Guatemala Says Biden-Connected NGO Is Child Trafficking

Guatemala Says Biden-Connected NGO Is Child Trafficking — Guatemalan authorities, April 25, raided Save the Children offices.

Save the Children is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) that claims to defend the rights of children. It’s involved in the mass migration occurring on the U.S. southern border in abeyance of the law.

Guatemala says that Save the Children is only about saving the children for sexual exploitation in the United States.

Guatemala Attorney General María Consuelo Porras Argueta and Secretary General Ángel Pineda, who approved the raid, have been sanctioned by the European Union and the United States which claim them to be corrupt.

Neither are allowed entrance into the United States.

First Lady Jill Biden is a former chairwoman of Save the Children.

Pineda gave his side in an interview posted on X by Robby Starbuck, May 13.

Watch it here:

In a related matter, here is lady rapper Jaguar Wright:

Guatemala Says Biden-Connected NGO Is Child Trafficking

Guatemala Says Biden-Connected NGO Is Child Trafficking

Biden Ethnically Cleansing Gaza?

Biden Ethnically Cleansing Gaza? — Reports are flying that Biden is going to be bringing Gaza Palestinians to the United States.

No Arab country is willing to take them. Egypt has built a border wall to keep out these whackos.

So why is our leader going to bring them here?

It’s not compassion.

Stupidity possibly, corruption probably but not compassion.

A competent leader would begin talking of the fate of Gaza post war. The assumption that most of us have is that it would be modeled on West Germany after World War II.

West Germany was de-Nazified and rebuilt, and kept its independence.

Israel’s invasion of Gaza was not merely justified but necessary.

If, however, the result is ethnically cleansing and annexing the land it will go from good guy to bad guy overnight in the minds of its best friends.

What Biden is reportedly seeking to do is extraordinarily troubling.

The only Gazans who should fear peace– assuming it is compassionate and just — are the ones we definitely don’t want here.

They are the ones who should be hanged, actually

Egypt’s border with Gaza. They don’t want the Gazans and neither should we.

Biden Ethnically Cleansing Gaza?

Buzzi Busts Sniffer Biden

Buzzi Busts Sniffer Biden — Legendary comedienne Ruth Buzzi just posted this on X.

Buzzi Busts Sniffer Biden

“He made me feel so special,” she said. “It was the first time I remember feeling good… really good… about my hair.”

Niger Held 1K US Troops Hostage For Airbase

Niger Held 1K US Troops Hostage For Airbase — A Russian-back military coup over threw Niger’s not-so-honest but loyally pro-globalist government in July and ordered out the 1,000 US troops stationed there.

Y’all knew about our military presence in Niger, right? You know where Niger is, right?

Never mind.

Anyway, the rub was Niger wouldn’t let our troops leave unless Biden turned over a $100 million airbase we built there.

Which he did.

Let’s Go Brandon.

Niger Held 1K US Troops Hostage For Airbase

Pro-Palestinian Protestors Picket Biden In Delco

Pro-Palestinian Protestors Picket Biden In Delco (UPDATED)– America’s treasonous leader was greeted with pro-Palestinian protestors when he arrived, March 8, campaign speech at Strath Haven Middle School, Nether Providence, Pa.

“Genocide Joe has got to go,” they chanted, along with similar slogans.

Betcha they all voted for him.

It’s nice when the H8ers eat their own.

Oct. 7 would never have happened if Trump had stayed in office. Biden, wouldn’t have been around to abandon at least $7 billion of military supplies in Afghanistan in a disgusting display of weakness, nor would he have released the $6 billion that went to Hamas’ ally Iran just before its attack. These basically gave a green light for the atrocities.

No Hamas attack would have meant no Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Elections have consequences.

Biden’s invitation-only speech was held in the middle school’s auditorium. District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer was there as were all of Delaware County Council excepting Kevin Madden.

Maybe he was tied up at the prison or something.

Here’s video of the protestors:

Pro-Palestinian Protestors Picket Biden In Delco
Protestors line the street and await Biden

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese?

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese? — Texas has placed razor wire barriers on the Mexican border against the wishes of the federal government. The Biden administration is demanding they remove it.

Why did Texas have to secure the border which should be a federal job?

Why is Biden opposing them? Why is he making threats?

What if Texas ignores Joe, as Gov. Greg Abbott says he plans on doing?

Does Biden order federal troops in to remove the wire? What if there is resistance? Shooting?

Big wars have started over smaller things. That kind of turmoil here would give an excuse to cancel the election and certainly clear the board of whatever China wants to do.

It frankly seems that the President of the United States is working for Beijing.

By the way, federal law indisputably prohibits the border crossings that are occurring. Texas is not the one in the wrong.

