Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail, Threats

Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail — A Kimberton man who is suing more than dozen persons including eight of the nine Octorara school director, Octorara Superintendent Michele Orner, and Chester County District Attorney Debra Ryan is receiving threatening letters and other hate mail.

John Ryan Miller was arrested at the Sept. 19, 2022 school board meeting in the Chester County, Pa. district. He had gone there to serve a summons regarding the federal lawsuit he filed Aug. 18 alleging violations of the 1983 Civil Rights act.

The Act makes it a crime for someone acting under the color of law to willfully deprive a person of a right or privilege protected by the Constitution or laws of the United States.

Miller had spoken at a January meeting on behalf of parents concerned about the trauma Covid restrictions were afflicting on their children. He objected to the request made by the board that he make public personal information such as name and municipality under board policy

He was allowed to speak after giving his town but put the board on notice that he wouldn’t do that again.

Things did not get resolved and Miller filed his suit.

He said that before the September meeting he had been warned in a letter by Ms. Orner not to attend.

Miller noted that as the letter had no force of law he was in his rights to attend and so he went.

And he was arrested for trespassing.

The arresting officers simply told him that the school superintendent didn’t want him on the property and presented him a letter.

Judge Karen S. Marston ruled on May 4, 2023 that the defendants were acting as private persons and did not have qualified immunity. Without qualified immunity, public officials could be personally responsible for all legal costs and fines.

It was about this point the letters started coming.

Miller says they are being sent to his family, a witness who is a law enforcement officer and his neighbors. He said the leaders contained threats and ridiculous slander including the claim that he was a kidnapper holding people for ransom.

The witness is East Whiteland police officer Anthony Falgiatore of Frazier, who expressed sympathy for Miller. Falgiatore is the lone school director not being sued.

Falgiatore had called on his fellow school board members to stop using taxpayer money to pay their legal expenses after the judge’s ruling.

Falgiatore quotes one letter he received as saying 100 a week will be mailed to his neighbors unless you and Tony admit lawsuit was a set-up and repay the School District at once! Let us know on FB by 11:59 PM, Friday, May 19th, 2023. Thank you Missy!! You still look amazing by the way,

Falgiatore says a similar letter was sent to the East Whiteland Police Department but with the added text: Tony – same offer that your wife and the JERKOFF received.

He noted that there was a social media campaign being spread agains he and his wife alleging that they set up the lawsuit trap the district.

“This couldn’t be further from the truth,” he said.

Falgiatore said that his chief boss got a phone call from the Pennsylvania State Police local barracks that handled the arrest, advising him that they were concerned about my testimony.

Miller said he is adding four state troopers and two district magistrates to his lawsuit.

Hat tip The Lancaster Patriot

Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail, Threats

Octorara Plantiff Getting Hate Mail, Threats

Supreme Court Dockets Delco Vote Fraud Case

Supreme Court Dockets Delco Vote Fraud Case — The United States Supreme Court has docketed the case of Greg Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes regarding vote fraud in Delaware County, Pa. from the 2020 election.

The Supreme Court docket is the list of cases that a particular session of the court has agreed to consider.

It should be noted that most docketed cases are denied before the plaintiffs can appear before the justices.

Greg and Leah’s case, 22-503, is appealing a decision by Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court and was filed Nov. 22.

They are representing themselves.

Greg and Leah note that the original case filed in Delaware County Common Pleas Court included Dasha Pruett the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania’s 5th Congressional District that year, and the Delco Republican Executive Committee.

Mrs. Pruett left the case when Common Pleas Court dismissed it on Jan. 13, 2021 and sanctioned Greg and Leah. This included fining them $50,000 and trying to get their lawyer, Deborah Silver, disbarred.

Supreme Court Dockets Delco Vote Fraud Case
Leah Hoopes, Emerald Robinson and Greg Stenstrom

The Delco GOP was excised from the case by the Commonwealth Court for not responding to any filing after the initial complaint.

Regarding the sanctions — which can be fairly called lawfare — noted attorney Bruce Castor successfully defended Greg, Leah and Ms. Silver in Commonwealth Court, which dismissed the fines and sanctions.

The points Greg and Leah are asking the court to address are:

