2020 Election Questions Went Unasked Says Sharyl Attkisson

2020 Election Questions Went Unasked Says Sharyl Attkisson — Sharyl Attkisson’s recent podcast concerns the establishment media miserable failure in addressing claims of irregularities in the 2020 election.

It was inspired by the snarky berating Donald Trump received from CNN’s Kaitlan Collins at the May 10 New Hampshire town hall over his insistence that the 2020 election was stolen.

Ms. Collins definitively claimed that there was no evidence of fraud. Ms. Attkisson, rightfully, said it was improper for a journalist to make definitive claims about things which the journalist had no definitive knowledge.

She then pointed out that there were major concerns regarding 2020.

“The Trump side was being required by the courts to . . . produce evidence in a matter of days that takes years to get and build when handled by prosecutors . . .,” she said.

She said the media’s rush to declare the election decided deified common sense and violated journalistic standards.

“Suddenly there wasn’t the slightest suspicion or inkling of curiosity among so many,” she said. “It was as if they thought there wouldn’t be powers, in arguably the most unusual election of our time, that wouldn’t be willing to do anything that would have their candidate win.”

She said she followed some of the early Trump court challenges.

“It struck me in one court proceeding when a Trump-allied lawyer was pleading with the judge for just a few more days to produce names of people who could testify to something and this attorney was trying to tell the judge that this was information that normally takes months if not years to build.” She said. “They were being required to produce it in something like 48 hours without any power to make anyone answer questions or provide the information they would need.”

She said this is frightening from the standpoint of public confidence. Even before 2020, that a majority of people didn’t have faith in the integrity of our elections, she said.

“We have slowly become like the nations we have criticized over the decades,” she said.

She said many establishment Republicans sided with the Democrats regarding Trump’s claims.

“There is the weird case of Trump’s own attorney general, Bill Barr, actually calling the Associated Press,” she said. “According to my sourcing, he reached out to them and wanted to be interviewed right after the election and it was in that interview that Bill Barr declared there wasn’t any fraud more or less.”

This lead to a story soon saying “Disputing President Donald Trump’s persistent baseless claims, Attorney General William Barr declared, Tuesday, The U.S. Justice Department has uncovered no evidence of widespread voter fraud that could change the outcome of the 2020 Election.”

Ms. Attkisson notes that Barr couldn’t have known as there had been no real investigation and AP couldn’t have known that Trump’s claims were “baseless.’

“It didn’t make sense to me to have it reported this way and to have Bill Barr saying these things, at least from a journalism and factual standpoint,” she said.

(William McSwain, then U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, published a letter saying Barr ordered him to stop an investigation. Retired intelligence officer Tony Shaffer working privately also has publicly said Barr ordered him to stop an investigation of suspicious ballots being transported from New York State to Pennsylvania)

Ms Attkisson also pointed out the proclamation of “no fraud” changed in the weeks after the election.

“Initially, the media said there was no fraud,” she said. “And then when some fraud was uncovered they said, ‘well, there was no widespread voter fraud’ and then when there was arguably some widespread voter fraud that could have taken place, they changed it to ‘there was no evidence of widespread voter frauc that could have changed the outcome of the 2020 election.”

She said they kept modifying the phraseology to put the issue to rest.

“It seemed to me to be an effort to make the topic untouchable for the future,” she said. “Let nobody dare claim there could have been irregularities or fraud in 2020 or they would be banished to social media oblivion, lampooned, discredited. After all, they would say in the media, it was established that this was the cleanest election ever in history.”

She said that while she didn’t have the resources to find a definitive answer to 2020 she could report on other election integrity issues hence the rest of the podcast in which she touches on last year’s Ozzie Meyer vote fraud conviction in Philly and matters in Arizona.

