CYS Blacklist Sans Hearing Violates Rights Delco Told

CYS Blacklist Sans Hearing Violates Rights Delco Told — Rael LaPenta of Upper Chichester again told Delaware County (Pa) Council of atrocities and excess by its Children and Youth Services Department.

“The old issues in my personal case are not only still present but unbelievably continuing to escalate due to violations of the law and regulations,” she said, last night, April 3.

Ms. LaPenta, a teacher, was one of three women who told the board, Feb. 7, of the misery inflicted by CYS. The department removed their children and put them on employment blacklists. The actions were based on the word of angry ex’s.

The others speaking were Ashley Green of Ridley Park, a teacher, and Sharon Poole of Glenn Mills, a registered nurse.

Ms. LaPenta and Ms. Green can no longer teach. State law bans from the classroom those deemed child abusers by child protection agencies.

Ms. LaPenta, last night, again asked council to intervene.

“Not only to stop CYS from continuing to violate the laws and regulations but also to rectify the damage they were allowed to reap,” she said.

She noted that a new investigation was opened by the same caseworker who had been tormenting her. She said that it was based on a claim of an injury to her son that other CYS workers had declared unfounded.

Her son, by the way, was with his mom last night. He seemed pretty well adjusted. He certainly wasn’t fearful.

Ms. LaPenta said she updated all County Council members via email and there had been no response.

Councilwoman Christine Reuther had pledged to keep on top of it.

Ms. LaPenta said the that a Pennsylvania court found, July 11, that the law letting CYS blacklist teachers violated the Constitution. A pre-deprivation hearing was required before a teacher could be put on a child abuse registry, the court ruled.

Ms. LaPenta never got one.

“CYS violated this and it has still not been rectified,” she said.

She asked that Council immediately schedule hearings for every teacher on the child abuse registry as of July 11 as well as “any other teacher being indicated without the constitutional right to a hearing.”

She noted that Council has not followed through on a request for more resources and training for CYS.

Delco Woods

County Council officially christened as Delco Woods the 213 acres of the former Don Guanella property acquired from the Catholic Church. Councilman Kevin Madden said he wanted to call it Nation of Immigrants Park. Probably not the most serendipitous declaration.

Councilwoman Christine Reuther wanted it called Lenape Woods but was concerned it might offend the Lenape Indians.

So we get dull Delco Woods.

It’s like naming your dog, Dog.

Council said the naming committee was also pondering what to call parkland acquired near Little Flowers Manor in Darby, along with the former firehouse it acquired in Darby.

Expect “Parkland Near Little Flowers” and “Former Darby Firehouse.”

Other Matters

Health Director Melissa Lyon updated council about health matters. Council also got an update about the libraries from Anny Laepple, who would be appointed director of library services later in the meeting.

Ms. Laepple said that use of the county libraries is dramatically up. WiFi use alone has risen 288 percent.

Also appointed were Karen Wilwol as director of soil conservation; Kathy Arim to the Community Action Agency with a term ending April 30, 2025; Siddiq Kamara to the Immigrant Affairs Board with a term ending Dec. 31; and Niole E. Matteucci and Jacquie L. Jones to the Women’s Commission to terms ending June 30, 2024 and June 30, 2025.

Council approved 30 consent items including a renewal for the Tuberculosis Control Grant; a $62,050 grant to East Lansdowne to demolish 58 Lewis Ave., which was destroyed in a fire; a grant not to exceed $75,000 to expand the Delaware County Law Enforcement Memorial Wall in Rose Tree Park; and a grant not to exceed $42,625 for a contract with Mugo Web to make a new website for Delaware County Libraries.

The consent items also included an extension of the Interim Agreement of the Delaware County Prison Employee Independent Union to May 31.

Also approved was amendment to a contract with the City of Chester that will remove demolition of structures at 427-429 Rose St., 2703-2705 Lehman St and 2709 Lehman St and include for demolition properties at 1722 W. 3rd St. and 550-556 Edgmont Ave.

Council also approved an application for a Transporation & Community Development Initiative study for the Highland Avenue Train Station in Chester.

CYS Blacklist Sans Hearing Violates  Rights Delco Told

CYS Blacklist Sans Hearing Violates Rights Delco Told

Delco Woods Immigration Rumors Trigger Delco Councilman

Delco Woods Immigration Rumors Trigger Delco Councilman — Question about claims that illegal immigrants will be housed at the former Don Guanella School in Marple had Delaware County (Pa) Councilman Kevin Madden in vapors by evening’s end at last night’s, April 3, council meeting.

“We do this because we care,” Madden said regarding councilmembers’ motivations to hold office.

“It’s just depressing,” he said regarding the flak council was getting from the citizenry.

