‘Dangerous’ Toni Shuppe Responds To Shaprio Threat

‘Dangerous’ Toni Shuppe Responds To Shaprio Threat — Toni Shuppe of AuditTheVotePa mocked Democrat Josh Shapiro’s dire claim of danger that she would become Pennsylvania Secretary of State if Republican Sen. Doug Mastriano were to become governor.

“I’m a mother of three kids,” she said in a PA Real News podcast. “What in the world qualifies me to be the secretary of state of Pennsylvania?”

Leave aside that she has a mechanical engineering degree from Penn State, worked in a nuclear power plant, and started her own business, being a mom is a much better qualification than being a hungry lawyer who worked for Pennsylvania’s largest corporate cronyist.

Or a guy who lived off his parents as opposed to Toni who took care of her dad when he developed cancer.

Seriously, would you trust John Fettergirlyman to work in a nuclear power plant?

It would be real life Homer Simpson.

Toni has just one question for Shapiro in response to his Tweet about her being “dangerous”: “I just want to know from Josh Shapiro what’s so bad about a transparent election?”

Toni said that AuditTheVote did canvassing in 12 counties.

“I personally went and knocked doors with my volunteers in five different counties. In every one there were issues. Every one I would knock a door and there were more people registered to vote than actually lived there. In some cases we found people who signed affidavits saying they didn’t vote in 2020 but on record according to the State Department there is a vote assigned to them.”

She said Delaware County had a 59 percent discrepancy rate meaning the occupant said no to either he or she was living in the house at the time of the election, how many were registered at the house or how many voted and compared them to the State Department’s certified results.

She said Allegheny County had a 78 percent discrepancy rate.

She says she has become good friends and allies with vote analyst Seth Keshel.

Toni lives in Beaver County in the Pittsburgh area but travels through the state as she did in Aston on Sept. 1 to raise issues about voting issues and citizen involvement. She does it two or three days a week.

She says she has a great working relationship with Mastriano due to his early support for her efforts but is not part of his campaign and these trips are not campaign stops for him.

“If we’re campaigning for something, it’s just for voter integrity,” she said.

Listen to the interview here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vxIsQd3U0uNS8LvVRDJESjp_PnTJSJwk/view

Dangerous Toni Shuppe Responds To Shaprio Threat
Hatfield, Montco Committeewoman Sandra Levin with Toni Shuppe in Aston on Sept. 1
‘Dangerous’ Toni Shuppe Responds To Shaprio Threat

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast

Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast — Carmela Ciliberti discusses — graphically, be warned — abortion techniques and fetal develop in her latest podcast which can be found here or below.

She also describes the incredibly callous indifference — or if one wants to be charitable mind-blowing ignorance — of Pennsylvania Democrats with regard to the lives of others.

Among those called out is state Sen. Kati Muth, whose 44th district consists of parts of Berks, Montgomery and Chester counties.

Give it a listen.


Carmela Explains Abortion In Podcast

Alex’s War Worth Watching

Alex’s War Worth Watching — I splurged six bucks on Saturday to watch Alex’s War, a documentary by Alex Lee Moyer about talk show host Alex Jones.

I was never a fan of Jones. He was a 9/11 truther and hated George W. Bush.

I have to concede he was right, at least with regard to Bush.

Ms. Moyer’s documentary is interesting and informative and worth watching. It’s balanced. She does not duck Jones’ Sandy Hook fiasco but Jones comes across as likable with valid points.

The movie is available on most streaming services, notably excepting Netflix, and is in theaters in select cities, albeit not in the Philadelphia area as of yet.

Jone’s show can be found at InfoWars.com,

Alex’s War Worth Watching

YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas

YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas — Commentator Eric Metaxas’ popular program has been banned from YouTube because the Google-owned woke capitalist dogs claimed he “violated our policies on COVID-19 medical misinformation and presidential election integrity.” 

Metaxas’ broadcasts can be found on Rumble.

He’s worth hearing, which is probably why the woke capitalist dogs want to silence him.

Here’s an example in which it is example how the woke capitalist dogs support child abuse and trafficking, and which he calls out Google CEO Sundar Pichal by name.