It’s an interesting 50 minutes . Here’s a link to the places it can be heard: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/sharylattkissonpodcast/episodes/184–What-really-happened-in-the-2020-election–A-Sharyl-Attkisson-Investigation-e23tfnc?%24web_only=true&_branch_match_id=758824792243286089&utm_source=web&utm_campaign=web-share&utm_medium=sharing&_branch_referrer=H4sIAAAAAAAAA8soKSkottLXLy7IL8lMq0zMS87IL9ItT03SSywo0MvJzMvWT9X3NU4rzAzNcvGrSgIANVRNYzAAAAA%3D

If you missed the Trump town hall, also very much worth watching, it can be found here: https://rumble.com/v2n5gzy-commercial-free-replay-president-trumps-cnn-townhall-05-10-2023.html

Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds

Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds — CPA and election integrity activist Joe Fried has explained the obvious and unremitting problems with our elections on National Security Hour, which can be heard here, and on the Shaun Thompson radio show in Chicago, to which Joe links on his Substack.

Check them out.

Joe notes that despite what you might have read in the establishment propaganda outlets, the Cyber Ninjas audit of the 2020 election in Arizona found huge issues.

Did you know an investigation into the 2022 Arizona elections is progressing? Not if you get your information from the propaganda outlets.

National Security Hour has another great program concerning FBI whistleblower Nate Cain, which can be heard here.

Cain is running for Congress in West Virginia.

Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds
Joe Fried Makes Radio Rounds

CIA Election Manipulation Undeniable Now

CIA Election Manipulation Undeniable Now — The CIA put its heavy thumb on the scales and was instrumental in Joe Biden’s dubious 2020 victory in the presidential election.

The involvement of our intelligence service is now impossible to deny.

Michael Morell testified to Congress earlier this month that he and 50 other former intelligence official signed this public statement that the Hunter Biden laptop scandal being reported by the New York Post in October 2020 was a a Russian disinformation campaign.

Morell was a former Deputy Director of the CIA and had twice been acting director.

CIA Election Manipulation Undeniable Now
Michael Morell

Others signing it included former CIA directors John Brennan, Mike Hayden and Leon Panetta, and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper.

The signatories knew they were lying.

They were put up to it by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken, then senior advisor to the Biden campaign.

This is infinitely more seditious than anything that happened on Jan. 6, 2021.

Those who care about the sanctity of the ballot box — which is most Americans — should be outraged by this.

Of course, how many New York Times readers know? How about those who get their news from CBS? NBC?

CIA Election Manipulation Undeniable Now

Delco Election Case Before Commonwealth Court

Delco Election Case Before Commonwealth Court — Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom told Emerald Robinson, yesterday, that Commonwealth Court has agreed to hear their appeal of allegations that Delaware County Election officials destroyed or are hiding evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

See the interview here: https://rumble.com/v2i8fza-pa-court-will-reconsider-2020-election-fraud-case.html?fbclid=IwAR23faAO_huoWyrj_L1DxbjymmP_sY7ej_B3kJritYpXMeA7khIndQxShf4

Delco Election Case Before Commonwealth Court

CPA Says Biden Win Needs Auditing

CPA Says Biden Win Needs Auditing — Joseph Fried, an MBA and CPA, retired from the auditing firm he created so with time on his hands he investigated Joe Biden’s 2020 victory.

His conclusion is that an audit is most certainly, definitely positively needed.

Front Page Magazine spells out many of his specifics from many places in many states.

Delaware County, Pa. is among them.

Fried cites the hidden-camera videos showing patently illegal conduct – including the destruction of election records – on the part of election workers.

One showed two Delaware County election workers discussing the need “to destroy and/or hide 2020 election information requested under Pennsylvania’s ‘Right to Know’ laws.”

Smile Jim.

The county District Attorney closed his “investigation” into these videos without taking action.

It was worse than that, actually. Jack Stollsteimer sent a letter to County Council, which it read into the record, that only three videos were presented as evidence, that they had been taken from the internet and that they had been doctored.

The truth is that 37 videos were submitted as evidence, they came directly from the person who made them, and they had not been edited.

Delaware County was the last in Pennsylvania to report its vote totals – and before that report came in, Trump was winning the state.

Fried also includes the claim by Steven Miller, a professor of mathematics at Williams College, that around 90,000 of the absentee ballots purportedly requested by Republican voters had either been requested by persons other than those GOP voters or had been completed and sent in by those voters but never counted.

Miller was criticized for his data-set by other academics who, however, conceded that his math was correct.

Miller’s response was that did not claim his statement to be conclusive but rather potentially indicative. 

“I am a strong believer that sunlight is the best disinfectant, that the best solution is to put things out there in the public,” he said.

