created a trust naming Mary as trustee.

“They already got their inheritance,” Mary said her mom told her about the sons.

And what remained was a nice bit as the family Cape Cod sat on 15 acres of prime real estate.

Mary and Genevieve refurbished the Cape Cod making it a beautiful place in which Genevieve could live the remainder of her years.

In 2008, she gifted the house and land to Mary rather than putting it in the trust because she wanted to be sure Mary got it.

The sons next step was to seek guardianship and filed a petition for declaration for incapacity. They hired attorney Alexander Chotkowski and on Oct. 30, 2009 a constable served the paper.

This started a process that put Genevieve into a guardianship in June 2011 and  continued until Genevieve’s death in 2021.

While serving the paper constable kindly called the law firm of Reger, Rizzo and Darnall for a lawyer for Genevieve, who naively accepted.

The lawyer, Thomas K. Schindler, told Genevieve that she did not have to appear in person for any hearings despite the state code mandating that she do.

Judge Katherine B. L. Platt declared Genevieve to have Alzheimer’s disease. Mary says her mom was as sharp as anyone. She was still handling her own finances and maintaining the trust.

Judge Platt ruled that Mary and her younger brother be made guardians of the person while her older brother was made guardian of the estate, which meant he handled the money.

Judge Platt also ordered Mary to sign the house given as a gift back to her mother.

In 2013, Judge Platt removed Mary as guardian after a dispute with the younger brother and ordered her evicted from the house. She was replaced as co-guardian by an attorney who would soon quit. Two years later the younger brother was removed from his post after an incident, and Genevieve was taken from her long-time home to the county’s Pocopson Home.

The estate was charged $65,000 for her stay in Pocopson.

Mary found her neglected. She was sitting in her own waste and had visible injuries.

After complaints, Genevieve was moved to Park Lane at Bellingham in West Chester, which charged $14,000 per month.

This was in January 2016.

Mary wasn’t happy with Park Lane either and made complaints. The staff responded by banning Mary from seeing her mom, and told police to watch out for her if she arrived.

When Mary arrived Westtown-East Goshen Police were soon on the scene. They escorted her from the building, and one of the cops stuck his finger in her face.

“I heard about you,” he said. The cop slammed her to the ground and cuffed her. Mary was a 56-old-woman when this happened. Yes, she was injured. She was taken to the hospital.

The small upside is that she sued the police department and won.

However, it was 614 days before she saw her mom again.

“I counted them,” she said.

“She had no idea if I abandoned her or if I was dead or alive or nothing,” she said.

The visits came with conditions, though. It could only be at Adult Protective Services and a deputy sheriff had to be present. Also Mary had to pay for caregiver to sit with Genevieve in the van and Genevieve had to pay for the cost of the van.

And it could only be for one-hour a month.

Mary says her mom was a changed person. She was uncertain and sad.

Genevieve, however, recognized her and could carry on a conversation.

So much for the Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Judge Platt.

The visits stopped when the county authorities said Genevieve no longer had enough money to pay for the van.

This happened in August 2018. It was the last time Mary saw her mother.

Genevieve died June 16, 2021. It was 15 hours after the deed was secured by developers Cameron and Lauren Adams who brought the property for $480,000 cash.

That’s a refurbished Cape Cod on 15-acres in suburban Philadelphia for $480,000.

An autopsy was prohibited.

“My mom never got a funeral. The judge that was involved just threw her in the ground.”

Mary is still fighting. She is asking the orphan court to give the property back as she is the trustee and the trust has never been dissolved.

The attorney for the Adams is asking she be declared in contempt for the act and forced to pay legal fees.

The Adams have also filed charges of harassment and stalking against Mary because she has taken photos of the dumpsters full of things from house.

Mary is not backing down. She has become a national figure in exposing guardianship corruption even speaking at a Free Britney (Spears) event.

“I’m just so determined. As far I’m concerned they murdered my mom for money. For the last seven years, they kept me from Mom,” she said.

Here’s another view Mary Bush at #FreeBritney Los Angeles Sept 29, 2021 (

Mom Had Lonely Death In Nursing Home As Guardianship Industry
Genevieve and Mary Bush before the nightmare started

Mom Had Lonely Death In Nursing Home As Guardianship Industry

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel Journalist and mother of six Ann Vandersteel says bad times are coming.

