Usurious Health Care In The USA

Usurious Health Care In The USA — It flows around us like it’s water and we’re the fish but we’re not fish and when reality hits, it dawns on us that we’re drowning.

Things are getting worse for a lot of reasons and this includes health care.

A friend sent us this November 2020 study by National Nurses United that shows that US hospitals were then charging patients $417 on average for every $100 of the cost of treatment.

This is double what it was in 1999.

And many were charging a lot more including King of Prussia-based Universal Health Services at $892 per $100 and Temple University Health System at $1,042 per $100.

The shark with the biggest teeth was Capital Health at $1,443.9 per $100.

Doctors and nurses aren’t getting the loot but, rather, the corporations consolidating hospitals, pharma, and insurance companies whose profits strangely increase with rises in health care costs.

Wasn’t ObamaCare supposed to solve this?


Hospital income went from $34.37 billion in 2009 to $52.9 billion in 2010 when the Affordable Care Act was enacted.

Communism is evil, and socialism is pathetic and stupid. Capitalism, though, is not an idol to which one gives blood sacrifice. Too many Americans seem to think we should, though.

Rich people are great when their wealth comes from creating products and services that ease things for all.

When the wealth comes from scams, lies and destruction of competition, well, not so much.

Our health care has been taken over by the latter, as has much of our government. There is a reason why America’s richest counties are in the suburbs of D.C.

The government pigs have rigged things for the health care pigs — along with many other pigs — so the great trough is overflowing.

How to fix things?

Start with the principle that greed is bad and freedom is good. Make the equation balance and things will get pretty nice.

Usurious Health Care In The USA

Usurious Health Care In The USA

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals — John Abramson, who was a family physician for 22 years before joining the faculty at the Harvard Medical School, righteously ripped America’s health care system in the February edition of Imprimis.

Abramson says that in 1980 our health care was on par with the rest of the West but began losing ground so that by 2019 there were 500,000 Americans dying each year in excess of the death rates of the citizens of the other technically advance nations.

He said it was not just with regard to our poor.

“To exclude poverty as a factor in these numbers, a study looked at the health of privileged Americans—specifically, white citizens living in counties that are in the top one percent and the top five percent in terms of income,” he said. “This high-income population had better health outcomes than other U.S. citizens, but it still had worse outcomes than average citizens of the other developed countries in such areas as infant and maternal mortality, colon cancer, childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia, and acute myocardial infarction.”

He said this is despite Americans paying on average $12,914 per person per year on health care, whereas those in comparable countries pay $6,125. 

He said this translate to an excess $2.3 trillion compared to those nations.

What caused the decline?

In 1980, the Bayh-Dole Act was passed allowing universities and nonprofit research institutions to commercialize discoveries made by their scientists while conducting federally-funded research. This included keeping profits from patents on pharmaceuticals. 

Before the Act, the overwhelming majority of pharmaceutical research was happening in universities without a profit motive. By 2005, almost three quarters of it was being done by under the auspices of mega corporations.

He said medical journals do not require  require that the drug companies submit their extensive internal clinical study and basically print what they are told to print else their funding would be cut.

He further noted that America is = spending 96 percent of our biomedical research money on medical drugs and devices, and only 4 percent on how to make the population healthier and how to deliver health care more efficiently and effectively.

“Why? he says. “Because the drug companies’ job is to maximize the money they return to their investors, and the highest return on research investment is not going to be from studying and promoting healthy diets and lifestyles. The money is in selling drugs and devices. This leads to a tremendous epidemiological imbalance in the information coming down to doctors.”

The entire article can be read here:

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals

Big Pharma Has Corrupted Universities, Journals

Gender Dysphoria Up 100000% Since 2013; Follow The Money; Surgery Cost $300K

Gender Dysphoria Up 100000% Since 2013 — Dr. Robert Malone’s Substack Sunday (April 16) concerned the unfathomable increase in kids claiming gender dysphoria, and the big money being made from the “transitioning” racket.

The Mayo Clinic defines gender dysphoria as the feeling of discomfort or distress that might occur in people whose gender identity differs from their sex assigned at birth or sex-related physical characteristics.

Dr. Malone notes that the rate of gender dysphoria in 2013 was .005 percent to .014 percent for males and .002 percent to .003 percent for females. In 2022 it was 5 percent for all adults. That’s an increase of almost 100,000 percent if you start with .005 percent.

This increase is obviously due to social manipulation and the unwillingness of those in authority to simply say “you’ll grow out of this and be fine.”

What could ever be the reason for this unwillingness, not to mention the actual manipulation and encouragement?

Malone notes that the cost for “transitioning” reaches $300,000.

Follow the money. Intelligent, highly skilled people have thrown aside compassion for the dollar.

It’s about as evil as it gets.

Granted there are cases where the condition is more than mere emotion. Probably around 1 in 20,000. That’s a hell of a lot different than 1 in 20.

Malone also quotes 2018 Psychology Today article describing how a large minority of kids have developed a belief system whereby they, as a group, espouse that being a normal biological female or male is akin to being immoral and evil. 

