Third Circuit Flips Conservative

Third Circuit Flips Conservative — Today’s (March 12) Senate confirmation of Paul Matey gives The  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit a 7-6 Republican-appointed majority.

The vote to confirm Matey was 54-45 on party lines.

The Third Circuit hears appeals for all U.S. District courts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the Virgin Islands.

Matey replaces Julio Fuentes, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went on senior status in 2016.

Trump had already appointed Stephanos Bibas and David Porter to the bench.

The vacancy caused by Obama-appointee Thomas Vanaskie going on senior status in November remains.

Third Circuit Flips Conservative
Third Circuit Flips Conservative --

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent — If the slightest doubt remains that federal judge Brett Kavanaugh mistreated women, Laura Ingraham’s tweet should chase it so far away it will never find its way back.

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent

Forget the six FBI investigations. If the Clintons couldn’t find anything there was nothing to be found.

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones — Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA28), who is one of the faces of the Democrat Party, ought to be very careful about throwing stones.

On yesterday’s (Sept 20) Morning Joe show, he said regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that the GOP is OK with “putting someone who committed attempted rape on the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Really? A 36-year-old allegation rife with vagueness and inconsistencies and with a strong taint of politics equals guilt?


Hey Congressman, have you done a DuckDuckGo search of your name with “pedophile” added?

Did you see what some rather notable people are implying about you?

Adam Schiff Pedophile


Are you really being blackmailed as one best-selling author is claiming?

Should the FBI investigate?

Or maybe we should recognize that bearing false witness is a sin, the presumption of innocence is paramount, and that allegations made without evidence are best ignored.

We’d be very careful about changing the rules. Your opponents will most certainly play by the ones you set and we won’t blame them.

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying? — The Republicans are treating with kid gloves Christine Blasey Ford who claims that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh groped her at a high school party 36 years ago, something that Kavanaugh unequivocally denies.

“Dr. Ford shouldn’t be threatened or insulted & she deserves to be heard. I expect my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to be respectful & treat this situation with the sensitivity it deserves . . .,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)  tweeted.

But what if clinical psychologist Ford is a bad person? What if she is cynically lying for a political agenda, indifferent to any lives she ruins? Why is this possibility apparently being rejected?

We’ll grant that threats and insults are never appropriate or productive but it is foolish to deny that great big elephant sitting there in the room. It is highly possible, probable actually, that she is lying through her teeth to advance a political cause.

Yes, women lie and ruin men’s lives.

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying

In fairness to Grassley, he seems to be seething under the skin. Here is a letter he sent to ranking Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Pat Toomey Stay StrongPat Toomey Stay Strong — Sen. Pat Toomey, who has been a very good senator for Pennsylvania and the nation, has gone on record saying the replacement for recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be appointed by the next president.

He is right.

There are troubling reports that the U.S. Senate’s Republican majority which is not known for its profile in courage will listen to the whispers of the Washington game players and allow Obama to name another Bill Ayers disciple.

Any choice by Obama, it should be noted, will be a Bill Ayers disciple.

If you want to continue to protect the lives of little girls, Sen. Toomey, make sure you fight these whisperers and make sure the Scalia seat stays vacant until next January.

Many people who voted for you in 2010 did so with for the sole reason that would you be in a position to stop Obama on a matter such as this. If you abandon them they will certainly abandon you this fall.

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Kim Davis For President

Kim Davis, the clerk for Rowan County, Ky, was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States when she refused to issue marriage licenses for same sex couples. Kim Davis For President

It was against her religious beliefs she said.

The esteemed Ivy League educated judges on the court responded saying YOU MUST ISSUE MARRIAGE LICENSES, literally giving license to personally destructive behavior.

She just said “nope.”

A lone, working class woman has just stood up to the federal government and the establishment elite. She is going to be prosecuted and persecuted by the powers of the world. She is going to be  hated and mocked by the the wealthy and connected. They are going to try and demean her name and make you hate her as well.

We suspect she knows this.

She still said “nope.”

