Shapiro Lets Lawbreaker Pension Remain

Shapiro Lets Lawbreaker Pension Remain

By Leo Knepper

Last week, Representative Margo Davidson (D-164) submitted her letter of resignation to House Speaker Brian Cutler. She resigned due to criminal charges filed by Attorney General Josh Shapiro. The criminal charges Ms. Davidson faces are related to the misuse of campaign funds and legislative expenses. According to media reports, she received reimbursement for overnight stays in Harrisburg paid for by her campaign account (getting paid twice for the same expense). She also filed for reimbursement for nights she didn’t stay in Harrisburg (receiving money she wasn’t owed). Ms. Davidson, according to court documents, also asked witnesses to lie for her and cover up the criminal activity.

Shapiro Lets Lawbreaker Pension Remain
Protecting Democrats and other cronies

All the alleged criminal activity is a massive breach of public trust and clearly an abuse of her position as a Representative. However, she will likely not only keep her pension, but Davidson and her husband will also continue to be eligible for the taxpayer-funded health plan and long-term care insurance. 

You are probably wondering how on earth any government employee, let alone a Representative or Senator, convicted of crimes like these can still be a drain on taxpayers for the rest of their lives. Former-representative Davidson will likely receive the taxpayer-funded benefits because the crimes she will probably be convicted of don’t result in losing them. Enter Attorney General Josh Shapiro.

Shapiro, a Democrat, and an all-but-announced candidate for Governor charged Davidson with crimes that fall below the threshold for pension forfeiture. The criminal conviction must be related to a crime specified by the Public Pension Forfeiture Act 1978-140 and be over the severity threshold. According to an article by the Harrisburg Patriot-News:

“However, the second-degree misdemeanors of theft and hindering apprehension or prosecution misdemeanors of which Davidson is charged fall below the threshold of the crimes when the state’s pension forfeiture law applies...The House comptroller said the chamber’s policy on forfeiture of medical benefits aligns with the pension forfeiture law….” (Emphasis added)

Why did the Attorney General’s office and Josh Shapiro not pursue more serious charges? It seems like this is an open and shut case. Did Shapiro level less serious charges specifically to prevent Davidson from losing the pension and healthcare benefits? If he plans on running for Governor, the public has the right to find out the answers to this and other questions about Shapiro’s record.

Shapiro Lets Lawbreaker Pension Remain

William McSwain Is Source Of Letter Saying Barr Stopped Vote Fraud Investigation

William McSwain Is Source Of Letter Saying Barr Stopped Vote Fraud Investigation — William McSwain, who served as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, which includes Philadelphia, is the source cited by President Trump in his talk before the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) three days ago (July 10) that says then Attorney General Bill Barr directed him not to investigate vote fraud from the 2020 Election.

Retired intel officer Tony Shaffer made a similar claim regarding Barr in May.

Here is McSwain’s letter:

William McSwain Is Source Of Letter Saying Barr Stopped Vote Fraud Investigation
William McSwain Is Source Of Letter Saying Barr Stopped Vote Fraud Investigation

Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL

Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL — Here’s a concept that would make a great plot for a British detective episode: A master criminal forges a Hunter Biden painting and sells it on the black market.

Feel free to use. Credit not needed.

OK, I meant Monty Python. Shame it’s still not around.

Imagine Hunter Biden Forgeries And LOL
$500K? It’s a bargain if you are with the PRC and seeking secrets.

Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why?

Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why? — Purdue Pharma introduced OxyContin in 1995 and began an aggressive strategy for marketing which included basically bribing doctors to prescribe it. By Y2K, widespread abuse was being reported and three years later the Drug Enforcement Administration found Purdue’s marketing to be a cause.

Yet nothing changed. By 2017, the drug had netted the Sackler family a cool $35 billion.

Lawsuits forced Purdue into bankruptcy in 2019 but why did Purdue get a free ride for 24 years? Maybe Frank Luntz knows.

Can boys really be girls and vice versa? Our schools are insisting it is so. Why is this garbage tolerated? Why isn’t it scornfully laughed into oblivion? Betcha if your view of the world comes from the establishment news and that you accept any claim like Pavlov’s dog if it includes the word “science,” you will scornfully laugh at us for asking the question. The bell has been rung girl, now salivate.