This doesn’t happen without planning. This is being taught in schools and reinforced in media.

Anger is not just justified but necessary.

It is also vital for parents to teach their children to love themselves as they were born.

And to say no, be strong and question those claiming authority.

Especially teachers.

Gender Dysphoria Up 100000% Since 2013; Follow The Money; Surgery Cost $300K

Chris Beck Still A Man

Chris Beck Still A Man –Retired Navy SEAL Chris Beck became a poster boy/girl for gender fluidity when he declared in 2013 that he was “transitioning” to a woman.

Well, now for the rest of the story.

Beck, who served several combat deployments and received the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, now say it was manipulation by Veterans Administration psychologist Anne Speckhard with the intent to write a book and become a millionaire that led him to start taking hormone treatments and declare publicly he was doing so.

Chris Beck Still A Man
Chris Beck and his fiancee Courtney on the Robby Starbuck show

The book was Warrior Princess which Beck says he tried to stop from being published as he began having doubts about his treatment.

Beck is now speaking out against transgenderism. If he can be fooled imagine how easy it is to fool a kid in middle school.

Watch Beck’s interview with Robby Starbuck here:

We have to learn that just because someone speaks in the name of science doesn’t mean they are practicing it.

Chris Beck Still A Man

Change Sex But Not Weight

Change Sex But Not Weight –Today’s question: Why do our academic and media authorities say one can change one’s sex but not one’s body weight?

Anyone? Anyone?

The links we gave to articles defending these practices are written authoritatively using objective language.

For this nation to be saved it is imperative to understand that just because something is written or said authoritatively doesn’t make it true.

A litmus test is to watch the dissenters. If allowed voice, shoddy logic will be exposed. A perfect recent example is Ye’s “I heart Hitler” appearance on Alex Jones.

Kudos to Alex. It’s one big reason why he should not be scrubbed from society.

If dissenters are gaslit and shouted down, however, the odds start getting high they are in the right.

It doesn’t mean they are but one can’t fault those on the sidelines for thinking that.

Also be suspicious of those who speak authoritatively. In other words . . .

Change Sex But Not Weight

Residencies Not Guaranteed For Med School Grads And Not Getting One Can End Career

Residencies Not Guaranteed For Med School Grads And Not Getting One Can End Career

By Maria Fotopoulos

For basketball fans and players, the third month of the year means “March Madness,” one of the biggest sporting events. March for some college undergraduates means spring break in exotic locales. For thousands of this year’s medical school graduates, March means the exciting culmination of eight years of higher education – undergraduate training and medical school – and the next step in the medical profession: residency training. But for thousands of other doctors, it means rejection, doubt and questioning the way forward.

Residency training is the additional hands-on learning that occurs at a teaching hospital or clinic after a doctor has graduated from medical school. Residencies are funded by taxpayers at a cost of about $150,000 per year. Of that, the average medical resident earns $64,000 a year. The length of training can last from two to five or more years, depending on the specialty area. Residencies are grueling and punishing, with exceedingly long hours. To apply for a residency, doctors must have passed USMLE (United States Medical Licensing Examination) Steps 1 and 2, also known as the board exams.

The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) is the nonprofit organization that has been “matching” doctors to residency programs since 1952. Public perception for a long time has been that once a doctor graduates from medical school, that’s it. A doctor is a doctor and can go forth and practice medicine. And that was pretty much true for several decades. But then began a divergence. There were more doctors – including ones from other countries – applying for residencies than there were residencies. A major factor was the 1997 Balanced Budget Act (BBA), which capped the number of residents and fellows that the federal Medicare program would support. And Medicare was the single largest source of funding for graduate medical education (GME). Not until the end of 2020 was there an increase in residency positions when H.R.133 – Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, was signed into law. The legislation included funding for 1,000 (200 slots per year over five years) new Medicare-supported GME positions.

In this year’s Match, NRMP put the positive spin on the numbers, reporting, “The 2022 Match realized many significant milestones including a record number of U.S. MD and U.S. DO [doctor of osteopathic medicine] senior applicants and the largest number of total and first-year positions offered.” But the reality is that more than 7,000 doctors who are U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents still don’t have residencies. Thus, we continue to fail our doctors who have invested years and hundreds of thousands of dollars for their training and who are eager to contribute to America’s healthcare system and alleviate the much-discussed looming U.S. shortage of between 38,000 and 124,000 physicians in both primary and specialty care by 2034.

Last month, Kevin Lynn, cofounder of Doctors without Jobs, testified before the House Committee on the Judiciary on the topic, “Is There a Doctor in the House? The Role of Immigrant Physicians in the U.S. Healthcare System.” Lynn emphasized that not only are we sidelining our talent, but we’re also subsidizing doctors from other countries by importing them to fill U.S. taxpayer-funded residencies. The number is significant: more than 40,000 foreign doctors have been given taxpayer-funded residencies in the last 10 years.

