Hunter Laptop Photos Online

Hunter Laptop Photos Online –Garrett Ziegler’s independent research group Marco Polo has curated and placed online almost 10,000 photos from Hunter Biden’s laptop and mobile phone.

If one has a strong stomach one can find them here:

That’s assuming it is online as between heavy traffic and hacking attacks it as been muchly offline.

Hunter Laptop Photos Online

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason — A press conference just ended, May 10, in which members of the House Oversight Committee have revealed that foreign nations have given millions to nine members of the Biden family going back to the Obama Administration in an opaque manner which obviously implies treason.

The members are the President’s brother James, son Hunter, Hunter’s sister-in-law/lover, Hunter’s ex-wife; Hunter’s current wife; and several grandchildren.

Watch it here: 

The establishment media will try and ignore it.

We suspect they are going to fail.

How can one seriously doubt this crowd would not resort to stealing elections?

9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash. The Reason? Add A T
9 Bidens Got Chinese Cash; Add A T To Reason

Chinese Millions For Bidens

Chinese Millions For Bidens — Breitbart News senior contributor and Government Accountability Institute’s Peter Schweizer of Breitbart News pointed out yesterday, April 1, on FNC’s “Sunday Morning Futures” that millions of dollars are going into the Biden family coffers from China, as well as other countries; that internal discussions between universities and Biden family members have come to light about how to disburse salaries regarding “Biden Centers, and how they don’t want Joe to put his name on any papers relating to them, despite them carrying his name; and that subjective valuation of art provided a perfect way to funnel money to the Hunter despite his child-like drawing.

If you love this country the Biden family treason is something to bring up at every opportunity with normies.

They are not going to learn about it via Google.

Chinese Millions For Bidens
Chinese Millions For Bidens

Rudy Explains Biden Ukraine Connection

Rudy Explains Biden Ukraine Connection — Our looming rumored illegal war with Russia will not be motivated by desires for justice and freedom, but apparently to cover up serious crimes.

Mayor Rudy Giuliani spells out the connections Joe Biden and other high ranking government officials have with corruption in the Ukraine in an hour long webcast here and below.

Rudy also discusses January 6. He calls the killing of Ashli Babbitt first degree murder, points out how how police let many of the protestors into the building, condemns the twisted and incredibly dishonest portrayal of event by the official media.

Rudy has some tech issues in his broadcast but it’s worth watching.

Rudy Explains Biden Ukraine Connection -- Our looming rumored illegal war with Russia will not be motivated by desires for justice and freedom, but apparently
Rudy Explains Biden Ukraine Connection

Penn Funneled Chinese Money To Bidens

Penn Funneled Chinese Money To Bidens — China gave the University of Pennsylvania $54.6 million much in apparent connection to the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement.

The New York Post reported in April that the contributions were from 2014 to 2019 with $23.1 million being made anonymously.

Most of the anonymous donations came after Penn started the center in February 2017. This was almost immediately after Biden’s term as Obama’s vice president ended.

An email found on Hunter Biden’s laptop compared the center to the  Clinton Global Initiative, which was a way of laundering foreign money to enrich the Clintons.

Penn made Biden a professor as part of the project and paid him more than $900,000 from 2017 to early 2019 when he announced his candidacy.

Biden never taught a class.

Many Biden officials had been employed at the center. Did they have to show up to get paid?

Top secret documents relating to Iran and Ukraine were found at the center in November. Vice presidents, unlike presidents, can’t declassify documents.

A senior Penn professor was used to connect the Chinese with Hunter Biden’s daughter Naomi as revealed by Tucker Carlson.

Almost all our once-respected institutions are corrupt. The louder they proclaim their “progressivism” the greedier they are revealed to be.

Treason doth never prosper, what’s the reason? For if it prosper, none dare call it Treason.

If you want to save this nation, wake up.

Penn Funneled Chinese Money To Bidens
Can’t hurt to try
Penn Funneled Chinese Money To Bidens

Russia To Invade Virgin Islands?