If you watch it to the 20:50 mark you will see Dawn Hawkins reveal that in survey of 15-17 year olds, 100 percent saw pornography on social media; between 95 and 100 percent — depending on state — said they were sent nude images by a stranger; and 95 to 100 percent said they were asked to produce nude images of themselves for a stranger. Most terrifying, though, is that just about all the teens said they were asked to meet a stranger or send naked photos of themselves in exchange for money, said Ms. Hawkins.

Granted it might be tough to quit YouTube but it is very simple to quit Google’s search engine.

And it isn’t hard to delete your Facebook account either. If you love this country you should.

Life is better without Facebook and Google searches.

YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas
YouTube Bans Eric Metaxas

Don Jr WPHT Speaker Series Guest

Don Jr WPHT Speaker Series Guest — Dom Giordano will feature Donald Trump Jr. 7 o’clock tomorrow night, Sept 3, on the 1210WPHT speaker series. It can be found here.

Don Jr WPHT Speaker Series Guest
Don Jr WPHT Speaker Series Guest

Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night

Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night — Texas’ great congressman Dan Crenshaw will be guest of Philadelphia’s great talk show host Dom Giordano, 6:55 p.m., tomorrow June 11. Discussed will be Dan’s new book Fortitude: American Resilience in the Era of Outrage 

The discussion is free and can be found on the Facebook page Talkradio WPHT 1210.

Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night
Giordano Hosts Dan Crenshaw Tomorrow Night

Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix

Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix — Elaine Mickman of Lower Merion was a guest tonight (May 22) on Marti Oakley’s national In the Mix show. Her topic was the conflicts of interest and financial motivations of Montgomery County’s court system, and the difficulties in dealing with it with the state shut down.

In the Mix co-host Coz Witten-Skaife has a uncle in Montco whose estate she says was robbed via guardianship. She has a pending court case in Montco.

Listen to the show here:


Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix
Elaine Mickman Discusses Montco On In The Mix

Tim Liebig Hosts BillLawrenceOnline

BillLawrenceOnline.com was a guest of WFYL‘s Tim Liebig, Oct. 30, on It’s a New Day. Subjects included the Montgomery County commissioners race, Congresswoman Mary Gay Scanlon’s (D-Pa5) indifference to her constituents, and the child trafficking described in the film Priceless. Note the difference between audience reviews and those of the critics.

WFYL is a great station based outside Norristown, Pa. It can be heard at 1180 AM or online here.

Here is a podcast of the interview.

Tim Liebig Hosts BillLawrenceOnline
Tim Liebig Hosts BillLawrenceOnline

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically — Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-Pa1) gets props for his appearance on the just ended The Dean Malik Show on WWDB 860AM but there was a point that never made it to the table.

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically
Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick

Fitzpatrick defended his July 16 vote for the Democrats’ politically motivated H Res 489 titled Condemning President Trump’s Racist Comments Directed at Members of Congress.

He said he thought the greatest issue facing the country was the tenor of political discourse.

So he goes along with calling the President a racist.

Go figure.

For what it’s worth, he said he didn’t think President Trump is a racist.

He’s just apparently OK with saying he uses racist language.

Go figure.

Congressman, if you are sincere about wanting to “tone down” discourse start condemning those who use the word “racist” as a political attack.

Insist that “racist” and “racism” be consistently and specifically defined so the evil that the word should describe is not diluted. Racism is not mere bigotry or prejudice or disagreement but a belief that certain ethnicities should have lesser or no civil liberty.

Telling an ingrate to love it or leave America is not racism — or even prejudice — regardless of the color of the skin of ingrate. Calling someone a racist for confronting an ingrate is craven and despicable. Failing to confront someone making such an accusation is cowardice.

The biggest threat, Congressman, is the division caused by identity politics. The Founding Fathers knew this hence our national motto “Out of Many One“.

Or another way of saying it and hopefully triggering the right type of people: Where we go one, we go all.

If you missed today’s show (July 19) here is the podcast:

Define Racism Truthfully, Not Politically
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