We say Kim Davis for President.

Kim Davis For President

Ignorantia Legis A Good Excuse

Michael Cottone has published an article in the Tennessee Law Review describing how literally no one now can keep the centuries-old principle ignorantia legis neminem excusat lady_justicei.e. ignorance of the law excuses no one.

He noted that it was a great thing in its day when laws were few and based on a commonly understood morality.

Today, however, with the advent of “regulatory crime”, which are laws written to enforce administrative schemes and called “public welfare offenses”, literally nobody can know what all the laws are.

He cited as an example a guy who got lost on a snowmobile during a blizzard and ended up on federal land where snowmobiling was illegal. Rather than be cut slack he was prosecuted. That sort of thing does not happen in a just society.

Traditionally one needed intent to become a criminal.

“Tellingly, no exact count of the number of federal statutes that impose criminal sanctions has ever been given,  but estimates from the last fifteen years range from 3,600  to approximately 4,500,” Cottone said.

Cottone notes that Congress, according to one study, enacts 60 new criminal statues a year and this does not include new regulations that carry a criminal penalty.

“Our criminal justice system fails to be “understandable” so as to comport with the internal morality of law—especially because of the highly technical nature of regulations,” he wrote.

Reforms are needed desperately.

Abuse of the legal process is by definition unjust and those entrusted to uphold it yet abuse it will face an inevitable backlash.

Cottone’s article can be found as a pdf download at this link.

Ignorantia Legis A Good Excuse




Pa Man Seeks Slice Of Iranian Pie

John Revlas of Holland, Pa. is among those asking a Federal Court to expand the distribution of seized Iranian assets reports Naomi Seligman of Seligman Consulting. Pa Man Seeks Slice Of Iranian Pie

U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in 2008 granted summary judgment of $2.65 billion to the plaintiffs in Peterson, et al. vs. Islamic Republic of Iran to compensate for multiple acts of terror sponsored by the rogue nation.

The money is coming from assets held by Bank Markazi, which is the central bank of Iran, and Citibank.

The case was upheld last July by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Bank Markazi is appealing to the Supreme Court.

A separate action adding to the pot of money concerns  the ruling that the Pahlavi Foundation, which owned a skyscraper on Fifth Avenue,  was a front for the Iranian government. Again summary judgment was granted. Compensation from the sale of the building and other property is valued at over $1 billion. This is also slated to go to victims of Iranian-sponsored terrorism.

Revlas, along with Mark Boyd and John Kees want those receiving this money go to victims of the 1983 bombing of the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut Lebanon. The bombing killed 241 and injured many others.

Relvas’ brother Rui was among the dead, as was Kees’ father. Boyd was a Marine who survived the attack and has joined the suit on behalf of his friends.

The plaintiffs are represented by Karsman, McKenzie & Hart of Savannah, and Cohen Milstein Sellers & Toll which has offices in seven cities including Philadelphia.

While one may wonder what the cut of the law firms will be, we say the less money Iran has the less resources it has to kill those who want to be left alone including its own citizens.

 Pa Man Seeks Slice Of Iranian Pie

Corporate America Wants Gay Marriage

An amicus brief was filed March 5 by 379 corporations and business groups urging the U.S. Supreme Court to declare “marriage rights” for same sex marriage with regard to Obergefell v. Hodges. Corporate America Wants Gay Marriage

The list includes CBS and Philly’s own Comcast which owns NBC so expect the news you get about the matter to be what you expect.

It includes Goldman Sachs from whence, it seems, more often than not comes  our treasury secretaries. And of course it includes all the hip tech companies like Apple and Facebook and Google.

You get the suspicion that this is a done deal and no amount of reason or rationality can change things.

Still, we will try.

Sodomy is bad and society should not give an inkling of approval for it. It should be given the same status as chain smoking cigarettes or eating super-sized meals thrice a day.  It should be encouraged as much as sharing a needle in a crack house.  People who care about people don’t give license for these things.

