Corcoran Wants To Quit Delco Defam Case

Corcoran Wants To Quit Delco Defam Case — J. Conor Corcoran, the embattled attorney representing James Savage in defamation cases relating to the 2020 election, wants out.

He has filed a motion to withdraw as counsel in the case before Philadelphia Common Pleas Court Judge Michael E. Erdos, and proposed a 90-day stay in proceedings.

Being sued are Delaware County poll watchers Leah Hoopes of Chadds Ford and Gregory Stenstrom of Glen Mills; President Donald Trump and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Savage is the former Delaware County, Pa. Voting Machine Warehouse supervisor whom the defendants allege was instrumental in rigging Delco’s votes against Trump in 2020 hence giving Pennsylvania’s electoral votes to Joe Biden.

Corcoran cites “irreconcilable differences,” with his client, “personal problems,” and that he is closing his law practice as to why he wants to quit.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes filed a motion, Feb. 14, seeking sanctions against Corcoran saying that Corcoran made provably false claims before the Court in written filings and oral testimony during hearings in June and November.

Corcoran is also facing a hearing before the disciplinary board of the state Supreme Court on an unrelated matter regarding professional misconduct.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes are objecting to Corcoran’s request to quit and postpone the case, and are asking to be allowed to present their pending Motion for Summary Judgement in their favor.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes have also filed a request in Delaware County Common Pleas Court to dismiss a defamation suit Corcoran filed there on behalf of Savage and Delco Election Director James Allen.

Corcoran wants to quit that too and have attorney John Rooney take his place.

Among the reasons that Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes give for dismissal is that Corcoran had not filed the required Praecipe to Reinstate for 173 days and had not completed proper service in the 470 days since their original Writ of

They further say that Corcoran filed frivolous, conjectural complaints without any material facts, and failed to meet a majority of the most basic procedural requirements.

Most significantly, they say the county has unlawfully destroyed or is unlawfully withholding documents necessary for their defense.

Stenstrom and Ms. Hoopes are the authors of  The Parallel Election. Co-defendants in Delco include Newsmax, The Federalist and Margot Cleveland.

You can read the motions here.

Corcoran Wants To Quit Delco Defam Case

Corcoran Wants To Quit Delco Defam Case

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  1. JANUARY 6, 2021 was not an insurrection. (for immediate release- submitted 2/25/2024)

    On January 6, 2021 about 100 concerned citizens boarded two chartered buses that left the Springfield Mall (Delaware Co., Pa.) around 7am heading for our nation’s capitol. I have talked with some of them about their experiences that day. They arrived in D.C. around 10am and walked a half mile in small groups to the rally’s meeting grounds by the Washington Monument. By noon the turnout was huge. In her book entitled “January 6” , author Julie Kelly estimates the crowd in the hundreds of thousands. I saw one estimate by a former law enforcement official whose estimate was 700,000. Contrary to the narrative spun by the major news media, the overwhelming majority of people in attendance were polite, respectful, and deeply concerned about the mechanics of the 2020 general election. Many came with their entire family, including small children.
    Around 9am, numerous speeches began. Finally around noon President Trump gave the last speech, ending it an hour later by telling everyone to walk “ peacefully and patriotically” about 1.5 miles to the capital building to let their voices be heard. And that is what they did. Again, contrary to the media narrative, the people there did NOT want to disrupt or disturb anything. That day, US senators Josh Hawley, Ted Cruz, and many others in Congress were going to introduce a resolution to delay the certification of the electoral college vote for ten days, a perfectly legal proceeding. The people at the rally did NOT want to disturb that ! They were there to support and bear witness to what Congress was going to do. Ninety-nine percent waited patiently outside for several hours socializing and sharing their concerns about the November election. They were NOT insurrectionists ! !
    Most people never even got close to the capital building. Most news outlets reported that about 2000 people actually went into the building and got caught up in the “riots”. Do you realize that is LESS THAN ONE PERCENT of those who were there that day ?? The people from Springfield hardly knew anything about the “riots” until they got home around 6 pm and saw the news reports on TV.
    To call the events of that day an “ insurrection” is a disgrace, and an insult to the respectful people who were there. President Trump in no way is responsible for the tiny minority of persons who got caught up in the violence. About half the people who did enter the capital building were let in voluntarily. They didn’t break in. And again, in her book, Julie Kelly points out that some of the violence that took place may have been provoked by the Capital Police who were on duty. I would like to know why, then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, refused to bolster security forces around the capital when President Trump requested it several days ahead of January 6. In my opinion it was the Democrats who actually had the motive to disrupt Congress by inciting violence. Then pin the blame on President Trump and his 75 million MAGA supporters. The Democrats did NOT want to debate and possibly vote on a legal resolution to delay the certification of the Presidential election.

    Byron Mundy, Collingdale, PA

    Former 22- year member of the SE Delco School Board – 1992 to 2014

  2. Is there a fund that the public can contribute to? For the legal battles of Sterstrom and Hoopes. I have been following via conservative websites and your blog, Bill, and I could contribute a little towards this.

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