Sex Abuse SOL Change Equals School Tax Hike

Sex Abuse SOL Change Equals School Tax Hike— Carmela Ciliberti’s latest podcast is an excellent lesson in State House proceedings, along with an easily understood explanation of the foolishness of a redundant amendment to the State Constitution suspending the statute of limitations from sex abuse for civil cases concerning sexual assaults for two years.

There is already no statute of limitations for criminals sexual assaults, and the statute of limitations for civil cases ends when the victim turns 55.

Juries in civil cases do not require their verdict to be “beyond a reasonable a reasonable doubt” to rule for the plaintiff, nor do they have to be unanimous.

This makes it likely that an innocent party will pay to make things go away hence enriching a mercenary lawyer uninterested in truth and justice.

She noted that when a similar law was passed in New York, four the the state’s eight Catholic dioceses filed for bankruptcy protection, along with the Boy Scouts of America.

If the problem is really this bad — and we don’t think it is as uncapped damages let the few evil destroy the much good — civil suits are not how to solve it. Remember, there is rightfully no statute of limitation for criminal cases.

There are Catholic haters who might celebrate the proposed amendment. For them we’d like to note that it is expected that this legislation will cost the public schools, for which you are on the hook, will be between $5 billion and $35 billion.

If you can’t defend yourself you will pay the Danegeld.

There are heroes who will fight such as Cardinal George Pell but they aren’t on your local school board. Pell, by the way, spent 13-months in solitary confinement as he neared his 80th birthday. Further, his appellant victory was no sure thing.

Carmela also notes an equally foolish state law is proposed to do the same thing.

She also calls to task House Speaker Mark Rozzi (D-126) for holding a special session. This kept the House from addressing more immediate matters such as the East Palestine chemical disaster just over the Ohio border.

Listen to her podcast here:

Sex Abuse SOL Change Equals School Tax Hike
Sex Abuse SOL Change Equals School Tax Hike

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