Which gets us to why so many are certain Biden is not the legitimate president. Cover-ups and bald dismissals occur instead of taking the allegations seriously and investigating.

Miller is competent and highly respected. His data-set raises suspicions? Fine, develop one without the perceived flaws. Don’t attack him for telling you what you don’t want to hear.

Fried isn’t perfect. He says that more ballots were cast in Pennsylvania than registered voters. This stems from erroneous early reporting by the Statewide Uniform Registry of Electors that conflicted with what the Department of State was releasing. When everything was settled, ballots had been cast by only about 74 percent of registered voters, still a very high turnout.

And this is how you ease suspicions. You understand what the source of the suspicion is and address it with solid evidence in a transparent way.

We have not seen this done with Miller’s claims and it most certainly was not done by Stollsteimer.

It was most certainly not done in Fulton County, Pa. where the state actually crushed an attempt by the county to audit its Dominion voting machines.

Fried’s  book Debunked: A Professional Auditor Reviews the 2020 Election came out four months ago.

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah — Election integrity activists Leah Hoopes and Greg Stenstrom implored the listeners of Face The Culture, yesterday, Feb. 8, to stay involved and vote despite the ever-more visible depravities of the lizardly leaders of the Uniparty.

Greg and Leah are poll watchers from Delaware County, Pa. and the authors of The Parallel Election, a history of what occurred in Delco in 2020.

Face The Culture is hosted by Pastor Steve Gruen and Kim Kennedy and airs 7-8 p.m. EST weeknights on the Liberty Channel on RedStateTalkRadio.com. Archives can be found at FaceTheCulture.org. A link to yesterday’s show is here and below.

Even if a tenth of what the pair describe is true, huge problems remain obvious.

Leah notes that Delaware County has 46 percent of Pennsylvania’s election ballot drop boxes with 42. Maybe it’s hard to believe as Pennsylvania has 67 counties but Philadelphia, the largest county, has but 18, while Allegheny County, the second largest, has none.

Delco’s drop boxes are open 24/7 dubiously monitored by solar-powered cameras. Why would one need 24/7 drop boxes with mail-in voting anyway? Mailboxes are basically drop boxes. Getting rid of the county drop boxes would save money, simplify logistics and, most importantly, ease suspicions.

Challenge To Be Arrested

Leah, Greg and state rep candidate Ruth Moton filed a lawsuit In November 2021 based on information from a whistleblower regarding improprieties from a year before. The matter came before District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer as the revelations involved crimes.

Stollsteimer sent a letter to County Council, May 4, 2022, saying the allegations were fictions. He said comments on video by election workers were taken out of context or doctored. Council read the letter into the record May 18.

Sollsteimer said his investigation was based on three videos taken from the internet. He wouldn’t give the whistleblower, Regina Miller, a standard immunity agreement to let her speak freely.

Leah noted that their evidence, however, involved 37 videos and several audio files, all of which came directly from the whistleblower. None of it was from the internet. None of them were doctored.

She said presenting doctored evidence is a crime. She challenged Stollseimer to arrest them.

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Leah said the attacks from the establishment have been relentless. She said she and Greg talked with noted author Mark Bowden for three hours lead to his book, The Steal, depicting them as liars and calling them “trumpanzees”.

Leah thanked him and said the book made them national figures advancing their cause.

She has gotten no help from the GOP. The Delco Republican Executive Committee was part an initial lawsuit that reached Commonwealth Court but was kicked off after not responding to any filing after the initial complaint.

Beating they System

Greg noted that the corporate two party system manipulates people against each other for their own interests. A Massachusetts native, he says many of his friends and family remain Democrat while also remaining his friends and family.

Greg said voting is extremely important, and people must not become discouraged.

“If you don’t vote, we can’t find those 70,000 ballots. If you don’t vote we can’t see your signature,” he said. “Trust me, this is a painful process but one day soon we are going to get our day in court and we are going to see your signature on the mail-in ballot or we are going to see where your vote where you signed in the blue book when you came in . . . and we are going to be able go in and say we can prove that vote you counted for Joel was not his vote.”