This issue impacts every American who accesses the healthcare system. Unmatched doctors and American citizens alike should call and write their elected officials – weekly, until this is fixed – and ask that they prioritize our doctors for residency positions. Current legislation, H.R. 2256, The Resident Physician Shortage Reduction Act of 2021, would create more residency slots, but in its current iteration, it does not prioritize U.S. physicians for these spots. H.R. 2256 needs to be modified to hire American doctors first.U.S. politicians have had no problem in recent weeks quickly finding $14 billion, which includes weapons, not just humanitarian aid, for the Ukraine. But for more than a dozen years, these elected officials haven’t been able to find the dollars to take care of American doctors. Maybe there’s no money to be made for American elites and the political class by fixing this problem.Maria Fotopoulos works with Doctors without Jobs on communications issues. Contact her at
Residencies Not Guaranteed For Med School Grads And Not Getting One Can End Career Residencies Not Guaranteed
Residencies Not Guaranteed For Med School Grads And Not Getting One Can End Career

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

By Bob Small

West Grove’s Jennersville Hospital closed on Dec. 31 and Caln’s Brandywine Hospital closed on Jan. 31.  These institutions in Chester County are owned by Tower Health and lost $42 million in the last fiscal year. 

In my Delaware County, Crozer Health Systems which operates Crozer- Chester, Delaware County Memorial, Springfield, and Taylor hospitals, along with outpatient centers and physician practices is being sold to ChristianaCare Health System. 

While Delaware County Memorial has closed its maternity ward, and Taylor has ended its hospice program, the hospitals are remaining open for the time being, according to Kevin M. Spiegel, chief executive officer of Crozer Health.

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

We should note that Crozer Chester is the hospital for Chester, Pa., one of the poorest cities in the nation.  All four of these hospitals serve, or served, a population with limited medical coverage mobility, who were unable to use their coverage in other hospitals.

In the mean times, and these will be mean times, some of us have coverage that let us use hospitals in say, Delaware or Philadelphia.  Most in Chesco and Delco do not. Many of these residents will be scrambling to find a hospital to use.  Some may fail. For some, these are just regular routine tests, but for others…..

Since we started this article, Chester County Common Pleas Court Judge Edward Griffith has given hope to saving Brandywine and Jennersville hospitals by ordering Tower Health to resume negotiatons with Canyon Atlantic Partners. A sale fell through in December.

At a Feb. 15 town hall, State Senator Tim Kearney (D-26) responded, D-26, responded to my query about asset striping, citing the Hahnemann Hospital case, by saying that the State Legislature had various pending bills to address this.  He favored hospitals being run by non-profits such as ChristianaCare rather than for-profit entities like Crozer Health.

Hospitals Endangered In Delco, Chesco

Labor Force Deaths Rise 40 Percent According To Insurer

Labor Force Deaths Rise 40 Percent According To Insurer — OneAmerica, an Indiana-based insurance company, says that deaths are up 40 percent for those of working age, which is 18 to 64, from pre-Covid levels.

Most of the claims for deaths being filed are not classified as COVID-19 deaths.

America’s health care system is run by sociopaths, morons and cowards.

Hat tip Steve Kirsch.

Labor Force Deaths Rise 40 Percent According To Insurer

Ivermectin Being Withheld In Wilmington From ICU Patient

Ivermectin Being Withheld In Wilmington From ICU PatientThis was just sent to us with a request to pass it on. There is absolutely no reason to withhold ivermectin from someone suffering from Covid-19. And why wouldn’t “right-to-try” apply, especially if the patient has a prescription?

Ivermectin Being Withheld In Wilmington From ICU Patient
Wilmington Hospital won’t let David Demarco take one of these pills for just five days we are told.

My husband David DeMarco is a passionate 54-year-old man who was healthy and strong before contracting COVID. He is an accomplished video editor and has won four Emmy awards for his broadcast television work as well as awards for a feature-length documentary. He loves life and people! But today he is fighting for his life in the ICU at Wilmington Hospital (Delaware).

The care team has been compassionate and is doing everything in their power to help David and we sincerely thank them for their hard work and sacrifice in this terrible fight. But we are asking for one simple thing that they will not provide, and that is the ability to give him a medication that we believe will save his life: Ivermectin.

I am holding in my hand a legitimate prescription from a compounding pharmacy for Ivermectin/Vitamin D321 mg/5000U, in David’s name, and I just want to be able to give it to him. We have a right to try this medication since David is in dire need and suffering from a life-threatening disease!

MaryEllen DeMarco

Ivermectin Being Withheld In Wilmington From ICU Patient

YouTube Challenge Ivermectin HCQ

YouTube Challenge Ivermectin HCQ — YouTube’s policy warns not to post content that claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19.

We did a little test. Technicality, we didn’t violate the policy as, well, we praised it. Hope they don’t think we are being sarcastic.

Here it is, unless they pull it:

Here are the links to the information cited:

Times of India

Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection

Yahoo News story on study at Saint Barnabas Medical Center

Observational Study on 255 Mechanically Ventilated Covid Patients at the Beginning of the USA Pandemic (Saint Barnabas Medical Center)

As YouTube has banned the video here it is here:

YouTube Challenge Ivermectin HCQ

YouTube Challenge Ivermectin HCQ