Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority

Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority
Ex-Ds Control Government

Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority — Cindy Hyde-Smith was easily elected yesterday (Nov. 27) in a run-off election to fill the remaining two years on Thad Cochran‘s Mississippi senate seat. The win gives the GOP a solid 53-47 majority in the upper chamber.

Cochran stepped down April 1 citing health concerns. Ms. Hyde-Smith was appointed by Gov. Phil Bryant   to fill the seat until an election could be held.

Mrs. Hyde-Smith had been a Democrat until 2010.  She will be one of six former Democrats in the Republican caucus come January. The others are Richard Shelby of Alabama who switched in 1994; Mike Braun of Indiana, who appears to have been a D just for primary election participation in a Democrat county; Bill Cassidy of Louisiana who supported staunch liberals including Michael Dukakis for president before switching in 2006; John Kennedy of Louisiana who was a D when he served as the state’s treasurer before switching in 2007; and John Hoeven of North Dakota.

It’s also worth pointing out that another ex-Dem holds the Oval Office.

Who says bi-partisanship is dead?

Maybe it’s just that true bi-partisans can no longer stomach what the Democrat Party has become.

Ex-Dems Create GOP Senate Majority


Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val

Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val
Donna Ellingsen

Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val — One Republican bright spot in Pennsylvania in the Election Day disaster was Chester County’s Area 19 chaired by Donna Ellingsen who is county Chairman Val DiGiorgio’s long-time nemesis.

Val also chairs the State GOP but he refuses to let go the reins to Chesco.

That he really, really, really doesn’t like Donna is about the best resume enhancer you can ask for.

During Val’s tenure as county party boss, Chesco has gone from reliably Republican to solid D. He seems to be on the way to doing the same thing for the state since eking out a win to the top job in February 2017 over widely respected Lawrence Tabas.

Val’s well-paying day job is with Philly-based political fixer Stradley Ronan. You really think he cares about Republican voters?

Anyway, Donna’s area came through big for the Republicans. She brought home the votes for very good state Representative John Lawrence in the 13th State House District and got majorities for the congressional candidates despite big losses elsewhere.

Area 19 is anything but solid conservative. It includes Democrat bastion Oxford Borough and the biggest precinct is Lower Oxford East, which includes Lincoln University, that went almost 7-1 for the donkey party.

There was a lot of ticket splitting. Lou Barletta lost to Bob Casey by 2 points among the area’s U.S. Senate voters by our counting of the figures on the Chester County election site.  Scott Wagner was trounced by 5 points in the gubernatorial race. Slick move on those bathroom bills, Scott.

Donna would be the perfect choice to replace DiGiorgio as Chester County GOP chairman. For those into identity politics and quotas, she is an immigrant, minority female. For the rest of us, she is effective, honest and was tough enough to stand up to the bullying over the last three years from DiGiorgio and his minions.

Do it Donna.

In a related Chesco matter, out-going Congressman (and Val minion) Ryan Costello has been blaming President Trump for the Republican losses in Southeastern Pa. A little birdie told us that Costello had to quit his re-election bid after it was learned he had some serious problems with election petitions. Please tell us that’s not true.

Donna Ellingsen Should Replace Val

Val DiGiorgio Villain 2018

Val DiGiorgio Villain 2018
Val DiGiorgio villain

Val DiGiorgio Villain 2018 — How have the Pennsylvania Republicans fallen.

Lou Barletta lost his senate bid, yesterday, Nov. 6, to incumbent Bob Casey by more than 600,000 votes as of midnight and Scott Wagner was crushed by 800,000 in gubernatorial battle with Tom Wolf.

Casey and Wolf were both easily beatable.

Further, three congressional seats flipped to D including the ones representing Delaware and Chester counties.

The congressional losses can be partly blamed on a loaded redistricting order by the state Supreme Court last January giving historical Democrat voters the majority  in the Philadelphia suburban seats.

The court acquired its own Democrat majority in the 2015 election.

We are not sure yet if the GOP has lost the state House and/or Senate but in Delaware County, Sen. Tom McGarrigle appears to have lost the 26th District to Timothy P. Kearney, and Alex Charlton seems to have been unseated by Jennifer O’Mara in the 165th District, 15,577 votes to 15,414.

We can’t recall the last time a Democrat held that seat.

Who do we blame for this debacle? The leader of the Pennsylvania Republican Party is Val DiGiorgio, a partner with Philadelphia-based political fixer Stradley-Ronan, whose alums also include Pennsylvania Attorney General — and leading Democrat — Josh Shapiro, with whom Val has  beneficial dealings. 

It seems Val is doing to the Pennsylvania party what he has done to the Chester County Party, that he still runs. If we were cynics we’d say it was being done on purpose.