“This sucks,” he said. “This is just really sad.”

He said he had no idea as from whence the rumors sprung regarding the impending fate of “Delco Woods”.

The 213-acre property between Sproul and Reed roads had been officially renamed “Delco Woods” earlier in the night.

The rumors began, March 4, when Chuckles Sports reported that shuttered Springfield and Delaware County Memorial hospitals would be used to house illegals. A couple weeks later the story spread that it would be the Don Guanella buildings that would be used.

Delco bought the property from the Catholic Church in 2021. Boys with mental disability had been housed and taught there. The property is undeveloped woodland but for the school site.

It’s zoned institutional/open space but Marple is considering zoning it all open space. The township commissioners are expected to vote on it April 15.

Chuckles Sports publisher Charles Alexander of Marple spoke during public comments.

He asked if council would pass legislation prohibiting “non-government organizations” or NGOs from moving illegals to Delco. Alexander said that he had informants in the county saying Delco plans to flood the county with illegals.

The county has vehemently denied this.

Alexander also wanted to know why 3.5 acres of the woodland had been cleared near the Blue Route.

Councilwoman Christine Reuther said that parcel belongs to PennDOT. She said she has no idea why PennDOT did it, and that it didn’t need the county’s permission to do it.

Carl Staples asked about plans to house illegals in Don Guanella buildings. He said he was told the county would lie about its plans to get the right zoning.

Scott Thomas of Marple said that Barack Obama signed a pact with the United Nations in 2016 to encourage massive immigration to the United States regardless of our laws. NGOs like Catholic Relief Services bus them around the country, he said.

Sharon Devaney of Haverford Township returned with documents from the 2017 auto accident involving an illegal which left her crippled. Council was dismissive of her concerns March 6 when she asked that Delco end its status as a sanctuary county.

Joy Schwartz of Upper Darby says there are 22 million illegals in the country which is double the claimed number. Democrats want to allow them to vote which would result in a permanent and corrupt rule, she said.

She zinged Ms. Reuther by praising the appointment of Siddiq Kamara to the Immigrant Affairs Board and said he would be a great replacement for Lauren Footman.

On March 6, Ms. Reuther denied that Delco had an immigration commission.

Ms. Footman was just fired as Delco’s first diversity, equity, and inclusion director which meant she also lost her spot on the Immigrant Affairs Board.

Ms. Schwartz sincerely praised Delco for not caving to Ms. Footman’s rather spurious claims about sex discrimination. She also pointed out that cancelling the DEI office would save much money along with avoiding inevitable hate and division.

Another journalist who addressed council was Valerie Dowret of Generocity. She wanted information regarding prison lawsuits, EEOC complaints such as those made by Ms. Footman, and the budget for the DEI office.

Ms. Dowret said that senior citizens eligible to leave George W. Hill Correctional Facility still remain incarcerated.

Council discussed their official plans for the former Don Guanella buildings. They say they want to use them to house those with mental problems along with office space. It was pointed out that if Marple changes its zoning, the county won’t even be able to build a playground on the property.

In council remarks, Councilwoman Reuther dismissed the concerns broached by the residents as “right wing talking points.”

Councilwoman Elaine Paul Schaefer said she was against any institutional use of Delco Woods and wanted the land all open space.

What would be done with the buildings was not something she addressed.

She did say she was proud of the county’s “diversity” and that rhetoric by the audience was “shameful” which led to angry shouts from the concerned citizens.

This was followed by Madden who pointed out that the building are already built on Sproul Road and not in the middle of the park. He said the county desperately needs mental facilities which would alleviate things at the prison.

After which he unfortunately followed with his whinefest.

Richard R. Womack expressed puzzlement about the rumors of housing illegals.

“I was never involved in any conversation about housing immigrants,” he said.

County Executive Director Barbara O’Malley had earlier read a report from auditors praising the county prison. Womack said he and she had walked through the facility and talked to many.

“I hope that’s not the case of anyone being retaliated against,” he said regarding those to whom they talked.

He said he will monitor things.

Dr. Monica Taylor repeated the points that the buildings on Delco Woods already exist and the county desperately needs mental health services.

She said there was no truth to the claims that they would be used to house illegals.

There really is an issue of trust in Delaware County and simple things can be done to address them. The county is strangely unwilling.

Delco Woods Immigration Rumors Trigger Delco Councilman

Delco Woods Immigration Rumors Trigger Delco Councilman

Minority within a minority William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit 4-4-24

Minority within a minority William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit

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Answer to yesterday‘s William Lawrence Sr Cryptowit quote puzzle: I was Catholic. You talk about a minority within a minority within a minority: a black Catholic in Savannah, GA.
Clarence Thomas