She spoke at yesterday’s, April 25, Keystone Town Hall in Malvern, Pa.

Ms. Vandersteel, along with Michael Yon , has been revealing how Panama is a stage for the human flood entering the United States in complete disdain of our laws.

Most of the invaders are miltary-age men and many are Chinese, she said.

Many have been identified as former Chinese military by facial recognition programs, she says.

The invasion starts at Panama’s inhospitable and dangerous Darien Gap where non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) controlled by globalists have built camps.

These include HIAS, which has a notable presence in Delaware County.

HIAS started as Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society.

“It’s as Hebrew as Catholic Charities is Catholic,” Ms. Vandersteel said.

Catholic Charities has been implicated in child trafficking.

So has the US government for that matter.

Alejandro Mayorkas worked for HIAS before becoming Biden’s Homeland Security Secretary.

Ms. Vandersteel calls Mayorkas treasonous. He willfully ignores numerous US laws, she said. Mayorkas’ impeachment by the “Republican”-controlled House was ignored by the Democrat-controlled Senate.

The NGO camps destroy the environment and the way of life of the indigenous Embera tribe. The Emberas, for centuries, have shared nature with the Darien, Ms. Vandersteel said.

Her reporting preceded a fire at one camp, she says. The only thing destroyed, though, were the records for every immigrant there.

Fort Clayton on the Panama Canal, once the headquarters for the US Southern Command Network, has been completely taken over by the NGOs she says.

The immigration is controlled by the Mexican drug cartels, Ms. Vandersteel said. The migrants who are women, children and families are often subject to rape, theft and murder.

The billions of dollars controlled by the globalist and drug lords have corrupted places one wouldn’t have expected.

She says the Border Patrol turns a blind eye to the illegal crossings.

Republican Greg Abbott, Texas’ Republican governor, has been bought off, she says. His widely publicized border enforcement was just theater. She says that half of the Texas House has taken money from developers of facilities to house illegals in the state.

She said Abbott has lost all popularity in Texas but praised his adversary Attorney General Ken Paxton, also a Republican.

Ms. Vandersteel, as has Michael Yon, said turmoil is unavoidable. She said the trouble will start with a banking collapse.

Keep cash on hand and your larder stocked.

The motive for America’s destruction is that she stands in the way of “The Great Reset” a tyrannical fascist fantasy famously proclaimed by Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum.

Schwab grew up in Nazi Germany and his father worked for the Nazis.

Ms. Vandersteel was asked about the movie Civil War now playing in theaters which describes a war in the United States.

“Hollywood is laughing at us,” she said. “They want us to destroy ourselves.”

Don’t fall for false flags

In better news, the Valley Forge Classical Academy Charter School for the West Chester School District is expected to open in Exton in 2025.

Charles F. Beatty says they easily surpassed by 500 the 1,000 signatures required to appeal the school board’s rejection and they expect to prevail as all the criteria has been met.

The school will hold 900 students and use the Hillsdale Curriculum.

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel
An attendee prays with Ann Vandersteel after her Keystone Town Hall talk, April 25
Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel
With Ann Vandersteel are whistleblower Sean Connolly, attorney and author Renee Mazer and Dr. Jim Thomas.

Migration Invasion Is Treason, Says Ann Vandersteel

Phoenixville Hearing Concerns Cheating Corporate Homebuilders

Phoenixville Hearing Concerns Cheating Corporate Homebuilders –Pennsylvania State Senator Katie Muth (D-44) will have Home Buyer Beware as the topic of a Democrat Policy Committee Hearing, 11 a.m., May 10, at the Phoenixville Borough Building, 351 Bridge St., Phoenixville, Pa. 19460.

“This hearing will focus on critical issues such as the enforcement of existing regulations, laws, municipal and construction codes; the need for improvements with home and code enforcement inspection process and certification; the oversight authority and responsibilities of local and state government entities; examples of deceptive tactics used by corporate, multi-state homebuilders; the need for enhanced warranties and recourse for the homebuyer,” says her press release.