When the Tea Party movement exploded eight years ago and previously uninvolved persons became active, DiGiorgio took steps to keep them from participating in his bailiwick .

These decent people angered by waste, corruption and unnecessary taxes were demeaned by professionals and portrayed as things they were not.

Many no longer feel inspired to politics and those that do think the GOP is as much the enemy as the equally (more so probably) corrupt Democrats.

It’s really not unreasonable to think that both parties work in unison against the average citizen.

If there are any decent leaders still left in the GOP, it is something for them to ponder.

Val DiGiorgio Villain 2018




Scott Wagner Open Letter

Scott Wagner Open LetterScott Wagner Open Letter — Pennsylvania Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Wagner has sent us the below open letter. FWIW, Wagner, despite some rather unfortunate comments, would be an exponentially better governor than incumbent Democrat Tom Wolf, a calculating opportunist who in no way has concern for the interests of those who live in this state.

Dear fellow Pennsylvanian,

I know how frustrating it is to sort through the lies told by politicians and the media — especially at election time. I tried for years, until I got fed up and ran for the State Senate to finally get some answers.

To say I was sickened by what I discovered during my four years in the Senate is a gross understatement.

Too many Harrisburg politicians see taxpayers as an endless line of credit — which allows them to spend without a cap — and never have to pay it back.

They’ve forgotten that taxpayers are real people who work very hard — who have hopes, dreams and struggles.

They’ve forgotten that the more they spend, the less taxpayers have of their own hard earned dollars to spend or save.

It doesn’t have to be this way, and I’m running for Governor to prove it.

You’ve probably heard that I’m not much of a politician — that I don’t always say the right thing. That’s true, and I’m never going to be the typical politician, but I’ll always be a governor who does the right thing, because I’m not owned, and I can’t be bought.

I’m a guy who grew up on a farm. I know how to fix things, and l know how to do what it takes to get the job done when everyone else has given up and walked away.

If I am elected, I will regard my victory as proof that Pennsylvanians reject the notion that Harrisburg bureaucracy is too big and powerful to be changed or controlled.

I’ll take my election as a clear sign that the people of Pennsylvania intend to take control and pursue a much better, much more prosperous standard of living — the likes of which decades of politicians have told us isn’t possible, while they themselves have become wealthy from public service.

Prosperity is possible, and I’m running for governor to prove it.

I firmly believe I can win this election and follow through on my vision. I don’t believe the polls. Nearly 800 campaign stops and events this year alone, tell me something very different is happening in Pennsylvania. People don’t want career politicians. They want leaders with the backbone to get landmark wins for the people who deserve them.

It can be done, and I’m running for governor to prove it.

Vote tomorrow. Let’s prove them all wrong.

Scott Wagner Open Letter

Election Day Information 2018

Election Day Information 2018 — Regina Scheerer reminds us that polls in Pennsylvania are open tomorrow, Nov. 6, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Department of State has helpful links including checking registrations, finding voting locations and filing complaints. They can be found here.

Election Day Information 2018

Election Day Information 2018

Henry Davis Shondells Trump Tribute

Henry Davis Shondells Trump Tribute — If you need some eyewash after that last post here is a link that friend asked us to make viral.

Our pleasure, Sheriff.

It’s nice to see the youngsters maintain the classics.

Henry Davis you are a true rocker and have great pipes.

Henry Davis Shondells Trump Tribute

Henry Davis Shondells Trump Tribute



Democrat Screed Promises Oppression

Democrat Screed Promises OppressionDemocrat Screed Promises Oppression — We found this vile screed, displayed to the left, in our browsing. Forgive us for posting it but we believe the views expressed in it are commonly held by those who now promote the Democrat cause.

Doubt us? Have you seen the AntiFa riots in Portland, Ore? The vandalism in New York? Did you watch the Kavanaugh hearings? Are you aware of the true thoughts as revealed by Project Veritas of prominent Democrats pretending to be mainstream?

Read as much of the screed — click on it to enlarge –as you can then get out and vote on Tuesday.

Democrat Screed Promises Oppression

Lou Barletta Wins Debate With Casey

Lou Barletta Wins Debate With Casey
The debate winner.

Lou Barletta Wins Debate With Casey — Six years ago, the late and great Tom Smith debated incumbent do-nothing senator Bob Casey in that year’s election. As much as we liked Tom, we have to admit the coal-miner businessman did not hold up in the battle of words with the smarmy swamp-dwelling Democrat.

Today’s (Oct. 21) debate between Casey and Congressman Lou Barletta was markedly different. We have to give the nod to Lou as the winner. He was passionate, reasonable and successfully exposed Casey’s hypocrisy on many issues despite fielding questions from a disgustingly biased panel consisting of radical WPVI news anchor Sharrie Williams and pro-immigration Ilia Garcia from Univision.

