Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals — John Abramson, who was a family physician for 22 years before joining the faculty at the Harvard Medical School, righteously ripped America’s health care system in the February edition of Imprimis.

Abramson says that in 1980 our health care was on par with the rest of the West but began losing ground so that by 2019 there were 500,000 Americans dying each year in excess of the death rates of the citizens of the other technically advance nations.

He said it was not just with regard to our poor.

“To exclude poverty as a factor in these numbers, a study looked at the health of privileged Americans—specifically, white citizens living in counties that are in the top one percent and the top five percent in terms of income,” he said. “This high-income population had better health outcomes than other U.S. citizens, but it still had worse outcomes than average citizens of the other developed countries in such areas as infant and maternal mortality, colon cancer, childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia, and acute myocardial infarction.”

He said this is despite Americans paying on average $12,914 per person per year on health care, whereas those in comparable countries pay $6,125. 

He said this translate to an excess $2.3 trillion compared to those nations.

What caused the decline?

In 1980, the Bayh-Dole Act was passed allowing universities and nonprofit research institutions to commercialize discoveries made by their scientists while conducting federally-funded research. This included keeping profits from patents on pharmaceuticals. 

Before the Act, the overwhelming majority of pharmaceutical research was happening in universities without a profit motive. By 2005, almost three quarters of it was being done by under the auspices of mega corporations.

He said medical journals do not require  require that the drug companies submit their extensive internal clinical study and basically print what they are told to print else their funding would be cut.

He further noted that America is = spending 96 percent of our biomedical research money on medical drugs and devices, and only 4 percent on how to make the population healthier and how to deliver health care more efficiently and effectively.

“Why? he says. “Because the drug companies’ job is to maximize the money they return to their investors, and the highest return on research investment is not going to be from studying and promoting healthy diets and lifestyles. The money is in selling drugs and devices. This leads to a tremendous epidemiological imbalance in the information coming down to doctors.”

The entire article can be read here:

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason — A press conference just ended, May 10, in which members of the House Oversight Committee have revealed that foreign nations have given millions to nine members of the Biden family going back to the Obama Administration in an opaque manner which obviously implies treason.

The members are the President’s brother James, son Hunter, Hunter’s sister-in-law/lover, Hunter’s ex-wife; Hunter’s current wife; and several grandchildren.

Watch it here: 

The establishment media will try and ignore it.

We suspect they are going to fail.

How can one seriously doubt this crowd would not resort to stealing elections?

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash. The Reason? Add A T
9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason

How Teachers Swiped $2 Billion From Social Security

How Teachers Swiped $2 Billion From Social Security — Joe Fried, a retired CPA who ran his own auditing firm, has a great column on his Substack in which he tells how he was a part of an investigation into how teachers in Texas managed to swipe $2 billion from Social Security in a double-dipping scam.

Teachers on their last day would work six-hours as a minimum wage janitor letting them collect their pension and a Social Security check despite never having paid into Social Security.

Yes, this was in violation of the rules.

No, nothing was done about it.

Read the story here:

How Teachers Swiped $2 Billion From Social Security
How Teachers Swiped $2 Billion From Social Security

Gender Dysphoria Up 100000% Since 2013; Follow The Money; Surgery Cost $300K

Gender Dysphoria Up 100000% Since 2013 — Dr. Robert Malone’s Substack Sunday (April 16) concerned the unfathomable increase in kids claiming gender dysphoria, and the big money being made from the “transitioning” racket.

The Mayo Clinic defines gender dysphoria as the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.

Dr. Malone notes that the rate of gender dysphoria in 2013 was .005 percent to .014 percent for males and .002 percent to .003 percent for females. In 2022 it was 5 percent for all adults. That’s an increase of almost 100,000 percent if you start with .005 percent.

This increase is obviously due to social manipulation and the unwillingness of those in authority to simply say “you’ll grow out of this and be fine.”

What could ever be the reason for this unwillingness, not to mention the actual manipulation and encouragement?

Malone notes that the cost for “transitioning” reaches $300,000.

Follow the money. Intelligent, highly skilled people have thrown aside compassion for the dollar.

It’s about as evil as it gets.

Granted there are cases where the condition is more than mere emotion. Probably around 1 in 20,000. That’s a hell of a lot different than 1 in 20.

Malone also quotes 2018 Psychology Today article describing how a large minority of kids have developed a belief system whereby they, as a group, espouse that being a normal biological female or male is akin to being immoral and evil. 

This doesn’t happen without planning. This is being taught in schools and reinforced in media.

Anger is not just justified but necessary.

It is also vital for parents to teach their children to love themselves as they were born.

And to say no, be strong and question those claiming authority.

Especially teachers.

