Democrat Screed Promises Oppression

Democrat Screed Promises OppressionDemocrat Screed Promises Oppression — We found this vile screed, displayed to the left, in our browsing. Forgive us for posting it but we believe the views expressed in it are commonly held by those who now promote the Democrat cause.

Doubt us? Have you seen the AntiFa riots in Portland, Ore? The vandalism in New York? Did you watch the Kavanaugh hearings? Are you aware of the true thoughts as revealed by Project Veritas of prominent Democrats pretending to be mainstream?

Read as much of the screed — click on it to enlarge –as you can then get out and vote on Tuesday.

Democrat Screed Promises Oppression

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  1. What’s the source for that post? Before I might share it to my page, I want to be able to say that it comes from such-and-such a source.

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