These are the exact matters being raised by Sean Connolly of Collegeville. Connolly has been describing the horrors of new home construction at, and at public meetings including before Montgomery County Commissioners, March 21, and Phoenixville Borough Council, Feb. 13.

Good to see Senate Democrats taking an interests.

Connolly is skeptical as to how far they get. Pretty powerful folk are protecting the rich and shady builders including Gov. Josh Shapiro, he says.

If Shapiro has their backs so does Stradley Ronon which practically runs this state.

Ms. Muth chairs the Senate Democratic Policy Committee. Co-hosts will be hearing with co-hosts Sen. Nikil Saval (D-1) and Sen. Wayne Fontana (D-42).

The 44th District consists of 28 municipalities in Chester County, including Phoenixville; two in Berks County and three in Montgomery County.

We hear Katie has upgraded her home. Will she name it Vereb Manor?

Phoenixville Hearing Concerns Cheating Corporate Homebuilders

Phoenixville Hearing Concerns Cheating Corporate Homebuilders

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation — Here is the latest regarding the attempt to get Chester County, Pa. Republican Recorder of Deeds candidate Brian D. Yanoviak — and others — access to digital copies of various election records including ballots, unredacted outer envelopes for mail-in ballots, unredacted poll books and the cast vote record for the central tabulator from the November 2023 election.

After Common Pleas Judge Anthony Vewrey denied the request, he was told there were serious errors of fact in his decision including that he cited arguments they did not make; invoked standards that were not applicable; and incorrectly cited state law. The appellants protested and Vewrey gave them 21 days from Dec. 18 to clarify their objections.

The appellants did so. The complaints were not addressed and so they appealed to Commonwealth Court.

The appellees — which are Chester County and the Chester County Board of Elections — are claiming the appellants failed to meet Vewrey’s deadline.

Commonwealth Court has asked for an explanation.

The appellants point out that Chester County cut off access to the electronic filing system so they were forced to use the United States Postal Services overnight priority mail on Jan. 7 which was 20 days after Vewrey’s order. They also emailed the appellees the documents the day of the deadline along with the postal receipts.

The documents mailed “overnight” were not picked up until Jan. 11.

Why is the county fighting this? Election integrity is an ever growing concern and every battle to obstruct transparency makes it grow faster. The county could have resolved this in November with far less money and effort.

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation -- Here is the latest regarding the attempt to get  Chester County, Pa.

Chesco Using Technicality In Attempt To Derail Election Investigation

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision — Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge Anthony Vewrey has been blasted in a filing regarding his Dec. 18 denial to allow Republican Recorder of Deeds candidate Brian D. Yanoviak — and others — access to digital copies of various election records including ballots, unredacted outer envelopes for mail-in ballots, unredacted poll books and the cast vote record for the central tabulator.

Yanoviak is being assisted by Greg Stenstrom, a Delaware County poll watcher and election integrity watchdog.

Others are being represented by attorney Renee Mazer.

The plaintiffs say that Vewrey cited arguments they did not make in their complaint; invoked standards that were not applicable; and incorrectly cited state law, among other things.

“With regard to Judge Verwey’s characterizations of Pro Se Plaintiff’s Yanoviak’s and attorney Mazer’s statements at the close of the one-hour hearing, Judge Verwey either misheard or plainly misstates, what they said and neither Yanoviak or Mazer said there was no fraud, rather they were not alleging any “specific” fraud,” the complaint reads.

The complaints claim that there are legitimate concerns of fraud or errors. This is enough under state law to allow for the relief being sought.

The case is off to Commonwealth Court.

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision

Chesco Judge Accused Of Errors In Decision

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce — We met attorney Renee Mazer at Wednesday’s hearing concerning election transparency in Delaware County and learned she is an author, a bit of a comedienne, and a crusader for reform in Pennsylvania’s family courts.

Her book The Dirty Secrets of Divorce or What Your Lawyer Won’t Tell You is a warning about the dangers and costs of divorce along with the apparent corruption that makes divorce far more painful and expensive than it has to be.

This apparent corruption includes the alleged theft of property and untenable and unconcionable loss of access to children.

It’s based on what she experienced in Chester County family courts during her divorce, and what she saw in countless other cases from around country.