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese

Biden Seeks Civil War To Appease Chinese?

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror — Tech entrepreneur now activist Patrick Byrne is reporting that policy promoted by the Biden Administration is responsible for Israel being caught flat-footed, Oct. 7, when Hamas crossed the border and murdered 1,400 of its citizens, often in unspeakable ways.

Byrne says Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines  and Dan Shapiro, who was ambassador to Israel in the Obama Administration, have economic stakes in Paragon Solutions Software, a cyber-intelligence company

These cronies got Biden to use export controls to force Israel to adopt Paragon’s Graphite product for cyber-security rather than those of other home-based competitors Pegasus, NSO Group and Candiru, says Byrne.

And, well, it looks like Paragon was just not that good.

Golly, what the company would the U.S. ever be using for its cyber-intelligence?

Sleep tight, America.

By the way, Israel has now enlisted the blacklisted companies to assist in the search for the hostages — including Americans — taken by Hamas.

Here’s Byrne’s short video report via X:

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror

Biden Fingerprints On Hamas Horror

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Need Explained

Biden Impeachment Inquiry Need Explained — Jonathan Turley, who back in the oughts appeared on The Rachel Maddow Show and called for Bush Administration officials to be prosecuted for war crimes, testified before Congress, Thursday, Sept. 28, that there was ample basis to launch a formal impeachment inquiry into Joe Biden.

Turley explained that prior investigations have revealed that:

  • Hunter Biden and his associates were running a classic influence peddling operation using Joe Biden as what Devon Archer called “the Brand.”[1] While this was described as an “illusion of access,” millions were generated for the Bidens from some of the most corrupt figures in the world, including associates who were later accused of or convicted of public corruption.[2]
  • Some of the Biden clients pushed for changes impacting United States foreign policy and relations, including help in dealing with Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shokin investigating corruption.[3]
  • President Biden has made false claims about his knowledge of these dealings repeatedly in the past, including insisting that he had no knowledge of Hunter’s foreign dealings which Archer has declared “patently false.”[4] The Washington Post and other media outlets have also declared the President’s insistence that his family did not take money from China as false.[5]
  • The President had been aware for years that Hunter Biden and his uncle James were accused of influence peddling, including an audiotape of the President acknowledging a New York Times investigation as a threat to Hunter.[6]
  • President Biden was repeatedly called into meetings with these foreign clients and was put on speakerphone.[7] He also met these clients and foreign figures at dinners and meetings.[8]
  • Emails and other communications show Hunter repeatedly invoking his father to secure payments from foreign sources and, in one such message, he threatens a Chinese figure that his father is sitting next to him to coerce a large transfer of money.[9]
  • A trusted FBI source recounted a direct claim of a corrupt Ukrainian businessman that he paid a “bribe” to Joe Biden through intermediaries.[10]
  • Hunter Biden reportedly claimed that he had to give half of his earnings to his father[11] and other emails state that intermingled accounts were used to pay bills for both men, including a possible credit account that Hunter used to allegedly pay prostitutes.[12]
  • At least two transfers of funds to Hunter Biden in 2019 from a Chinese source listed the President’s home in Delaware where Hunter sometimes lived and conducted business.[13]
  • Some of the deals negotiated by Hunter involved potential benefits for his father, including office space in Washington.[14] At least nine Biden family members reportedly received money from these foreign transfers, including grandchildren.[15] For Hunter Biden, this included not just significant money transfers but gifts like an expensive diamond and a luxury car.[16]

We await the rationalizations from Joe Biden defenders, few of whom will be sincere and most of whom will be compensated.

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited — Garrett Ziegler, the founder of Marco Polo and the guy who made Hunter Biden’s laptop accessible to the masses, spoke for more than two hours, last night, Sept. 29, at ChescoUnited’s Town Hall at The Desmond in Malvern, Pa.

Ziegler’s report can be read — and searched — online for free here.

Or a hard copy can be purchased here.

The report only contains verifiable criminal activity. Every claim is based on at least two primary sources, and is irrefutable, Ziegler says. The team that compiled it included private detectives and lawyers.

The only things redacted from it are genitalia, Social Security and credit card numbers, and a phone number belonging to the president.

He says they will pay $1,000 to anyone finding a material error in the report.

Hunter Biden left three laptops for repairs on April 12, 2019, at The Mac Shop, a computer store in Wilmington, Del. run by John Paul Mac Isaac. One computer was unsalvageable and the second could be fixed with an external keyboard. The data on the third could be transferred to an external hard drive if Biden would provide one.

Biden dropped one off five days later and Isaac transferred the files that afternoon.