Why is it accepted that Hillary Clinton had a private email server while serving as Secretary of State? And that the FBI never brought charges for the missing files?

Why did Facebook and Twitter censor reports of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop before the election?

Why was speculation that the Wuhan flu came from a lab rather than nature censored on the major media, especially considering that it now looks like it did?

Why does Anthony Fauci still have a government job? How did he keep it so long? How did he get it in the first place?

Why were licensed, respected physicians threatened for using hydroxychloroquine? Why was this long-used, extremely safe drug, called dangerous by the establishment?

Why do we let private corporations controlled by the one-percenters and/or foreign interests control the software used to run our elections? Why do we prioritize protecting their IP rather than election transparency? Why doesn’t Maricopa County let the Arizona Senate check their routers?

Why should we trust the establishment?

Trust The Establishment? Why? Really, Why?

Government Is Greed, Public Works Are About The Benjamins

Government Is Greed, Public Works Are About The Benjamins

By Lowman S. Henry

It is a law of nature that bureaucracies and government agencies always crave a larger share of the public treasury. In Pennsylvania, the undisputed leader of the pack is the public education establishment which has a voracious and insatiable appetite for taxpayer dollars.

A close second is the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) which is always clamoring for more money – much more money. The public education and transportation behemoths have two traits in common: no matter how much their budgets are increased it is never enough, and neither shows any significant improvement in performance resulting from constant funding increases.

PennDOT kicked up the most recent funding controversy by floating a plan to place tolls on several major bridges in the commonwealth, supposedly to maintain and upgrade the structures. Predictably, the idea has been met with stiff opposition from commuters and the potentially affected industries.

Governor Tom Wolf has never met a tax he does not like – until now. He is empaneling a special commission to develop a plan to replace the state’s gasoline tax with a new funding scheme. The increased fuel efficiency of gas-powered vehicles coupled with the trendy push for electric cars threatens to drive gas tax revenue downward. The goal of the commission, of course, is to increase the flow of funding into PennDOT’s coffers.

At 58.1 cents per gallon, Pennsylvania’s gas tax is the second-highest in the nation behind only California. Just a few years ago, in 2013, higher taxes were levied on producers, the practical impact of which was to add about 30 cents per gallon to the price of gasoline for a cumulative hit of over $2 billion per year to motorists. Now, the agency is claiming it needs an additional $7 billion per year to maintain the state’s roads and bridges.

For decades successive governors and legislatures have slapped band-aides on Pennsylvania’s transportation funding formula. That approach has had a particularly negative effect on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, which is a separate state agency. In 2007 a law went into effect that has siphoned hundreds of millions of dollars from Turnpike coffers into PennDOT, some of which the commission has had to borrow. That in turn has triggered steep annual increases in turnpike tolls, more than doubling fares over that time frame.

The labyrinth that is state transportation funding is further complicated by the continued financial drain caused by public transportation. Both PennDOT and a portion of those turnpike dollars subsidize public transit systems. The biggest, the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) in the Philadelphia region and Port Authority Transit (PAT) in Pittsburgh are bloated, inefficient, and inept bureaucracies that have been resistant to reform due to union-driven political pressures.

Against this backdrop, Governor Wolf has ordered the establishment of a special commission to develop recommendations for changes to the current system of transportation funding. In a departure from his usual go-it-alone approach to governing, Wolf seeks to include legislators and transportation industry representatives on the commission.

This, however, should be viewed with great suspicion. The commission’s charge is to find a way to eliminate the gas tax and find funding alternatives with the goal of adding billions of dollars to the transportation budget. It is indeed time for the development of a comprehensive restructuring of transportation funding. But just throwing more money into the pot will not solve the problem.

Also needed is a streamlining and restructuring of the entire array of transportation entities operating in the state beginning with the Department of Transportation and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission and extending to the regional public transportation agencies. The system is beset with administrative bloat, funding inequities, and antiquated labor contracts.

There is universal agreement that roads and bridges, public transit, railroads, and airports are vitally important to the economic vibrancy of Penn’s Woods. Rather than take the politically difficult, but necessary step of developing the comprehensive plan needed to knit all the above together, state policymakers have taken the easy way out by just throwing money at whatever crisis happens to develop.

