Pat Toomey Stay Strong

Pat Toomey Stay StrongPat Toomey Stay Strong — Sen. Pat Toomey, who has been a very good senator for Pennsylvania and the nation, has gone on record saying the replacement for recently deceased Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia must be appointed by the next president.

He is right.

There are troubling reports that the U.S. Senate’s Republican majority which is not known for its profile in courage will listen to the whispers of the Washington game players and allow Obama to name another Bill Ayers disciple.

Any choice by Obama, it should be noted, will be a Bill Ayers disciple.

If you want to continue to protect the lives of little girls, Sen. Toomey, make sure you fight these whisperers and make sure the Scalia seat stays vacant until next January.

Many people who voted for you in 2010 did so with for the sole reason that would you be in a position to stop Obama on a matter such as this. If you abandon them they will certainly abandon you this fall.

Pat Toomey Stay Strong

8 thoughts on “Pat Toomey Stay Strong”

  1. I like many PA Republicans are really paying close attention to Senator Toomey on this issue!!!!
    Stay strong and you will be reelected IMO

  2. PA voters are really up in arms and watching to see how Senator Toomey plans to handle this issue in a tough election year.

  3. Senator Toomey I heard you pledge to a room full of republicans in Allegheny county that you would not allow an Obama Justice to be on to the Supreme Court.
    If that happens kiss America our Freedom and your job goodbye.

  4. My worry is we will have a Contested Democratic Primary this Spring, the winner of that will garner a head of steam in message and momentum, that might be hard to overcome come the General Election, we already have a 1 million vote democratic voter registration to overcome. It might be like the Fisher, Rendell Governors race. The hard fought Primary between Casey, Rendell, Rendell won had momentum that AG Fisher could not overcome in the fall.

  5. Please consider your conservative roots & act accordingly when nominees come up to replace Justice Scalia. The upholding of the Constitution and the future of our republic hangs by a thread. Don’t be the scissors:( Be a modern Founding Father:)

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