CYS Horrors Revealed To Delco Council

CYS Horrors Revealed To Delco Council — Correctional officers appeared en masse, last night, Feb. 7 to berate Delaware County (Pa) Council, about conditions at George W. Hill Prison

And numerous parents — including several single moms — gave them horror stories about the county’s Children and Youth Services (CYS)

If the CYS stories are even half true, council should resign en masse.

Actually, the same holds true for the prison. See other story.

Regarding CYS, Rael LaPenta of Upper Chichester described the nightmare she was put through when her ex-husband sicced the agency on her.

She had custody of the children but says her ex cooked up a complaint and the county people took her son from her ignoring established protocols.

Ms LaPenta fought and was able to get him back but the removals happened twice again. Again, she fought and regained custody but the legal battles continued. She began reaching out to public officials for help including Councilwoman Christine A. Reuther. After months of trying, she finally met with her in December. Ms. LaPenta said she has since ignored her.

She asked council to intervene as they had direct oversight of the agency.

Ms. LaPenta had more to say but speakers are allowed just three minutes.

Ashley Green of Ridley Park followed her. Ms. Green is a teacher. She said she lost nine months of her child’s life along with her teaching certificate because CYS accepted allegations of abuse from the child’s father.

They placed the child in the custody of someone who was the father’s choice before she managed to get him back after nine months.

She said she had an active protection of abuse order against the father when the agency took her child.

Sharon Poole of Glenn Mills cried whe she told her story. Ms. Poole is a registered nurse. She said CYS took her son after accepting unfounded allegations from the father. While in the father’s custody they made the boy wear a dress and the father’s girlfriend abused him including penetrating his anus with her finger, Ms. Poole said.

Ms. Poole also asked the county to impose direct oversight and create a clear policy as to when children may be removed. The policy should provide detailed formal explanations to parents as to why it is happening, and what their recourses are.

“How many kids not safe in this country?” she said. “When will this change?”

Bill Ruane of Springfield said that while living Westbrook Park in Clifton Heights he called CYS when he saw a child lying on a bare bed frame amidst vomit.

He said he was told an investigator would not be able to appear for several days despite the apparent danger to the child. Apparently CYS did contact the family but nothing was done.

Anyway he and his wife had a child just before a recent Christmas and they received a surprise visit from CYS agents. They explained that they were following an anonymous report that the couple was using meth and heroin.

The Ruanes let the agents tour and consented to a swab of their mouths to test for drug residue.

They hadn’t heard back for a period and that after New Year’s the checked back and were told that the wife had tested positive for meth.

It was a false positive but obviously the claim by a government agency is terrifying.

In the Ruanes’ case, they never lost custody.

Anthony Mix (sp) of Chester told council the CYS was wrongfully taking kids

The only council member to show any sincere concern was Vice Chairman Richard R. Womack.

For more on the meeting see other stories.

CYS Horrors Revealed To Delco Council

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  1. The modern Democrat party are communists and as such their goal is to destroy the traditional family unit.

    This should surprise no one.

  2. Is it any wonder that the Millennials and Gen. Z are opting out of having children? The war on parents continues to be waged by everyone from power-mad bureaucrats to climate-change zealots. If I were a young person starting out, I’d be thinking twice, too.

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