  • Is the spoliation of election materials and evidence, required to be maintained by federal and state law, by election officials to perfect massive election fraud, evidence of said fraud by itself, and/or sufficient to infer adverse verdict?
  • Do duly appointed, certified poll watchers, who have taken an oath to fulfill their lawful duties as intervenors for both the candidates they represent, and the citizenry, have standing to petition the Courts on their own behalf to remedy grievous violations of election law, election fraud, and associated civil law?
  • Does the Court of first remedy in considering alleged grievous election and civil violations (in this case, the Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, Pennsylvania), have a duty to have an evidentiary hearing, and be presented evidence of allegations of massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, before ruling there isn’t a “scintilla of evidence” and otherwise ruling on facts not in evidence?
  • Does immediate notification of spoliation and destruction of election materials required to be maintained by federal and state law for 22 months (or as long as litigative controversy is pending), that proves massive election fraud that could change the outcome of an election, require the Court of first remedy to intervene to secure said evidence, as the lawful arbiter to preserve the integrity of the election system?
  • Are lawyers and “esquires” a special class that can unilaterally decide the outcome of litigative controversy without transparency, input, acknowledgement, or permission of petitioners, plaintiffs, and defendants and the citizenry, without public hearing, transcript or accountability?
  • Should both candidates for election represented by counsel, and Pro Se citizen litigants, be afforded the latitude and grace of the Supreme Court of the United States, as final arbiters of the Republic, to curate technically deficient but meritorious cases regarding the most sacred right of voting by the citizenry of the United States in their selection of their elected representatives, given the Court has repeatedly done so for other cases?
  • Is it lawful for public officials to intimidate, harass, and demand civil and criminal sanctions, and against lawful intervenors, candidates, citizens, and their attorneys for having the temerity to challenge grievous election law violations that would change the outcome of elections?
  • Should petitioners lawsuit(s), who hold hard physical evidence, sworn affidavits, whistleblower videos and audio admissions of election officials committing criminal election fraud, documentation, unreconciled returns, and a literal mountain of evidence that approximately 327,000 votes were fraudulently certified in Delaware County, PA, in a presidential election that Joseph Biden allegedly “won” by approximately 80,000 votes, and undercard statewide elections of lesser margins, be considered for public remediation by the United States Supreme Court, or returned to the Court of first remedy (Common Pleas Court of Delaware County, PA)?
  • Is it lawful for the beneficiary(ies) of alleged election fraud to unilaterally investigate and adjudicate said fraud (i.eThe Pennsylvania Attorney General, Josh Shapiro and District Attorney Jack Stollsteimer).

Greg and Leah were interviewed by Emerald Robinson, yesterday, Dec. 6 regarding this. Check it out here.

Supreme Court Dockets Delco Vote Fraud Case

Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending

Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending — L. Lin Wood, who until a few weeks ago ranked at the top of U.S. defamation attorneys, embarked on an epic tweet storm starting about 2 o’clock this morning (Jan. 4), in which he expressed a belief that Chief Justice John Roberts was being blackmailed by a major intelligence agency.

The blackmail alleged by Wood is especially horrific and implies that the subject consents to perform unspeakably vile deeds on camera to grant the blackmailers collateral in exchange for the subject getting power and wealth.

Wood says he has copies of the blackmail files as one of the intelligence agencies was hacked by a group known as The Lizard Squad, the name of which has been trending in Twitter throughout the morning.

The Squad, says Wood, gave the files to bit actor Isaac Kappy, who had been claiming that child rape/murder was rampant in Hollywood.

Kappy died of apparent suicide in May 2019.

Wood says he now has the files and has created a “deadman’s switch” if anything should happen to him or a loved one.

He says that if asked to turn the files to law enforcement he will only agree to provide them to attorney Sidney Powell, Gen. Michael Flynn or President Trump as they are the only ones he trusts.

In a related matter, former Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne reported that a Gulfstream 1159 with a registration number N53OGA was purposely destroyed on a remote airstrip in Guatemala on Oct. 27, 2019 after illegally entering that nation. The plane had been used by Jeffrey Epstein. On Feb. 10, 2011 a “John Roberts” was a passenger on it. For the record, the Supreme Court was not in session that day.

Conspiracy theories can be destructive, and the one in which children are being raped and murdered for wealth and power is growing greater by the moment. Chief Justice Roberts must take this seriously and address it. Wood’s claims against Roberts are defamatory. If Roberts should sue, Wood only has one defense. Roberts must call him on it.

Wood’s offer to turn the evidence over on his terms ought to also be called. If he’s telling the truth, the truth must be revealed. If not, the matter must be put to rest.

In another related matter, Wikileaks has just made a huge data dump. Check it out here. Hat tip Chris Saullo.

Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending
Lin Wood Tweet Storm In Early Morn Gets Lizard Squad Trending

Third Circuit Flips Conservative

Third Circuit Flips Conservative — Today’s (March 12) Senate confirmation of Paul Matey gives The  U.S. Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit a 7-6 Republican-appointed majority.

The vote to confirm Matey was 54-45 on party lines.

The Third Circuit hears appeals for all U.S. District courts in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware and the Virgin Islands.

Matey replaces Julio Fuentes, who was appointed by President Bill Clinton in 1999 and went on senior status in 2016.

Trump had already appointed Stephanos Bibas and David Porter to the bench.

The vacancy caused by Obama-appointee Thomas Vanaskie going on senior status in November remains.

Third Circuit Flips Conservative
Third Circuit Flips Conservative --

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent — If the slightest doubt remains that federal judge Brett Kavanaugh mistreated women, Laura Ingraham’s tweet should chase it so far away it will never find its way back.