He said that a reason officials were curating a lot of votes was that they were counting people who didn’t vote and they had to get them out of the data base so there wouldn’t be evidence of those people voting .

“If you don’t vote, you’ve given into the system,” he said. “. . . We need you to vote. We need citizens to engage in their government. They have to engage. They have to vote.”

Good People Exist

Greg further noted that not everyone is corrupt and that there are good people in the system.

“Everybody thinks that everyone in the FBI is corrupt. Nobody joins the FBI to be a bad guy,” he says. “. . . There are good people in the FBI. There are judges out there that love the law and one day we are going to get in front of them. We are going to get in front of good special agents in the FBI. There are good people out there and if you believe that as I do and as a God-fearing person I know there are good people out there and they just have to speak.”

He said it is a small minority that is causing the havoc.

“What Leah and I are trying to do is to for people is to give them courage. Say stand up, look what happened, I’m still here. I haven’t been hung from a tree, shot in the chest with my hands tied behind my back with a suicide note stuck to my forehead,” he said.

He said all have to fight this out even if it means going into court and embarrassing yourself.

“I will stand on the Empire State Building in a tutu with a clown hat on my head if that’s what it takes,” he said.

“If we don’t do this our children will go through an even greater hell,” he said.

A link to the show: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Owi_og_88yHkf2ne3-oxp9g8v5cLzPHY/view

Voting Is Critical Says Greg And Leah

Shapiro’s Republican Pick For Secretary Of State

Shapiro’s Republican Pick For Secretary Of State

By Bob Small

In a case of  seeming  bipartisanship, Democratic Gov. Josh Shapiro has chosen Republican Al Schmidt, a member of both the Philadelphia Election Board,and the Philadelphia Parking Authority to be Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State.

The Department of State runs elections.

Al Schmidt and former President Trump remain on opposite sides about the fairness of the 2020 election. Al Schmidt has received many threats to himself  and his family, which should never happen.

Mr. Schmidt has held the minority party seat on the three-person Philadelphia Election Commission since 2011.

Shapiro's Republican Pick For Secretary Of State

After the 2020 election, Trump pressured Schmidt to stop counting the absentee ballots, which Schmidt refused to do.

Most recently, Al Schmidt was the CEO of the Committee of Seventy, a long-standing Philadelphia fair election group.

Originally from Pittsburgh, he has a  BS from Allegheny College and a PhD from Brandeis University.

He moved to Philly in 2005, when his wife was hired by a Philly law firm. He also worked as a  policy analyst for the Presidential Commission on Holocaust Assets under the Clinton administration. He was once executive director of the Philadelphia Republican City Committee.

“He led an informal insurgent faction some called the ‘Loyal Opposition’, which pushed back against what he believed was ineffective Republican Party leadership at the city level.”  

He recently received a Presidential Citizens Medal from President Biden relating to the events of Jan. 6, 2021.

A friend of minew ho’s a Delco conservative shared his perspective “Schmidt should have endeavored to redress grievances by investigating the evidence of election fraud, not dismissing or ignoring it.” My thought is that suspicions about election irregularities  are not addressed by ignoring them.

Shapiro’s Republican Pick For Secretary Of State

Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20

Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20 — Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes case before the Supreme Court concerning 2020 vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. has been scheduled to be distributed for conference on Jan. 20.

“The conference is a private meeting held by the justices each day during argument week,” as per Jay Stephens on Quora. “At the conference, the justices meet, discuss the arguments held, take an initial vote on the merits of the appeal; and the chief justice then assigns one justice the task of writing the opinion reflecting the decisions made in conference.”

Here’s another explanation.

In other words, Greg and Leah’s case is not dead.

The case number is 22-503 and can be tracked here.

It is appealing a decision by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and was filed Nov. 22.