Gender Dysphoria Up 100000% Since 2013; Follow The Money; Surgery Cost $300K

Chinese Millions For Bidens

Chinese Millions For Bidens — Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute’s Peter Schweizer of Breitbart News pointed out yesterday, April 1, on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that millions of dollars are going into the Biden family coffers from China, as well as other countries; that internal discussions between universities and Biden family members have come to light about how to disburse salaries regarding “Biden Centers, and how they don’t want Joe to put his name on any papers relating to them, despite them carrying his name; and that subjective valuation of art provided a perfect way to funnel money to the Hunter despite his child-like drawing.

If you love this country the Biden family treason is something to bring up at every opportunity with normies.

They are not going to learn about it via Google.

Chinese Millions For Bidens
Chinese Millions For Bidens

SVB Bailout Burdens All But The Rich

SVB Bailout Burdens All But The Rich — The Biden admin is going to bail out the rich tech firms smacked by the Silicon Valley Bank failure.

This means America’s working class and the rest of the good, play-by-the-rules types are going to face one more burden, as we are going to be on the hood for it.

Yeah, this includes most of the “bipocs“.

Wonder what the Bernie bros are thinking.

SVB Bailout Burdens All But The Rich

Shapiro Transition Team Revisted

Shapiro Transition Team Revisted –This is old news but let’s revisit, especially concerning our claim about how Democrats now in power are going to ignore the people they wooed to get them there.

The transition team Josh Shapiro formed in December to prep him for governor was nearly 300 people including lobbyists, activists, attorneys, executives, and former elected officials as per the Centre Daily Times.

The Times highlighted: Philadelphia FOP President John McNesby; ; Abolitionist Law Center Executive Director Robert Saleem Holbrook; Cheyney University Chief Diversity Officer Pamela Keye; Susquehanna International Co-Founder Joel Greenberg; Johns Hopkins Medicine professor Ravi Gupta; Former Pennsylvania Republican Party head Val DiGiorgio; Conservation Voters of Pa. political director Katie Blume and Former Pa. Democratic Party head Marcel Groen.

It’s was almost as though they were picked by Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young.

Note our old pal Val as in DiGiorgio was on the list.

Did we call it or what?

And we weren’t the only one.

Since transitioning, Shapiro has named Republican Al Schmidt as Secretary of State and former Montco GOP Boss Mike Vereb as Secretary of Legislative Affairs.

Schmidt was a member of the the Philadelphia Election Board. Write your own joke. Or use this one: We can now be confident all of Pennsylvania’s elections will be as free and fair as those in Philadelphia.

Vereb, well, he was the former chairman of the Montgomery County Republican Committee, and, like DiGiorgio who headed the state and Chesco GOPs ,he wanted Shapiro to win.

Please understand it is not about Republicans vs Democrats anymore. It is about thieves and victims. We victims have to learn to stand together. We have to stop being clipped by six-figure public pensions, inflated construction projects, and officials indifferent to suffering.

And we can do this but only if we boldly call out the crooks and stand together.

Shapiro Transition Team Revisted
Who would have though the head the state GOP would work for a Democrat governor? Besides us, we mean.
Shapiro Transition Team Revisted

Wells Fargo Must Die

Wells Fargo Must Die — Wells Fargo has been ordered to pay $3.7 billion for numerous crimes including wrongfully foreclosing on homes, illegally repossessing vehicles, incorrectly assessing fees and interest, and charging surprise overdraft fees.

The fines were levied by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

The CFPB went too easy. The corporation should have been sent into oblivion and its officers to jail.

The only difference between what Wells Fargo did and that of a burglary is scale. The publicly traded, Wall Street-respected, establishment-protected corporation caused far more misery and suffering than the local lowlife could ever dream.

Let Wells Fargo die.

Tradition should be turned on its head in any legal proceeding in which they are involved with the presumption of guilt the standard.

Corporations like this are why some find socialism attractive.

Wells Fargo Must Die
Do you root for the snake or the scorpion?

Republican Squires Want Democrat Congresswoman

Republican Squires Want Democrat Congresswoman — Not a dime’s worth of difference. Say it once then say it twice, the establishment is fighting for its bowl of rice.

And party labels are meaningless as the eternally tax-filled rice bowl is happily shared by the squire set.

Three former Chester County GOP chairman — Alan Novak, Joseph “Skip” Brion and William Lamb — have endorsed Democrat incumbent Congresswoman Chrissy Houlahan in her 6th District race against Guy Ciarrocchi.

The district includes almost all of Pennsylvania’s Chester County and a part of Berks County.

The endorsement comes despite Chrissy calling Republicans “diseased” and voting 100 percent with Nancy Pelosi.

“I get that she votes with her leadership when she has to,” said Novak but he explained that she votes with Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (R-1), too.

For the math challenged, this means that Fitzpatrick, who is part of the establishment, votes with Pelosi at times.

Linda Stein has an excellent story on the matter for the Delaware Valley Journal.

If you want change vote for those the establishment oppose.

Republican Squires Want Democrat Congresswoman
Republican Squires Want Democrat Congresswoman
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