Russ Vought Sics IRS On Zuck For Election Violations

Russ Vought Sics IRS On Zuck For Election Violations — Russ Vought, the director of  Office of Management and Budget for President Trump from July 2020 to January 2021 and who now heads the Center for Renewing America, has filed complaints with the IRS concerning Mark Zuckerberg behavior in the 2020 election.

Zuckerberg is the filthy-rich, 1-percenter, OK, .01-percenter, who owns Meta formerly Facebook.

Vought says that Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan made $500 million in tax deductible donations to “nonprofits”in the run ups to the election.

This money was managed by former Obama campaign manager David Plouffe.

Yeah, it’s illegal.

Vought explains things on the Sept. 22 edition of “Mornings with Maria” features anchor Maria Bartiromo here:

Russ Vought Sics IRS On Zuck For Election Violations
Russ Vought Sics IRS On Zuck

Leah Hoopes Rebuts Barr Claim On Bannon

Leah Hoopes Rebuts Barr Claim On Bannon –Delco whistleblower Leah Hoopes appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room, yesterday, Sept. 24, and rebutted former Attorney General Bill Barr’s claim that he investigated and reported on fraud allegations concerning the 2020 Election.

“Bill Barr is a stone-cold liar! I said this from the beginning. There was no report done,” Leah said. “There is no report. It’s in his book he said he had it. He told the president he had it. He’s testified under oath that he had it. That is a stone-cold lie.”

She said she had connected Bill McSwain, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, regarding election irregularities in the suburban Philadelphia county. She said he was willing to investigate until Barr ordered him to stand down.

Gateway Pundit has details here along with links to the Bannon interview and a Newsmax interview with Rob Schmitt she did in November 2020.

Leah Hoopes Rebuts Barr Claim On Bannon
Steve Bannon with Leah Hoopes
Leah Hoopes Rebuts Barr Claim On Bannon

Fulton County Suing Dominion Voting Systems Over Unsecured 2020 Election Machines

Fulton County Suing Dominion Voting Systems Over Unsecured 2020 Election Machines — Patrick Bryne is reporting on Rumble that Fulton County, Pa is suing controversial Dominion Voting Systems which supplies its voting machines.

The suit was filed this morning, Sept. 21, says Bryne.

The county claims that severe anonomolies occurred during the 2020 election in the machines Dominion sold them in 2019. Fulton County says that it was impossible to reconcile voter data with votes cast and counted.

The county says that Dominion failed to meet the conditions of its contract to provide reliable machines hence the county is seeking damages.

An investigation by  Wake Technology Services Inc. of West Chester, Pa. into the machines at the county’s request in February 2021 found numerous significant issues with the machines.

Bryne says the Wake investigation was followed — despite much push back from Dominion and Attorney General Josh Shapiro — by a much more detailed one which external USB drives had been inserted into the machines on several occasions, and that an unauthorized script had been added to the software after it had been certified.

This investigation was revealed Sept. 15, says Byrne.

Also an external IP address associated with Canada was found on the adjudication workstation, which means that at least one of the devices had been connected to the internet, he says.

Byrne’s video is linked to below:

Fulton County Suing Dominion Voting Systems Over Unsecured 2020 Election Machines
Fulton County Suing Dominion Voting Systems Over Unsecured 2020 Election Machines

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event –Rampant vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. was evidenced yet again when Audit the Vote Pa appeared in Aston yesterday evening (Sept. 1).

About 60 persons crowded the lower room of Gatsby’s Bar & Grill on Pennell Road to hear Toni Shuppe and Karen Taylor explain the problems and solutions.

Mrs. Shuppe said a canvass of the county by election integrity volunteers found that 30 percent of the homes surveyed had phantom registrations which means more voted from the home than were registered.

She said it’s a county’s choice to place the famously insecure drop boxes and not a mandate by the state. Delco has chosen to place 42.

Will they be monitored by county cameras? Mrs. Shuppe said it is a priority to make sure they do. Other interesting ideas were also suggested by the enthusiastic audience.

Mules beware.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event
Hatfield, Montco Committeewoman Sandra Levin with Toni Shuppe

She said even an extremist government like Delco’s can be pressured by the citizenry to do the right thing. She cited Allegheny County which has cut its drop boxes to one after angry people swarmed the meetings.