The points Greg and Leah are asking the court to address are:

  • Is the spoliation of election materials and evidence, required to be maintained by federal and state law, by election officials to perfect massive election fraud, evidence of said fraud by itself, and/or sufficient to infer adverse verdict?
  • Do duly appointed, certified poll watchers, who have taken an oath to fulfill their lawful duties as intervenors for both the candidates they represent, and the citizenry, have standing to petition the Courts on their own behalf to remedy grievous violations of election law, election fraud, and associated civil law?
  • Does the Court of first remedy in considering alleged grievous election and civil violations (in this case, the Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, Pennsylvania), have a duty to have an evidentiary hearing, and be presented evidence of allegations of massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, before ruling there isn’t a “scintilla of evidence” and otherwise ruling on facts not in evidence?
  • Does immediate notification of spoliation and destruction of election materials required to be maintained by federal and state law for 22 months (or as long as litigative controversy is pending), that proves massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, require the Court of first remedy to intervene to secure said evidence, as the lawful arbiter to preserve the integrity of the election system?
  • Are lawyers and “esquires” a special class that can unilaterally decide the outcome of litigative controversy without transparency, input, acknowledgement, or permission of petitioners, plaintiffs, and defendants and the citizenry, without public hearing, transcript or accountability?
  • Should both candidates for election represented by counsel, and Pro Se citizen litigants, be afforded the latitude and grace of the Supreme Court of the United States, as final arbiters of the Republic, to curate technically deficient but meritorious cases regarding the most sacred right of voting by the citizenry of the United States in their selection of their elected representatives, given the Court has repeatedly done so for other cases?
  • Is it lawful for public officials to intimidate, harass, and demand civil and criminal sanctions, and against lawful intervenors, candidates, citizens, and their attorneys for having the temerity to challenge grievous election law violations that would change the outcome of elections?
  • Should petitioners lawsuit(s), who hold hard physical evidence, sworn affidavits, whistleblower videos and audio admissions of election officials committing criminal election fraud, documentation, unreconciled returns, and a literal mountain of evidence that approximately 327,000 votes were fraudulently certified in Delaware County, PA, in a presidential election that Joseph Biden allegedly “won” by approximately 80,000 votes, and undercard statewide elections of lesser margins, be considered for public remediation by the United States Supreme Court, or returned to the Court of first remedy (Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, PA)?
  • Is it lawful for the beneficiary(ies) of alleged election fraud to unilaterally investigate and adjudicate said fraud (i.eThe Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro and District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer).
Delco Vote Fraud Case Still Alive; Supreme Court Distributes It For Conference, Jan. 20

Lycoming County Must Surrender Cast Vote File

Lycoming County Must Surrender Cast Vote File — Lycoming County Judge Eric R. Linhardt has ordered the county’s Office of Voter Services to release a digital copy of the cast vote record file for every precinct tabulator and central tabulator used in the 2020 General Election.

The request was made by researcher Heather Honey who says that there were 120,000 fewer registered voters in Pennsylvania in 2020 than there were ballots counted.

And why would Lycoming’s Office of Voter Service even fight the request? Give us another reason besides that they were trying to hide something.

A little tidbit from the Nov. 21 marathon hearing before Judge Barry Dozor regarding the 2022 election really should be more considered.

Gavin Lawn, an observer at the counting center, testified he was inspired to become involved in poll watching after receiving 13 mail-in ballots at his home in 2020. Granted it wasn’t germane to the case at hand but it something to throw at the next vote-fraud denier one should come across.

Lycoming County Must Surrender Cast Vote File
Lycoming County Must Surrender Cast Vote File

Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses

Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses — The Pennsylvania Office of Open Records has ruled that Delaware County must supply all video surveillance — including body cameras — of ballot drop boxes from the 2020 election.

The request was made by county resident Patricia Bleasdale.

Further, the county must provide the procedure for Board of Election review of video surveillance, and the name of the vendor of the software used to evaluate and identify repeat visitors to drop boxes across all locations.

Also required to be surrendered are the policy/procedure, manuals and memoranda addressing the video surveillance requirement — including verbal directions — governing the preparation and installation of the boxes along with the movement and storage of the boxes through midnight, Nov. 8, 2020.

Well done, Pat Bleasdale.

Now ask yourself all former teenagers, why would the county fight this?

Just a thing to make you go hmmmm.

And while on the subject of Delco drop boxes wouldn’t it be nice to see the surveillance logs from 2022? How many suspicious incidents were noted by those watching? How many times were patrol cars sent to investigate something?

Surely 42 locations watched 24/7 for a month would have warranted something noted as unusual.


Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses
Well Delco make history again?
Delco Fights Dropbox Camera Request And Loses
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