The claim that people are born gay is problematic. Just ask a heterosexual male who has been pestered by a gay one. Obviously, recruitment occurs, and obviously choices are made. The claim that one is born in such a way that one can’t resist a sexual relationship with another male is the linchpin of the gay marriage movement. It makes about as much sense as saying a man can’t resist a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old girl or another man’s wife.

Civil marriage is not about personal fulfillment. The only reason for the state to be involved in the relationship between two people is because third parties might find themselves involuntarily involved. With a man and a women these third parties are called children. It is pointed out that marriages occur now between parties that cannot or do not intend to have children. These are marriages of convenience. They are not good things. They should, in fact, be discouraged. If gay marriage is declared a right, marriages of convenience will become the norm. Why shouldn’t two business partners get married to resolve tax issues? If gay marriage becomes a right, why not incest? The only reason for the institution is  “love” and “personal fulfillment” right? A father-son marriage would certainly be a way of beating the inheritance bite. Meanwhile, the moms and dads  who are actually working to create the future find the burden just gets a little harder for them.

Fathers are vital to child rearing, maybe even more so than mothers. While, we think you can make, unlike for men, some kind of a case for a marriage between  two women, choosing to raise a child without a father is epitome of irresponsibility and should be discouraged.

Ancient wisdom matters. The Bible is not ambiguous regarding homosexuality. It’s a bad thing according to Scripture. History backs this up. Societies where male homosexuality was commonplace — again putting paid the claim that one is always born gay — have not been very pleasant for women. And regarding the purposeful and even pleasure-filled rejection of the Biblical commands, when one discounts the straightforward condemnations of things one doesn’t like, one will find others discounting the things upon one has come to depend.  Why should one expect mercy and compassion and tolerance? Because Comcast said so? LOL.

Here is a list of  the 379 business groups that want gay marriage to be a right.

Corporate America Wants Gay Marriage






Taney Dragons Name Traced To Infamous Judge

Taney Dragons Name Traced To Infamous Judge

Taney Dragons Name Traced To Infamous Judge

The Taney Dragons, the melting pot of a baseball team from Philadelphia with a black girl pitcher, won the hearts of all with their just-ended Little League World Series run in which they finished third in the nation.

So where does the name Taney come from? It’s from Taney Street, a four-block stretch of pavement that runs from Pine to Bainbridge just across the Schuylkill River from Penn.

And for whom is Taney Street named? That’s the irony.  It is for the man who wrote the Dred Scott decision, the most racist and viciously destructive Supreme Court decision in our history.

Dred Scott was more hateful and irrational than Roe v Wade. It was more racist than Plessy v Ferguson. It was crueler than Buck vs Bell.

It declared blacks to be less than human. It started the Civil War.

Roger Taney was a Democrat — no surprise, really –from Maryland who was picked by Andrew Jackson to be Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 1835 after the great John Marshall died in a stage coach accident.

It is said he favored States’ Rights but that certainly wasn’t the case concerning slavery. In 1842, he ruled that Pennsylvania could not stop a Maryland man from seizing former slaves that had taken up residence in the Keystone State.

It was in 1857, he really let the mask drop.  In Dred Scott he wrote regarding blacks:

It is difficult at this day to realize the state of public opinion in regard to that unfortunate race which prevailed in the civilized and enlightened portions of the world at the time of the Declaration of Independence, and when the Constitution of the United States was framed and adopted; but the public history of every European nation displays it in a manner too plain to be mistaken. They had for more than a century before been regarded as beings of an inferior order, and altogether unfit to associate with the white race, either in social or political relations, and so far unfit that they had no rights which the white man was bound to respect

So much for “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”

Those governing Philadelphia at the time apparently thought the decision was peachy.  They named the street for him the next year.

Three years after that our country’s bloodiest war began. Taney died before it ended on Oct. 12, 1864, still the chief justice and giving as much grief to the Lincoln administration as he could but with his fangs largely pulled.

So thank you Mo’ne Davis and the rest of the Dragons, for the deserved mocking you gave to one of America’s great bigots.