Yes, the bias was nauseating, apparent, and a disgrace to journalism. Quick clue Sharrie, President Trump denounced David Duke numerous times and even quit the Reform Party because Duke was allowed in.  It would be tough for an honest person to accuse Trump of racism but the dishonest persons feel no need to let facts stand in their way.

Lou Barletta Wins Debate With Casey
The debate loser.

Wear that Sharrie.

We do have concern that Casey might have scored points among the economic illiterate with his support for expanding Medicaid and repealing the corporate tax cuts that caused so much money to be brought back home from overseas.

Hopefully, voters understand Lou’s points that half of doctors already refuse to treat patients on Medicaid which means expanding it would cause much worse health care and not just for new enrollees but for those already stuck on it.

Hopefully, voters also pick up on Lou’s point that Obamacare stole $716 billion from Medicare.

We also hope that voters accept Lou’s powerful rebuttal that he defends insurance for those with pre-existing conditions despite Casey’s lies.

Lou Barletta Wins Debate With Casey


Democrats Hate Women, Really

Democrats Hate Women, Really
How misogynistic is the New Jersey Democrat Party?

Democrats Hate Women, Really — New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy gave a high-paying state education job to a politically connected Democrat accused of raping a campaign volunteer.

Did you hear about it?

Of course not. Murphy is a Democrat. The establishment media turns a blind eye to the cruel misogyny common in the donkey party until circumstances compel them otherwise.

The accused (#BelieveWomen, right?) rapist is Albert J. Alvarez who until Oct. 2 had a $140,000-a-year job as chief of staff of the New Jersey Schools Development Authority. He was forced to quit after The Wall Street Journal ran a story on how former campaign volunteer Katie Brennan claimed Alvarez sexually assaulted her after he drove her home from a campaign gathering in Jersey City in July 2017.  Alvarez was then director of Latino and Muslim community outreach for Murphy’s campaign.

Mrs. Brennan went to the hospital, told her husband and friend what happened and reported the incident to police the next day. For some strange reason the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office  declined to prosecute.

#BelieveWomen right?

Mrs. Brennan  told the Murphy transition team about the assault. It didn’t matter, Alvarez got the sweet state job anyway.

She reported what happened to the governor’s chief counsel, who referred the incident to an ethics official who referred it to the state Attorney General’s Office. On June 1, Mrs. Brennan emailed Murphy and his wife saying she wanted to discuss a sensitive matter. Murphy indicated his administration was “on it.” He certainly was. Alvarez stayed.

It was only when The Wall Street Journal — one of the few honest old media publications — started writing about it that Alvarez was forced out.

We wonder what New Jersey Democrat Sen. Cory “Sparatcus” Booker thinks. He was a big #BelieveWomen guy a few weeks ago. We know what New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez thinks. He thinks Mrs. Brennan is too old for him. 

Did you hear how the husband of Missouri Democrat Sen. Claire McCaskill brutally abused and beat his ex-wife? #BelieveWomen, right? Yeah, there is a police record. The complaint was made by Joseph Shepard’s daughter who was trying to stop the assault.

How about the sexual assault claim against Ohio Democrat Sen. Sherrod Brown? The accuser isn’t giving her name or providing a lot of corroboration but hey #BelieveWomen right? At least that’s what Brown was saying a couple of weeks ago. By the way, Brown’s wife accused him of beating her when filing divorce papers in 1986. #BelieveHer, right?

Then there is Democrat Minnesota Congressman Keith Ellison, who is deputy chair of the Democrat National Committee. He’s now running for Minnesota Attorney General. His ex-girlfriend’s son posted Twitter that Ellison brutally beat his mom, which his mom then confirmed.

#BelieveWomen? Not if they are accusing a Democrat during an election.

Democrats Hate Women, Really


Barletta Casey Debate Features Univision Panelist

Barletta Casey Debate Features Univision Panelist
Congressmen Lou Barletta

Barletta Casey Debate Features Univision Panelist — The first of two debates involving Pennsylvania’s 2018 senatorial candidates is 11:30 tomorrow morning, Oct. 21. Running are Democrat incumbent Bob Casey, whose cruel, hurtful and actually dishonest attack ads have raised eyebrows,  and Republican congressman Lou Barletta, who rose to fame championing secure borders and sane immigration laws.

Barletta Casey Debate Features Univision Panelist
Bob Casey

It will air live on WPVI Channel 6., an ABC affiliate. Moderator will be  Jim Gardner and the panelists will be WPVI news anchor Sharrie Williams and Ilia Garcia from WUVP (Univision).

That’s not a rigged deck is it?

Barletta Casey Debate Features Univision Panelist