She said educating the public was a key to secure election. She, like Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes, said poll watchers have legally defined powers and must be strong enough to stand up to intimidation. She said judges of election have the legal power to count ballots themselves.

She revealed that the order to stop counting ballots on Election Night 2020 came directly from Pennsylvania’s Democrat-controlled Department of State.

The meeting was sponsored by Delco Conservatives, and in attendance were many committee people and election officials. A Montgomery County woman said she found a 12th drop box in Montco despite the county claiming to have placed just 11. She says they removed it after angry citizens contacted the commissioners.

Montco’s token Republican commissioner, Joe Gale, has been worthless on election integrity matters, one woman said.

Positions for election officials were being filled in Haverford Township by people who didn’t live there, a woman said.

Cameras weren’t set for the drop box in Aston, a man said.

Delaware County GOP lawyers ignored reported problems, a woman said.

Another woman said she sought a lawyer to help expose violations she saw occurring. None, however, would take her case saying the county powers-that-be would try to strip them of their law license.

Atticus Finch does not practice in Delco it seems.

All in all, though, it was an upbeat meeting attended by decent, courageous and indomitable people.

The county Republican establishment should take note albeit one wonders if they’ve become content living soft in second place.

Those wishing to volunteer to help with the Nov. 8 election can sign on at Audit the Vote’s website or with the Delco Conservatives.

Voting Horror Stories Told At Aston Audit The Vote Event

Parallel Election Podcast Topic

Parallel Election Podcast Topic — Face The Culture’s podcast, A Tale of Two Elections, featuring whistleblowing authors Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes is available to the world.

Their The Parallel Election makes the slam-dunk case that vote fraud was real and massive in Delaware County, Pa. and gave the 2020 Presidential Election of Joe Biden.

The panel also featured moderators Stephen Gruen and Kim Kennedy, and myself.

It was revealed that Ingram Content Group reversed its gutless decision to stop the book’s distribution.

Gregory says poll watchers have defined legally enforceable duties and are different than observers.

“What they did in 2020 . . . was they created a class of people called observers,” he said.

Did these observers have any real power?


“You have to stay in a pen, you can’t look at ballots, and just sit there and shut up like a turnip,” Greg said.

The poll watcher, however, has real power.

They have by-right access to the ballots. This right, however, was ignored at the Delaware County counting warehouse in Chester. He said those in charge there made up the rules as they went along, and it took them five hours to fight their way in.

He said Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld the powers of poll watchers but this was misquoted by the enforcers in large Democrat-controlled counties.

He said the court ruled that poll watchers as interveners for the citizenry are allowed to challenge ballots and uploading of drives.

“We are allowed to challenge anything that doesn’t have a chain of custody,” he said. “And they are forced to respond. We can even have somebody arrested.”

Again, however, Delaware County’s powers-that-be misconstrued the law.

“Some of the biggest liars and biggest participants in the fraud, were the attorneys,” Gregory said.

He said it must become common knowledge and something well understood by those running our elections what poll watchers and their powers are.

The book harshly criticizes GOP Republican candidate Sen. Doug Mastriano.

So who are they going to vote for?

“We are definitely not voting Shapiro,” Leah says.

A vote is not a love letter,” Greg said.

Leah says their goal is to get the truth to the voters and are staying away from endorsing or promoting any politician.

Gregory’s excellent social media site, Patriot.Online, was mentioned. It’s growing, easy to use and has a strong Southeastern Pa flavor.

Parallel Election Podcast Topic

The book is a must read, especially for Delco residents. Buy it on Amazon , which now has it available on Kindle; other distributers; or, best, at

Give it as a Labor Day present as Christmas may be too late.

Listen online here.

Don’t use Google? Download the interview and use your audio player.

Face The Culture is live on Red State Talk Radio’s Justice Channel, 11 a.m., Saturdays and Sundays, besides its podcasts.

Parallel Election Podcast Topic

Cast Vote Records To Be Destroyed From 2020

Cast Vote Records To Be Destroyed From 2020

Citizens are being asked to contact their county’s board of election and request Cast Vote Records which are the clearest indicators of whether or not there is machine-based election fraud.

Legal protection for these records from 2020 end Sept. 3 allowing for their destruction.

It is being suggested that the below language be used and the request sent by certified letter.