This is a unique opportunity to systematically address Pennsylvania’s transportation needs. Hopefully, the governor’s commission doesn’t turn into yet another way to simply suck more money out of taxpayers’ wallets but rather takes the first steps toward developing a sustainable transportation system.

Lowman Henry is Chairman & CEO of the Lincoln Institute and host of the weekly Lincoln Radio Journal and American Radio Journal. Leo Knepper and Lowman Henry had a chance to talk about the Governor’s proposal. That video can be found below.

Government Is Greed, Public Works Are About The Benjamins
Government Is Greed, Public Works Are About The Benjamins

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly — Joe Biden is pushing for gun control. Seriously? He can’t even get his family to do the responsible things 99.999 percent of legal gun owners do.

You heard about that right?

Yes, Hunter Biden and Joe’s daughter-in-law Hallie violated gun laws and common sense safety concerns after a domestic tiff.

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly
Barry, Joe and Hunter

This occurred Oct. 23, 2018 near Wilmington.

Just be clear, Hallie was not Hunter’s wife. She was the widow of Biden’s other son Beau. Hallie was merely Hunter’s paramour. Playas like Hunter can expect tiffs with their mistresses, though, no matter how temporary.

Anyway, Hallie threw Hunter’s .38 caliber revolver into a trash can outside Janssen’s Market which is across from Alexis I. du Pont High School breaking numerous laws. Why did Hunter have a handgun anyway? For what it’s worth, he lied through his teeth on the ATF Form 4473 to get it.

See the part about Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?

Hunter is most certainly an unlawful user of controlled substances.

Anyway, the then former vice president apparently did his best to cover up for him. Secret Service agents were reportedly dispatched to the gun dealer, StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply, and demanded the paperwork for the transaction from the owner Ron Palmieri.

Palmieri rightfully refused, but later turned over the papers to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which is the proper authority.

The Secret Service claims it has no record of its agents investigating the issue which would have happened while Biden was preparing his presidential campaign.

Sure. We believe them. LOL.

Hunter Lost His Gun In Domestic Tiff Reportedly

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

By Rep. Russ Diamond

Pennsylvania is known for its chocolate, its mountains — and its many opportunities for corruption.

In the days leading to my introduction of House Bill 38, I received the usual and expected rebuttals from mainstream journalists and Harrisburg lobbyists. I was accused of inserting gerrymandering into judicial elections and disenfranchising voters, while at the same time lectured about how “merit selection” (involving a 13-person panel) would somehow not disenfranchise them.

I can’t say I am surprised. As an outsider in Harrisburg, you can always expect pushback from special interests and the media who are always in their pocket.

Still, it makes you wonder why on earth every group of lawyers, journalists, and unions are against a bill that would seek to diversify the geographic makeup of our appellate courts. And then you remember the real problem you were seeking to solve in the first place before all of the “critics” descended: corruption.

My bill would not just diversify the gender, demographic, or geographic makeup of our appellate courts. It would also chop at the deep-seated subversion of justice in Pennsylvania.

Corruption is not something we should tolerate or ignore. It’s an embedded weed that has deep roots and has strangled other plant roots underground along the way.

For too long, Pennsylvanians have been given a raw deal by our judicial system and have been the butt of jokes about our public officials. From House speakers to trial court judges to traffic court judges, to Supreme Court judges, the commonwealth has had its fair share of judicial malpractice and public corruption.

The simple fact of the matter is that Philadelphia and Allegheny have been playing by their own rules while people like my constituents in Lebanon County suffer.

Of the most recent seven appellate court judges convicted or accused of serious crimes, four of them were from Allegheny or Philadelphia. Of the 19 judges on the Pennsylvania Superior Court, the court that decided that Speaker Bill DeWeese and Speaker John Perzel do not need to pay fines for their crimes, 12 of them are from Philadelphia or Allegheny.

You see, the current system of statewide elections for appellate court judges breeds a political class exempted from the rule of law.

Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts, the major special interest group pushing against my bill, noted in its own April 2017 study that our commonwealth “has not been a stranger to judicial scandals.” The group perceived the ethics of our higher court judges to be of such concern it issued a report in 2011 on the state’s judicial disciplinary system.