What she describes meshes with Montco resident Elaine Mickman’s experiences mentioned several times here.

The Dirty Secrets though is anything but angry. It’s short, whimsical and upbeat. It features poetry — which is rather funny — and cartoons.

The warnings and explanations of the problems with the process are pointed, though.

Practical, much cheaper, options for couples wanting to split up are presented and they might be the most significant part of the book.

These include marriage restructuring with informal arrangements, legal separation, and collaborative divorce, all clearly described.

Places where the book can be bought include Amazon.

Besides the book, Renee has created a whole new method for divorce called The Mazer Method, which is almost court free.

“We act as coaches,” she said. “We don’t act as lawyers.”

Basically, the parties file their own papers and little or no time is before a judge.

It is much more affordable and healthier, she says. She says her clients are quite pleased with the service, and their kids are doing great.

And she’s also considering going into comedy.

And she says that her experiences with Pennsylvania’s family court system have left her with strong opinions regarding divorce.

“Hypothetically, I can unequivocally say . . . I would choose a psychopathic, child torturing spouse I haven’t had sex with in years over child torturing psychopathic lawyers and judges who screw me on a daily basis,” she said.

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Chesco Courts Inspire Dirty Secrets Of Divorce

Steve Lucas Seeks To Return Trust To Kennett Township

Steve Lucas Seeks To Return Trust To Kennett Township — Lisa Moore’s embezzlement of $3.249 million from Kennett Township came to light in early 2019 after the township’s bank asked why it was spending money in France.

Ms. Moore, the township manager, was vacationing there.

She would confess the embezzlement which occurred over her nine-year tenure. She had started with the township in 1997 and worked her way to the top job.

Kennett got $1 million back from Ms. Moore and another million from an insurance bond. There is, however, more than a million the township will likely never see. That’s real pain for a place with an 8,300 population.

The lackadaisical attitude to finances and indifference to accepting responsibility got a Republican on the previously all Democrat Board of Supervisors when Geoffrey Gamble beat incumbent Whitney Hoffman in 2021.

Tuesday’s race may flip the board to R.

Incumbent Scudder Stevens chose not to seek another term so Democrat Pat Muller and Republican Steven Lucas are battling to be his replacement.

Kennett supervisors serve six year with one elected every two years.

Lucas is a wealth manager in a partnership with a private firm. He got an electrical engineering degree from the University of New Hampshire via ROTC. He then spent nine years in the Army leaving as captain and company commander of a communication unit.

After getting out, he worked for a Japanese firm building fiber optic equipment while getting an MBA from the University of Texas and that led him to his 18-year career in finance.

“I liked math,” he said.

The supervisors’ attitude towards fiscal issues inspired his campaign.

Like many, he was angered by the Moore matter.

“I don’t feel there was an accountability that happened from the three supervisors that were in charge,” he said. “None of them took responsibility for it. All three of them should have resigned.”

He notes that present supervisors seem to live in a bubble and don’t seem to really consider the needs of the citizens.

Kennett has low crime, for instance, and just a few short years ago had no police department relying on State Police.

Now, it has a 9-member department with talk about taking it up to 16 members.

That’s a pretty big expense for an 8,300 bedroom, quasi-rural community.

Steve Lucas Seeks To Return Trust To Kennett Township
Steven Lucas

And then there’s the proposed hiking trail at Chandler Mill Road.

“We see the township spending money on what we think are basically luxury items. For example, we spent $300,000 on consultants for building a trail. We haven’t actually built the trail. Who knows how much the trail is going to cost.”

Is that the best way to spend $300K?

Lucas notes that a visit to Kennett Area Community Services (KACS), which is a private non-profit, revealed to him that 490 township residents a month use it to get food.

Three hundred thousand would go along way into keeping the township’s needy fed.

The only thing the township has done for KACS is give one payment of $5,000 and waive permit fees.

Lucas says it is estimated that KACS provided $480,000 of support to Kennett Township residents just last year.

For what it’s worth, we suspect that there are competent people in the community who would volunteer to design a trail and what they designed would cost a lot less than by those not using their own money.

Maybe the biggest issue for Lucas is the apparent indifference to the wants of the residents by the supervisors.