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent

Forget the six FBI investigations. If the Clintons couldn’t find anything there was nothing to be found.

Proof Positive Kavanaugh Is Innocent

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones — Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA28), who is one of the faces of the Democrat Party, ought to be very careful about throwing stones.

On yesterday’s (Sept 20) Morning Joe show, he said regarding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh that the GOP is OK with “putting someone who committed attempted rape on the Supreme Court of the United States.”

Really? A 36-year-old allegation rife with vagueness and inconsistencies and with a strong taint of politics equals guilt?


Hey Congressman, have you done a DuckDuckGo search of your name with “pedophile” added?

Did you see what some rather notable people are implying about you?

Adam Schiff Pedophile


Are you really being blackmailed as one best-selling author is claiming?

Should the FBI investigate?

Or maybe we should recognize that bearing false witness is a sin, the presumption of innocence is paramount, and that allegations made without evidence are best ignored.

We’d be very careful about changing the rules. Your opponents will most certainly play by the ones you set and we won’t blame them.

Adam Schiff Pedophile Or Don’t Throw Stones

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying? — The Republicans are treating with kid gloves Christine Blasey Ford who claims that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh groped her at a high school party 36 years ago, something that Kavanaugh unequivocally denies.

“Dr. Ford shouldn’t be threatened or insulted & she deserves to be heard. I expect my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to be respectful & treat this situation with the sensitivity it deserves . . .,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA)  tweeted.

But what if clinical psychologist Ford is a bad person? What if she is cynically lying for a political agenda, indifferent to any lives she ruins? Why is this possibility apparently being rejected?

We’ll grant that threats and insults are never appropriate or productive but it is foolish to deny that great big elephant sitting there in the room. It is highly possible, probable actually, that she is lying through her teeth to advance a political cause.

Yes, women lie and ruin men’s lives.

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying

In fairness to Grassley, he seems to be seething under the skin. Here is a letter he sent to ranking Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee.

What If Christine Blasey Ford Is Lying?

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Pat Toomey Stay StrongPat Toomey Stay Strong — Sen. Pat Toomey, who has been a very good senator for Pennsylvania and the nation, has gone on record saying the replacement for recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be appointed by the next president.

He is right.

There are troubling reports that the U.S. Senate’s Republican majority which is not known for its profile in courage will listen to the whispers of the Washington game players and allow Obama to name another Bill Ayers disciple.

Any choice by Obama, it should be noted, will be a Bill Ayers disciple.

If you want to continue to protect the lives of little girls, Sen. Toomey, make sure you fight these whisperers and make sure the Scalia seat stays vacant until next January.

Many people who voted for you in 2010 did so with for the sole reason that would you be in a position to stop Obama on a matter such as this. If you abandon them they will certainly abandon you this fall.

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Kim Davis For President

Kim Davis, the clerk for Rowan County, Ky, was taken to the Supreme Court of the United States when she refused to issue marriage licenses for same sex couples. Kim Davis For President

It was against her religious beliefs she said.

The esteemed Ivy League educated judges on the court responded saying YOU MUST ISSUE MARRIAGE LICENSES, literally giving license to personally destructive behavior.

She just said “nope.”

A lone, working class woman has just stood up to the federal government and the establishment elite. She is going to be prosecuted and persecuted by the powers of the world. She is going to be  hated and mocked by the the wealthy and connected. They are going to try and demean her name and make you hate her as well.

We suspect she knows this.

She still said “nope.”

We say Kim Davis for President.

Kim Davis For President

Ignorantia Legis A Good Excuse

Michael Cottone has published an article in the Tennessee Law Review describing how literally no one now can keep the centuries-old principle ignorantia legis neminem excusat lady_justicei.e. ignorance of the law excuses no one.

He noted that it was a great thing in its day when laws were few and based on a commonly understood morality.

Today, however, with the advent of “regulatory crime”, which are laws written to enforce administrative schemes and called “public welfare offenses”, literally nobody can know what all the laws are.

He cited as an example a guy who got lost on a snowmobile during a blizzard and ended up on federal land where snowmobiling was illegal. Rather than be cut slack he was prosecuted. That sort of thing does not happen in a just society.

Traditionally one needed intent to become a criminal.

“Tellingly, no exact count of the number of federal statutes that impose criminal sanctions has ever been given,  but estimates from the last fifteen years range from 3,600  to approximately 4,500,” Cottone said.

Cottone notes that Congress, according to one study, enacts 60 new criminal statues a year and this does not include new regulations that carry a criminal penalty.

“Our criminal justice system fails to be “understandable” so as to comport with the internal morality of law—especially because of the highly technical nature of regulations,” he wrote.

Reforms are needed desperately.

Abuse of the legal process is by definition unjust and those entrusted to uphold it yet abuse it will face an inevitable backlash.

Cottone’s article can be found as a pdf download at this link.

Ignorantia Legis A Good Excuse