Hunter never returned. The shop’s policy was unclaimed items became property of the business after 90 days. Isaac looked at the hard drive’s contents and found evidence of major crimes.

In October 2019, Isaac reached out to the FBI using his father — a retired Air Force colonel — as intermediary. The father was rebuffed and actually threatened.

On Nov. 21, FBI agents Wilson and Dzielak met Isaac at his home, though,, and on Dec. 9, served him a subpoena and took the items.

The FBI, however, appeared to shelve the case so Isaac got the data to people associated with Rudy Giuliani in August 2020.

Giuliani’s team gave it to The New York Post which published a story, which major social media outlets banned.

And 51 high ranking intelligence officials including former CIA directors published a statement in baldly lying that it was Russian disinformation.

Ziegler notes that most of those signing were Republicans from the Bush eras.

Giuliani’s group would give Ziegler a copy of the hard drive, and he spent 18 months making it accessible.

The files start in 2008 and include emails, audio, video and photos.

Ziegler says that as bad as the sex and drug stuff is, the real horror is the money.

“If the US president is compromised…. What is the recourse?” Ziegler says. “Vote him out? The election has to be fair.”

He notes that President Biden has stopped talking about Chinese intellectual property violations since taking office.

Ziegler says Hunter blatantly violated the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) to avoid leaving a paper trail.

Hunter’s job in the Biden family was to be approached by foreign bosses seeking favors from America, says Ziegler. Most of the emails concern this representation, and, no, he never declared he was doing such in violation of FARA.

He says that Beau was the chosen child. Hunter was raised to be the bagman.

Ziegler has been the subject of smears, lawfare and other harassment.

He says a dead cat was left on his parents’ doorstep.

He says the Bidens have a connection with Microsoft and users of its Edge browser will receive a warning before visiting his website

Ziegler says there is always a mole in his audience who is associated with the Biden family.

He says he has the data backed up in places throughout the world and even if they kill him it will remain accessible.

Ziegler says his project surprisingly gets attacks from the right as he takes pains to check his facts while others pander with untrue but salacious claims. Mmany Biden opponents reflexively believe them and become angry when told to beware.

He said the Chinese putting out much of this disinformation.

Ziegler says he gave every member of Congress a copy of his report. Most of the Republicans believe it but about a quarter fear nasty stories in the establishment media notably The Washington Post, he says.

He happily noted, however, that his Malvern appearance coincided with the start of Biden’s impeachment hearings.

Ziegler says his project included creating a Biden family tree and he found another unacknowledged daughter besides Navy Joan Roberts.

This one is the child of the president’s youngest brother, Frankie, and her name is Megan Walker.

Ziegler says that after Hunter’s sister-in-law/lover Hallie alleged he was being sexually inappropriate with her daughter, Hunter had her removed from the family payroll.

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited

Ziegler says Obama biographer David Garrow has read his report and praised it.

He says that the found diary of Ashley Biden was made a theft case by then Attorney General Bill Barr.

Ziegler cited other sites relating to Biden scandals. has the emails from the laptop. has video and pictures. concerns suspicious activity reports. concerns Ashely Biden’s diary.

In other matters it was noted that federal spending has increased by 30 percent in the Biden years while federal revenue is up by just 19 percent. A pickup truck is about $20,000 more than in 2019.

It was also pointed out that Democrats are spending big money in school board races trying to make people believe that their opponents are bigots who want to ban books while the porn they are pushing is but “diverse reading materials to empower young minds.”

One man described himself as a whistleblower and recommended all watch this video concerning Toll Brothers developer.

Garrett Ziegler Gives Lesson On Hunter Laptop To ChescoUnited

Arguing With A Democrat About Biden

Arguing With A Democrat About Biden — What we’ve been saying for almost a decade is now being revealed to the masses and it’s every bit as bad as we have been saying.

Pretender Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is a corrupt monster who has sold out his country for money. He is a literal traitor, and is more than willing to use all the powers of the law to which he has access to destroy political opponents.

Many still refuse to accept this, however. Maybe they get their news from traditional sources they have long trusted and cannot come to accept that these sources are but propaganda that lie without hesitation in the service of the powerful.

Or maybe they are just blinded by emotion and can’t accept that they have been horribly fooled.

@mazemoore wrote this on Twitter — sorry, X — as how discussions with diehard Democrats usually go:

Where’s the proof that Biden is actually corrupt?

Emails, text messages, and bank statements that explicitly detail the scam the Bidens were running.

No I want real proof.

Video of Biden himself extorting.

No I want real proof.

Whistleblowers and business partners that have spent hours detailing the scam that the Bidens were running.

No I want real proof. See, you don’t have any. You are in a cult.

Arguing With A Democrat About Biden

Arguing With A Democrat About Biden