Voters don’t trust the township because they are frustrated with it and have no faith that they are going to be listened to, he said.

“I’m here to break that wall down and listen to the residents and get their voices heard.”

Steve Lucas Seeks To Return Trust To Kennett Township

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines is courtesy of ChescoUnited:

The Voter Services department in Chester County, Pennsylvania has wiped the “protected counts” off their voting machines, raising questions about their motives. This unexpected act was revealed to observers while voting machines were undergoing normal “logic and accuracy” testing in preparation for the upcoming November 7, 2023 Municipal Election.

As explained by Karen Barsoum, Chester County Director of Voter Services, the protected count on a voting machine should be the total number of ballots put into the machine over its lifetime, which accumulates up like a car’s odometer.

When thinking of a car, you can reset the trip odometer, but should not be able to roll back the lifetime odometer. Since the protected counts on voting machines are supposed to be “protected,” hence the name, why would the county eliminate this history? Why would county elections officials not want anyone to be able to see on the machine itself how many ballots went into it previously?

In the county’s defense, they stated that they made a log of all the protected counts recorded from each machine. This is according to an observer that was present. The concern is, did they have Democrat and Republican observers when they recorded the protected counts? Was it just the Voter Services staff present? Was it just the ES&S vendor? How can they prove the count they wrote down is accurate?

According to the same observer, another observer present asked why the change was made. At first, a Voter Services employee explained that the voting machine protected counts were wiped as part of a system upgrade that was performed in the summer, and that they had problems with the protected count in the past. This answer causes many questions to come to mind: What problems was this employee referring to? Where are the problems documented? What was the effect? These questions must be asked and answers must be provided by the county.

When Karen Barsoum explained the change, she also stated that the protected counts were cleared when there was a system upgrade over the summer. She said it was a state-certified upgrade to a new version of software (EVS 6300) – and that every county with ES&S machines in PA received this upgrade. As part of the upgrade, they removed the memory cards from the machines and replaced them with higher capacity memory cards. It was likened to changing a camera’s memory card. The question now is who has the old memory cards that were taken out of the voting machines? Are they in the possession of the county or does ES&S have them?

Chester County officials removing protected counts reminds the public of the problems uncovered in Mesa County, Colorado in 2021. This was when Dominion Voting Systems installed what they called a “Trusted Build” update on their Election Management System in May of 2021, which was ordered by the Colorado Secretary of State. According to the Mesa #3 report, this update destroyed critical election records on the EMS hard drive.

According to an additional, Mesa # 1 report, “Federal law requires the preservation of election records – which includes records in electronic or digital form – for twenty-two months after an election. Forensic examination found that election records, including data described in the Federal Election Commissions’ 2002 Voting System Standards (VSS) had been destroyed on Mesa County’s voting systems, by the system vendor. Because similar system modifications were reportedly performed upon county election servers across the state, it is possible, if not likely, that such destruction in violation of state and federal law has occurred in numerous other counties.”

This leads us to wonder if anything else was erased from the county’s voting machines, especially our Election Management System, that has not been disclosed to the public.

Other issues that must be addressed are the problems with the Chester County voter rolls and how the Board of Elections is going to eliminate the possibility of people casting fraudulent ballots using names listed in the voter rolls which are ineligible to vote.

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines is courtesy of ChescoUnited:

Chesco Wipes Protected Count From Voting Machines is courtesy of ChescoUnited:

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months — GOP Chester County (Pa) Sheriff Candidate Roy Kofroth points out in this ad that the department under Fredda Maddox and her subordinate Kevin Dykes separated a valuable K-9 from his partner and put him on ice for four months.

Once you get past the indifference and cruelty look at the stupidity and incompetence.

Ms. Maddox is now seeking to be a county Common Pleas Court judge and Dykes is now looking to be sheriff.

Vote for Kofroth for sheriff. Don’t vote for Ms. Maddox for anything.

If the Sheriff Department under Fredda hadn’t gutted its award-winning K-9 unit, Chesco Prison escapee and multiple-murderer Danelo Cavalcante would not have terrorized the county for two weeks.

Here’s the ad:

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months

Deputy Zeke Caged For 4 Months