Russia To Invade Virgin Islands? — US Virgin Islands Attorney General Denise George filed a lawsuit, Dec. 27, against JPMorgan Chase saying the bank failed to report suspicious activity regarding the late Jeffrey Epstein’s accounts in order to garner sweet bucks from Epstein’s pedo-trafficking operation.

Russia To Invade Virgin Islands?
Denise George, if she was fired, she didn’t back down

Joe Biden spent his post-Christmas vaca in the Virgins.

Well, son of a bitch. She got fired.

The only question that remains is when do the Russians invade.

Royce White Sums It Up As Globalists Vs Nationalists

Royce White Sums It Up as Globalists Vs Nationalists in a brilliant open letter in response to Joe Biden’s hateful “Soul of a Nation” speech he made Sept. 1 in Philadelphia.

Here’s the start of it:

Dear Joe,

My name is Royce White. I’m an American citizen, born and raised in the 32nd state of the union. I’m a Christian, I am a Black man and yes I am a MAGA Republican. Although given the current state of politics, it may not be fair to call us Republicans at all. There are no Democrats or Republicans anymore, Only Globalists and Nationalists. On this day I feel more concerned than ever about the future of this country. Yet for many reasons I feel equally blessed. I don’t believe I could’ve been born or lived in a more fitting time for the way God built me. All the forces of evil, all the spirit of corruption, has coalesced into a megalithic wrecking ball with spikes and an AI guidance system. This evil, this corruption infects all our institutions, starting with the church and then the academies, and our politics downstream from such moral hazard. It has left blood across the entire breadth of our society. While such an outlook is certainly grim, still it provides the circumstance for men with sacred honor and national honor, to stand in testimony of the truth. To bear witness under one of the greatest incentives to remain silent. That incentive isn’t the barrel of a gun or the blade of a knife, but the threat of a government that doubles and triples down on lies. This is where I find myself right at home, at peace and in my natural way. This is the greatest honor I could hope for. The fact that the highest office of the land is entrenched in this set of lies, is just a bonus. Not only do I get to bear witness, but the stakes couldn’t get any higher. You have betrayed the office you currently hold, you have betrayed the oath you took, you have betrayed the American people. You have betrayed America herself. You are not the President of the United States, but a traitor to the republic. Now on national television, under a beautiful night’s sky made to look especially ominous by a dramatic backdrop of red lights, you double down on this treachery and tell the American people that MAGA republicans are domestic terrorists. Artifice!

I write this with the full understanding, that given your speech last night, this letter may in fact land me in the crosshairs of the next DOJ witch-hunt. I go forward anyway because the surrendering of our right and need to speak the truth, is the very point where America ceases to be what it was designed to be. Although I find your speech last night to be dishonest in the most absolute way imaginable, and therefore completely illegitimate, I still feel a sense of obligation to go on the record and reflect a more genuine perspective from someone on our side. Our side being the side of America, not the fictitious MAGA boogeyman you portrayed us as last night. 

We are not fascists. We are not terrorists or extremists. We believe in God, family and country. You and your globalist puppeteers don’t believe in God or family, so it’s easy to understand why you don’t believe in having a country. We believe in having a country. We believe in having a nation. That does not make us fascists… In fact, it’s the exact opposite. The nation-state provides an essential identity, which legitimizes our citizenship and thus substantiates our individual rights. These rights are guaranteed by the constitution. They were not given to us by the government. They were gifted to us by the creator. Of which the constitution simply guarantees said rights, while also enshrining the creator as the soul source of them. Albeit, American freedom and God are inextricably linked. Not that people aren’t free to not believe in God or even hate God, but the backbone of American freedom is God. Surely someone in an office such as that of President must understand that. So the christofascism claim constantly made by the liberal establishment and it’s zealots is a nonstarter.

And you can read the rest here:

Royce White Sums It Up As Globalists Vs Nationalists
Royce White Sums It Up As Globalists Vs Nationalists
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