Pursuant to our state’s freedom of information law, please remit the Cast Vote Records [insert jurisdiction] from the 2020 General Election. These records should include the following fields as a minimum:

  • CVR Record #
  • Timestamp
  • Tabulator ID
  • Municipality
  • Precinct
  • Batch ID
  • Record ID
  • Counting Group
  • Session Type
  • Ballot Type ID
  • Paper Index
  • Contest
  • Candidate
  • Undervotes
  • Overvotes
  • Mark Density

Directions can be found here:

More details can be found here:

Hat tip Donna Ellingsen

Cast Vote Records To Be Destroyed From 2020
Cast Vote Records To Be Destroyed From 2020

Delco Vote Fraud Case Taken To Commonwealth Court

Delco Vote Fraud Case Taken To Commonwealth Court — Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes have filed an appeal with Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court after their suit against former Secretary of State Kathy Bookvar and others was dismissed by Delaware County Common Pleas Court.

Stenstrom and Mrs. Hoopes have written a book The Parallel Election exposing what happened that can be purchased on Amazon and other booksellers, or at at

In a statement posted on Patriot Online, Stenstrom said:

Filed our Appeal to the Commonwealth Court of PA yesterday for the Common Pleas case the Judge ruled was “moot” because the Nov 2020 election is “over,” and we should all “move on.” We anticipated the probability of that brazen move well in advance, and had the book in queue. We originally filed the case (our 2nd) in November 2021, but it took us until Jan 2022 to get it fully entered in the docket, and play their “guess where to serve us” game. They initially wouldn’t let us file the exhibits and evidence at all, and stopped us for assorted different reasons that we had to overcome. One of the biggest obstacles was that most lawyers only file Microsoft Word or PDF documents, and the Court only accepts files up to a 25 megabytes – which is very small and not suited for photos, never mind videos. Most of our exhibits exceeded those size limitations by a lot, and the court also initially choked on modern video and audio formats. It’s an antiquated system by any standard and I’m sure they would prefer to still be using typewriters and blurry copy machines, but time and technology move on. We had to eventually abandon filing electronically online via file uploads, and bring USB’s and CD’s to the courthouse. Then we suffered six months of lies by the Solicitors, Council members, and Board of Elections officials, as they just made up some of their most venomous accusations against us. After trying for months unsuccessfully to dismiss us for alleged technical and procedural errors, they resorted to a double secret probation “internal” investigation with the DA saying everything was “fabricated” and a “fiction” and there would be no criminal charges, and then refusing to release the completed investigation as required by law to hide the fact that they never did one. As if, Leah and I had hired a large crew of Delco “Doppelgängers,” CGI experts and forgers to craft the 104 page complaint with 98 exhibits of videos, audios, photos, and documents of defendants laughingly admitting they fabricated the entire election and destroying and shredding evidence on camera. The biggest problem they have, is regardless of their video and audio admissions of fraud, they cannot produce any of the election materials required to prove they conducted an honest vote in 2020 because they destroyed it. The biggest rabbit holes that Leah and I avoided but swallowed up so many others were focusing on ballots – that were mostly forged in key Counties – and router, network, and machine logs that were forensically wiped, if they ever even allowed them to be created in the first place. We’ll file our SCOTUS appeal soon, as well.

Delco Vote Fraud Case Taken To Commonwealth Court
Delco Vote Fraud Case Taken To Commonwealth Court

Ingram Pulls Parallel Election; Call It Craven Cowardice

Ingram Pulls Parallel Election; Call It Craven Cowardice — Emerald Robinson reports that distributor Ingram Content Group has pulled The Parallel Election after a cease-and-desist letter. Really. A letter. Not not a court order, but a letter that any angry person can send.

The Parallel Election by Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes describes the massive vote fraud they saw happen in Delaware County, Pa during the 2020 Presidential Election.

Both were certified poll watchers and observers at the county’s counting center 

Oh, John Peter Zenger, wherefore art thou?

He would be sickened by Ingram’s craven gutlessness.

Hey, Ingram CEO. Next time you feel a raindrop just remember it’s John Peter Zenger up in Heaven pissing on your head.

Publisher Interrita says it is working to resolve the issue with Ingram.

Meanwhile, the book can still be purchased through third parties on Amazon or, best, at

It’s an important book that must be read.

Here is the statement from Interrita regarding the cancelled distribution.