But instead of proposing a decentralization of power that could help prevent such corruption from encompassing government, Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts is proposing to move power away from the voters into the hands of a politically savvy merit selection board.

Real reform gives Pennsylvanians a fair shake instead of rigging it for the politically connected.

That’s why every special interest, media outlet, and lawyer lobbyist is against my bill. Unfortunately for them, they won’t dissuade me and other honest legislators. We will fight to get this bill approved so it becomes a ballot question, giving you a voice and opportunity to end corruption in our judicial system.

Rep. Diamond, a Republican, represents the 102nd District in the Pennsylvania House.

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

(Note: CAP CEO, Leo Knepper had an opportunity to speak with Rep. Diamond about the proposed amendment on February 1, 2021. The video of the interview can be seen below.)

Pennsylvania Court Corruption Would Be Stifled By HB 38

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd — Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA1) was among the 11 Republicans who voted to strip Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA14) of her committee assignments.

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd
Congressman Squish Fitzpatrick

All Democrats voted to do so.

Marjorie was a follower of the Q conspiracy movement, which we have written about, and which we feel is far, far, far less damaging to this nation than the Beltway conspiracy movement.

Actually, the Q slogan “Where we go one, we go all”, often seen as WWG1WGA, is something we see as a positive answer to the divisive garbage promoted daily by the establishment in all its outlets.

White privilege? A guy with light skin out of work in Cambria County is somehow more “privileged” than a sports has-been with dark skin who signed a mega-million dollar contract with a slave owner?

Why is the concept even considered?

How has Fitzpatrick sought to remove Maxine Waters (D-CA43) from her committee assignments for the real hate she spewed and the real suffering she cause?

How about his non-attempt to get Eric Swalwell (D-CA15) removed from his assignments for his relationship with a Chinese spy? He sits on the Permanent Select Committee for Intelligence, after all.

How about Sen. Diane Feinstein of California for her relationship with a Chinese spy for that matter? And that’s not even going into matters involving hubby Richard Blum.

Why has Fitzpatrick not done these things?

Because he is a squish.

Squish Fitzpatrick Follows The Cartel Crowd

Apple Deleting Telegram App?

Apple Deleting Telegram App? — We have received a report —from Lin Wood no less — that Apple will be deleting the Telegram app from their phones without notice.

To stop this follow these directions:

Apple Deleting Telegram App

Apple Deleting Telegram App?

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right — The mask is off corporate America and the means it plans to use to control the populace comes right out of 1984 or maybe the Book of Revelation.

Will it demand a mark on our hands for us to buy and sell? It seems they may soon have the power if they don’t already.

What makes us laugh is the idealistic socialists who think they have won something. They really think the reach of the Gates and Bezos and Buffet will decline.

Silly children.

It’s going to grow along with its heavy-handiness. Look at Biden’s cabinet picks.

For the record we still maintain the vote fraud was real and massive, and Biden is an illegitimate president. Saying this was once solidly protected speech.

Prominent politicians, though, that would be you Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John “Fascist” Fetterman, are saying it should be a crime. If the Democrats pack the courts, as some think, maybe it will be in a few months.

Dominion Voting Systems is threatening lawsuits left and right against those saying there are problems with their machines.

Rather than using courts to squelch the questions, the matter would once have been resolved by examining the machines as was done in Antrim County, Mich.

Of course, Dominion refutes what was found in Antrim County, but shouldn’t that just mean more investigation? Why the, rather fanatical, opposition to examining machines and ballots?

The matter would be far more likely to get resolved and the nation united.

But that’s not going happen. It’s not the will of the plutocrats.

The laugh’s on you Occupy Wall Street. And us too, for that matter. Actually, on everyone who is not in line for a six-figure government pension.

Alternatives to Twitter and Facebook are multiplying. We’ve long championed Gab. One that might be even better is We’ve begun using it regularly. Here’s an interesting little tidbit we found regarding the price of insulin.

Here’s a parable to help you get through the next few years:

Plato saw Diogenes washing vegetables. “If you knew how to pay court to the king, you wouldn’t now be washing vegetables,” he said.

Diogenes responded “If you knew how to wash vegetables, you wouldn’t now have to pay court to the king.”

Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right
Corporate Fascist America, OWS Was Right