Ingram Pulls Parallel Election; Call It Craven Cowardice
Ingram Content Pulls Parallel Election; Call It Craven Cowardice

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote Fraud; Thousands Of Votes Manufactured For Biden, Stolen From Trump Says Book

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote FraudThe Parallel Election by Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes should put paid to any doubts that tens of thousands of votes were manufactured for Joe Biden and tens of thousands stolen from Donald Trump in 2020, notably in Delaware County, Pa.

Stenstrom, of Glen Mills, and Mrs. Hoopes, of Bethel Township were certified poll watchers and observers at the counting center in 2020.

What they saw and what they suffered for revealing it would end indifference to what happened that year in all but the most stupid or hard-hearted.

The book tells of their suffering: financially and in their personal lives. It describes the threats from the powerful they received and the unremitting campaign of lawfare against them.

The authors say, specifically, their goal is not to overturn the election but to tell the truth.

And warn of the danger our republic faces.

The book’s villains are from both parties. Delaware County Republican Party officials stood down when faced with the mildest pressure and many went on to soft public jobs afterwards, they write.

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote Fraud; Thousands Of Votes Manufactured For Biden, Stolen From Trump Says Book

They note how Act 77 — the main tool in the fraud — was not something hijacked by the Democrats, who are the minority party in the state legislature, but purposely passed by establishment Republicans who are enjoying easy living in government.

Act 77 allowed for the implementation of “no-excuse” mail-in ballots, despite a specific prohibition in the Pennsylvania Constitution.

They call out several by name including former Sen. Mike Folmer who represented the 48th District and just finished serving a sentence for having child porn; and former Sen. Tom Killion for whom Stenstrom was a poll watcher and who strangely dropped his challenge to the 9th Senatorial District results.

Killion now serves as State Director for the Mehmet Oz Senate campaign.

They were especially tough on this year’s GOP gubernatorial nominee Doug Mastriano. They say Mastriano abandoned them after the November 2020 Gettysburg Hearings in which they both testified.

The authors say they had been led by Mastriano to believe they would be under oath but were never sworn in. Stenstrom says he nearly backed out when he realized he would not be protected by having it be an official hearing and became suspicious that those who called it were just trying to cover themselves.

He testified, however, revealing that the chain of custody was shattered for more than 100,000 ballots; all the legally established procedures were ignored; and 47 USB cards containing vital data have disappeared.

The book is fairly easy to read with necessary but dense details placed at the end and in appendixs.

We urge that this book be read and copies bought for friends and relatives. It goes on sale tomorrow, Aug. 9 and can be purchased on Amazon or, best, at

The Parallel Election Exposes Delco Vote Fraud

Quarter Of Delco Precincts Unreconcilable From May Primary

Quarter Of Delco Precincts Unreconcilable From May Primary — Delaware County, Pa. has contributed more than its share to the belief held by more than half the population that Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

No amount of gaslighting by Democrat officials who put partisanship ahead of public good will change this.

It’s not justice that motivates these people but “just us”.

And now we have learned problems remain unfixed.

In the May 17 Primary, 105 of Delco’s 428 precincts were not reconciled due to major discrepancies (38 precincts) or just flat out unreconcilable (67 precincts) according to the bi-partisan county Return Board.

That’s a quarter of the precincts with uncertain results.

The Board of Elections certified them anyway.

Outrage is warranted and not just at the Democrats in charge but at the silently acquiescing Republicans.

Hey, being the loyal opposition can give you a pretty soft life if you are loyal enough.

We hear Councilwoman Christine Reuther called citizens racists and anti-semites for expressing concern about fair elections at last night’s (Aug 3) County Council meeting.

One of her “anti-semites” was a woman named Schwartz.


Hey Christine, that garbage doesn’t work anymore. To deny that the election concerns are legit means you’re not fit to hold an elected office. To defame those expressing such concerns means the only job for which you are fit is fetching coffee.

We also hear County Solicitor William Martin made some unfortunate and personal comments regarding the citizens who spoke. That does not speak well to his professionalism.

Here is the report from the County Return Board:

Quarter Of Delco Precincts Unreconcilable From May Primary

Quarter Of Delco Precincts Unreconcilable From May Primary
Quarter Of Delco Precincts Unreconcilable From May Primary
Quarter Of Delco Precincts Unreconcilable From May Primary
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